Etarget - media agency makes friends with PR managers


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What is Etarget and how can you use it for your clients? Brochure for media buyers and PR agencies.

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Etarget - media agency makes friends with PR managers

  1. 1. How Etarget works The marriage between advertising, PR and media agency.
  2. 2. The way Etarget works for your clients We find potential customers and tell them your client's story. As fast as you need. As cheap as you can imagine 1. Each day, Etarget browses Czech internet and identifies the places where internet surfers are (and the stuff they read online) 2. We identify client'spotential customers. Once we have them (and we usually have them instantly), we show them your ad. Meet the robot Hi, I am Etarget robot! I work day and night to show your ads to the right people. These are the rules I must obey: 3. You only pay for those people that 1. Respect surfers click on your ad and visit your website Show them ads they would love. 2. Respect advertiser Find people that would love Did you know? their product or service. 3. Cut prices down and In Czech Republic, Etarget currently cooperates with increase CTR more than 1000 media partners (Nova, iDnes, Zive, More people for less money is Volný, Annonce…) my mantra.
  3. 3. Etarget: 13 000 clients in Central and Eastern Europe ICT, consumer electronics Finance Automotive
  4. 4. Etarget: 13 000 clients in Central and Eastern Europe FMCG, retail, fashion Leisure and travel And others... There are more than 13 000 companies advertising through Etarget ad network in Europe. Join them and experience the way contextual advertising improves your business results.
  5. 5. Happy marriage: PR + media agency Time to extend your portfolio. Drive traffic to PR materials of your clients. Great wedding party. Etarget is the tool of choice for many marketing agencies (and their clients). It sells products and services while being able to build brands simultaneously. Those that are most successful with Etarget know the secret formula of online advertising success: It is a marriage between PR and media agency. (With Etarget being guest at the wedding party.) How to engage customers. There are two ways to engage customers. 1. You either give people relevant information... 2. ...or make them spend good time with your brand Advertising agencies are good at this, yet public relations folks are even better. While your media agency probably cooperates with ad shop already, have you ever spoken to PR department of your client? Team up now. People trust company's website much more than they trust traditional forms of advertising. And they fall for independent reviews even more. Team up with PR department of your client, follow their online work (press releases, press clipping, microsites...) and bring visitors to the content they produce. You know that Etarget will bring more than satisfactory number of targeted visitors, don't you? Turn the page to see selected solutions >>
  6. 6. How media agencies cooperate with PR? * Press releases Oftentimes, PR folks put too much effort in writing a press release while failing to deliver it to the audience they intended to reach. There are too many news in media these days... Etarget makes people actually read your news. Just select the group of customers you want to reach, add keywords and your release can instantly show up in the net- work of more than 1000 internet sites. PR: writes the release, puts it online (or on some independent website) Media agency: drives traffic to the press release with Etarget * Product reviews For any major company with tangible products, there are hundreds of press mentions each year. Find the product reviews on monthly basis (PR agency has the clipping re- port) and drive additional people to the positive reviews of products. * Microsites Some PR agencies specialize in building so-called microsites: simple, one-purpose websites that engage selected customers and deliver single message. Well, we know it is good idea—but without visitors? Events, seminars and road shows * Etarget is used by event companies to ensure they have enough “offline” visitors once the event takes place. Besides that, there are many commercial roadshows and events that should be visited by as many people as possible. Ever thought of promoting such event online? * Case studies and product overviews Many “static” parts of the corporate website can be used to engage customers as well. PR agencies contribute to corporate websites with case studies, white papers and product/service overviews. Well, at this point, you probably know it is no-brainer to support such content with thousands of visitors through Etarget ad network. * Stories Story of your client, story of what they accomplished, stories of your clients... Any- thing that is in a narrative form sells. More real-life examples on the next page >>
  7. 7. Examples of PR + media campaigns. (We picked the ones that currently run at Etarget ad network) * Financial institution drives visitors to news section and press releases As we said on the previous page: PR writes the release, puts it online. Media agency drives traffic to the news with Etarget * Consumer electronics company attracts visitors to positive reviews of their products Who said that positive news cannot spread fast? There are many online magazines that regularly run tests on the consumer electronic devices. Once there is a positive or neu- tral review in the magazine, producer of the device runs campaign in Etarget and drives visitors to the review. Why should only 5 000 people read the review if there is possibility that 50 000 will? * Cosmetics brand promotes the articles about the celebrity they cooperate with Many fashion and cosmetics brands rely on cooperation with celebrities. While the campaign is running, PR agencies push interviews with the stars in magazines, and sto- ries in the national tabloids. Easy come, easy go—if you want to double or triple the impact of the article, the safe solution is to ensure there are more people reading it than the regular circulation of the magazine allows. * Mobile operator runs microsite promoting their internet connection programme PR agency build a simple microsite, using open-source code, 3 celebrities and one skilled designer. But the site needs visitors— and banners are really out of the budget now... Guess what: Etarget has the solution. * Software house promotes event for IT guys Problem: reach industry experts while not spending hundreds of thousands on fliers, call centres or direct salesmen. As many software companies realized, combination of email campaigns with Etarget brings the desired results. * Case studies, product overviews Every now and then, new case study or new product overview appears at the website of our client. Before using Etarget, none of that was seen by more than 100 people. Now—thousands of them are informed on what is going on in the company.
  8. 8. More examples of mixed promotion. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if whether promo is PR, advertising or some other form. Well, it doesn't matter: importance lies in the selling power. Here are som more examples of mixed promotions. * IT company sells computers with quiz Build a guiz and ask people what do they use their computer for. Etarget brings vis- tors—and IT company sells more PCs. * Car producer promotes the list of cars and resellers Do your customers know where to ask for test drive? Or what kind of cars do you have for them? * Mobile operator informs on packages for small companies Small companies are good long-term customers. How many entrepreneurs should Etarget bring to your website today? 10, 100, 1000? You decide. * Healthcare company solves health problems Cold, pain, stomach problems, smoking... Healthcare companies have the answers to everyday problems of general public. How many customers have already seen what you have to say, even though your PR people did a lot of work writing it for your website? * Fashion label shows its new catalogue It is new, shiny and makes you wanna buy all the clothes at once. Etarget tells people about it. * Cosmetics brand runs gossip section on their website... ... and connects it to the products they sell. What kind of perfume do celebrities wear today? * Food producer brings visitors to the recipe section of web 5pm, you just finished your work. “What should I cook in the evening?” While you read your favourite online news site, Etarget gives you the answer and sends you to the to the recipe section of the food company's website. * B2B company looks for newsletter subscribers Every email address of interested customer is worth fortune. Etarget will bring it for peanuts. * Software house offers free demo of the product Banners are expensive, search doesn't bring enough people (well, it brought exactly 5 of them). What better way to distribute your new demo than with Etarget?
  9. 9. How much? You decide The amount of money you spend on Etarget per month depends on your goals and limitations. Here are few recommendations we collected from our customers. See all recommendations at:
  10. 10. 10 reasons to contact us Who can I speak with? 01. You wish to generate more leads for your client 02. You feel like having more customers buying your client's Kristýna Vránová stuff Kristýna makes 03. Client cut advertising budgets but still needs to reach sure your cam- people and sell paigns run smoothly and 04. You want cheap advertising assists you with 05. You want effective advertising any inquiry you 06. You feel that your client's website should have more visitors might have 07. You want to reach people that are currently customers regarding Etarget. Whether it is registration, writing the ad or of your client's competitor choosing the proper keywords— 08. You work for politician that wants to spread the word call her, she will have the right 09. You want to tell people why should they buy from your answer. client, not from others 10. You launched TV, bilboard or print campaign and need to support the message online. Josef Kovář Josef is country manager of Etar- We are sure that in any of these cases, Etarget can help to a great get extent - for less money than other solutions. CZ. He will gladly help you with big advertising pro- Call us today or register at jects and long- term cooperation. (Didn't find your case in the list? Email us your biggest marketing challenge and we will suggest you the right solution.) Tomáš Kálmán Tomáš is responsi- ble for strategic and international partnerships. Got Contact details huge business pro- ject on mind? He is We are available every weekday between 9-17. the right guy to talk to. +420 227 231 100 Ján Šifra Want to know fresh news on con- tent advertising? Or see how you can implement Etarget ads into your overall mar- keting strategy? All marketing geeks are welcome to ask Jan.