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Future Focus Newsletter - Issue 1


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Future Focus Newsletter - Issue 1

  1. 1. EAST TENNESSEE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Issue 1 • Feb 3, 2014 Future Focus Newsletter Sharing information about our future Want more information or have a question? Idea sharing sessions generate lots of interest Call or email Kathy Boyd, Director of Strategy, Planning and New Business Development, at extension 8264 or Hundreds of Children’s Hospital employees, medical staff, board members and key community stakeholders demonstrated tremendous participation in the recent idea sharing sessions. All were asked to transport themselves to 2020 and share their ideas about what Children’s Hospital should be in that year. More than 280 ideas and comments were captured and close to 8,200 votes were cast. All the ideas and comments shared have been consolidated and uploaded to a virtual site where everyone can continue to share ideas, vote for ideas and review newly added information. Why sharing your ideas is important to our future The newly launched Focus on our Future 2020 is a new way of including and engaging all of Children’s Hospital’s key stakeholders in the strategic planning process. Asking everyone to share their ideas about the future inspires lively debate about what Children’s Hospital should look like in the year 2020 and beyond. “Sharing your ideas and validating others are crucial parts of the strategic planning process,” commented Keith Goodwin, President and CEO. “The idea sharing sessions give the board and hospital leadership critical insight to what our employees, medical staff and community think Children’s Hospital should be in the year 2020 and beyond. This insight allows us to make more informed decisions as we develop our future goals and objectives. Who better to guide us on the path to continued success than those who work tirelessly each and every day providing care to the children of East Tennessee? I invite everyone to continue to share their ideas as we develop our future picture.” STRATEGIC PLANNING Form No. 30673 (01/14)
  2. 2. EAST TENNESSEE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Virtual site now open for more ideas Have another idea about the future of Children’s Hospital to share? Interested in seeing what ideas are garnering lots of attention? Curious about what other ideas have been added? The Focus on our Future 2020 virtual site is now open and accessible to everyone. Visit the idea sharing site at or by clicking the Focus on our Future 2020 icon on our website, You’ll have the opportunity to share new ideas, vote for ideas and track the progress of ideas most important to you. The virtual site will be open until Feb. 19, so take the time now to visit and help Children’s Hospital create the best plan for its future. What happens next? So you shared your ideas and voted on others, what happens next? All the information collected will be consolidated and shared with Children’s Hospital’s Board of Directors and leadership. Based on the collective ideas from the idea sharing sessions, a future picture of what Children’s Hospital should look like in the year 2020 will emerge. The future picture will be shared with everyone and then the process of developing goals and objectives will begin. Communications about the process and what happens along the way will be shared organizationwide through this biweekly newsletter. The timeline for the process is shared below: See what your co-workers think of the idea sharing process. Strategy? Goal? Objective? What? During any planning process, buzz words like strategy, goals and objectives get tossed around frequently. Our internal process is no different and the words often get interchanged. Below is a quick overview of the terms being used for Focus on Our Future 2020: Future picture: What specifically will we become? Goal: Where are we going? What are our timeless aspirations? Objective: What are our SMART targets? (specific, measurable, achievable, resourced, timeline) Strategy: How will we achieve objectives? Tactics: What specific, daily, repeatable, unambiguous steps, will be needed and how will we hold each other accountabile and stay on timeline? STRATEGIC PLANNING