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E tailmarketspresentation

  1. 1. eTail Markets is positioned to disrupt retail distribution by providing manufacturers and distributors direct access to the consumers, without the need to sell through retailers.
  2. 2. eTail Markets provides a unique, end-to-end marketing technology to merchants. • Significantly increase your sales using eTail Markets multi-channel solution.
  3. 3. eTail Markets Offers: • A solution that is scalable, reliable, and credible. • A solution that can be configured by business users and deployed quickly. • Supports multiple currencies and languages of product information with worldwide support. • Ensuring product management success with a comprehensive suite of services.
  4. 4. eTail's platform is fully integrated with world’s leading online marketplaces: • Amazon.com, eBay.com, Overstock.com, Buy.com (UK, DE, FR, JP, CA) and others. eTail Markets empowers merchants to sell their products online while protecting their brand and increasing sales.
  5. 5. Benefits: • First solution of this nature • Branding new products • Increasing brand recognition • Managing current / end season, excess inventory, etc. • US and international distribution channel • Low risk (minimal expense) & perfect timing • Sales maximization technology • Multi-channel product information synchronization • Ability of integration with existing systems • Support for unlimited number of products
  6. 6. Unique Re-pricing Features: • Configure automated re-pricing according to inventory aging. • Create re-pricing processes by product category, product attributes, supplier(s), warehouse location and more. • Configure automated or manual scheduling of various re- pricing processes (daily, hourly, weekly or workflow triggered). • Single product catalog can have hundreds of various re- pricing processes running on different schedules. • Change your price on other channels like Ebay, Shop.com, Buy.com, Yahoo.com based on re-pricing result from Amazon, automatically.
  7. 7. Who uses this technology
  8. 8. Multi-channel marketing allows to sell to a much wider audience than a website(s) alone. eTail Markets has created a single platform that allows to send products to all channels and process all sales on a single, integrated platform. Over the last few years Amazon.com has changed its business model: they became a platform for e-commerce with nearly 50% of their business driven by merchant relations. Ebay has also changed its business model. They expanded to become the second largest online marketplace. Within the last year e-commerce exceeded 17% of all US retail sales. e-Commerce has shifted towards multi-channel selling. Transform YOUR business into e-business!
  9. 9. info@etailmarkets.com www.etailmarkets.com