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2012 12, asparna report - online privacy in 2012 - highlights


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2012 12, asparna report - online privacy in 2012 - highlights

  1. 1. dax Asparna Ltd259 HaPeleg, Be’erotayim45820 Israel Inbal Pasternak & Etamar Laron December 2012 ONLINE DATA PRIVACY, 2012 CONSUMERS AND SMALL BUSINESS MARKET RESEARCH SERIESMaterial contained herein made available to the public Phone +972 (77) 52.55.412 ∙ Fax +972 (9) 76.77.412 ∙
  2. 2. Is Data Privacy an important issue to you? (TRUSTe, 6-2012) A REALLYONLINE PRIVACY IMPORTANT issue I think about OFTEN“94% of US online adults 55%worry about their privacy A SOMEWHAT important online” issue I think about SOMETIMES Not much of 39% an issue, I hardly ever think about it 6% and Harris Interactive, June 2012. US Consumer Data Privacy Study (2,000 U.S. online adults)
  3. 3. Privacy concerns are up from 2011 (TRUSTe, Apr 2012)PRIVACY CONCERNS More concerned ARE ON THE RISE than last year 60%60% of US online adults aremore worried about their privacy online Just as concerned Less 37% concerned than last year 3% and Harris Interactive, June 2012. US Consumer Data Privacy Study (2,000 U.S. online adults)
  4. 4. My personal information online is at Risk (meinungsraum, Jun 2011, n=5,778)ONLINE PERSONAL Yes INFORMATION AT RISK 71% 71% of Internet users across North American and Europe consider their personalinformation to be at risk online No Unlikely Likely 5% 6% 19% Meinungsraum (Germany), Jan 2011. Privacy Survey 2011 | 5,778 USA + Europe online adults
  5. 5. Privacy Concerns among Mobile Internet users (GSMA, Sep 2011) 100% 92% 90% 81%MOBILE INTERNET 80% 76%PRIVACY CONCERNS 70% 60% 50% Over 80% of US Mobile 40%adults are Concerned over 30% 20% mobile-internet privacy 10% 0% Concerned about apps Very selective who they Believe that collecting their personal give personal info due to safeguarding their info w/o consent privacy concerns personal info is Very important GSM Association, Sep 2011. Privacy is a Significant Concern to Mobile Users | 4,121 USA + EUROPE Mobile adults
  6. 6. Decided to not install App due to Privacy concerns ACTED ACTING ON CONCERNS 55,242,000 54% “54% decided to not install Appsdue to privacy concerns” Not acted 47,058,000 46% and Harris Interactive, June 2012. US Consumer Data Privacy Study (2,000 U.S. online adults)
  7. 7. Uninstalled pre-installed App due to Privacy concerns ACTING ON ACTED CONCERNS 30,690,00030% of Mobile users have 30%uninstalled pre-configuredApps on their Smartphones Not acted due to privacy concerns 71,610,000 70% and Harris Interactive, June 2012. US Consumer Data Privacy Study (2,000 U.S. online adults)
  8. 8. Use of Mobile Internet on Mobile platforms (GSMA, Sep 2011) ACTING ON NOT USING due to CONCERNS PRIVACY CONCERNS 48%48% of US Mobile adultsdid not use their Mobile USE but want BETTERInternet in 2011 due to SAFEGUARDS 26% privacy concerns USE and DONT MIND PRIVACY 26% GSM Association, Sep 2011. Privacy is a Significant Concern to Mobile Users | 4,121 USA + EUROPE Mobile adults
  9. 9. Consumers Take a Range of Actions to Protect Themselves Online 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Refuse to allow companies sharing w/ 3rd parties ACTING ON Opt out of Online Behavioral Advertising 76% 50% CONCERNS Check for certification or seal of privacy 49% Check for website privacy statement 46%In the current online world of Read the website privacy statement 40% Web-based cloud services, Manually delete cookies, cache or browsing histories 79% Automatically delete cookies, cache or browsing… Consumers are pro-active 67% Install browser Privacy-Addons to self-protect themselves 64% Understand / aware of Online Behavioral Advertising 83% Do not trust my App-Store with my Privacy 37% 2010 2011 2012 TRUSTe and Harris Interactive, Jun 2012. US Consumer Privacy Attitudes & Business Implications | 1,033 USA consumers
  10. 10. Responsibility of different actors to protect Privacy (Jun 2011) Wholly A lot 90% 80% WHO DO 70% 36% 60%CONSUMERS SEE AS 50% 44% 44% 40% 39% 40% 40% 36% RESPONSIBLE? 40% 38% 31% 30% Consumers see mainly themselves and 20% 45% 34% 33% 31% 31% 30% 29% 31% their friends as responsible for privacy. 27% 28% 10% Next, they would relay responsibility to 0%web technologies or companies, and only eventually to governments. Person-centric + friends Web / Cloud Gov’ TRUSTe and Harris Interactive, Jun 2011. US Consumer Privacy Attitudes & Business Implications | 1,004 USA consumers
  11. 11. SIMILAR ACROSS users have severe concerns over specific privacy subjects 74% - 89% of Mobile Internet PRIVACY CONCERNS SUBJECTS 0% 100% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% KNOW WHEN personal info is SHARED, 89% WANT TO TURN OFF sharing personal info, 89% BE ABLE TO PERMIT sharing personal info, 89% KNOW IF personal info is COLLECTED, 74% CONCERNED WHEN personal info is COLLECTED, 82% KNOW WHAT personal info is COLLECTED, 79% ACTIVELY VERY SELECTIVE in who they provide it to, 76% Privacy Concerns among Mobile Internet users (GSMA, Sep-2011) Important to GIVE PERMISSION to share with 3rd party, 89%GSM Association, Sep 2011. Privacy is a Significant Concern to Mobile Users | 4,121 USA + EUROPE Mobile adults
  12. 12. Privacy concern by Age 100% 93% 91% 90% 87% 82% 80%PRIVACY CONCERN 70% DEMOGRAPHICS 60% 50% There are no substantial 40% age-related differences in 30% 20%concerns over Online Privacy 10% 0% Age 18-34 Age 35-44 Age 45-54 Age 55+ 2012-03 and Harris Interactive, April 2012. TRUSTe Privacy Index – Consumer Confidence ed. (2,415 U.S. online adults)
  13. 13. PRIVACY CONCERN DEMOGRAPHICS Consumers in the USA are themost concerned and Europeansfollow right after, though the EUas a government is more active. Meinungsraum (Germany), Jan 2011. Privacy Survey 2011 | 5,778 USA + Europe online adults
  14. 14. PRIVACY CONCERNS IN FILE SHARING “A full 70% of small businesses are concerned about where their data is stored. Just-over half of all SMBs cite data privacy as a potential deal breaker for adopting cloud services.”Read more on our report SMB File-sharing and sync, 2012 SYMANTEC, 2012. SMB File Sharing Flash poll | 1,325 Global SMBs SYMANTEC, 2012. State of Information Survey | 4,506 Global SMBs
  15. 15. 1. At least 50% of consumers have high/critical concerns of online privacy. 2. For 60% of consumers, online privacy concerns are trending higher. ONLINE PRIVACY2012 AT A GLANCE 3. Over 4 in 5 individuals are concerned about online privacy, regardless of age, nationality or type of specific concern. High to Critical awareness 4. 30% - 79% of consumers translate their concerns totranslated to Actions in 2012 actions, across all concerns. 5. Perception of responsibility is aligned towards Elsewhere values more than to web/cloud values. 6. SMBs are highly concerned of data privacy, and over 50% see it as a deal-breaker in cloud solutions. NEXT: Public opinion as reflected in technology news coverage
  16. 16. Example of dedicated media coverageSince 2011, the Wall Street Journaldevotes an entire section of its onlinemagazine to Online Privacy. In “whatthey know”, the prominent economicalmagazine tracks how badly your onlineprivacy is revoked on the internet andfeatures daily articles, webcasts, videosand even tools to measure yourexposure levels at common websites. WALL STREET JOURNAL WHAT THEY KNOW
  17. 17. A valuable lesson from Randi Zuckerberg: Online privacy is complicated Dec 26, 2012. ZDNet PC Privacy suit accuses Google, Viacom of feeding cookies to children Dec 26, 2012. The national Law journalThe following is a selection of headlines of top, The Gift Of Online Privacyprominent national newspapers and blogs read Dec 25, 2012. Tech Crunchin North America by at least 1M people. Policy and privacy: Five reasons why 2012 mattered Dec 24, 2012. C|NET.comThe picture portrayed in the media is that the Websites Vary Prices, Deals Based on Users Information Dec 24, 2012. Wall Street Journalinternet is not safe; that your privacy is the new Consumer privacy is the number one concern of Internet userscurrency in which you pay for your services Dec 23, 2012. Center for Democracy 2012 in Review: A Year in Digital Freedomonline ; that servers keep and store your data Dec 22, 2012. Electronic Frontier Foundationfor years; that human mistakes in privacy are Editorial Quick Hits: Protect online privacy Dec 22, 2012. Detroit Timeskept forever; and that companies sell your data Experimenting with Your Privacy, Facebook Begins Selling Your Inboxand privacy by the pound. Dec 22, 2012. Electronic Frontier Foundation Privacy worries go way beyond emails Dec 21, 2012. CNN Canada: Data Privacy Online NEWS FOR ONLINE PRIVACY Dec 20, 2012. Canadian Bar Association We need standard disclosure for Online Privacy. Here’s How. WEEK OF DEC 19-26, 2012 Dec 19, 2012. ZDNet PC Magazine Why the Web Is Freaking Out Over Instagram’s New Terms of Service Dec 19, 2012. Wall Street Journal FTC beefing up rules for protecting kids’ Privacy Online Dec 19, 2012. ZDNet PC Magazine
  18. 18. EXAMPLES OFMEDIA COVERAGEOnline Privacy is tracked daily byall major news outlets andagencies.As a search term, Online Privacyis 10x more widespread thanCloud Computing.
  19. 19. “Never has privacy been more important than today, in the age of the internet, the world wide web and smartphones. … Much of this innovation is enabled by novel uses of personal information. So it is incumbent on us to do what we have done throughout history: apply our timeless privacy values to the new technologies and circumstances of our times … One thing should be clear, even though we live in a world in which we share personal information more freely than in the past, we must reject the conclusion that privacy is an outmoded value: it has been at the heart of our democracy from its inception, and we need it now more than ever.” BARACK OBAMA CONSUMER PRIVACY BILL OF RIGHTSWhite House, Feb 2012. Consumer data privacy in a Networked World – Framework for Protecting Privacy and Promoting Innovation
  20. 20. ONLINE PRIVACY PREDICTIONS FOR 2013FJORD CONSULTING HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/FJORDNET/FJORD-TRENDS-2013 Huffington Post, Dec 12, 2012. Fjord predicts: 2013 digital trends
  22. 22. ONLINE PRIVACY PREDICTIONS FOR 2013THE GUARDIAN, UK HTTP://WWW.GUARDIAN.CO.UK/MEDIA-NETWORK/MEDIA-NETWORK-BLOG/2012/DEC/21/DATA-PRIVACY-2013-PREDICTIONS 1. Data privacy gets personal The issues around personal data privacy are also leaking into the corporate environment … As data privacy gets personal and as organisations fight to protect their data assets, the onus will increasingly be on the individual to ensure they too are doing all they can to keep their sensitive information and privacy intact, wherever they are broadcasting it from and to. 2. The rise of new technology 3. Getting global As previously untouched parts of the world are reached through wireless technology, more people from more places will be sharing their data online in 2013. The charge for data privacy and security needs to be a priority across the globe as technology spreads. 4. Tooling up Theres no such thing as standing still when it comes to avoiding data breaches and ensuring data privacy standards are upheld. If youre not moving forward then youre falling behind. 2013 looks set to be another big year for data security.
  23. 23. MORE ONLINE PRIVACY PREDICTIONS FOR 2013 PRIVACY PROBLEMS: Because consumers are climbing on board withForbes personalization, they should expect to see more of the general information they share online used by companies. Everything from age, geography and life stage, incorporating social profiles (e.g., married versus single) is predicted to play a part in offering a more relevant, more valuable e-commerce experience. Privacy and cyber-security are two topic areas that will continue to be hotSC Magazine topics in 2013. Several privacy-related topics are garnering interest such as Differential Privacy and Do Not Track (DNT), among others. To state the obvious, privacy will be a super-important topic area in 2013.Gizmodo editorial "To me I think the biggest issue is going to be privacy," says Barrett, "and how we live private lives in this age when social media really is almost a utility at this point. … We’re past the honeymoon phase a little bit. We started out with these things that were free services, that are great [in] that [they] connect us --- and now the bills coming due. We’re going to have to be a much more educated digital populace if we want to protect those things that we would rather keep private."
  24. 24. … MORE ONLINE PRIVACY PREDICTIONS FOR 2013 Companies digest government’s view on Privacy: That’s not to saySearch engine watch we don’t still have significant work ahead to protect our children and personal information, but at least the industry has come to terms with understanding the regulative/legislative values and aren’t panicking anymore. Governments and solution providers are working on very creative solutions that should provide a nice compromise for 2013. Privacy concerns about information stored on BYOD devices will gain higherCMS Wire profile in 2013. Employees who get burned [sic] by having personal information wiped from their "personal" devices by employers will start to understand the complexity of BYOD. Privacy and the Digital Trail. The information about ourForrester research activities and movements can be misused. That is part of a trade-off (of using these online services), but at the moment its a trade-off we cant measure easily. To a large extent we dont know what information is being collected about us, we dont know if its correct, and we dont know how to fix what might be wrong.
  25. 25. Dax Asparna Ltd FURTHER INTERESTING READING 259 HaPeleg street Be’erotayim 42850 Israel P +972 (77) 52.55.412 IN RECENT NEWS F +972 (9) 76.77.319• Data Privacy Month (USA Educational System) is an annual • While lawmakers were caving to special interests, however, 5827097 effort to empower people to protect their privacy and they cut from the legislative package language requiring • I remain highly concerned about privacy, its alleged control their digital footprint, as well as escalate the the authorities to get a warrant to read your e-mail or absence in the U.S. Constitution … and how its been protection of privacy and data as everyones priority. other data stored in the cloud. steadily taken away from us in the era of the web and social media. http://cloudcomputing.sys- initiatives/policy-and-security/educause- caves-privacy/ policy/community-engagement/data-privacy-month • Dropbox has come under fire for claims it made about • The 7 biggest privacy offenders: Facebook, Gmail, MSN• A cloud computing survey from Microsoft found that a exactly who has access to your files. Live, Skype, Twitter, Dropbox, Google+ [infographics] chief concern of potential SMB cloud customers is the security and privacy of their data. A full 70% of small urity.html • International Data Privacy Law (Oxford) has a global focus businesses are concerned about where their data is • When you upload or otherwise submit content to our on all aspects of privacy and data protection, including stored. Just-over half of all SMBs cite data privacy as a Services, you give Google (and those we work with) a data processing at a company level, international data potential deal breaker for adopting cloud services. And worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, transfers, civil liberties issues, technology issues relating to only 36% of businesses think their data is as or more create derivative works (such as those resulting from privacy, international security breaches, and conflicts secure in the cloud than their current on premises solution translations, adaptations or other changes we make so between US privacy rules and European data protection that your content works better with our law. cloud-control-and-file-sharing/ Services),communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly• back-to-back announcements from the California Attorney display and distribute such content. • Transactions on Data Privacy (UNESCO) is to provide an General and the White House give me some hope that we international forum for researchers on all topics related to may finally be entering a period where people can have at drive-terms-privacy-data-skydrive-dropbox-icloud data privacy technologies least some control over their personal information. • 81 percent of IT professionals express security concerns when moving data to the cloud, according to a recent online-privacy-finally-becoming-a-reality/ survey conducted by GreenSQL.• From gun-toting, on-the-lam tech giants to flying drones and internet uprisings, these are the privacy and security survey-shows-81-it-professionals-have-security-concerns- stories that dominated Threat Level in 2012. when-moving-data-cl • Facebook shares fell Friday after a report said its photo- review/ sharing app Instagram had lost millions of users following• Let’s break down the privacy debate ... at the core of the release of planned policy changes … that appeared to consumer’s objections is the fact that someone is making clear the way for the mobile photo sharing service to sell money off of them. pictures without compensation, amid protests from users. economics-of-online-privacy/
  26. 26. REFERENCE RESEARCH SOURCESREAD MORE ON HTTP://WWW.ASPARNA.COM AND OURNEWS FEED ON HTTP://WWW.ASPARNA.COM/INTERNET-PRIVACY-NEWSTRENDS, AWARENESS & ACTIONS TAKENHow important is Data Privacy to you? 2,000 US Adult internet usersPrivacy trend: concerns up from 2011 2,000 US Adult internet usersMy personal information online is at risk 5,778 US + Europe internet usersUsers deciding to not install Apps due to Privacy 2,000 US Adult internet usersUsers deciding to uninstall Apps due to Privacy 2,000 US Adult internet usersUsers avoiding mobile internet usage in 2011 4,121 US + Europe mobile internet usersConsumers take a range of actions 1,033 US internet usersWhose responsibility is it to protect online privacy? 1,004 US internet usersPrivacy concerns among mobile Internet users 4,121 US + Europe mobile internet usersPrivacy concerns by consumer age 2,415 US internet usersConcerns about privacy, personal info & reputation 5,778 US + Europe internet usersPrivacy concerns in File Sharing 5,831 file-sharing users in Global SMBs