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Adopt-A-Family – donations for
adopted patient families in need
during the holiday season.Funds
are used to purchase much ...
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Bob’s Package Store	
Ms.Lisa Boone	
Ms.Bernice Bopp	
Nikki M.Boyd & Friends
	 at WVLT	
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Food Pantries – used to provide
food for Second andThird Floor
patient family members wh...
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Krispy Kreme #54	
Kroger #886	
Mr.& Mrs.James B.Kyle	
Laser Quest	
John & Pamela Leckey	...
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Hensley Direct,Inc.	
Ms.Julia Huffman	
Ingles Markets,Inc.	
J.Davis Photography	
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Mr.Clement A.Barnes,Sr.
Dr.& Mrs.Robert L.
Mr.& Mrs.Shawn L.Basler
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Mr.Gary W.Cooper	
Kenneth & Lisa Cooper	
Ms.Jewell Copas	
Ms.Sabrina Copas	
Mr.& Mrs.A.B...
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Mrs.Loretta S.Harber	
Mr.Charles Hardin	
Mr.& Mrs.Richard C.Hardin
Ms.Misty Hardy	
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Mrs.Lorna E.Keeton	
Mr.& Mrs.Robert A.Kell
Mr.Karl E.Keller	
Ms.Janet I.Kellis	
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Dr.& Mrs.John R.Mount
Mrs.Anna L.Moyers	
Mr.& Mrs.Edward C.
Mr.& Mrs.Charle...
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Mr.Eric Thomas	
Mr.& Mrs.Wesley M.Thomas
Mrs.Betty M.Thompson	
Mr.Don Thompson	
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Mr.Mitchell Borden	
Mr.Gerald Borelli	
Mr.& Mrs.William A.Bowling
Mr.Glenn R.Boyles	
Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011
Todd & Evelyn Napier	
Network for Good	
Mrs.Jenny A.Neveu	
New York Life Insurance
Honors & Memorials January 1 - March 31, 2011
Drs.John Rogers,Ed Riff 	
	 & Matt Lundien and
	 Phil Noe,NP
	 Allergy & Ast...
Honors & Memorials January 1 - March 31, 2011
Madeline P.Kelly
	 Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery
Hazel Irene Kupsch
	 Knoxville Porc...
Honors & Memorials January 1 - March 31, 2011
Conner AnthonyWeaver
	 Ms.Nickie A.Dunker
	 ETCH Oncology
		 Donations Fund
Aquarium Fund
Mr.Marvin D.Cadwallader
Baseball for Babies 2011
A-1 Hitch Center LLC
Mr.Fred E.Braden,Jr.
Ms.Christie S.Bro...
Diabetes Camp
First Step II,Inc.
Mr.& Mrs.James G.Hudson
WJXB 97.5 FM
Employee Benevolence Fund
Mrs.Debra K.Cooper
Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011
Radiothon 2010
Ms.Michelle Amazeen
Mrs.Betty M.Ashworth
Mr.Ed Cruz
Ms.Amber Culpepper
Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011
Mr.Joe Huff
Mr.& Mrs.Lawrence Huffman
Mr.David Humes
Mr.Doyle Hunt
Ms.Tanya Ickowitz
Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011
John & Cindy Troyer
Ms.Christine Tucker
Mrs.Jill A.Turner
Ms.Pauline Turner
Ms.Jennifer Tur...
Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011
Walmart #676
Walmart #678
Walmart #685
Walmart #687
Walmart #724
Walmart #741
Walmart #1194...
Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011
Mr.Edward Headlee
Ms.Tangela Helms
Ms.Christine Henderson
Mrs.Lila F.Henry
Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011
Mr.Joseph Wallace
Ms.Sophronia Ward
Mrs.Annette Watson
Mr.& Mrs.Don R.Watson
Mr.Fred T.Weav...
Honors & Memorials April 1 - June 30, 2011
Jerry L.Seals,Jr.
	 Jerry & Loretta Seals
DanielTate Shelton
	 Mr.William J.Bry...
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital
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2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital


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View a list of people and companies who donated to East Tennessee Children's Hospital in 2011.

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2011 Donor Report - East Tennessee Children's Hospital

  1. 1. 2011DonorReport
  2. 2. Adopt-A-Family – donations for adopted patient families in need during the holiday season.Funds are used to purchase much needed items for families. Ms.Doreen Ramos Aquarium Fund – provides aquariums for children in the Hematology/Oncology Clinic and Emergency Department. Mr.Marvin D.Cadwallader BenjaminHirshFamilyOncology Assistance Fund – assists oncology families with specific needs. Ms.Stephanie L.Bradley Ms.Kathy D.Crawford Ms.Melissa H.Green Ms.Patricia Helms Mr.& Mrs.Kenneth R.Hirsh Ms.Kandy Holt BowenEngineeringGolf Tournament2010-netproceeds supporttheChildren’sHospital MealFund. Mr.Tommy Lawlor Mr.Jeffrey S.Purdue Stowers Machinery Corporation Vulcan Industries,Inc. Mr.Devan Welch Camp Eagle’s Nest Fund – provides a week of summer camp free to hematology/oncology patients. Mr.Anthony De Gregorio ETCH Oncology Donations Fund Capital/Endowment Campaign – gifts enhance the hospital’s facilities and help build an endowment. Mr.& Mrs.Steven D.Harb Mr.& Mrs.Dugan McLaughlin Dr.John S.Rogers & Dr.Nadine Trainer CapitalEquipment–providing medicalandsurgicalequipmentto meettheneedsofourpatients. Children’s Hospital Volunteers Center Stage - this celebrity gala raises funds for the Goody’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Center Stage 2010 Mr.& Mrs.Allen E.Schwartz Center Stage 2011 A&W Office Supply,Inc Youhanna S.Al-Tawil,M.D. American Book Company,Inc. The Charlie & Moll Anderson Foundation The Blalock Companies Mr.& Mrs.Mike S.Charland Cherokee Distributing Co.,Inc. Children’s Anesthesiologists,PC Children’s Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Mr.& Mrs.James L. Clayton,Sr. Clayton Bank & Trust Clayton Homes,Inc. Cornerstone Foundation of Knoxville Covenant Health Crabtree Ventures LLC CrossBridge Wealth Management and Benefits Group DeRoyal Industries,Inc. Great West Casualty Company Horne Properties,Inc. Johnson & Galyon,Inc. Knoxville Convention Center Knoxville News Sentinel Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic, P.A. Kramer Rayson,LLP Dr.Shahid A.Malik & Mrs.Nazmia Malik Marsh USA,Inc. Mercy Health Partners Northshore Group Owens & Minor,Inc. Mr.Bryan D.Pabst Dr.Ray C.Pais & Mrs.Babyling Fe Pais Pilot Travel Centers LLC Mr.& Mrs.Dennis B.Ragsdale Regal Entertainment Group Andy & Julia Rule Dr.& Mrs.Viswesvar Satyanarayan Dr.& Mrs.Eric J.Saunders Dr.& Mrs.Andrew Singer Dr.Brandon Smithey & Dr.Angela Smithey The William B.Stokely,Jr. Foundation Mr.& Mrs.Richard D.Strachan Team Health Midsouth Ted Russell Ford Lincoln Mercury Nissan Isuzu,Inc. Mr.& Mrs.Charles Vogel The Wakefield Corporation Tim & Dee Dee Welch Child Life – supports this department to ensure patients have access to toys,games,books and other forms of play and recreation. Children’s Hospital Volunteers Spencer Gifts,LLC Cleft & Craniofacial Programs – funds to benefit patients and families in the Pediatric Facial Anomalies Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Clinic. Northshore Capital Advisors Committee for the Future – a group of young professionals who volunteer at the hospital and raise funds for the Child Life Department. Mr.Tim Mahoney Cystic Fibrosis Clinic – funds support projects and programs for children being treated in our CF clinic. Mr.& Mrs.James W.Cobb Dance Marathon – this event was started in 1996 by students at the University ofTennessee to raise money for hematology/ oncology patients. Mrs.Jane Craig Don & Linda Dietz DancingWith the Knoxville Stars 2011 – a Star 102.1 radio event to raise funds for Radiothon. A Joyous Occasion Ms.Cathy G.Ackermann Ms.Sherry W.Ailor All Occasion Catering,LLC All Occasions Party Rentals Alumni Hall Stores,LLC Ms.Darla Arnold Mr.Michael G.Baker Mr.& Mrs.Winston Blackwood Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 11Donate at
  3. 3. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Bob’s Package Store Ms.Lisa Boone Ms.Bernice Bopp Nikki M.Boyd & Friends at WVLT Ms.Beverly Brannen Karen & Beuford Bray Ms.Mary Ellen Brewington Ms.Kala Brewster Mr.Dan Brooks Ms.Brenda H.Bryan Kelly S.Byron Mr.George M.Caithness Ms.Kathleen Carroll Mr.Jon Caveman Ms.Della Cheak Ms.Barbara J.Chesney Mrs.Florence M.Clarke Ms.Susan Clevenger Ms.Jennifer Conkey Cotton Eyed Joe D1 Foundation Ms.Kayly Detro Ms.Sarah A.Diden Dixie Stampede Ms.Jere E.Doherty Leslie R.Dole Mrs.Sharon K.Donnell Mr.H.Brooke Duncan Ms.Jennifer A.East Ms.Mairyane Eichelberger Mr.Jack W.Elliott Ms.Kelly C.Elliott Michael & Deborah Emery FirstGiving Chris Fortner Mr.& Mrs.Phillip Fulmer Garde Bien SpaSalon Mrs.Rebecca S.George Glenn’s Auto Parts Jack & Jan Greaves Mr.Randy Greaves Ms.Bonnie L.Hammond James & Christina Harrill Mr.& Mrs.Philip A.Hatcher Mr.& Mrs.David C.Haun Ms.Beth Haynes Ms.Joyce A.Heist Mr.Paul Helton Ms.Heath Hennen Ms.Tisha D.Hilton Ms.Jennifer L.Holder Mrs.Cathy R.Huddleston Ms.Susan M.Huff Mr.& Mrs.Von C.Huffstetler Ms.Melinda C.Hyder Ms.Rhonda S.Johnson Ms.Sherry L.Johnston Journal Broadcast Group Ms.Jane M.Ketteringham Knoxville Expo Center Ms.Allison Kropff Ms.Sandie B.Lawson Ms.Donna M.Lee Ms.Deborah W.Lehman Mr.Cade A.Long Ms.Angela N.Lopez Mr.John F.Lund Ms.Amy Martin Ms.Gina C.Martin Mr.Andrew T.Mattison Ms.Gail S.Mays Ms.Jennifer McGlohon Mrs.Traci L.McKee Ms.Martha McNeilly Ms.Julie A.McWhorter McWhorter & Company,Inc Ms.Mary L.Miller Ms.Misty Mills Moxley Carmichael Ms.Laura Muir Ms.Debbie D.Norton Ms.Sharon K.Oaks Painting With A Twist Panera Bread Papa’s of Tennessee,LLC Pegasus Sports Marketing The Pour Guys Bartending Service Prestige Cleaners,Inc. Mr.Chris L.Protzman Mr.James A.Rainey Ryan Redman,M.D. Ms.Patsy J.Rose Ms.Mitzi U.Rouse Ms.Rhonda Rutherford Ms.K.S.Seals Mr.Joey Sexton Ms.Nan Sheley Ms.Marlene Sherbine Ms.Sara E.Shookman Bill & Michelle Shory Ms.Michele I.Silva Mr.Mike Simon Ms.Beth Smith St.Toussaint Ms.Nancy Stevens Sun Tan City Mr.Jake Swiden Mr.Perry Taylor Mr.Robert A.Taylor Ms.Heather P.Teter Ms.Sallie A.Thompson The Tombras Group Ms.Nancy Trenda Walker’s Formal Wear WATE-TV 6 Mr.& Mrs.Rodney L.Wegner Jason Whitaker Insurance Mrs.Sara M.Wilson Mr.Robert W.Yarbrough,III Diabetes Camp – provides a summer camp for children with this chronic disease. Air National Guard NCOA Concession by Cox of Tennessee Mr.& Mrs.J.W.Gibson The Great Smoky Mountain Cluster of Dog Shows Employee Benevolence Fund - helps hospital employees who experience personal emergencies. Mrs.Debra K.Cooper Mrs.Margarete C.Cox Mr.& Mrs.Richard H.Harb,Jr. Rev.Sandra S.Foster Ms.Jackie G.Humphrey Ms.Reba J.Johnson Ms.Pat C.Kelly Ms.Nona R.McKinney Mr.Robert E.Yost Eugenia F.Williams Endowment Fund – income from this bequest is used for facilities,equipment and research as determined by Children’s Administration and Board of Directors. The Estate of Eugenia Floride Williams Fantasy ofTrees – funds from this five-day event are used for specific equipment and facility needs each year. Fantasy ofTrees 2010 Ameriplan Benefit Corporation Ms.Diane S.Condon Covenant Health CrossBridge Wealth Management and Benefits Group CVS Caremark Dr.& Mrs.Donnie K.Dean Holiday Express at the UT Gardens K-VA-T Food Stores,Inc. Dr.Shahid A.Malik & Mrs.Nazmia Malik Mr.Bob Mohney Mark D.Turner,M.D. Fantasy ofTrees 2011 Siemens Caring Hands Foundation USEC © 12 Donate at
  4. 4. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Food Pantries – used to provide food for Second andThird Floor patient family members who cannot leave the hospital and who cannot afford meals. Children’s Hospital Volunteers Tuckaleechee Caverns & Wishing Well Goody’s PICU Fund – used to purchase patient care equipment and to expand or renovate this unit for critically ill and injured children. Drs.Kevin & Jennifer Brinkmann Mr.Anthony De Gregorio East Tennessee Pediatric Cardiology,PC Mr.& Mrs.Brian K.Sarber Haslam NICU Fund – used to help the premature and critically ill infants in the Haslam Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Ms.Amanda Collier Mr.Anthony De Gregorio Bill & Janice Gage Mrs.Shelia F.Hohman Ms.Ann M.Knox Eric & Chandra Thompson Hematology/Oncology Clinic Fund – provides facility improvements in this patient care area. Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Mr.& Mrs.Richard G. Anderson Mr.& Mrs.Donald R.Arms,Jr. & Family Judy & Henry Arms Howard & Elaine Barnes James & Caryl Bates Mrs.Jennifer Beavers Mr.Josh Belcher Mr.& Mrs.Henry P.Beltramini Mr.& Mrs.Mark A.Beltramini Blount County Bar Association Mr.& Mrs.Richard Bowman Dr.& Mrs.Patrick H.Burkhart Calvary Baptist Church Mrs.Mary Jo Campbell Ms.T.Gaile Caudle Mrs.Virginia Caudle Frank & Joan Cooper Mr.Howard L.Cooper Olivia Jane Simpson Corum & Family Jed & Marsha Dance Mr.Gerry A.Daniels Issac & Olive Davis Mr.& Mrs.Thomas W.Elsea Jan & Iva Embry Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery ETCH Neurology Department Mr.& Mrs.John W.Felton,IV Fidelis Sunday School Class -- Powell United Methodist Church Mrs.Nancy C.Finley Elfie R.Forrest Ms.Kathy Foust Ft.Sanders Regional Medical Staff Mrs.Esther A.Garrett Mr.& Mrs.Arnold Gibson Mr.& Mrs.Henry Hansard Horace Maynard Middle School Mr.& Mrs.Michael A.Jackson Mrs.Geneva B.Jennings Mr.Ken Jones Tim Kalthoff & Pam Stephens Ms.Sandra M.Keen Mr.& Mrs.Donald R.Kinder Knoxville Porcelain Artists Brad & Angela Lawrence Ms.Janice A.Martini Mr.Richard Martini McGhee Tyson Airport Operations Department Mr.James I.Messler D.M.,Vi and Libby Miller Bennett & Meg Millikan Dr.& Mrs.Jerry L.Morrow Mr.& Mrs.William E.Morrow Mr.& Mrs.Roy E.Mullins Eddie & Elmer Neeley Mr.& Mrs.Fred W.Nidiffer, Jr. Mrs.Frances Q.Nixon Ray & Judy Ogle Mrs.Anne Palmer Trice Mr.& Mrs.Creed S.Patty,Jr. Mr.& Mrs.Warren E.Payne Joe & Jeanne Pierce Mr.& Mrs.Ronald M.Roberts The Rouse Family Sargent & Lundy,LLC Col.& Mrs.Curtis G. Shamblee Bryan & Barbara Steverson Ms.Paula Strickland John Taylor & Karen McKinney and Ben & Emily Taylor Mr.James R.Thomason Ms.Wilma C.Trentham Mrs.Agnes Trotter Sallie Tyrrell & Lawrence Crouch Viskase Corporation Jennie Whited,Gail Burleson & Richard and Phyllis Kirk Doug & Laurie Williams Mr.& Mrs.Jack E.Williams Mrs.Patricia A.Wood Wood Family Foundation Mr.Jack Woodall Louis & Carolyn Zanetti Mr.& Mrs.Joeseph L.Zavonna Hill Neurology Lab – named in memory of Dr.OliverWilliam Hill,Jr.,the lab works with children who have neurological disorders. The Laxmi Group Turkey Creek,Inc. Jammin’InYour Jammies 2011 – Committee for the Future hosts this family event each winter to raise funds for the Child Life Department. Ms.Tarra Allen Mr.& Mrs.Scott Ambs Mr.Ron Arms Ms.Lisa Baker The Bed Store Ms.Amy Beffrey Ms.Roneshia Bennett Mr.Cleophas Bingham Ms.Sharon Brabson Ms.Alisha Braden Ms.Stephanie Bradley Ms.Deloris Brandon Chuck & Cynthia Brown Ms.Heather Bunch Burger King Ms.Yulonda L.Burkhart Ms.Teresa L.Butcher Cabot Creamery Cooperative Carmike Cinemas- Wynnsong 16 Mrs.Melissa B.Carringer Ms.Barbara Cassidy Terry & Michelle Chapman Chick-fil-A Restaurant Brian & Holly Child Ms.Erin M.Christen Mr.& Mrs.Charles R.Claunch Mrs.Diana Cobb Ms.Beth Coleman Dream Team Event Lighting East TN Subway,LLC Mr.& Mrs.Robert Eddy ETCH Committee for the Future Dr.& Mrs.James L.Everett Ms.Julia Ferguson Ms.Jennifer L.Flynn Ms.Macqueline Foss Ms.Tammy K.Giles Good Sounds Entertainment Ms.Julia A.Helton Mrs.Bernadette V. Hidalgo-Catuncan Mrs.Susan P.Horn Ice Chalet Ingles Mrs.Beth Kamer Ms.Ryanne E.Kasik Mr.Robert D.Kelley Mrs.Brenda Kincheloe Darren & Amanda Kitts Knoxville Zoo Dr.& Mrs.William C.Kouns 14 Donate at
  5. 5. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Krispy Kreme #54 Kroger #886 Mr.& Mrs.James B.Kyle Laser Quest John & Pamela Leckey Mr.Tim Mahoney Mr.Donnie Malone Mast General Store Ms.Sabrina McDonald Mrs.Melanie A.McNutt James & Kristen McTyre Ms.Kristen P.Mikles Ms.Melissa Miller Ms.Carrie Mobley Ms.Amanda Morrisett Ms.Itiyah Murphy Mr.Kenneth E.Nestor Lloyd & Kristy Newcomb Mr.& Mrs.Bill Oldham Ms.Michelle O’Reilley Mary Palmer,M.D. Papa John’s Pizza Mr.Larry Pelkey Pepsi Cola of Knoxville Ms.Sherry Pyatt Mr.Fred Ragland Ms.Stacey Reymer Ms.Kristi S.Riggins Ross The Boss,Inc. John & Angi Rowe Ms.Tonya Sauers Mr.& Mrs.Paul Saylor Ms.Janet L.Sharp Ms.Christine Sharp-Pardon Ms.Kate Shattuck Ms.Ashley Sherlin Mrs.Deborah L.Shrewsbury Spa 9700 Lee & Beth Speed Ms.Faith Stewart Strike & Spare Family Bowl Mr.& Mrs.Steven Sword Ms.Teresa Taylor Tennessee Smokies Baseball, Inc. This Side Up Puppet Productions Ms.Julie Thurmer Mr.Michael Tjon Ms.April Trew Christopher & Amanda VanBuren Ms.Pamela A.Verley Mr.& Mrs.Robert D.Walls Ms.Christine West Ms.Jean R.White Ms.Kandice H.White Travis & Amanda Whitson Ms.Kelley Wiggins Catherine & Muneyasu Yoshioka Zuma Fun Center License Plates – funds raised from the purchase of Children’s Hospital specialty license plates go to the Faith Fund Endowment to support the Pastoral Care, SocialWork and Child Life departments. State of Tennessee Department of Finance & Administration Meal Fund - provides meals for needy parents and siblings of our patients. Central Baptist Church of Fountain City Ms.Katherine Kober Mr.Michael Trower Mr.Robert E.Yost Open Door Endowment – the interest is used to defray the cost of treating children whose parents cannot afford the care they need. Mrs.Lauran Rowden Open Door Fund – gifts defray the cost of treating children whose parents cannot afford the care they need. Hillco Medical Jack and Jules Dr.& Mrs.John W.Lacey,III William Blount High School Key Club Jamie H.Wright Pastoral Care – funds to enable chaplains to help patients and their families. Ms.S.M.Atchley Mrs.Nancy C.Finley Ms.Dawna C.Gray Mr.& Mrs.Tony Phillips Mrs.Agnes Trotter Patient Supplies – used by our chaplains to help patients and their families. Ms.Dawna C.Gray Pharmacy Medical Supplies – funds assist our pharmacy in providing vital medications to our patients. Mr.& Mrs.Robert O.Avery & Spence Radiothon – live 24-hour Radiothon hosted each spring by Marc & Kim and Frank, morning radio personalities for Star 102.1. Radiothon 2009 Mr.Aaron Killian Radiothon 2010 Mrs.Amanda H.Armstrong Ms.Katelyn Aven Ms.Kelly A.Baker Ms.Wendy G.Boles Mrs.Katie Bowersock Shaun & Erin Brophy Ms.Rachel Coffman Ms.Mandy Cook Mr.Ed Cruz Mr.& Mrs.Joel Curnell Bryan & Debbie Dalton Ms.Rachel Delauder Ms.Kimberly W.Fortner Mr.David Gay Ms.Gina R.Giannattasio Ms.Amy J.Haney Ms.Jasmine H.Hardin Ms.Clarissa Johnson Ms.Sibylle Keller Ms.Erin Laine Ellen & Scott Liston Mr.Mandon L.McCarter Mrs.Jennifer D.Morgan Ms.Sarah Narramore Ms.Joyce L.Ouimet Ms.Karen D.Pershing Ms.Shannon L.Petrie Mr.Chris L.Protzman Ms.Cynthia B.Ross Ms.Judy Seals Ms.Robin Setzer Mr.Michael Shehan Ms.Kristen Stevenson Ms.Shanna F.Veach Ms.Mary J.Walker Ms.Lora M.Wolfe Ms.Lisa M.Wrobleski Radiothon 2011 Mr.& Mrs.William G.Belden Mr.Joe Brandenburg Mrs.Paula J.Brown Brusters #223 Mr.& Mrs.Richard C. Callaway,III Ms.Erin Campbell Kenna & Kimbra Chambers Ms.Tammy L.Chambers Ms.Candice Clark Mike & Krista Collins The Cupcakery of Knoxville, LLC Ms.Stephanie B.Daniel Erin Davis East Tennessee Estate Sales Ms.Cari S.England Ms.Katie Foy Froyoz FC,LLC Girl Scout Troop #20821 continuedonpage18 15Donate at
  6. 6. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Hensley Direct,Inc. Ms.Julia Huffman Ingles Markets,Inc. J.Davis Photography Ms.Laura Kinsey Krispy Kreme #54 Krispy Kreme #55 Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation Ms.Lillian Lacey Ms.Teri A.Ledford Ellen & Scott Liston Ms.Brandy Lockard Lowe’s Garage & Towing,Inc. Dr.Mark Luck Ms.Shelley R.Martin Ms.Jeanne C.Munday National Fitness Center,Inc. Ms.Allison R.O’Connor Pilot Travel Centers LLC Mr.& Mrs.James A.Ponzurick Ms.Linda Proffitt Ms.Nancy H.Ralston Mr.James L.Reed Mr.Brian C.Rice Ms.Kathy Roberts Ms.Cynthia B.Seaver Starwalk at Healthy Living Expo Mr.Jason Stewart Ms.Elizabeth C.Sweeden Mr.Jay Thomas Toyota Tsusho America,Inc. United HealthCare Ms.Emily Vanderwert Chris & Tina Waddell Warland Enterprises Wildflower International,Ltd. Mr.& Mrs.Douglas W.Wilson Rehab Center Endowment Fund – interest supports the work of the Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Center. The Estate of Pauline G.Stamps Rehab General Supplies – provides funding for supplies needed at the Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Center. Children’s Hospital Volunteers Knoxville Elks Lodge #160 State of Tennessee Department of Human Services Rehab Parent Education – used to provide programs and materials to help parents better manage their child’s condition. Ms.Margaret B.Badal Knoxville Elks Lodge #160 Rehab-UnitedWay – funds from UnitedWay assist patients at the Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Center. TRUIST United Way of Metropolitan Nashville United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania Robby Croley Memorial Endowment – used to provide needed materials for our Hematology/Oncology and Child Life departments. Mr.& Mrs.Robert R.Croley Safe Kids – used for injury prevention programs of Safe Kids of the Greater Knox Area,which seeks to reduce unintentional injuries in children up to age 14 in the EastTennessee region. Chris & Stephanie Halouma Special Services Fund – used by the SocialWork Department to assist patient families with short-term humanitarian needs. Mrs.Gail E.Rymer Sylvia Sanders Nursing Scholarship Endowment – a master’s level nursing scholarship endowed in memory of Sylvia Sanders. Mr.Christopher E.Lange Telethon – Children’s Hospital is one of 22 charter members of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals,which began its nationwide broadcast in 1983. Telethon 2010 Mrs.Barbara J.Asbury Mrs.Laura A.Baker Ms.Sandra L.Bickford Ms.Verna M.Bollin Ms.Jo Carlson Mrs.Ameline Collins Brent & Angie Crabtree Mr.Teddy R.Foust Ms.Barbara T.Gibb Miss Halle N.Hill Mrs.Sandra R.Jackson Mr.& Mrs.Curtis Marcum,Sr. Mrs.Pearl J.Mathis Dr.Ray C.Pais & Mrs. Babyling Fe Pais RIA Corporation Ms.Lois M.Stevens Shain & Christy Vowell Ms.Susan L.Wilder Mrs.Susan R.Woodby Telethon 2011 Ms.Elaine Absher Mr.Peter A.Acly Mrs.Doris Adams Adroit Medical Systems Ms.Virginia W.Ainsworth Mr.& Mrs.George Akans,Jr. Mrs.Jean C.Alford Mr.Harold W.Allen Mrs.Janet S.Allen Ms.Stacey L.Allen Mrs.Alberta G.Allred Ms.Cindy Alpert Dr.Youhanna S.Al-Tawil & Dr.Salwa Alkhoury Mr.Martin W.Altshuler Robert & Susan Ambler American Car Care Centers Mrs.Charlene J.Anderson Mr.Gary Anderson Ms.Pamela S.Anderson Doug & Jenny Anderton Mr.Keith Andress Carlos A.Angel,M.D. Mr.George Angelos Ms.Michelle K.Anningson Mrs.Mona R.Archer Mr.Leon Arms Ms.Eunice Armstrong Mr.Doug Arnold Ms.Robin Arnurius Bradley & Christy Asbury Ms.Charlotte Atkins Mr.Robert Atkins Mr.& Mrs.Robert O.Avery & Spence Pat & Sue Ayers Ms.Lisa Aytes Mr.& Mrs.Edward U.Babb Mr.Bobby Badgett Mrs.Carole Baeske Mr.& Mrs.Ralph C.Bahr Mr.& Mrs.Douglas L.Bailey Mrs.Fay B.Bailey Mr.& Mrs.Kenneth R. Bailey, Jr. Ms.Tena M.Bailey Ms.Janice Baldwin Ms.Linda S.Ball Ms.Sandy Ball Ms.Susan K.Ballard Shawn Banks Mr.William Banks continuedfrompage15 18 Donate at
  7. 7. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Mr.Clement A.Barnes,Sr. Dr.& Mrs.Robert L. Barnes,III Mr.& Mrs.Shawn L.Basler Clifton & Wanda Bates Mr.Tommy C.Baughman Mr.David R.Baumgartner Mrs.Dinah L.Bays Mr.Robert G.Beam Mr.& Mrs.Daryl Beard Karson & Jason Beaty Ms.Alice Beauchene David & Shirley Beeler Ms.Erica S.Beene Mr.Peter W.Beers Ms.Leanna B.Belew Mr.& Mrs.Alfred B.Bell Mr.Eric R.Bell Dr.& Mrs.Michael J.Belmont Mrs.Willa Belt Mr.Joseph Bendor Ms.June Benson Dr.& Mrs.James C.Benton, M.D. Herman & Betty Best Dr.Russell A.Betcher & Micah Clark Mr.Lawrence A.Bible Ms.Sandra L.Bickford Ms.Nikole Bilbrey Mrs.Michelle A.Birmingham Herb & Jean Bishop Ms.Allison Bivens Mr.& Mrs.Lynn Black Ms.Regina Black Mrs.Shirley Black William & Candice Black Ms.Gloria Blackwell Mrs.Juanita Blair Ms.Melissa M.Blair Mr.James R.Blake Mr.Kenneth E.Blake Mrs.Mildred J.Blake Mrs.Allene S.Blalock Mr.& Mrs.Ken Bodie Mr.Robert L.Bodine Mrs.Muriel V.Bogardus Marge & Walt Bogert Scott & Mary Bogert Mrs.Charlene M.Bokan Mrs.Doris Y.Boling Greg & Donna Boling Mr.Wallace Bolton Jim & Eugenia Bond Mr.Byron A.Booker Ms.Susan L.Boone Ean Borja Mr.& Mrs.Gary Borst Mr.Michael T.Borum Dudley & Paul Bostic Mr.Jimmy D.Bowers Ms.Virginia R.Bowers & Family Mrs.Audrey Bowles Robert & Judith Bowling Mr.John W.Bowyer Mr.Glenn R.Boyles Mr.Bill Bozeman Ms.Andrea Brackett Mr.James T.Bradbury Mrs.Myrtle G.Braden Dr.Elizabeth Bradford Billy & Faye Bradley Mr.Craig Bradley Ms.Sandra Branam Mr.Joe Brandenburg Mr.& Mrs.Thomas Bratton James & Vickie Brewer Ms.Kathy Brewer Peggy & Fred Bright Ms.Sally S.Bright Bob & Connie Brimi Drs.Kevin & Jennifer Brinkmann Mr.Jon B.Brock Karen & Chuck Brock Eddie & Becky Brooks Dr.& Mrs.R.Christopher Brooks Ms.Sharon M.Brothers Chuck & Cynthia Brown Mr.David E.Brown Mr.& Mrs.Edward F.Brown Mr.Jason A.Brown Mr.Van Brown Mark Browne,M.D. Mr.David Browning Mrs.Rebekah Browning Ms.Ruth L.Broyles Joey & Meegan Bruce Mr.& Mrs.Ronald A.Bruce Ms.Judy G.Brummitt Ms.Mary N.Bryan Ms.Kym E.Bryant Mr.John Q.Buchheit,III Mr.& Mrs.James M.Buckner Von & Linda Bullock Ms.Kim Bumpas Mr.& Mrs.Coy L.Bunch Ms.Erma Sue Burchfield Mr.& Mrs.Michael D.Burgard Mr.Donald W.Burggraf Edward & Marian Burk Mr.Jerry Burkholder Mr.Joey L.Burnett Mr.& Mrs.Jonathan H. Burnett Ms.Janine Burnette Ms.Hazel Burress Mr.Alan Bush Ms.Frances Byrd Wayne,Deon & Trey Cabbage Mr.Nestor Cacheiro Ms.Myrna S.Cagle Ms.Teja Cain Ms.Donna H.Campbell Mr.Jeffrey L.Campbell Ms.Jo Ellen Campbell Mrs.Mary Jo Campbell Dr.William B.Campbell Mr.William R.Campbell Mr.& Mrs.Paul Cannon Mrs.Elizabeth A.Cantwell Ms.Narda G.Cappuccilli Mrs.Lillie Cardwell Alan Carmichael & Cynthia Moxley Mr.& Mrs.Earnie Carnes Mr.& Mrs.Bill Carrel Mr.George Carroll Mr.& Mrs.Ronnie H.Carroll Mr.Kevin D.Carter Ms.Sandra J.Carver Scott & Cindy Cassity Mr.& Mrs.Paul P.Casteel Dr.& Mrs.Michael R.Caudle Ms.Angela M.Chabot Dr.& Mrs.Charles W. Chadwell Mr.& Mrs.Dean Chambers Ms.Janet S.Chambers William & Glenda Chandler Ms.Marty E.Chaney Ms.Anne Changas Mr.George R.Chapman Mr.Don G.Chard Mr.& Mrs.Mike S.Charland Mr.Patrick E.Chase Children’s Hospital Volunteers Ms.Gina L.Childs Dr.Joseph F.Childs Mr.Scott Childs Ms.Kathy N.Chism Mr.Brent N.Christian Ms.Kimberly L.Christian Mr.Harold M.Clabough Mr.James C.Clapp Ms.Kathleen Clapp Mr.Lonnie D.Clapp Mr.Archie D.Clark Mr.& Mrs.Raymond F.Clark Miss Caitlin Clary Ms.Courtney Clary Dr.& Mrs.Thomas L.Clary Ms.Janita M.Clausell Clear Fork Baptist Church Ms.Lauren Clevenger Mrs.Margaret C.Clevenger Mr.& Mrs.Kenny Clotfelter Mr.Robert C.Coakley Ms.Yvonne Coates Mr.Daniel A.Cobble Ms.Eula C.Cody Mr.James G.Coffey Lucas & Andrea Coffey Frank & Sonya Colandro Mrs.Ameline Collins Mr.James A.Collins Mr.Joseph C.Collins Ms.Stephanie R.Collins Richard & Aspen Comer Mrs.Bobbie Y.Congleton Mr.Howard Conner Mr.George R.Connor Mr.Robert J.Cooch Ms.Carrie Cook Mr.Timothy L.Cook Caroline E.Cooley,M.D. CO-OP Financial Services 19Donate at
  8. 8. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Mr.Gary W.Cooper Kenneth & Lisa Cooper Ms.Jewell Copas Ms.Sabrina Copas Mr.& Mrs.A.B.Copeland,III Mr.James E.Copeland Ms.Covetta L.Corbin Ms.Mary B.Corbitt Mr.& Mrs.Garland L.Corder Ms.Paris J.Cornwell Mrs.Betty C.Coward Mr.John L.Coward Mr.Benny Cox Mr.& Mrs.Cody Cox Mr.& Mrs.Gary G.Cox Jason & Elissa Cox Mr.& Mrs.Larry G.Cox Mrs.Margarete C.Cox Robert & Carla Cox Mrs.Robin Cox Ms.Sue E.Cox Steve Cox Insurance Agency, Inc. Mr.Jack P.Crabtree,Jr. Mrs.Phyllis R.Cragle Dr.Michael C.Craig Frankie E.Crain,M.D. G.Mark Cramolini,M.D. Dr.& Mrs.Jay Crawford Mr.Paul Crawford Mr.Ira T.Crosby,Jr. Taylor Crosby Cleois H.Cross Mr.J.Lee Cross Mrs.Connie M.Crumley Mr.& Mrs.Donnie J.Cummins Mr.Randy Curlee Mrs.Stephanie J.Curtis Mrs.Betty M.Daley Ms.Christine M.Dalton Ms.Peggy Dalton Ms.Beth Dance Dance Marathon Council-UT Ms.Frances A.Daniels Mr.& Mrs.James Daniels Ms.Sherry Daniels Mrs.Mary L.Danniel Ms.Sue G.Dauber Mitchell & Kim Davenport Mrs.Pat Davenport Mr.Al David Russell & Cindy Davidson Mrs.Betty M.Davis Mrs.Charlotte M.Davis Frank & Barbara Davis Mr.Michael B.Davis Shirley & Jerry Davis Ms.Susan K.Davis Mr.& Mrs.Charles L.Day Mrs.Danna M.Day Ed & Barbara Deal Mr.& Mrs.J.Wallace Deaver Mr.Bob Defenderfer Daniel & Jeannine De La Torre Ugarte Ms.Velma M.Delk Lisa Denham & Hillary Ross Mr.Marcus B.Denton Mr.& Mrs.Dan L.Deremer Mr.& Mrs.Richard Dettmering Ms.Vernice Devaney Ms.Susan Dishman Mr.& Mrs.William Dixson Mr.Steven Doak Bill & Robin Dockery Don Gallo Mexican Grill Ms.Julia Dotson Robin D.Dotson Ms.Lenice Doughty Ms.Jane Douglas Ms.Pauline L.Douglas Wanda G.Douglas Mr.& Mrs.Don E.Douglass Mr.& Mrs.Jack B.Draper Mr.John Dreitz Mr.Claude T.Drummonds Ms.Bridgette M.Duber Ms.Jeannie H.Dulaney Ms.Dianne V.Duncan Rev.Dan J.Dunkel Mr.& Mrs.Daniel H.Dunkel Ms.Ruth Dunn Mr.Donald E.Dunning Mrs.Laura D.Durand Mrs.Betty C.Eason Mrs.Betty S.Easton Ruth & Doug Edlund Mike & Susan Edwards Ms.Sharon K.Edwards Wilbur & Alice Effler Mrs.Anna Y.Eldridge Mr.& Mrs.Robert C. Eldridge,III Mr.& Mrs.C.Graham Elfstrom Ms.Jane Elliott Ms.Nancy C.Elliott Mr.Robert Elliott Ms.Mary E.Ellis Mr.Ray Ellis Mr.& Mrs.Keith Ellison Mr.Stephen Ellison Mr.& Mrs.William D. Emmert Mr.Mark England Mr.Ralph D.England Ms.Monica J.Eshleman Mr.Larry Estep Donald & Michella Estes Mr.& Mrs.James Evans Ms.Lucille Evans Ms.Margaret I.Evans Ms.Tammy C.Everett ExxonMobil Foundation Mr.Todd R.Falk Ms.Lisa T.Fall Ms.Pamela P.Fansler Ms.Mildred L.Farmer Mr.& Mrs.Norman E. Featherston Mr.Scott Fendley Mr.David E.Fielder Fiesta Farm Ms.Susan H.Finnerty Mrs.Faye Fish Mr.Wayne Flanagan Mr.Ted L.Flickinger & Mrs.Julie S.Howard Flip Fest Gymnastics Camp Mr.& Mrs.Bob H.Flynn Ms.Virgie Ford Ms.Brenda S.Foster Mrs.Nora R.Foster Mrs.Cathy Fowler Mrs.Kathy Fox Fox Branch Church Mr.Michael E.Fraker Mr.Charles S.Francis Ms.Martha Francis Mr.Michael J.Frank Mr.& Mrs.Dale Freels Mr.& Mrs.Dennis Freels Mr.& Mrs.Rick Freer Mr.Larry R.French Mr.James B.Fritts Ms.Margaret J.Fus Mr.Ancel Galloway Mr.David W.Galyon Mr.Earl K.Galyon Ms.Ruth G.Gambill Mr.Horton G.Gangwer Mrs.Imogene B.Gann Mr.Robert D.Gantt Scott & Tiffany Gardner Fred & Rita Garland Mr.Leon Gault Mrs.Mary E.Gaynor Mr.David J.Gensterblum Mr.Charles G.Gentry Ms.Courtney George Ronald & Cheryl German Mrs.Gladys Germany Mr.& Mrs.Carlo Giannini Ms.Nancy R.Gibbons Mr.John M.Gibson Ms.Glenda D.Gideon Ms.Judith B.Gilbert Mr.& Mrs.C.A.Gilland Ms.Bridgett A.Gillespie Jenni & Lonnie Glenn Mr.Paul E.Goad Mr.John W.Goan Mr.& Mrs.Steve Gobrecht Mr.& Mrs.Herman L. Goddard Mr.Roy L.Goddard Golden Corral -- #779,#804, #903 and #2428 Mr.Zane D.Goodrich Mr.& Mrs.Keith D.Goodwin Miss Rylie A.Goodwin Dode & Joan Gordon Mr.Buzz Goss Ms.Linda K.Gouge Ms.Jean W.Graham Mr.& Mrs.Alfred D.Grant Ms.Carol E.Graves Mr.& Mrs.Donald K.Gray 20 Donate at
  9. 9. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Mrs.Loretta S.Harber Mr.Charles Hardin Mr.& Mrs.Richard C.Hardin Ms.Misty Hardy Ms.Lucia G.Hare Ms.Brandy J.Harmon Ms.Rebecca Harmon Todd & Shannon Harmon Mr.& Mrs.James O.Harms Mr.V.Brent Harper Ms.Opal M.Harris Mr.& Mrs.Jim Harrison Ronald & Jean Harrison Ms.E.Faye Hart Ed & Rachel Hartley Mr.John W.Hartnagel Mr.James Hartsell Mr.Carl O.Harvey Mrs.Ida S.Harvey Ms.Carletta Haun Mr.& Mrs.Henry S.Hayes Mike & Mary Lou Hayes Mr.Ronald A.Hayes Mr.Roy E.Hayes Mr.Martin L.Hazett Ms.Vivian J.Hazlewood David & Beth Headrick Mrs.Charlotte Z.Heaton Terry L.Heaton Dan & Carolyn Heiskell Jim & Patti Henard Ms.Marjorie C.Henderso Ms.Delma G.Hendley Mr.Tony Hendricks Mr.Schawn L.Hennessy Mr.James R.Henry Ms.Florence Hensley Ms.Margaret R.Hensley Don & Debbie Henson Mr.Johnny Hickman Mr.& Mrs.James M.Hicks Ms.Kristen B.Hicks Mr.& Mrs.Travis Hicks Mark & Sarah Hiestand Mrs.Tamara L.Higdon Mr.Jerry Higgs Ms.Reva Highland Ms.Martha Hill Mr.Richard Hinds Mrs.Gale L.Hinton Mr.Jeff Hipsher Mr.Lee Hiteshew Mr.Tim Hitson Ms.Susan Hixon Ms.Rebecca F.Hodge Mr.David J.Hoerman Ms.Norma Holcomb Ms.Jennifer L.Holder John & Pat Holland Mrs.Yong Holland Mr.Thomas M.Hollenbeck Mr.& Mrs.Goley Hollinghead Mr.John B.Hollingsworth,Jr. Ms.Margaret Holloway Mrs.Jessica E.Holman Ms.Courtney Holt Ms.Yvette Holt Mr.Michael Holtz Mr.Johnny E.Honto Brandon & Ashley Hopkins Mr.Donald Hopkins Ms.Linda J.Hopkins Mr.& Mrs.William S. Hornbaker Mr.& Mrs.Terrell Horne Ms.Sara E.Hosman Marvin & Janie House Mrs.Mary E.House Mr.& Mrs.Richard L. Householder Mr.Jack L.Howard Mrs.Ruth A.Howard Ms.Sandra Hubbard Tony & Janice Huckaby Mrs.Alice Huddleston Ms.Carol C.Huddleston Mr.& Mrs.Glen E.Hudson Mr.& Mrs.Steve Huettel Mr.Carl R.Huff Ms.Anna R.Human John & Christy Humphrey Ms.Samantha Humphrey Ms.Tammie S.Humphrey Mr.William Humphrey Charles & Betty Hurlock Mr.Gene H.Huskey Mr.Robert L.Hutchins Mr.Robert L.Hutchison Mr.George R.Hutselll Charles & Brenda Hutzler Jimmy & Louise Hux Ms.Amber Hyder Mr.& Mrs.Roger L.Hyder IBM International Foundation Dr.Alan S.Icenhour Mr.David Ingle Leon & Ilene Ingle Ms.Saundra S.Ingle Ms.Lesley Irwin Mrs.Mary Helen Irwin Ms.Beulah Jackson Ms.Joyce F.Jackson Mrs.Velma S.Jackson David & Miriam Jagels Edgar & Judy James Mr.Boyd Jenkins Mrs.Henrietta Jenkins Mr.Jack L.Jenkins Ms.Ruth Jenkins Ms.Elizabeth Jennings Mr.Roger D.Jennings Mr.Tom L.Jensen Ms.Sandra P.Jernigan Ms.Debra K.Jett Bill & Margaret Johns Ms.Melissa A.Johns Mr.Charlie O.Johnson Mr.& Mrs.Gary D.Johnson Ms.Glenda C.Johnson Ms.Juanita V.Johnson Mr.Robert H.Johnson Ms.Winifred B.Johnson Ms.Brenda D.Jones Mr.& Mrs.Curtis S.Jones Mrs.Donna G.Jones Mrs.Elizabeth Jones Ms.Karen M.Jones Mr.Lioyd C.Jones Ms.Lisa G.Jones Ms.Peggy T.Jones Mr.& Mrs.Roy C.Jones,Jr. Mrs.Wilda Jones Mr.& Mrs.William E.Jones,Jr. Ms.Sue Jones-Taylor Bob & Molly Joy Alan & Patty Justice Mr.& Mrs.Thomas L.Justice Mrs.Jan H.Kacenas Mr.Roger L.Karnes Great Clips -- #4501,#4503, #4504,#4505,#4506,#4507, #4508,#4509,#4510,#4511, #4512,#4513,#4514,#4515, #4516,#4517 and #9611 Mr.Joel W.Green Richard & Connie Green Robert & Betty Green Mr.Freddie W.Greene Marvin & Maxine Greene Mr.& Mrs.Blake J.Greer David & Karen Greer Mr.Davis Greer Mr.Panos Gregoriou Mr.& Mrs.Mike W.Greiner Mr.& Mrs.Duane Grieve Freida & Robert Griffin Mr.& Mrs.Stanley R.Griffin Steve & Carol Griffin Mr.Frank D.Griffith Ms.Jackie M.Griswold Mr.& Mrs.Lewis Grooms Mr.Steven E.Gross Mr.Terry S.Grubb Mrs.Ruthie Guider Ms.Beverly L.Guiler Mr.Charles C.Guy Mrs.Shelia L.Hackney Ms.Anna M.Haese Mr.& Mrs.Peyton T. Hairston,Jr. Mr.Roy H.Haisley,Jr. Ms.Alice S.Hale Bettye & Clarence Hall Charlotte & G.L.Hall Mr.& Mrs.Ahmed A.Halouma Mr.Frank H.Hambright Ms.Sandy Hamm Mr.Francis F.Hammer Ms.Kay F.Hammond Mr.Lee E.Hammonds Ms.Lisa B.Hancock Ms.Mary A.Hancock Mrs.Zelma Hancock Mrs.Litha Handagama Mrs.Josephine D.Hankins Mr.& Mrs.Charles K. Hannon,Jr. Mr.& Mrs.Steven D.Harb 21Donate at
  10. 10. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Mrs.Lorna E.Keeton Mr.& Mrs.Robert A.Kell Mr.Karl E.Keller Ms.Janet I.Kellis Ms.Shirley B.Kelly Bill & Carolyn Kelly Ms.Karen E.Kendrick Dr.& Mrs.Alfred P.Kennedy Mr.Jeff Kerley Mr.Carroll B.Kesterson Mrs.Nadia G.Keyes Robbie & Margie Kidd Mr.& Mrs.James A.Kilby Rose & Jack Kile Mr.Kevyn L.Kilgore Ms.Hwa O.Kim Mrs.Grace Kincaid Mr.David A.King Don & Fran King Helen & Bill King Ms.Minnie E.King Mr.& Mrs.Ronnie Kinsler Homer & Ronda Kiser Ms.Mary Kiser Ms.Karen L.Klatt Mrs.Agnes B.Knight Bobby & Brenda Knight Mr.& Mrs.Walter Koch Ronald Koksal & Judi Brookshire Mr.Donald E.Koster The Kroger Co. Ms.Jana C.Krumrey Mrs.Angie Kurosaka K-VA-T Food Stores,Inc. Mr.& Mrs.Kevin K.Lamb Mr.James Lambdin Ms.Brandy M.Lambert Mr.Lawrence Landau Ms.Ruth Langford Mr.& Mrs.Floyd Langston Ms.Margaret H.Laning Steve & Linda Larrance Jack & Julie Lawler Mr.& Mrs.Dwayne C.Lawson Gary & Wanda Lawson Mr.Greg Lawson Tim & Kimberly Lawson Ms.Mary L.Ledbetter Ms.Sharon Ledford Mr.& Mrs.Cordell Lee Ms.Penny D.Lee Ms.Brenda Leek Ms.Monika E.Lehmann David & Carolyn Lennon Ms.Renee D.Leonard Mrs.Lynda C.Lett Mr.Darrell D.Lewis Ms.Diana Lewis Mr.& Mrs.J.R.Lewis Ms.Alice A.Liford Mr.& Mrs.William L.Liggett Mr.Lawrence R.Liles Mr.Bob Lilly Mrs.Ann M.Limbach Ms.Joy Linn Joe & Becky Little Dr.& Mrs.John P.Little Mr.Charles C.Littlefield Rita & Tim Littleton Mrs.Angela M.Lloyd Mr.Robert M.Lobetti Ms.Brenda D.Long Ms.Carol Anne Long Mr.Darrell P.Long Mrs.Iris M.Long Mr.James R.Long Joshua & Leslie Love Mrs.Margaret Lovely Mr.Vincent F.Loyacani Mrs.Sherry S.Luckadoo Mr.& Mrs.Nile A.Luedtke Amber Luhn,M.D. Joe & Pauline Lyle Mr.& Mrs.Don W.Lynch Mr.Gaylord Lynn Mr.William Lyons Ms.Ashley J.Mabe Mickey Mallonee Mrs.Jane E.Manners Frank & Avery Maples Ms.Paulette Maples Ms.Cecile T.Marcum Mr.& Mrs.Curtis Marcum,Sr. Ms.Tracy R.Markham Mr.Ricardo A.Marrero Mr.& Mrs.William F.Marrison Mr.& Mrs.Bill R.Marsh Mr.& Mrs.A.David Martin Ms.Beverly F.Martin Ms.Deanna J.Martin Mrs.Helen M.Martin Mrs.Janise F.Martin Ms.Jennifer L.Martin Mrs.Julia W.Martin Mrs.Magalie C.Martin Ms.Margaret B.Mason Mr.& Mrs.Phillip Mason,Jr. Mrs.Mary E.Massey Mr.Scott Mathot Mrs.Rachael D.Matlach Michael & Debbie Matthews Ms.Cheryl A.Mayes Mr.& Mrs.Mike D.Mayes Ms.Jamie Mays Ms.Patricia J.McAfee Mrs.Terri S.McAmis Mrs.Katherine L.McBride Mr.Thomas W.McBride Davis & Martha McCammon Ms.Aileen R.McCarter Ms.Yvonne McCarty Mr.& Mrs.Logan McCay Mr.& Mrs.Raymond McCord Glen & Ruth McCoy Mr.Herbert E.McCoy,Jr. Herbert & Wilma McCoy Mrs.Linda L.McCoy Mrs.Pat McCoy Mr.Verlin McCulley Mr.& Mrs.Gary W. McDonald Ms.Jennifer McDonald Mr.& Mrs.Jay McElroy Ms.Lori McFarland Michael & Jennifer McFarland Mr.& Mrs.Chip McGaha Ms.Lana W.McGee Ms.Daisy McGhee Ms.Reba M.McGinnis Dr.James K.McGuire,Jr. Mr.& Mrs.Eric McInturff Ms.Susan McKamey Mrs.Margaret M.McKelvey Mr.& Mrs.Rudolph McKinley,Jr. McLane-Love’s Country Stores #306 and #306R David & Donna McLemore Mr.Charles McLeod Ms.Imogene K.McMahan Mr.Myron McMillan Mr.Jack R.McMillian, Jr. Mr.Bill McNabb Dr.& Mrs.William T. McPeake,III Ms.Nancy McSorley Medical Technology Resources, LLC Mr.Franklin D.Mee Ms.Mukeshkuma R.Mehta Mr.Matthew W.Mengeling Mr.Cyril I.Meredith Ms.Patsy A.Meredith Mr.Alvin Merritt Ms.Bessie Metcalf Ms.Susan Michaud Ms.Denna F.Middleton Mr.William E.Miles Ms.Carol Millard Mr.Albert M.Miller,Jr. James & Wanda Miller Mr.& Mrs.Terry R.Miller Mrs.Christine Milligan Mrs.Aimee C.Mills David & Helen Mills Mr.Todd Mills Mrs.Betty Millsaps Tyrone & Kathy Millsaps Ms.Dixie Minatra Ms.Tina M.Minnick Jeanette & James Minor Will & Carolyn Minter Mr.Sam Mishu Miss America Organization Ms.Julia F.Mohney Mr.Carl Monday Mr.Robert W.Monday Ms.Geraldine H.Moore Mr.& Mrs.Raymond W. Moore Mr.Louis S.Moran,III Danny & Deadra Morgan Ms.Diana Morgan Mrs.Faye Morgan Mr.Gerald P.Morgan Ms.Leanne N.Morrow Mr.& Mrs.Jack Morton Lani & Robert Morton 22 Donate at
  11. 11. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Dr.& Mrs.John R.Mount Mrs.Anna L.Moyers Mr.& Mrs.Edward C. Mulliniks Mr.& Mrs.Charles Murphy Mr.John H.Murphy Ms.Lisa M.Murphy Mrs.Sheila H.Murphy Mr.William W.Murphy Mr.Ted E.Murray Mrs.Marjorie Murrian Mr.& Mrs.Benny R.Myers Mr.Robert F.Myrick Dr.& Mrs.Matthew C. Nadaud Mr.Eric A.Nagdeman Mr.Ray W.Nall Mr.& Mrs.Alvin J.Nance Todd & Evelyn Napier Mr.James M.Neal Mr.Bob Neal Ms.Kathi Neil Mr.Robert D.Nelson Mr.Mark E.Newcomb Mr.Glenn Newman Ms.Patsy A.Newman Mrs.Laurie Nichols Ms.Gloria J.Nickelson Mr.Donald F.Nierengarten Mr.Scott Nix Ms.Lynn Noey Mr.Roger Nooe Ms.Merry S.Norman Mr.James T.Normand Mrs.Donna J.Norris Mr.& Mrs.Clyde Norton Mr.Frank G.Nystrom Ms.Lynn M.Oberloh Ms.Ann L.O’Connor Jessica & Chris O’Fallon Mr.& Mrs.Ivan Ogle Mr.& Mrs.John R.O’Hara David & Mary O’Kain Mr.James G.O’Kane Mr.William T.Oody Mr.Chis Ooten Mr.H.Stanton Oster,Jr. Mr.Richard T.Ottinger Mrs.Lisa K.Overbay Todd & Tonya Overbay Mr.& Mrs.Eddie Overton Ms.Melinda L.Overton Ms.Thelma J.Owens Mr.& Mrs.Doug Owens Mr.& Mrs.Don W.Ownby P & J Builders,Inc. Mr.Bryan D.Pabst Ms.Eunice A.Pannell Mr.Michael C.Parisi Mrs.Amy A.Parker Ms.Elizabeth G.Parker Mr.Jerry L.Parker Ms.Rebecca D.Parks Dr.& Mrs.Donald H. Parnell,Jr. Mr.& Mrs.Donald H. Parnell,Sr. Ms.Kimberly Parrott Ms.Sandra A.Parrott Mr.Jack Patterson Ms.Jewell Patterson Ms.Melissa Patterson Mr.Jameson T.Payne Mr.& Mrs.Bruce A.Pearl Mr.Donny Pember Ms.Betty A.Perry Ms.Jan F.Peters Mr.& Mrs.Bob Petrone Mr.Billy C.Petty Wesley & Barbara Petty Mr.John W.Phaller Mr.William G.Phelps,Sr. Phi Mu Fraternity Mr.& Mrs.Richard L. Philippone Anthony & Kim Phillips Ms.Linda Phillips Ms.Millie Phillips Mr.& Mrs.Ronald J.Phillips Mrs.Rosemary Phillips Mr.Teddy Phillips Ms.Shanna Philpot Mrs.Elizabeth Phipps Pilot Corporation Mr.Chet P.Pitts Ms.Marianne Plamondon Mr.Justin R.Plummer PM&R Associates Mr.& Mrs.Ray N.Poirier Ms.Virginia Pomfret Mrs.Allene W.Porter Ms.Dixie L.Porter Ms.Geraldine Porter Ms.Mamie P.Porter Ronald & Norma Porter Mr.& Mrs.Earl Potter The Pour Guys Bartending Service Joseph & Brenda Powell Ms.Dorothy T.Powers Monty & MaryAnn Powers Mr.Jerry Pridemore Trent & Anne Primm Mr.& Mrs.Larry D.Proctor Mr.Ben T.Proffitt Mr.Chris L.Protzman Puleo’s Grille & Nama Sushi Bar Mr.Peter Putnam Mr.Richard F.Quila Ms.Laura Radcliffe Mr.Franz H.Raetzer Chad & Christie Ragle Mr.& Mrs.Baxter H. Ragsdale,Jr. Mr.Jack Ragsdale Mrs.Rebekah W.Ragsdale Mr.& Mrs.Shawn D.Raines Mr.Charles E.Ramsey Mrs.Fred G.Ramsey,Jr. Dr.& Mrs.Charles A.Raper Ms.Kim Ratcliff Mr.Richard Ray Mr.Brian Rector Mr.David W.Rector Jack & Judy Reed Ms.Lorene Reed Ms.Kimberly G.Reeser Mr.& Mrs.Costa G.Regas Mr.William F.Regas ReMax Adventure Realty #21182 Mr.William Revis Jeff & Linda Reynolds Lee Rhinemiller Bill & Rhonda Rice Cheryl & Bill Rice Mrs.Kathy Richards Mr.James E.Richardson Ms.Reese M.Ripatti Ms.Janice M.Rivers Ms.Margie Roberts John & Wilma Roberts Ms.Janet P.Robertson Mr.& Mrs.Pace S.Robinson Mrs.Anne A.Rochester Mrs.Tina Roderick Mr.& Mrs.Ernest Rogers Ms.Gena L.Rolen Ms.Jennifer A.Rolen Mr.Ken Rollins Ms.Sonya J.Rollins Ms.Amy Romano Johnny & Wanda Romines Ms.Aspen N.Rose Danny & Brenda Rose Mr.Lee A.Ross Grady & Phyllis Royston Mr.Thomas Ruf Ruiz Food Products,Inc. Daniel & Toni Rule Mr.& Mrs.Carter Runyan Ms.Lisa C.Rupchak Mr.David L.Russell Mr.Mike Russell Homer & Wanda Russell Ms.Kaye Russell Ms.Pamela J.Russell Mr.& Mrs.Donald M. Ruthenberg Ms.Debbie K.Rutherford Dr.Fumiko Samejima Mrs.Marjorie M.Sams Sam’s Club #6572 Sam’s Club #8256 Ms.Deborah Sanderfur Ms.Leslie Sanders Mrs.Regina A.Sane Santa Knoxville Mr.& Mrs.Joseph F.Satterfield Mrs.Jeanie Saunders Mrs.Lana G.Saunders Ms.Susan Saunders Mrs.Evelyn H.Savery Mr.Roy E.Scarbrough Mr.& Mrs.Bert Schein Mr.Jim Schell Dr.& Mrs.Gary Schneider Mr.& Mrs.John G.Schwartz 23Donate at
  12. 12. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Mr.Eric Thomas Mr.& Mrs.Wesley M.Thomas Mrs.Betty M.Thompson Mr.Don Thompson Mr.Donald G.Thompson Mrs.Elizabeth J.Thompson Emmette & Valarie Thompson Mr.William P.Thornton Ms.Edna Thurman Otis & Mary Tidwell Mrs.Jacqueline Tiller Mr.Jeffrey M.Tillery Mr.Frederick Tippens TN FCCLA Mrs.Kristy Todd Randall & Kathy Tollett Mr.& Mrs.David Tom John & Bonnie Tomassoni Joe & Joyce Tompkins Mr.Warren Torrance Ms.Christine Tower Mr.Stephen Traud Mr.Josh R.Traylor Chris & Tamara Treadway Mr.& Mrs.Edgar H.Trent Ms.Rachel W.Trentham Dr.& Mrs.Ray Troop Mr.Phillip R.Trotter Ms.Louise H.Troutman Mrs.Betty A.Turner Mr.Donald Turner Mrs.Rhoshawnda L.Turner Richardson V.Turner Ms.Sally Turnmire Mr.& Mrs.Alex E.Turpin TVF Enterprises Jerzy & Elzbieta Tworek Mr.Ronald J.Uncapher UT Federal Credit Union Ms.Cathy Van Ostrand Mr.Tom Vance Mrs.Joan H.Vander Sluis Daniel & Charlene Varner Lefter K.& Ray P.Vassil Mr.& Mrs.James E.Vath Ms.Crystal N.Vaughn Mr.& Mrs.Ben Venable Mr.& Mrs.Rick F.Venable Mrs.Louie Vesser Mr.& Mrs.Charles E.Viars Ms.Carolyn M.Stein Ms.Lillian M.Stephens Ms.Teresa L.Stephens Mr.Floyd Stevens Mr.& Mrs.Michael W.Stevens Mr.Mark A.Stevenson Eric & Natalie Stewart Mr.Larry W.Stewart Mr.Robert W.Stewart Mr.Charles E.Stinnett Mr.Clyde E.Stone Jordan Stout Mr.Mark L.Stowers Mr.& Mrs.Clyde B.Strange Mr.& Mrs.Lynn Strange Mrs.Peggy J.Strange Chris Strevel Jessie L.Strevel Aaron & Julie Stubblefield Mr.Evan C.Sturm Mrs.Nancy C.Styles Ms.Pat H.Summitt Mr.Ricky Summitt Mrs.Troye D.Summitt Mrs.Machelle Sumner Ms.Gayle D.Sutton Sam & Mary Sutton Mrs.Rose Swafford Nicole F.Swain,Psy.D. Charles W.Swanson & Pamela L.Reeves Mr.& Mrs.Michael Swisher Charlotte & Marty Tallent Ms.Katie Tanner Tannery Hollow Baptist Church Mrs.Betty G.Tarpy Mr.& Mrs.R.Stephens Tatum,Jr. Ms.Sara D.Taylor Ms.Tiffany Taylor Mr.& Mrs.Joe Teague Mrs.Earlene Teaster Mr.Edd Templeton Mr.Phil L.Tenney Mr.Wayne Terracas Mr.& Mrs.Jesse Terry Ms.Melody Terszakowec Ms.Donna J.Terzak Chris Testerman,M.D. Mrs.Patricia S.Thigpen Mr.Alden F.Smith Mr.Benson Smith Mr.Cecil Smith Mr.Charles W.Smith David & Jackie Smith Ms.Geraldine Smith Ms.Helen Smith Mr.& Mrs.Howard Smith Mr.Justin N.Smith Ms.Kellye D.Smith Ms.Layla M.Smith Lynn M.Smith Mr.& Mrs.Michael W.Smith Mr.Sandy Smith Mr.& Mrs.Stephen R.Smith Mrs.Teresa Smith Ms.Wanda Smith Mr.Wayne Smith Smokey Mountain Risk Management Smoky Mountain Region CFC Mr.Larry Smothers Mr.Edgar Snow Mr.& Mrs.William E. Snyder,Jr. Mr.& Mrs.Stephen A.South Ms.Marsha Southerland Ron & Melinda Sparks Mr.Kyle R.Spence Mrs.Lea Spiegel Jim & Mary Spires Ms.Patricia A.Spivey Mr.& Mrs.Edward G. St.Clair Sid & Hazel Stafford Mr.& Mrs.John R.Stair Mr.James P.Stamp Mrs.Buffi L.Stancil Bill & Kathy Stanfield Leland & Lounelle Stanfill Ms.Sharon Stanfill Mr.Brian Stannard Ms.Gina Stansberry Mr.Dennis W.Stapleton,Sr. Mr.Elmo Stapleton Ms.Patricia A.Starring Ms.Ann H.Steed Mr.Ernest C.Steele Mr.Samuel L.Steele Mr.& Mrs.Gerald W.Scott Ms.Kathryn N.Scourby Mr.& Mrs.Mark Scrock Mr.Harry D.Scruggs Mr.Larry D.Seal Mr.& Mrs.Edward M.Searcy Dr.Cameron J.Sears & Dr.Nancy E.Duckles Mr.& Mrs.Marty Self Mrs.Brooke M.Senter Ms.Maria A.Sergent Dean & Sydney Sexton Mr.Robert J.Shamblin Ms.Cheryl D.Shanks Mr.Lawrence B.Shappert Mr.& Mrs.Bruce L.Sharp Ms.Cecilia Sharp Ms.Marianne F.Sharp Mr.& Mrs.Ronald E.Sharp Mr.Steven R.Shaver Todd & Natalie Shaver Ms.Toni Shaw Mr.Marvin L.Sheffler Mr.Chad C.Sheridan Ms.Marilyn J.Sherrill Mr.Keith W.Shillings Ms.Renee Short Ms.Laney Shorter Bill & Michelle Shory Mrs.Peggy S.Shover Ms.Jennifer Shrader Wayne & Polly Shropshire Ms.Cleo Sideris Mr.& Mrs.Huey Sides Mr.& Mrs.Dewitt Simerly Harold & Anna Simerly Mrs.Virginia H.Simmons Mr.Charles E.Simpson Mr.& Mrs.David M.Simpson Mrs.Jennifer A.Simpson Mrs.Mary F.Sipprell Ms.Norma Skeen Ms.Diane Skeens Mr.& Mrs.Dale H.Skidmore Mr.Thomas S.Slawson Ms.Denise A.Slezak Mr.Alan Sloan Mr.James E.Slonina Ms.Janice Smart Mr.Charles Smelcer 24 Donate at
  13. 13. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Mr.Mitchell Borden Mr.Gerald Borelli Mr.& Mrs.William A.Bowling Mr.Glenn R.Boyles Mr.Everett O.Britton Mr.Gregory T.Brock Ms.Helen S.Brown Mr.David Browning Mrs.Carl G.Bryant Von & Linda Bullock Ms.Donna Bunch Mr.Lawrence A.Burkholder Mr.Jan G.Byrd Mr.Jeffrey L.Campbell Mr.& Mrs.Bill Carrel Central Insurance Agency,Inc. Mr.Harry L.Chadwell Mr.Vincent Chesser Mr.Ray S.Clark Mr.& Mrs.Scott C.Collins,Jr. Mr.Benny Cox Mr.& Mrs.Neil Crass Mr.Douglas F.Cunha Ms.Nicole P.Daigle Hubert & Rose Davidson Mr.& Mrs.Harry P.Denton Mr.& Mrs.Max R.Denton Mr.& Mrs.Ralph S.DePew Ms.Vernice Devaney Mr.& Mrs.William Dixson Mr.E.Scotty Dykes Mr.Eugene L.Eisinger Mr.Ray Ellis Bobby & Barbara Ely Mr.Jerri W.Ewell Gordon & Miriam Fee Angie & Mike Fishman Harold & Glenda Flynn Mrs.Nora R.Foster Ms.Carol A.Frederick Ms.Opal Fritts Mr.& Mrs.Roy Y.Gaylor Jr. Mr.Harry Green Mr.Kester J.Greene,Jr. Mr.Panos Gregoriou Ms.Carolyn W.Harris Mr.Gary L.Haun Mr.& Mrs.Dennis F.Hayward Mr.Martin L.Hazett Mr.Anthony C.Heitzman Mrs.Dent M.Wolfe Mr.& Mrs.Thomas E. Wolterman Ms.Elayne B.Wood Mr.Robert B.Woodruff Mr.& Mrs.William C.Woods Ms.Caitlin Woodson Ms.Elizabeth Woodson Senator Jamie R.Woodson Mr.Bill Woodson Mr.& Mrs.Jay Wormsley Mr.& Mrs.J.Larry Worth Ms.Donna K.Wright Mr.Jeffrey A.Wright Ms.Paula H.Wright Y-12 Federal Credit Union Mr.David Yaggy Mr.& Mrs.William D. Yarborough Ms.Carol Yarian Charles & Carolyn Yates Larry & Jean Yates Mr.John D.Yeager Mr.& Mrs.Bill Yett Ms.Thelma L.York Mrs.Beulah F.Young Mr.Ernest W.Young Mr.Tim Young Mrs.Shirley Q.Yount Mr.& Mrs.Jack C.Zachary Mr.John Zakhar Ms.Nancy I.Zamboni Mrs.Linda L.Zirkle Telethon 2012 Mrs.Helen C.Akard Steven & Deborah Allen Mr.Gary Anderson Ms.Leslie G.Atchley Doug & Sylvia Atkins Mr.Clement A.Barnes,Sr. Mr.& Mrs.Gene Barr Ms.Grace E.Beal Mr.Bobby A.Beaty Ronnie & JoAnn Beeler Robert & Frieda Bennett Ms.Wilma A.Berggren Herb & Jean Bishop Mr.Sonny Bivens Ms.Joan L.Black Mr.Kenneth E.Blake Ms.Rachael Webster Mr.& Mrs.David N. Wedekind Mr.& Mrs.Rodney L.Wegner Mr.Earl L.Wehry,Jr. Ms.Roberta W.Welker Mr.Brendan Wells Mr.& Mrs.Finley West Mrs.Mary L.West Mr.Thomas F.West Ms.Etta M.Westbrook Ms.Jane Y.Whisnant Mr.Doyle W.Whitaker Ms.Andrea A.White Ms.Jean R.White Ms.Joy B.White Ms.Sharon A.White Thomas E.Whittaker,D.D.S Mr.Kevin Widener Paul & Betty Widner Mr.& Mrs.Kenny D.Wiggins Mr.& Mrs.Roy E.Wilder Ms.Susan L.Wilder Ms.Betty B.Wilkerson Mr.& Mrs.Bill G.Williams Mr.Darren A.Williams Mr.Jack H.Williams Mr.John W.Williams,Jr. Ms.Lucille H.Williams Ms.Natasha Williams Mrs.R.A.Williams Raymond & Carolyn Williams Ms.Sharon Williams Tubby & Susie Williams Mr.& Mrs.Ty Williams Ms.Irene C.Williford Dr.& Mrs.William N. Williford Mrs.Clara B.Wilson Mr.Eual Wilson Ms.Gloria S.Wilson Mr.Herman Wilson Mr.James F.Wilson Mr.& Mrs.James M.Wilson Dr.& Mrs.Robin T.Wilson Mr.& Mrs.Rodney H.Wilson Mr.& Mrs.Wayne V.Wilson Phyllis Wimbley & Diamond Love Ms.Leola Winfree Mr.& Mrs.Chris Wise Ms.Nodia I.Villarrubia Mr.Sam D.Vittetoe Mr.Don Wadley Dr.& Mrs.W.F.Wadsworth Mr.John C.Wait Mr.& Mrs.Donald B.Wake Mr.Don Walden Mr.& Mrs.Donald G.Walker Mrs.Violet M.Walker Mr.Robert G.Wallis Walmart #366 Walmart #578 Walmart #583 Walmart #672 Walmart #676 Walmart #678 Walmart #685 Walmart #687 Walmart #724 Walmart #739 Walmart #741 Walmart #1159 Walmart #1194 Walmart #1318 Walmart #1319 Walmart #1320 Walmart #1466 Walmart #1467 Walmart #1743 Walmart #2065 Walmart #2310 Walmart #2932 Walmart #4223 Walmart #4635 Ms.Beatrice S.Walters Ralph & Tina Warchol Jim & Rita Warner Mr.Robert L.Waters,Jr. Mr.John D.Watkins Ms.Frances A.Watson Mr.Ian Watt Mr.& Mrs.Glenn F.Watts Jerry & Barbara Watts Mr.& Mrs.Lester K.Watts Dr.Samuel C.Weaver Ms.Shirley B.Weaver Mr.Glen D.Weber Mr.& Mrs.Charles E. Webster Mr.Charles S.Webster Mr.George Webster 25Donate at
  14. 14. Donors January 1 - March 31, 2011 Todd & Evelyn Napier Network for Good Mrs.Jenny A.Neveu New York Life Insurance Company Obstetric & Gynecologic Associates of Oak Ridge,PC Mr.James G.O’Kane Ms.Cynthia Raines Rescue Baptist Church Claude & Elizabeth Robinson Charitable Trust Ms.Maureen F.Romanoski Ms.Patricia L.Russo Richard A.Sances,M.D. Ms.Rachel Seay The Estate of Colleen D.Shick The Estate of Pauline G. Stamps Mr.& Mrs.Ken Tate Tennessee Baptist Church TRUIST Mr.Terry H.Usery,Jr. UT Campus Chest Campaign Victory Missionary Baptist Church Youth Group Ms.Doris M.Winkles Volun“teen”Summer Program – provides a summer volunteer program for area high school students. Kohl’s Department Stores Volunteer Services Fund – helps theVolunteer Services and Resources Department better serve the needs of patients. Welcome Wagon Weight Management – funds used to support and extend Children’s Hospital weight management program called the HealthyWays Clinic. Children’s Hospital Volunteers Home Federal Bank Image Matters,Inc. Vreeland Engineers,Inc. Temporary Restricted Fund - gifts,usually in memory or honor of someone,for which the use is being identified. Children’s Hospital Volunteers Hyundai Hope On Wheels Undesignated Gifts –gifts for patient care equipment and facilities in the area of most urgent need. Mr.& Mrs.Greg Ailshie Jim & Kay Bailey Bank of America United Way Campaign Mr.John D.Bean Ms.Rebecca N.Boling Mrs.Myrtle G.Braden Miss Ava Brownlie Susan & Mike Casteel The Estate of Dr.Harold Cloogman Ms.Amy Cottrrell Mr.William H.Crabtree Mr.& Mrs.George R.Dailey Mr.Alfred Dillard Ms.Kathryn S.Eggleston Mr.& Mrs.J.S.Eledge Mr.Jamell Q.Fulcher Ms.Kerri Garvey Mr.John L.Gompf Mr.& Mrs.Keith D.Goodwin Ms.Deborah S.Halcrow Ms.Jennifer Hausladen Hillcrest Baptist Church Mrs.Wanda L.Hinchey Mr.& Mrs.Michael V.Kester & Paxton Ms.Michelle K.Kidder Mr.Kevyn L.Kilgore Mr.Robert S.Kirkham Ms.Kathryn H.Knable Liberty Hill Baptist Church Col.& Mrs.Howard Luttrell Ms.Sheena Maiden Mr.& Mrs.Bill R.Marsh Mr.& Mrs.Charles L.Moss,Sr. Ms.Marnie D.Mullins Mr.Roger D.Myers Ms.Tracey Myers Doris & Bob Palmer Ms.Eunice A.Pannell Mr.Gary L.Petree Mrs.Rosemary Phillips Ms.Aparna Pingali Mrs.Millicent Pippin Mr.& Mrs.John J.Podeszwa Ms.Cathy Potter Mrs.Cecilia Poulsen Ms.Leti Pun-Chuen Mr.Larry Richards Mr.David P.Ross Ms.Cassandra Satterfield Mr.& Mrs.A.Gary Self Mr.Gordon R.Sherman Mr.William Silence Mrs.Bernard Silverstein Ms.Evelyn G.Smith Ms.Susan S.Smith Mr.Larry Smothers Mr.& Mrs.Thomas M. Snodgrass Mr.Robert L.Spahr Mrs.Glenna J.Spradlin Mr.Charles E.Stinnett Ms.Carlenea L.Strader Ms.Agnes Surrett Mr.& Mrs.Clarence G. Sutton Mrs.Lana A.Taylor Stewart & Janice Taylor Mr.& Mrs.Joe Teague Mr.C.J.Thompson Mr.Thomas Tipton Mr.Larry R.Triplett Mr.Luther B.True Ms.Sarah Ussery Daniel & Charlene Varner Mr.& Mrs.John E.Vear Mrs.Louie Vesser Mrs.Flora A.Walden Mr.& Mrs.George C. Warlick,Jr. Mr.Thomas F.West Mr.& Mrs.Jim Whitehead Mr.Terrence Willcox Ms.Sharon Williams Mr.& Mrs.Richard Yates Mr.& Mrs.Bill Yett Mr.& Mrs.Matthew L.Zoder Mr.& Mrs.Richard H.Himes Mr.Norman E.Hinkle Mr.Tim Hitson Ms.Annie E.Holoubek Mr.Billy C.Howard Mr.Jack L.Howard Mr.& Mrs.Robert G.Huff Mr.Daniel Hugh Ms.Debbie Ingle Ms.Elizabeth Jennings Mr.& Mrs.Kenny C.Johnson Mr.Jimmy “JJ”Jones Mr.& Mrs.Howard Kastner Mrs.Bethany Kennemore Ms.Anne Kenney Kiwanis Club - Norwood Kiwanis Club - Roane Co. Kiwanis Club - Sevierville Dr.Richard F.Kolasheski Ms.Carolyn H.Krause Mrs.Peggy J.La Grone Ms.Faye Lamb Mr.Donald L.Larson Marion & Virginia Lawhorn Mr.Wayne C.Lin Ms.Brenda Lingerfelt Ms.Violet Loden Ms.Pat N.Loepp Mr.& Mrs.Chad Loveday Lusk Roofing & Guttering Ms.Barbara Mann Mr.Herbert M.Martin Mr.William S.Martin Mr.Thomas W.McBride David & Elizabeth McCarter Ms.Daisy McGhee Mr.& Mrs.Harry C. McMahan Ms.Polly A.McNutt Mr.Matthew W.Mengeling Ms.Patsy A.Meredith Ms.Libby Morgan Mr.Willis J.Moses Mr.Ted E.Murray Ms.Penelope Myers Ms.Sonya L.Nave Mrs.Flo P.Norville NRO Charitable Giving Mr.William T.Oody Mr.Rex W.Ownby 26 Donate at
  15. 15. Honors & Memorials January 1 - March 31, 2011 Drs.John Rogers,Ed Riff & Matt Lundien and Phil Noe,NP Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Rochester Pediatrics Physicians Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Harold Rouse & Children Ms.Ruth Dunn Manny Schneider Ms.Anne Grigsby Chandler & Lily Scott Mr.William Humphrey McKinley Jane Silence Mr.William Silence Dr.D.Preston Smith Hillco Medical Dr.& Mrs.John W. Lacey,III Ryan & Logan Smith Mrs.Teresa Smith Olivia Ruth Smithey Mr.& Mrs.Charles Murphy Hannah Stevens Ms.Lois M.Stevens Dr.Carmen D.Tapiador & Diabetes Clinic Staff Mrs.Cathy Fowler Alexandra Laura-Grace Thompson Eric & Chandra Thompson Raven FaithTravis Mr.& Mrs.James W.Cobb Mrs.JeanWheeler Mr.& Mrs.Daniel H. Dunkel Knoxville Pediatric Associates Nurses Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Jordan & Brandon Lamb Ms.Faye Lamb Loudon Pediatric Clinic Physicians Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Loren Grace McAfee Mr.Joe W.McAfee Thomas & Loren Grace McAfee Dr.& Mrs.Charles W. Chadwell Dr.Andrea Meadows Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Davyn Mengeling Mr.Matthew W.Mengeling Madison Miller Mr.& Mrs.Creed S.Patty,Jr. Mr.& Mrs.Pete Mullins Mr.& Mrs.Ronald M. Roberts My Children Ms.Evelyn G.Smith Oak Ridge Pediatric Clinic Physicians Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Dr.RandyT.Pardue & Dr.Bruce N.Allsop Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Dr.Stanley S.Park Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Dr.Joseph N.Peeden,Jr. Mrs.Cathy Fowler Aneesh Pingali Ms.Aparna Pingali Evelyn Pollard Mrs.Mary Jo Campbell Dennis Ragsdale Anonymous Dr.& Mrs.DonaldT. Ellenburg Dr.& Mrs.Patrick H. Burkhart Foothills Pediatric Center Physicians Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Dr.Richard Glover & Dr.David Perry Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Jenny Glover Mr.& Mrs.Sterchi Morton Bob &Wendy Goodfriend Mr.& Mrs.Carter Runyan Jeff Goodfriend Mr.Josh Belcher Jan & Iva Embry Casey W.Hester Collier & Julien Gorkisch Ms.Marianne Plamondon Kaylee Graves Gerrit & Alysha Graves Graison P.Halouma Chris & Stephanie Halouma Hamblen Pediatric Associates Physicians Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Will Johnson Mrs.Mary S.Atkins Jed & Marsha Dance Mr.& Mrs.John W. Felton,IV Bennett & Meg Millikan Kristin Kanipe Mr.& Mrs.Abdulkareem Barzinji Karley & Kylee Ms.Gina R.Martin Knoxville Pediatric Associate Physicians Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. COMMEMORATIVE GIFTS – Given in honor or memory of someone special to the donor.These gifts are used to help hematology/oncology patients unless otherwise designated by the donor or the patient’s family. IN HONOR OF: 3rd Floor Staff Mr.& Mrs.Abdulkareem Barzinji 4 Healthy Children Mrs.Rachael D.Matlach Patti Adham Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. William Austin Jim & Eugenia Bond J.Davis Photography Bethany Baird Todd & Tonya Overbay Mrs.Pauline Baker Mr.& Mrs.Kenneth R. Hirsh Elijah Beatty Judy & Henry Arms Elfie R.Forrest Ruth Beeler Horace Maynard Middle School 83rd birthday of Faye Irene Carter Mrs.Shelia F.Hohman Children’s Clinic of Oak Ridge Physicians Allergy & Asthma Affiliates,Inc. Clara Ms.Kristen B.Hicks The retirement of Cathy Dake Ms.Carolyn W.Harris Ethan &Tyler Davis Ms.Patsy A.Reagan NoahWilliam Davis Ms.Patsy A.Reagan 27Donate at
  16. 16. Honors & Memorials January 1 - March 31, 2011 Madeline P.Kelly Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Hazel Irene Kupsch Knoxville Porcelain Artists Jennifer L.Landon Tim & Kimberly Lawson Larry R.Landreth Mrs.Jennifer Beavers Donald M.Laycook Betty Emery and Susan & Virgil Hubbard Loved Ones Ms.Helen Shekeruk Charles Herman Lovely Ms.Mary J.Lovely Diana Marshall Knoxville Porcelain Artists Dena K.Martin Fidelis Sunday School Class -- Powell United Methodist Church Ms.Ruth K.Henderson The Rouse Family Sargent & Lundy,LLC Aaron May Justin & Kristin Wampler Gladys McCullough Knoxville Porcelain Artists Louise B.Miller Mr.& Mrs.Henry P. Beltramini Mr.& Mrs.Mark A. Beltramini Mrs.Melissa Keasler Lenor & Theo Lynas Mr.Kenneth R.Maiden Ms.Janice A.Martini Mr.Richard Martini Dr.& Mrs.Jerry L.Morrow Mr.& Mrs.Fred W. Nidiffer, Jr. Bryan & Barbara Steverson Ms.Wilma C.Trentham Mr.& Mrs.Jack E.Williams Mr.Jack Woodall Betty D.Mirts Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Dr.Ralph H.Monger, Jr. Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Brylee Grace Elswick East Tennessee Pediatric Cardiology,PC Lily Claire Felton Ms.Ann M.Knox Charlene C.Ford Ms.Charlotte Atkins Jennifer H.Freer Mr.& Mrs.Rick Freer Elizabeth Ann “Betty” Goddard Mr.James I.Messler Danny Goodman Ms.Sue Dagley Amy Michelle Gray Ms.Dawna C.Gray William C.Hammill Col.& Mrs.Curtis G. Shamblee Wanda Ireland Haralson Blount County Bar Association Mr.& Mrs.Michael A. Jackson Mr.& Mrs.William E. Morrow Mrs.Anne Palmer Trice Mr.& Mrs.Warren E.Payne John Taylor & Karen McKinney and Ben & Emily Taylor Mr.& Mrs.William D. Yarborough Joseph F.Harris Brad & Angela Lawrence Cora Henry Mr.James R.Henry William Earl Hill Judy & Henry Arms Elfie R.Forrest Gary Holoubek Ms.Annie E.Holoubek Isla Lillibridge“Mimi” Jennings Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Abe Joffe Mrs.Bernard Silverstein Douglas F.Joiner Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Rebecca Maner“Becky” Cooper Calvary Baptist Church Mrs.Mary Jo Campbell Ms.T.Gaile Caudle Mrs.Virginia Caudle Frank & Joan Cooper Mr.Howard L.Cooper Ms.Joyce L.Dail Mr.Gerry A.Daniels Mr.& Mrs.Thomas W. Elsea Mrs.Nancy C.Finley Mrs.Esther A.Garrett Mrs.Geneva B.Jennings Ms.Sandra M.Keen D.M.,Vi and Libby Miller Eddie & Elmer Neeley Mrs.Frances Q.Nixon Anonymous Mrs.Agnes Trotter Jennie Whited,Gail Burleson & Richard and Phyllis Kirk Doug & Laurie Williams Mrs.Patricia A.Wood Louis & Carolyn Zanetti Mary Jane Crowley Welcome Wagon Georgia Lee Davis Ms.Vivian J.Hazlewood Jaynee P.Dean Ms.Virginia R.Bowers & Family Melodie DeHaven Mrs.Quita Northcutt RayV.DePue,M.D. Ft.Sanders Regional Medical Staff Sallie Tyrrell & Lawrence Crouch Wood Family Foundation Faye Donham & son Mike Donham Ms.Kathy Foust Sam & Sierra Ellis Ms.Mary E.Ellis IN MEMORY OF: Louis Abrams Mrs.Bernard Silverstein Jean C.Alford Mrs.Jean C.Alford All My Family Ms.Margaret Isbell Arneda Mr.Lewis Ogan Eunice R.S.Bates Mr.& Mrs.Donald R. Arms,Jr.& Family Olivia Jane Simpson Corum & Family Mr.& Mrs.Donald R. Kinder Mr.& Mrs.Roy E.Mullins Joe & Jeanne Pierce Louise Parks Branam Viskase Corporation Juanita E.Brandenburg Howard & Elaine Barnes Kathryn Dawn Browning Mr.David Browning Hugh F.Butcher Ms.Gloria D.Butcher Lucia Cacheiro Mr.Nestor Cacheiro Alice Grace Carpenter Issac & Olive Davis Ralph L.Chambers,Sr. Tim Kalthoff & Pam Stephens Laure Chase Ms.Susan Saunders Maggie Chase Ms.Terry Chase Eleanor Deas Chiles Knoxville Porcelain Artists George J.Chudina,Sr. Anonymous Joshua H.Coleman Mrs.Tina Roderick 28 Donate at
  17. 17. Honors & Memorials January 1 - March 31, 2011 Conner AnthonyWeaver Ms.Nickie A.Dunker ETCH Oncology Donations Fund Darren AllenWeaver Ms.Shirley B.Weaver AustinWhaley Ms.Angela Hall Jamie BrookeWilkinson James & Caryl Bates DonWilson Mr.& Mrs.Richard Bowman Pamela ElizabethWilson Mr.& Mrs.Douglas W. Wilson VernonThompson Ray & Judy Ogle Jack RayTravis Mr.& Mrs.James W.Cobb Joseph L.Vesser Mrs.Louie Vesser WallaceVoils Mr.Ken Jones Barbara GarnerWard McGhee Tyson Airport Operations Department Mr.James R.Thomason Katherine A.Ragain Mrs.Mary Jo Campbell Marjorie Nine Robinson Mr.& Mrs.Alfred B.Bell John B.Rowlett Mr.& Mrs.Arnold Gibson Thiago Roylerzinho Anonymous Elizabeth CressTyleen Settle Ms.Vivian J.Hazlewood Evan Daniel Stone Mr.& Mrs.Paul Henderson Jacob E.Tatum Ms.Sandy Woodland Grace Katherine Montgomery Mr.& Mrs.Henry Hansard Oliver Northcutt Mrs.Quita Northcutt Jacquelyn Lee Petty Bill & Janice Gage John B.Pollard Ms.Paula Strickland Mrs.Bella Pone Mr.& Mrs.Richard G. Anderson Patrick Porter Ms.Mamie P.Porter 29Donate at
  18. 18. Aquarium Fund Mr.Marvin D.Cadwallader Baseball for Babies 2011 A-1 Hitch Center LLC Mr.Fred E.Braden,Jr. Ms.Christie S.Brooks Mr.Cody L.Brown Chattanooga Cyclones Chattanooga Cyclones Baseball Chattanooga Red Raiders Cherokee Baseball Cherokee Baseball,Inc. Cherokee Sluggers Youth Baseball,Inc. Ms.Charlsey A.Cofer D-3 Baseball Mr.& Mrs.Gerald L.Devault Diamond Baseball 14U Diamond Blue 15U Diamond Mine Predators Eagle 11U Baseball Eagles Baseball Team East Tennessee Select Elite Printing Kyra & Steve Elliott ET Diamondbacks FCA Fury Baseball Mr.Jody D.Fox Fringes Hair & Nail Salon George Creek Baseball League Mr.& Mrs.Greg Goodman Greeneville Fire Baseball Greeneville Little Devils Baseball Team Harlan E.M.S. Mr.& Mrs.John W. Hensley,IV Holt Appraisal Group,LLC Mr.Stanton J.Jacobs Mr.Mike Jenkins Mr.William B.Jenkins Mr.Chris Kitts Knox Sox Enterprises Knoxville Connexion Knoxville Hurricanes Baseball Club Knoxville Smoke Knoxville Stars Baseball 9’s Knoxville Stars,Inc.14U Knoxville Steel Baseball Knoxville Thunder 14S Knoxville Thunder PU14 Ms.Anne Norman Mr.Robert Noyes William R.Phillips Family Partnership Ramada Limited Seymour Eagles Youth Baseball T3-Travel,LLC Team Collierville 13’s Tennessee Terminator Mr.Jeffrey T.Thompson TKO Baseball,Inc. TN Rangers Tornados Baseball Club Ms.Deborah A.Torres UC Panthers Ms.Jennifer Welch Mr.Robert Willcoxon Yard 13U Baseball BenjaminHirshFamilyOncology Assistance Fund Mr.& Mrs.David L.Greene Mr.& Mrs.Kenneth R.Hirsh Ms.Diane T.McCarn Travelers Goodwishes Camp Eagle’s Nest Mr.Anthony De Gregorio Campbell Camp Eagle’s Nest Scholarship Mrs.Mary Jo Campbell Capital Campaign Mr.& Mrs.A.David Martin Martin & Company Dr.& Mrs.Christopher A.Miller Mr.Scott M.Niswonger Mr.& Mrs.Dennis B.Ragsdale CapitalEquipment Children’s Hospital Volunteers CarSeatFund Mr.Anthony De Gregorio CelebrationFund Mr.& Mrs.Brian T.Fornea Mr.& Mrs.Billy R. Wolfenbarger,Jr. Center Stage 2011 Mr.& Mrs.Ron L.Alexander Alumni Hall Stores,LLC Leslie L.Baker,M.D. BarberMcMurry Architects Mr.& Mrs.Rick Bennett Beverage Control,Inc. BPV Wealth Management,LLC Broadway Electric Service Corporation Dr.Joseph F.Childs Dermatology Associates of Knoxville,P.C. David & Kara Dunn Mr.& Mrs.Douglas C.Fair Mr.& Mrs.John W.Felton,IV Dawn & Richard Ford Drs.Tom & Caren Gallaher Mr.& Mrs.Rocky D.Goode Mr.& Mrs.James A.Haslam,II Mr.& Mrs.James A.Haslam,III The Honorable & Mrs.William E.Haslam Mr.& Mrs.Chad Hatmaker Mr.& Mrs.Allen S.Holman Innovative Pathology Services Jackson & Runyan Dr.& Mrs.Jeffory G.Jennings Mr.& Mrs.David W.Long Martin & Company Mr.& Mrs.M.Thomas McClamroch Mr.Louis S.Moran,III Mr.& Mrs.Frank G.Nystrom Davis & Christy Overton Pediatric Analgesia & Sedation Specialists,PLLC Pediatric Ear,Nose & Throat Associates,P.C. Pediatrix Medical Group,Inc. Peoples Home Equity,Inc. Pershing Yoakley & Associates Pilot Travel Centers LLC Mr.& Mrs.Adam M.Priest Mr.& Mrs.Bill Reed Mr.& Mrs.Timothy D.Reyes Sandberg Foot Health Center, PC Sumeet K.Sharma,M.D. Mr.& Mrs.Chris A.Shaver Mr.& Mrs.Jeffrey D.Shawl Mr.& Mrs.Thomas A.Siler,Jr. Smith & Hammaker South College Mr.& Mrs.Matthew Sterchi Dr.& Mrs.Gary L.Thomas University of Tennessee Medical Center Mr.& Mrs.Frank F. Venable,III Volunteer Equipment & Supply,Inc. W.Bedford Waters,M.D. CFClinicPatientEducationFund The East Tennessee Foundation Child Life Girls On The Run Ms.Patricia A.Hardin Ms.Adams’ Third Grade Students at Episcopal School of Knoxville Team Jacob Bass Tournament Cleft & Craniofacial Programs WKZX-FM 93.5 Committee for the Future Mrs.Nancy K.Martinek Dance Marathon Dance Marathon Council-UT TRUIST Ubisoft,Inc. DancingWithThe Knoxville Stars 2011 Journal Broadcast Group Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011 14 Donate at
  19. 19. Diabetes Camp First Step II,Inc. Mr.& Mrs.James G.Hudson WJXB 97.5 FM Employee Benevolence Fund Mrs.Debra K.Cooper Mrs.Margarete C.Cox Rev.Sandra S.Foster Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Harb, Jr. Ms.Reba J.Johnson Ms.Katherine Kober Ms.Nona R.McKinney Mr.Robert E.Yost Faith Fund Endowment ETCH Pastoral Care Department Ms.Dana D.Teagarden Fantasy ofTrees 2010 PhotoPlay Studios Prestige Cleaners,Inc. Fantasy ofTrees 2011 CourtLind Woodworks,Inc. Dungan Meares & Webb Attorneys Allen H.Edmondson Electrical Contractor,Inc. Emerson Process Management Farmers Mutual of Tennessee Mr.Ted L.Flickinger & Mrs. Julie S.Howard Fox Toyota,Inc. Golden Rule Medical,LLC Holston Gases,Inc. Ike & Maria Houchins Lange Animal Hospital,P.C. Mr.Robert P.Murrian,Atty. Power Equipment Company Employees Charity Trust Regal Entertainment Group Goody’s PICU Drs.Kevin & Jennifer Brinkmann Mr.Anthony De Gregorio Mike & Judy Goodin Haslam NICU Fund Ms.Lindsey D.Aloisi Bunco Ladies of Braddock’s Place Mr.& Mrs.John A.Comer Robert & Christa Dansereau Matthew & Amy Evans Mr.& Mrs.John W.Felton,IV Mrs.Shelia F.Hohman Kimberly-Clark Foundation, Inc. Laurentia Nodit,M.D. Mrs.Shannon Thackston Mr.James R.Warwick Mr.& Mrs.Mark Williams Hematology/Oncology Clinic Fund The New Starlight Club Optimist Club of West Knoxville Ms.Nettie Summers Hematology/Oncology Endowment Ms.Mindy V.Ambery Ms.Alexandra C.Ardison Ms.Wendy Babb Mr.& Mrs.Quentin Below Dr.& Mrs.Gerald L.Blossom John Brande & Gay Vernon Jason & Amy Brock Mr.& Mrs.Dale Brown The Burleson Family Bush Brothers & Company Ms.Mary L.Cameron Mr.Robert G.Cannon,Jr. Mr.& Mrs.Wallace A.Casnelli Child Neurology Services,PC Mr.Gary Cousins Ms.Becky Croft Michael & Deborah Emery ETCH Neurology Department & Sleep Medicine Center Staff Jo Ann Faris & Fred Hussey The Estate of Hubert L.Felix First Baptist Church,Sojouners Sunday School Class Ms.Helen Garner Jeff & Natalie Garrett Mr.Scott Gibson Glenwood Baptist Church Jim & Pat Gober Dr.& Mrs.Glenn Graber Mr.& Mrs.F.Robert Hall Mr.& Mrs.John J.Harenza Ms.Aimee L.Harper Brian & Terri Harrison Mr.Nathaniel O.Huff Mr.& Mrs.Arthur L.Jacobson Mr.& Mrs.Michael J.Jaryna Mr.& Mrs.Robert F.Koppel Mrs.Sue Littleton Ms.Jane A.Matlock Ms.Suellen McCall Mrs.Elizabeth A.McDaniel The Estate of Robert L. McGinley,Jr. Mrs.Sylvia R.McMahan Mr.Thomas R.Mollica Ms.Martha Moore Jack & Mary Morris ORNL Federal Credit Union-Admin. Linda Ingle Parks & Shirley Ingle Jennings Pennant Foods LLC Pleasant View Baptist Church Sophie & Leo Pollock Dr.& Mrs.Stephen C.Prinz The Walter E.Purkey Memorial Fishing Tournament Mr.& Mrs.Charles M. Robinson Hal & Andy Roe Kevin & Janet Ross Ms.Brenda J.Schafer Mr.& Mrs.Armand Sevigny Mrs.Andrea M.Shibley Mr.Gregor R.Smee William & Betty Stephens George & Gail Sterchi Bob,Mary & Caroline Straight Ms.Sue M.Swann Three Ridges Ladies Golf League Mr.& Mrs.Ray H.Turner Mr.Brian Van Denzen Volunteer Graphics Dr.Norma B.Walker Dr.& Mrs.James W.Wall Wallace Hills Subdivision Residents Ms.Pat Whaley Dan,Pat,Danny & Kathi Wilkes Mr.& Mrs.Michael E.Wilson Jim & Mary Winterfeldt HOPP Volunteer Services Staff KOHL’s ATeam Kohl’s Department Stores Meal Fund Central Baptist Church of Fountain City Kiwanis Club – Farragut Ms.Katherine Kober Dr.John R.Maddox,Jr. Pilot Club of Knoxville S & S Cafeteria Mr.Michael Trower Mr.Robert E.Yost Obesity Program AED Open Door Endowment Children’s Hospital Volunteers Dr.& Mrs.Jeffrey S.Queen Mr.Herman Sims Open Door Fund K-VA-T Food Stores,Inc. The Tim Smith Memorial Golf Tournament Jamie H.Wright Pastoral Care Ms.Katherine Kober © Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011 15Donate at
  20. 20. Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011 Radiothon 2010 Ms.Michelle Amazeen Mrs.Betty M.Ashworth Mr.Ed Cruz Ms.Amber Culpepper Bryan & Debbie Dalton Ms.Rachel Delauder Ms.Kimberly W.Fortner Mr.David Gay Ms.Lisa Hall Ms.Clarissa Johnson Ms.Sibylle Keller Ms.Erin Laine Mr.Mandon L.McCarter Mrs.Jennifer D.Morgan Ms.Karen D.Pershing Yancey & Christy Quiett Ms.Samantha S.Robinette Ms.Cynthia B.Ross Ms.Kristie L.Shannon Mr.Michael Shehan Ms.Kristen Stevenson Ms.Shanna F.Veach Ms.Mary J.Walker Ms.Mindy White Ms.Lora M.Wolfe Radiothon 2011 Dr.& Mrs.Todd B.Abel Mr.Jason M.Able Jeffrey H.Abrams,M.D. Ms.Penny A.Alexander Mr.Keith Alleman Ms.Jessie Lynn Allen Ms.Charity Allman Bryce & Cheryl Allmon Ms.Tonya Ambler Mr.Jay Anderson Ms.Christie Applegate Mrs.Amanda H.Armstrong Ms.Andrea Arwood Ms.Cheyna Asbell Mr.Michael Auringer Aurora Massage Ms.Lisa Bailey Ms.Amanda Baird Ms.Leah Baird Ms.Margaret S.Ballenger Mrs.Ashley Baloga Ms.Amanda Bandy Ms.Alison L.Bane Kerry L.Barker Ms.Melina S.Barnes Ms.Ruth Bedient Ms.Florence Bevins Ms.Rose Billow Mr.Scott Blind Mr.Scott Boles Tim & Candy Boruff Ms.Denise T.Bowlin Ms.Bethany Boyd Casey & Jason Brackett Ms.Cynthia D.Braden Ms.Barbara Bradley Mr.Doug Bradley Ms.Lorrie Bray Ms.Theresa Breeden Ms.Linda Brehob Mrs.Shalinka B.Brickhouse Ms.Paula Brooks Chuck & Cynthia Brown Mr.David Brown David & Misty Brown Ms.Sara Brown Ms.Becky P.Browning Ms.Penny Buckman Ms.Helen M.Buznedo Vince & Emily Cain Ms.Jenna Campbell Dr.William B.Campbell Ms.Nocona Canady-Flatt Mr.& Mrs.Paul Cannon Ms.Mary R.Carper Ms.Tina M.Carr Ms.Amanda Carroll Ms.Gwen Carroll Ms.Renie Carroll Mr.James M.Caughorn,Jr. Ms.Lisa M.Chaney Mr.Kenny Chenoweth Ms.Gail Chessher Children’s Hospital Volunteers Mrs.Karen H.Clark Ms.Cathy Clarke Mrs.Jacque Clem Keith & Karen Clements Ms.Tammy F.Cofer Ms.Irma R.Cohen Ms.Leandra L.Cole Ms.Diane Conatser Ms.Laura M.Connelly Chris Conner Ms.Kelly Connolly Ms.Kimberly S.Cook Mrs.Ronda L.Coomer Mrs.Margarete C.Cox Mr.Earl P.Crabtree Ms.Melody Craig Ms.Carol A.Cumesty Ms.Danielle Custer Ms.Denise Cutshaw Ms.Sarah Dacus Mr.Timothy A.Dalton Mr.Soni Davidson Brad & Ashley Davis Ms.Denise M.Davis Ms.Melissa T.Davis Ms.Sue Davis Ms.Kisha L.Dean Shayn Decosta Ms.Kimberly A.Deroche Ms.Joan Devoti Mr.& Mrs.Jack H.Dixon Ms.Jessica Duncan Ms.Sarah M.Dye Ms.Kim Dyer Ms.Helen East Toni Edwards Ms.Cynthia G.Elkhorn Mr.John A.Elliott Ms.Margaret Elliott Ms.Geneva L.Ellison Ms.Virginia M.Elroy Mr.& Mrs.Keith A.Ely Ms.Yvonne England Mr.Craig L.Eutz Ms.Myrtle Evans Ms.Carah Ferry Ms.Tiffany Fly Ms.April A.Fortner Fox Builders of La Follette Mr.Cary Francis Mr.Michael J.Frank Ms.Buffy B.Freels Ms.Risa M.Freeman Ms.Lorine Frye Ms.Kristy A.Gaddis Mr.& Mrs.Samuel Garber Scott & Tiffany Gardner Mr.Scott W.Gasper Mr.David Gay Ms.Amanda K.Gerken Mrs.Betty Gibbs Ms.Christie L.Gibson Ms.Hali Gibson Ms.Tammy Gibson Mr.& Mrs.Keith D.Goodwin Mr.Chad Gould Grace Home Improvement Ms.Hannah Graham Great Wakes Boating Ms.Juanita Gresham Ms.Allyson Gribble Ms.Kristen Gries Mr.Nolan Grieve Marc & Ann Griffin Ms.Kathie Guerin Ms.Pam Hafer Mrs.Debra A.Hall Ms.Mindy Hall Mr.Scott Hamilton Ms.Pamela J.Hammonds Ms.Brittany Hannam Ms.Erica B.Hansard Ms.Lynn Hansard Mr.& Mrs.Edward J.Hardin Ms.Natalia P.Hardin Terry & Amanda Harmon Ms.Danielle Harrison Brandy & Kenny Harvey Ms.Amber L.Hayes Mr.James R.Hayes Ms.Karen E.Hayes Ms.Beth Haynes Davis & Carole Haynes Mr.Martin L.Hazlett Ms.Catrina Heatwole Ms.Gretchen Helterhoff Ms.Margaret D.Helton Ms.Victoria S.Herman Ms.Darlene Hickman Ms.Jessicsa Hill Ms.Katie Hill Mr.& Mrs.Tim A.Hill Ms.Jennifer Hinkle Mr.Tim Hitson Dr.& Mrs.Stephen D.Hoadley Ms.Michelle Hockman Ms.Beth Hooks Ms.Jacqueline Hopkins Ms.Michelle Hubbard16 Donate at
  21. 21. Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011 Mr.Joe Huff Mr.& Mrs.Lawrence Huffman Mr.David Humes Mr.Doyle Hunt Ms.Tanya Ickowitz Mrs.Dorcas Ivy Mrs.Erin R.Janish Mr.Charles Jarvis Ms.Jennifer A.Jenkins Ms.Tiffany Jenkins Andy & Jennie Johnson Ms.Crystal Johnson Ms.Rhonda S.Johnson Mr.& Mrs.William F.Johnson Ms.Edna C.Jones Ms.Louann Jones Ms.Rhonda Jones Ms.Debbie Jordan Ms.Barbara Julian Ms.Lisa Keller Ms.Sibylle Keller Mr.Edward A.Kenik Ms.Pamela Kennedy Ms.Jessica Kitts Mr.Shawn M.Knapp Ms.Kristy Knight Mr.Harold L.Knott Mr.Derek Kothe Ms.Cindy Kraus Ms.Tammy Krutsinger Ms.Darla Labarge Ms.Erin Laine Erin Land Mr.Robert Laney & Family Ms.Tonya Large Mr.Donald L.Larson Ro Lawhorn & Jaye Kennette Ms.Marsha Lawson J.B.Leach Ms.Emily S.Leatherwood Ms.Kari Leffew Mrs.Robbie F.Leffew Ms.Elizabeth Liebenow Ms.Emily Lindsay Liza Moz’Pottery Ellen & Scott Liston Ms.Jenny Llewellyn Ms.Angie Long Ms.Beth Ann Lovelace Ms.Ashley Lowe Ms.Angie Luby John & Leslie Luttrell Ms.Julianne Lyttle Mrs.Natalie Mabe Ms.Carie Mackey Dr.& Mrs.Reinhold Mann Ms.Johnna Marshall Ms.A.Nicole Martin Mr.Robert Martin Javien S.Matthews Ms.Ashley Mattie Ms.Rachel S.May Michael & Angela Mayes Ms.Jenny Mayes Ms.Misty McClain Ms.Karen E.McCormack Ms.Lisa A.McCowan Ms.Jessica McCray Ms.Belinda McCullah Mr.Mark McCutcheon Ms.Diana McDonald Ms.Carolyn S.McFall Ms.Robin McFarland Ms.Tonia McFarland Brent & Erica McGee Mrs.Traci L.McKee McKesson Mr.& Mrs.Rudolph McKinley,Sr. Ms.Carolee Meredith Ms.Geraldine M.Messer Mrs.Amy M.Miller Ms.Cynthia W.Miller Ms.Danyele Miller Jamie Miller Mr.Matt Miller Ms.Melanie R.Mills Priyanka Mishra Ms.Heather Mitzel Ms.Marisa A.Moazen Ms.Amy Moffett Ms.Stephanie Monaco Mr.Steve Monaco Ms.Lori B.Monroe Jim & Emily Moore Ms.Jocelyn Moore Mr.Jeff Morrison Ms.Tonya Mullins Ms.Jennifer Murphy Mr.Larry D.Murphy Ms.Gina Myers Ms.Whitney Neet Ms.Caryn V.Neff Ms.Stefanie Nelms Jordan & Andrea Nelson Ms.Kim P.Nelson Ms.Jennifer Norman Mr.Theodore Norman Mr.Troy Norman Ms.Asha Odom A.J.& Emily Ogle Mr.Charles M.Owen Ms.Paula A.Owenby Sandy Pack Ms.Amber Patty Ms.Janet M.Pearson Ms.Daisy Perry Ms.Lisa A.Perry Ms.Karen D.Pershing Mr.& Mrs.Colbert G.Petree Ms.Nelly Philips Ms.Erin E.Phillips Justin,Keri & Tyler Phillips Mrs.Anne W.Pittenger Ms.Rebecca L.Polk Ms.Heather A.Poster Precision Window Tint Mr.Michael K.Priestap Mrs.Kimberly K.Proffitt Mr.Chris L.Protzman Ms.Alisa Pruett Dr.Lacey D.Puckett & Associates,LLC Harold & Lynda Purkey Ms.Beth Queener Ms.Tosha Rabb Mike & Shannon Radcliffe Ms.Ann Rainey Ms.Kimberly M.Ray Ms.Pamela C.Ray Mr.Jeremy T.Reed Ms.Kaitlyn Reed Ms.Victoria W.Rettmann Erin Reynolds Ms.Danielle Rhodes Ms.Elizabeth N.Rhone Randi Rice Ms.Dawn Riddick Ms.Morgan Rigell Ms.Jessica Ritter Ms.Pamela B.Robbins Ms.Marcy Roberto Ms.Michelle R.Roberts Ms.Sandra Robinson Mr.Antonio A.Rodriguez Mrs.Lisa L.Rule Ms.Janie Rushing Ms.Carla K.Sadler Ms.Renee M.Satterfield Mr.Joe Schober Ms.Stacy C.Schuettler Ms.Alicia B.Scott Mrs.Karie W.Scott Ms.Jennifer M.Seay ServPro of North Knoxville, Inc. Mrs.Karen E.Shelton Ms.Lindsay Shirey Ms.Laney Shorter Kelsey Shropshire Ms.Brandy Shults Mr.Jason T.Sillinger Logan & Christina Simmons Mr.& Mrs.Trenton C.Sipes Ms.Tracy L.Slice Ms.Amy L.Sloan Mr.James M.Smelcher,Jr. Mr.Edmund C.Smith,III Ms.Janie Smith Ms.Amy J.Snyder Ms.Holly A.Sparks Spoiled Rotten Mr.Joe E.Spruiell Ms.Donna Spurling Ms.Monica Spurlock Mrs.Ann Staup Ms.Kristen Stevenson Ms.Sheryl Stewart Ms.Emily Stout Ms.Bridget L.Stucky Mr.Jason R.Sturm Mrs.Sheri Sullivan Ms.Laura G.Summers Ms.Kim Susak Ms.Dinah Sweet Ms.Norma J.Tabor Mr.William Talbott Christina & Darien Talley Mr.Joshua Tanner Mrs.Elisa M.Taouil Ms.Andrea Tate Ms.Diane L.Tate Mr.Cameron Taylan Ms.Callie Temple Ms.Melanie Thomas Ms.Rebecca J.Thomas Ms.Cherylene A.Tieng Ms.Jennifer A.Todd Ms.Kathy Tomb Ms.Melissa Treece 17Donate at
  22. 22. Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011 John & Cindy Troyer Ms.Christine Tucker Mrs.Jill A.Turner Ms.Pauline Turner Ms.Jennifer Turpin Kasey Tyson Ms.Jean Underwood Ms.Jeannie M.Unger Gobindo Van Monnier Ms.Shanna F.Veach Ms.Tamie Waits Mrs.Amy K.Walker Mr.Stewart Ward Ms.Mary Warren Ms.Erica B.Warrick Ms.Rebekah Wasson Ms.Mandy Way Ms.Tera Webb Ms.Angelique Webber Ms.Jessica Weber Ms.Jill S.Weekley Ms.Genna J.Welch Ms.Rose West Ms.Stephani M.Whaley Ms.Annettte Whitaker Crystal & Mallory White Ms.Jennifer White Ms.Jennifer W.Wilkes Ms.Sherri Williams Ms.Susan Willis Ms.Bonnie Wilson Miss Joanna Wilson Ms.Kyla J.Wilson Ms.Tammy Woliver Ms.Wendy M.Wood Ms.Jenny Woods Terry Worley Ms.Misty N.Yeager Ms.Helen Yonce Ms.Sheila R.Young Radiothon 2012 Zuma Fun Center Rehab AssistiveTechnology Junior League of Knoxville,Inc. Rehab General Supplies State of Tennessee Department of Human Services Rehab Parent Education Chick-Fil-A Team Health Midsouth Rehab-UnitedWay TRUIST United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania United Way of Williamson County Special Services Fund First Baptist Church of Alcoa Sylvia Sanders Nursing Scholarship Fund Mr.& Mrs.Ray Camp Telethon 2010 Ace Hardware Corp. Ms.Verna M.Bollin CO-OP Financial Services Credit Unions for Kids Dairy Queen,Inc.– stores #12847,#13022,#13032, #13043,#15294,#19658, #42324 Food Lion – stores #395,#637, #660,#700,#761,#787, #1055,#1362,#1408,#1467, #2128 and DC #6 Mr.Teddy R.Foust Ms.Barbara T.Gibb Dr.Ray C.Pais & Mrs.Babyling Fe Pais Phi Mu Fraternity Rite Aid – stores #01050-New Tazewell, #01309-Oliver Springs, #01352-Loudon, #01377-Cumberland, #01657-Pineville, #01697-Kingston, #01935-Jellico, #02420-Whitley City,KY, #02423-Wartburg, #03344-Sneedville, #03391-Maynardville, #03418-Bean Station, #03576-Morristown, #03599-Rockwood and #11912-Crossville Rite Aid Corporation Speedway SuperAmerica #9587 Telethon 2011 Adrian Burnett Elementary School Mrs.Jody Bailey Mr.Wahtawah T.Battle Ms.Sandra L.Bickford Ms.Michelle A.Bowen Mr.Jerry W.Bradley Jimmy & Tina Bunch Mr.James M.Caughorn,Jr. Ms.Angela M.Chabot Ms.Gwendolyn L.Clark Frank & Sonya Colandro Mrs.Ameline Collins Richard & Aspen Comer Credit Unions for Kids Mrs.Stephanie J.Curtis Dance Marathon Council-UT Mrs.Mary L.Danniel Ms.Sue G.Dauber Mr.Gary Dawn Mr.Tony Durand The East Tennessee Foundation Mr.& Mrs.C.Graham Elfstrom First Tennessee Foundation Mr.Teddy R.Foust Mr.Earl K.Galyon Mr.& Mrs.Steve Gobrecht Ms.Grace Gossett Ms.Tasha Grady Mr.& Mrs.Mike W.Greiner Mr.Haresh P.Gulrajani Mr.& Mrs.Richard C.Hardin Mr.& Mrs.Larry S.Hawk Mike & Mary Lou Hayes Ms.Lois P.Hicks Ms.Susan E.Hicks Ms.Joan T.Higgins Ms.Reva Highland Angela & Sammy Hopkins Ms.Betsy Jernigan Ms.Melissa A.Johns Mr.David P.Jones Ms.Peggy T.Jones Ms.Shelia Kelley Mr.& Mrs.Harold D. Kimrey,Jr. Ms.Lisa B.Krause Mr.& Mrs.Floyd W.Langston Mr.Dan Leonard Ms.Jan H.Lewis Mr.Charles C.Littlefield Rita & Tim Littleton Mrs.Jamie B.Litton Joshua & Leslie Love Mr.& Mrs.Curtis Marcum,Sr. Mr.Ricardo A.Marrero Mr.David W.McMillan Merck Employee Giving Campaign Ms.Page P.Miller Ms.Suzie Miller Mr.Charles E.Mink,Jr. Ms.Jackie H.Moldenhauer Mr.Scott Nix Ms.Teresa A.Norwood Mr.Richard T.Ottinger Dr.Ray C.Pais & Mrs.Babyling Fe Pais Jeanann P.Pardue,M.D. Mrs.Geneva I.Parker Ms.Sandra A.Parrott Phi Mu Fraternity Ms.Charlotte Pierce Mrs.Wilma Proffitt Miss AnDe Ragsdale Ms.Kim H.Ratcliff Carl & Carol Redmond ReMax Adventure Realty #21182 Ms.Maria Reyes Jeff & Linda Reynolds Ms.Ginger L.Riggs Dash & Debra Roberts Ms.Margie Roberts Ms.Heather N.Rothery Sam’s Club #6572 Mrs.Amelia Sarno Todd & Natalie Shaver Mr.& Mrs.Dale H.Skidmore Ms.Janie Smith Mr.& Mrs.Wesley M.Thomas Joe & Joyce Tompkins Ms.Mary R.Walker Mrs.Paula G.Walker Walmart #366 Walmart #57818 Donate at
  23. 23. Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011 Walmart #676 Walmart #678 Walmart #685 Walmart #687 Walmart #724 Walmart #741 Walmart #1194 Walmart #1318 Walmart #1319 Walmart #1320 Walmart #1466 Walmart #1467 Walmart #2310 Walmart #2932 Washburn High School FCCLA Ms.Gladys F.Welchel Paul & Betty Widner Mr.Joseph Woodson Ms.Thelma L.York Mr.Ernest W.Young Telethon 2012 Mrs.Helen C.Akard Mrs.Jean C.Alford Ms.Debra Allen AMPS David & Polly Anderson Mr.Gary Anderson Mr.Herman L.Andes Ms.Fay Andrews Ms.Gariann Anesko Mr.Robert Anzalone Mr.David Askew Ms.Tonya M.Atkins Mr.Carl Ausmus Mr.& Mrs.Ralph C.Bahr Mr.Matthew Bailey Mr.Richard Baker Ms.Virginia Baker Mr.David A.Ballinger Ms.Charity L.Barker Ms.Grace I.Barrows Mr.Frederick J.Barry Mr.Robert G.Beam Mr.Bobby A.Beaty Ms.Alice Beauchene Ms.Therese Beaudoin Mrs.Mary R.Beck Ms.Rosa Beck Ms.Barbara G.Beckerman Ms.Marion B.Beeler Ms.Maria Benitez Ms.Evelyn Bennett Mr.Joe Berg Herman & Betty Best Mr.Jerry Biggers Herb & Jean Bishop Mr.Blake Bivens Mr.Sonny Bivens Mr.Malcolm C.Blair Mr.Kenneth E.Blake Doug & Lori Blalock Mr.William A.Boatman Ray & Becky Boatright Ms.Patricia A.Bogard Ms.Gina Boike Ms.Dorothy Bolding Mr.Don E.Bolen Dr.Edward J.Boling Mr.& Mrs.James F.Borden The Boruff Family Mr.& Mrs.William D.Bostick Bob & Brenda Bowers Mr.& Mrs.Erby Bowles Mr.Glenn R.Boyles Ms.Misty Braden Mr.Craig Bradley Ms.Barbara A.Bradshaw Ms.Jane L.Branson Mr.& Mrs.Robert J.Bridges Bright Futures Mr.Leonard W.Brinkman Mr.Everett O.Britton Mr.David E.Brown Mr.David Browning Ms.Rebecca J.Bruner Mr.Charles Bryant Mr.James T.Buford Mr.Jonathan Bullock Von & Linda Bullock Ms.Marian Burchfield Dr.Dennis M.Bushman Mrs.Barbara R.Butler Mr.Don H.Cagle Ms.Ellen Campbell Mr.Jeffrey L.Campbell Mr.William R.Campbell Mr.Donald Cannon Mr.Buddie E.Carroll Mr.George Carroll Ms.Sandra Cartwright Mr.& Mrs.Stephen Cates Ms.Angela F.Chambers Mr.& Mrs.Theodore Chandler Mr.Jeffrey A.Chapman Mr.Simpson J.Claiborne,Jr. Ms.Betty Clark Mr.Calvin Clark Mr.George Clark Mrs.Cotina Cline Mr.& Mrs.David Clinton Mr.Kenneth E.Cobb Mr.Bill Cockrum Ms.Elsie Cole Ms.Cora J.Coleman Ms.Kathy Combs Mr.George R.Connor Mr.Dan R.Cooper Ms.Jacquelin Cooper Mr.Tim L.Corum Ms.Cristina Couto Coverall of Eastern Tennessee Mr.John L.Coward Mr.Benny Cox Mr.James M.Cox Ms.Elizabeth Crabbe Mr.Jack P.Crabtree,Jr. Mr.& Mrs.David G.Craig Mrs.Bill A.Crisp Ms.Evelyn M.Crisp Mr.& Mrs.Houge Crossley Mr.Steve H.Crowe Mrs.Mildred Cruze Mr.Philip R.Crye Mrs.Elizabeth E.Cummings Mr.& Mrs.Donnie J.Cummins Mr.Thomas L.Dagley Ms.Rebecca Dahl Ms.Della Dailey Mr.Edwin W.Davis Ms.Jeanne C.Davis Mr.Jerry G.Delene Mr.Robert J.Delmoro Mrs.Margaret H.Dempster Mr.Marcus D.Deneen Design Innovations Architects Mr.& Mrs.Richard Dettmering Ms.Vernice Devaney Mr.Leonard Dial Mr.John W.Dilbert Ms.Louise F.Dodd Ms.Peggy Donaldson Mr.& Mrs.James Driver Ms.Dora Duke Ms.Dianne V.Duncan Ms.Clara L.Dunn Mr.Dennis C.Earl Mr.& Mrs.William B.East Mr.Darrell Eastridge Mr.Alex Ebneth Mrs.Anna Y.Eldridge Mr.Ray Elkins Mr.Kenneth Elliott Ms.Nancy C.Elliott Mrs.Jean A.Ellis Larry & Lorna Emond Ms.Queenie Erkins Mr.Bradley Farmer Ms.Janet Farrington Gordon & Miriam Fee Ms.Janice H.Fennell Mr.Michael Fenton Mr.Jeffrey Field Mr.& Mrs.Ronald Flammang Mr.& Mrs.James A.Fortner Mr.Robert W.Fox Mr.Paul R.Freno Mr.Herbert Frost Mr.James L.Galo Mr.Horton G.Gangwer Ms.Cindy Garrison Mr.James O.Gates Ms.Judith B.Gilbert Ms.Juanita A.Gilbreath Mr.& Mrs.Charles B.Gillespie Mr.John M.Glasgow Dr.& Mrs.Ralph C.Gonzalez Mr.David B.Gooden Mike & Judy Goodin Mr.Dennie B.Goodman Mr.John D.Grantham Ms.Judy A.Graveline Mr.Thomas Graves Ms.Arkie T.Greene Mrs.Euna V.Greene Mr.Panos Gregoriou Mr.& Mrs.Matt Greiner Ms.Anjel Griffey Mr.& Mrs.Lewis Grooms Frankie Regas Gunnels Ms.Michelle Hall Mr.Richard E.Hall Mr.Francis F.Hammer David & Susan Hamrick Ms.Ann Harper Mr.James R.Hart Mr.Ronald A.Hayes Mr.Martin L.Hazlett 19Donate at
  24. 24. Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011 Mr.Edward Headlee Ms.Tangela Helms Ms.Christine Henderson Ms.J.E.Hendrix Mrs.Lila F.Henry Mr.& Mrs.Charles Herman Ms.Cindy M.Hicks Mr.Tim Hitson Mr.Richard Holland Michael & Kandi Hollenbach Ms.Norma Holmes Ms.Annie E.Holoubek Mr.& Mrs.James R.Hooper Ms.Claire A.Hopkins Mr.& Mrs.Terrell Horne Mr.Dennis E.Hough Ms.Delight S.House Mr.& Mrs.Greg Householder Mrs.Ruth A.Howard Mrs.Alice Huddleston Mrs.Mary A.Huff Ms.Robbin Humphrey Mr.& Mrs.John C.Hungerford Charles & Brenda Hutzler Mr.& Mrs.James J.Jablonski Mr.Thomas M.Jelinek Ms.Janet L.Jenkins Ms.Elizabeth Jennings Mr.& Mrs.James W.Johnson Mr.Jack G.Jones JustGive Ms.Brenda Y.Justice Ms.Andrea Keck Arnie & James Keck Mrs.Evelyn M.Keith Jackie Key Mr.Kevyn L.Kilgore Ms.Mira Kimmelman Mr.& Mrs.Robert Kite Kiwanis Club - Norwood Kiwanis Club - Sweetwater Kiwanis Club - Tellico Village Ms.Helen H.Knight Knoxville Bolt & Screw,Inc. Ms.Joyce Kohli Ms.Dorothy Lacey Mr.Lloyd Lamb Ms.Sheryl Lambdin Marla Lammi Mr.Lawrence Landau Mr.Charles V.Landis Ms.Angela M.Lattimore Ms.Mary Lee Mr.Daniel Leemon Ms.Bonnie J.Legako Mr.Charles J.Levan Mr.Darrell D.Lewis Mr.& Mrs.Ronald S.Lewis Mr.& Mrs.Gordon M. Lindner Ms.Julianna Lindsey Ms.Carol M.Long Mrs.Hazel Long Mr.James R.Long Loudon Pediatric Clinic,PC Mrs.Bobbie Loveday Mr.& Mrs.Jack Lovegrove Mr.& Mrs.Billy W.Lovelace Lou & Harris Lovingood Mr.& Mrs.Robert E.Lowe Ms.Ruth S.Ludwig Mrs.Julia Luna Mr.Dustin Lund Mr.& Mrs.Robert E.Lussier Mr.Gaylord Lynn Mr.& Mrs.Joe D.Mahler Ernest Mak,M.D.,P.C. Mr.& Mrs.Michael S. Malicote Ms.Nancy Manis Mr.Kenneth Maples Mr.Paul Maples Mr.Harold Markman Mr.& Mrs.Jack Marley,Jr. Mr.George Martin Mr.& Mrs.Samuel Mast Dan & Amanda Matthews Ms.Tammy L.May Mr.Jerry McClendon Mr.Herbert E.McCoy,Jr. Ms.Teresa McDonald Ms.Lana W.McGee McGill Funeral Service,Inc. Mr.Myron McMillan Ms.Pauline J.McMurray Ms.Lena S.McPhetridge Mrs.Anne D.McWhirter Mr.Matthew W.Mengeling Mr.Albert M.Miller,Jr. Ms.Jean Miller Mr.Brett Mistak Zahoor Mohyuddin,M.D. Mr.Patrick Moore Mrs.Faye Morgan Mr.Danny Morris Lani & Robert Morton Mr.Earnest Mouser Mrs.Anna L.Moyers Ms.Tomeka Mozingo Mr.Philip J.Mummert Mr.Ted E.Murray Ms.Penelope Myers Mr.Richard H.Myers Mr.Robert N.Nelson Ms.Mary New Ms.Frieda Nichols Ms.Edith Noe Mr.Homer Norman,Jr. Ms.Marlene Norwood NRO Charitable Giving Ms.Dielta Oakley Mr.& Mrs.Kenneth E. O’Connor Mr.William T.Oody Mr.& Mrs.Lyle A.Overbay Mr.Nathaniel Owens Mr.James A.Ownby Mr.Rex W.Ownby Ms.Mimi Pais Ms.Anita L.Pappano Mr.Robert B.Patterson Betty & Russell Perkins Mrs.Susan G.Perkins Mrs.Lu M.Petrozzello Mrs.Rosemary Phillips Mrs.Elizabeth Phipps Mr.Robert C.Pietz Mr.Clifton J.Posey Mrs.Cecilia Poulsen Mrs.Wilson L.Powers Ms.Pat T.Presley Mrs.Thelma B.Price Ms.Alice Pryor Ms.Leti Pun-Chuen Mrs.Betty Purcell Jack D.Queener,D.D.S Mr.Richard T.Quillen Ms.Jennie L.Rader Mr.Craig Ramsey Mr.Maxwell D.Ramsey Mr.James D.Redheffer Mr.& Mrs.Costa G.Regas Mr.Igor Remec Mr.Jerry Reynolds Mr.John E.Rhinehart Mr.Bobby L.Rice Kyle & Ann Richardson Wayne & Emily Sue Richardson Mrs.Annita L.Ridenour Mr.Hunter Rigsby Mr.Claude Rinehart Mr.Steven Robbins Tony & Mary Roberts Mrs.Hope Robertson Mr.Tom Rodenborn Mr.David P.Ross Kevin & Janet Ross Ms.Rowena E.Rothman Mrs.Margaret J.Rowlett Mr.Jeffrey K.Royce Mr.Pakphum Rungrodkitiyot Mr.Mike Russell Mr.& Mrs.James H.Russell Ms.Yolanda Sanchez Mrs.Edward L.Sanz Mr.Kenneth R.Savitz Mr.& Mrs.Paul Saylor Mr.Gary G.Scarbrough Mrs.Betty A.Schmid Mr.Larry B.Schmitter Mr.David Schultz Ms.Kathryn N.Scourby Mr.Eric N.Seal Mr.Daniel Shaffer Mr.Roland Shankles Ms.Colleen Shannon Mr.Lawrence B.Shappert Mr.& Mrs.Condy B.Sharp Mrs.Helen S.Sharp Ms.Natalie Shelor Mr.Gordon R.Sherman Mr.Keith W.Shillings Mr.& Mrs.Ralph E.Shipley Mr.& Mrs.David M.Simpson Mr.Benjamin Sklar Mr.Ronnie Slack Mrs.Jean C.Slayden Mr.Stephon Slinger Mrs.Nancy Smiley Mr.Benson Smith Mr.Calvin G.Smith Mr.Chandos C.Smith,Jr. Mr.David R.Smith Mr.& Mrs.John H.Smith Mr.Michael D.Smith Mr.& Mrs.Paul M.Smith Mr.Larry Smothers Mr.Robert Sodomora Ms.Jo Ann Solomon Mr.Stanley Sosnowski20 Donate at
  25. 25. Donors April 1 - June 30, 2011 Mr.Joseph Wallace Ms.Sophronia Ward Mrs.Annette Watson Mr.& Mrs.Don R.Watson Mr.Fred T.Weaver Ms.Shirley B.Weaver Ms.Jessica D.Webster Mrs.Jean W.Wedekind Mrs.Judy M.Weiss Mr.& Mrs.Hanno H. Weitering Ms.Mary Weldon Mr.Thomas F.West Mr.Bret E.Whaley Mr.& Mrs.Roy R.Whitaker Ms.Jo A.White Ms.Emily K.Whitehead Mr.James E.Whitehead Mike & Joanne Whitley Mr.Michael K.Wilkinson Mr.& Mrs.Paul Wilkinson Ms.Saadia L.Williams Ms.Sharon Williams Mr.James F.Wilson Ms.Dorothy D.Winfrey Mr.Kenneth Winslow Ms.Mary Winton Jennifer Wolbach Mr.Robert J.Wood Mr.& Mrs.Chris A.Worley Ms.Jo Wormsley Mr.& Mrs.David P.Wright Mr.Thaddeus Wynn Mr.Paul Wyrick Mr.& Mrs.Charles E.Yancy Drs.Steve & Deborah Zimo Mrs.Jody L.Zorsch Temporary Restricted Fund Children’s Hospital Volunteers St.George Greek Orthodox Church Undesignated Gifts Mr.& Mrs.Charles E.Allen Mr.& Mrs.Douglas Allen American Legion Auxiliary Post 109 ASCLS TN Convention Fund Ms.Dorothy D.Barbour Mrs.Dessa E.Blair Ms.Melissa H.Blalock Ralph & Yvonne Bogar Ms.Barbara A.Brimi Buffalo Wild Wings Ms.Liberty Casimiro Chattanooga Area CFC Clayton Family Foundation Mrs.Julia D.Drain Edmund J.Wise Student Society-South College PA Program Mr.Nathan T.Felosi Ewell & Barbara Foxx GfK Custom Research NA Mr.& Mrs.Keith D.Goodwin R.B.Greene Memorial Fund Hillcrest Baptist Church Mrs.Dorothy C.Hunter The Kensington Neighborhood Children Mr.Kevyn L.Kilgore Mrs.Chelsey Kirby Ms.Kathryn H.Kirkham Mr.Perry Kirkpatrick Ms. Katherine Kober Michael Brady,Inc. Dave & Ida Moler Mr.Michael Motley Mr.Roger D.Myers Mrs.Jenny A.Neveu Mr.Michael E.Plemons Ms.Nancy Rackley Mrs.James E.Robertson Ms.Ashley Slagle Ms.Glenda S.Smith Mrs.Kathy L.Snipes State Farm Companies Foundation Ms.Angie Temples Tennessee Baptist Church TRUIST C.P.& Betty Tudor Mr.Terry H.Usery,Jr. UT Campus Chest Campaign Mr.& Mrs.Don R.Watson Wieniewitz Financial LLC Mrs.Doris M.Winkles Ms.Teresa M.Zimmerman Ms.Laura Southerland Mr.Ludwin Speir Mrs.Lea Spiegel Mr.Terry Sproule Mr.Joe E.Spruiell Mr.& Mrs.Jason Stafford Mr.Brian Stannard Ms.Carolyn M.Stein Mr.& Mrs.Marion O.Stokes Ms.Helen Stover Mr.Alan Stricklan Summit Accounting Services Mr.& Mrs.Frederick J.Svec Mrs.Agnes L.Swaim Mr.Chad Swank Ms.Norma J.Tabor Mr.& Mrs.Joe Teague Ms.Angie Terrell Mr.Thomas Tipton Mr.Robert J.Townsend Ms.Anne P.Trowbridge Mr.William A.Truex Mr.Harold L.Turner Ms.Kathy Turner Mrs.Robin Underwood Ms.Kinga Unocic Daniel & Charlene Varner Mr.Frank Vaughan Mr.Robert J.Vaughn Ms.Sandra S.Vaughn Mr.Joseph Vertucci Mr.& Mrs.Frank L.Vowell S.G.Walker Honors & Memorials April 1 - June 30, 2011 COMMEMORATIVE GIFTS – in honor of: 3rd Floor Staff Mr.& Mrs.Ronald S.Lewis 6 Grandchildren & 3 Great Grandchildren Mr.& Mrs.Larry S.Hawk 7 Great Grandchildren Ms.Pauline Turner Alice in the Poppy Field Mr.Nathaniel O.Huff Bethany Baird Ms.Suellen McCall Ms.Janie Smith Henley Jane Bedwell Mr.& Mrs.F.Robert Hall Edith Irene Best Mr.Michael Roberts Dr.Jim Cathey & Dr.Woodruff Ms.Dianne V.Duncan Lindsay Clarke Mrs.Sylvia R.McMahan Matthew Crawford Mr.Robert G.Cannon,Jr. Charlotte Croft Ms.Becky Croft Tatum Croft The New Starlight Club Ms.Nettie Summers Rev.Sandra S.Foster Ms.Katherine Kober Ramona Hart Mr.James R.Hart Madalin Paige Hicks Mr.& Mrs.James F.Borden Drew Johnson Mr.& Mrs.James W. Johnson Will Johnson Mr.& Mrs.James W. Johnson Dr.Joe & Paulina Ley David & Susan Hamrick Kealie Long Ms.Carolyn Poore Dr.Shahid A.Malik Dr.Edward J.Boling Anna Martin Ms.Alexandra C.Ardison Lillian McLemore Ms.Julie Kirkpatrick Sophie & Leo Pollock Sydney Mollica Mr.Thomas R.Mollica Doris K.Moore Mrs.Shelia F.Hohman Kaye Moore Ms.Wendy Babb Mother’s Day Mrs.Shelia F.Hohman Emma Love Powell Mr.& Mrs.Robert J.Bridges 21Donate at
  26. 26. Honors & Memorials April 1 - June 30, 2011 Jerry L.Seals,Jr. Jerry & Loretta Seals DanielTate Shelton Mr.William J.Bryant Riley Marie Smith Mr.Jonathan Bullock Jacob Standridge Team Jacob Bass Tournament Hannah Stevens Ms.Lois M.Stevens Carly Stroud Volunteer Graphics Jennica Ullrich Ms.Helen Garner Ms.Aimee L.Harper AbbyWolfenbarger Mr.& Mrs.Brian T.Fornea Mr.& Mrs.Billy R. Wolfenbarger,Jr. Grace ElizabethWolfenbarger Richard & Paula Hess COMMEMORATIVE GIFTS – in memory of: Barbara Ronk Anthony Hal & Andy Roe Emily Elizabeth Barger Adrian Burnett Elementary School Dorothy McHan Beeler Ms.Sue M.Swann Ruth Evelyn Bowles Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Thomas Glenn Burnett Kevin & Janet Ross Raymond Ernest Cobble Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Sophie Cohn,HABIT Volunteer Dog Mr.& Mrs.Kenneth R. Hirsh Merle B.Collins Mr.David E.Brown Ann McKenzie Conn Ms.Tiffany Casey Rebecca Maner“Becky” Cooper The Burleson Family Ms.Mary L.Cameron Mr.Donald Cannon Ms.Martha Moore Tony Crutchfield Ms.Suellen McCall Clarence & Henrietta Curtis Dave & Ida Moler Eunice Ellen Debban ORNL Federal Credit Union-Admin. RayV.DePue,M.D. Dr.& Mrs.Gerald L. Blossom Dr.John R.Maddox,Jr. Dr.& Mrs.Jeffrey S.Queen George & Gail Sterchi Dr.Norma B.Walker Mrs.Jean W.Wedekind David Henry Douglas Mr.& Mrs.John A.Comer Matthew James Faris Jason & Amy Brock Mr.Gary Cousins Jo Ann Faris & Fred Hussey Mr.James J.Faris Mr.& Mrs.Michael J.Jaryna Jack & Mary Morris Pennant Foods LLC Ms.Brenda J.Schafer Mr.& Mrs.Armand Sevigny Wallace Hills Subdivision Residents Dan,Pat,Danny & Kathi Wilkes Mr.& Mrs.Michael E. Wilson Lily Felton and in honor of Kate & Hannah Felton Mr.& Mrs.Edward U.Babb Donald & Shannon Catron Robert & Christa Dansereau Matthew & Amy Evans Mr.& Mrs.John W. Felton,IV Mrs.Elizabeth C.Felton Ms.Erin K.Frost Ms.Barbara Klinkhammer Ms.Stephanie A.Milberry Laurentia Nodit,M.D. Mrs.Shannon Thackston Mr.James R.Warwick Mr.& Mrs.Mark Williams Lily Claire Felton Mr.& Mrs.John A.Comer Samuel F.Fowler,Jr. Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Jerry Kenneth Galyon Hal & Andy Roe Shirlie B.Goodfriend Mr.& Mrs.Arthur L. Jacobson Mr.& Mrs.Robert F.Koppel Wanda Ireland Haralson Ms.Jeanne C.Davis William H.Houston Ms.Jane A.Matlock JamesWilliam“Bill”Huff Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Mrs.Frances Q.Nixon Volunteer Services Staff Clyde R.Ingle,Sr. Linda Ingle Parks & Shirley Ingle Jennings Bud D.Klein Bush Brothers & Company Jay Allen Lane William & Betty Stephens Ruth Ann Langman Ms.Mindy V.Ambery Mr.& Mrs.Quentin Below Mr.Scott Gibson Jim & Pat Gober Mr.& Mrs.John J.Harenza Brian & Terri Harrison Mr.Gregor R.Smee Mr.Brian Van Denzen Jim & Mary Winterfeldt John Larmee Mr.& Mrs.Robert F.Koppel Donna Lawrence Mrs.Sue Littleton Margaret Leatherwood Ms.Lori Piety Earleene Conner Lyle Dr.& Mrs.Gerald L. Blossom Glenwood Baptist Church Mr.& Mrs.Robert F.Koppel Dr.John R.Maddox,Jr. Mrs.Elizabeth A.McDaniel Dr.& Mrs.Stephen C.Prinz Mr.& Mrs.Charles M. Robinson Three Ridges Ladies Golf League Mr.& Mrs.Ray H.Turner Nancy Lynam Child Neurology Services,PC Children’s Hospital Neurology Department & Sleep Medicine Center Staff Frank Mancuso,Jr. Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Aaron May Justin & Kristin Wampler English McCarter Mrs.Andrea M.Shibley Nadine McCray Mrs.Elizabeth C.Emery Jo Miller Hal & Andy Roe Louise B.Miller John Brande & Gay Vernon Shirley Morgan Mrs.Faye Morgan Ann Louden Nalle Mr.& Mrs.Dale Brown Dr.& Mrs.Glenn Graber James“Sherman”Nash Bob,Mary & Caroline Straight Nancy Lea Drake Overton Mr.& Mrs.Wallace A. Casnelli Michael & Deborah Emery Dr.& Mrs.James W.Wall Ms.Pat Whaley Wes Pritchard Hal & Andy Roe Walter E.Purkey The Walter E.Purkey Memorial Fishing Tournament Gladys Reynolds Mr.Donnie J.Young Tammy Maiden Shockley Ms.Jo A.White Gary K.Smith Hal & Andy Roe Timothy M.“Tim”Smith The Tim Smith Memorial Golf Tournament Grace K.Stafford Mr.& Mrs.Jason Stafford Sandra Nell“Sandy”Sudlow Dr.& Mrs.Gerald L. Blossom Dr.& Mrs.Glenn Graber Dr.John R.Maddox,Jr. AustinWhaley Ms.Angela Hall Pamela ElizabethWilson Miss Joanna Wilson Gertrude & CarlWood Ms.Barbara L.Taylor Jane DoreYancey Betty Emery & Susan Hubbard 22 Donate at