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MiNDS People & Solutions


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MiNDS People & Solutions

  1. 1. corporatepresentation
  2. 2. HISTORY & EXPERIENCE Established in 2008 by a team of professionals sharing more than 20 years of experience in the recruitment services Our team has a long history of recruiting together for many of the leading international IT companies - Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Deloitte, Research in Motion, Computer Science Corporation and many more Dynamic, competitive & motivated team with background in human resource, psychology and IT In less than 2 years: more than 30 corporate clients and a leading position in IT recruitment in Bulgaria01
  3. 3. SERVICES IT Recruitment – permanent placements Based on our solid knowledge of the Bulgarian IT community, we identify, contact and motivate the best fit for any IT position. IT Staffing A wide-reach contract-based service that covers completely the need for temporary IT personnel on all levels of expertise. Project Recruitment Designed especially for complex assignments – both long-term and short-term – where a full team of people with complementing skills and roles is needed. Services tailored to companies both in and outside the IT field02
  4. 4. COMPETENCIES We believe that in order to be able to recruit for the IT sector, we need to think IT and speak IT. Our recruiters have thorough functional understanding of the following IT areas: SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Database management Web application development Enterprise resource planning Business intelligence / Data warehousing Project management / Business analysis Software Testing03
  5. 5. WHY CHOOSE MiNDS? We give you access to passive candidates who usually don’t reply to job ads. We never post job ads. We know our candidates personally, much beyond their CV. We are fast and efficient. We know the principles of IT business and how IT companies work.04
  6. 6. WHY CHOOSE MiNDS? (cont’d) We train our recruiters in IT so they can really understand the requirements of every position they service. We never compromise with quality. We bring you talented motivated professionals, not employees. We present to the candidates your company, team and management, rather than just the job description. We never give promises we can’t deliver.05
  7. 7. CLIENT FEEDBACK “A reliable and effective recruitment partner that knows what your business needs and how to provide it to you.” Playtech Bulgaria “Its team not only understands the technical requirements for our positions, but also finds us candidates who fit in the team environment.” Matrix-Global Bulgaria “We are sure that we will continue to work with MiNDS in the future and highly recommend them as a trustworthy business partner.” Infragistics Bulgaria06
  8. 8. WHY IT SPECIALISTS CHOOSE US At MiNDS we highly value people. To us candidates are not a commodity - their interests, goals and aspirations are of primary concern to us and a key element of our vision for recruitment. ITs choose us because: We speak IT and think IT Our recruiters speak the language of ITs and match their skills to the job requirements in a competent and efficient way We’ve got attitude, not check-lists We don’t “measure” candidates against standard check-lists but understand their interests, competencies and aspirations in an open and friendly manner We offer our candidates only positions that fit their profile Our mission is to place IT specialists in jobs where they can develop their skills and talents and bring value to their team and company07
  9. 9. WHY IT SPECIALISTS ... (cont’d) We give our candidates employer insight Bringing talent and opportunity together is a process with two sides. Both the IT professional and the employer should feel equally comfortable with each other and equally positive about working together. We make communication clear & easy We give candidates sincere feedback, make clear and transparent offers and keep close communication with them throughout the recruitment process, whatever its otucome.08
  10. 10. THE MiNDS APPROACH The essence of our approach is very simple: it derives on the understanding that the best employee both performs well and feels well in the job. Performance depends on what a person can actually do, while job satisfaction is determined by the overlap between what a person aspires for and gets indeed. That’s why learning the truth about all these factors - whatever it takes - is central to our approach.09
  11. 11. UNIQUE ADVANTAGES With every contact we make, with every call we initiate, we make a pro- mise for committed, professional recruitment service that would benefit equally the IT companies and the IT specialists that we work with: Strong & motivated candidates Working with passive candidates guarantees that only strong candidates, well-informed and really interested in the job opportunity reach the final stage of the selection process Technical accuracy MiNDS’ IT expertise is applied both in understanding the requirements of the position and in the assessment of the skills and qualifications of the candidates. Job proposals that make sense Personal knowledge of the candidates and insight into their expectations and aspirations lets us approach them only with adequate job proposals.10
  12. 12. UNIQUE ADVANTAGES (cont’d) No second thoughts The MiNDS Approach is based on clear and open communication and exchange of insights in both directions, which minimizes the risk of last- minute cancellations and subsequebt deal-breakers. Quality service even for the most specific positions Specialists working with new or rare technologies are not that many, but thanks to our approach we are able to identify and pinpoint a candidate even for the most unexpected combination of skills. Satisfied & productive employees The ultimate result from our recruitment efforts is delivering professionals who feel well and perform well, contributing to their team and adding value to the company.11
  13. 13. CONTACTS Contact us at: 47A Sitnyakovo Blvd., level 5 Sofia 1505, Bulgaria T/F: + 359 2 484 0351 Keep in touch: LinkedIn: MiNDS People & Solutions Facebook: MiNDS People & Solutions