Phenomenal Oct, 29, 2009


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Phenomenal Oct, 29, 2009

  1. 1. ROTARY INTERNATIONAL THEME IN 2009-2010 OFFICIAL WEEKLY PUBLICATIO OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI SA LORE ZO PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE ROWENA “Jing” SARAO Dear RCMSL Family, Four- The Four-Way Our month of October was a busy month filled with District and Test of club activities. ‘On To Montreal’ held in Makati Sports Club was ROTARY the highlight of the month as the District launched the annual Rotary International most prestigious event involving all Districts in the country and other countries. The event was well attended by 1) Is it the nearly all clubs in our District as DG Sid Garcia led the activity TRUTH? while I had the honor of being one of the MCs. So was our PP Mari Lacson who co-emceed with Phem Barranda. Our club was represented by around 11 members. 2) Is it FAIR to all concerned? Another District activity with our active involvement was the Membership Recruitment Seminar held in the Rotary Club of 3) Will it build Makati office. The exhortation and focal point was for all clubs to increase membership through an effective recruitment strategy. I GOODWILL and had also the honor of being one of the MCs for the occasion. BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Halloween Committee meeting, donation of medicines for Calawis and ‘Kapit Bisig for Pasig’ contributions were also discussed in one meeting prior to our regular meeting last October 22. 4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all Finally, we had our Halloween party in PP Maridel Villavicencio’s concerned? house attended by 21 members, inducted two new members Jun Alba and Ken Espinosa, son-in-law of Maridel. INVOCATION octoBER Dear Lord, we thank you for the chance to help 03 Erwyn Alcomendras those In need due to the recent typhoons. we pray for the continued blessing of our Club and its precious members. We ask for You to 24 Prim de Guzman bless our family, career and health. We lift up to You our intentions, that we increase our membership and retain our precious members. Amen.
  2. 2. OFFICIAL WEEKLY PUBLICATIO OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI SA LORE ZO Thursday, October 29, 2009 HALLOWEEN COMMITTEE MEETING Thursday, October 22, 2009, Manila Polo Club Dir Marie O’Connor heads the Halloween Committee attended by PP Maridel Villavicencio, PP Marilou Romero, Dir Shelly Lazaro, IPP Chacha Camacho and Pres. Jing Sarao REGULAR MEETING Thursday, October 22, 2009, Manila Polo Club Our regular meeting was graced by a guest speaker Ms. Sylvia Lichauco De Leon, the Lola Grande Foundation Head, focused on ‘Women's’ Rights’. Guest of Marilou Romero, Mr. Arcangel also attended the meeting.
  3. 3. OFFICIAL WEEKLY PUBLICATIO OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI SA LORE ZO Thursday, October 29, 2009 ZONTA Donation Thursday, October 22, 2009, Manila Polo Club Zonta Makati Ayala, headed by our Charter Pres. Rennie Andrews donated medicines worth P15,000 to Calawis, our adopted community in Antipolo. Kapit Bisig Sa Ilog Pasig Thursday, October 22, 2009, Manila Polo Club Our Community Director Marie O’Connor presented a caption from newspaper clipping showing the ‘Kapit Bisig sa Ilog Pasig’ featuring the community in Calauan, Laguna, including an emailed copy of the ‘wish list’ of the project. The ‘Membership Recruitment Seminar’ was conducted with the focal point of increasing membership in the entire District. While we recognize the challenge of retaining our talents, we are given the task of increasing our membership to at least 10% from our current level. That would translate to recruiting 4 new members with our current headcount 39. Fortunately, we have 2 new members thus, we have two to go till June of 2010.
  4. 4. OFFICIAL WEEKLY PUBLICATIO OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF MAKATI SA LORE ZO ‘On to Montreal’ Wednesday, October 28, 2009, Makati Sports Club Pres. Jing Sarao acted as co-host in launching the ‘On to Montreal’, to be held in Montreal, Canada on June 20-23, 2010. PP Mari Lacson acted as co-host in another part of the program. Around 11 members from our club attended the occasion. BULLETIN BOARD • November 12, Thursday "RVote". This is a District activity that will gather candidates for May 2010 Elections. These are the candidates running for presidents, vice presidents, senators, etc. Venue and time to be announced. • November 19, Thursday This will be our Governor's Visit, Gov. Sid Garcia and District officers. This is the only official visit of the Governor during his term hence I encourage everyone to attend this rare and important event. Due to the significance of this event, a 100% attendance is highly appreciated. It will be held at the Polo Club, McKinley Rm A at 6:00PM.