Teacher Effectiveness Impacts Student Success in PreK and Kindergarten Math


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Core PD 'Where's the Math?' course on early childhood math professional development, by Juanita V. Copley, Ph.D., focuses on equipping teachers with the content knowledge and instructional strategies to ensure that young children encounter good mathematics instruction in their early years of schooling.

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Teacher Effectiveness Impacts Student Success in PreK and Kindergarten Math

  1. 1. Teacher EffectivenessImpacts Student Success inPreK and Kindergarten Math Integrate Mathematics into the Early Childhood Day
  2. 2. Supporting mathematical thinking in PreK and Kindergartenimpacts later achievement. Recent studies reveal a strong correlation between mathematics skills at school entry and later achievement. Math and Science in Preschool: Policies and Practice Duncan, G.J., Dowsett, C.J., Claessens, A., Magnuson, K., Huston, A.C., (National Institute for Early Education Research) Klebanov, P., Pagani, L.S., Feinstein, L., Engel, M., Brooks-Gunn, J., Kimberly Brenneman, Judi Stevenson-Boyd, Ellen C. Sexton, H., Duckworth, K., & Japel, C. (2007). School readiness and Frede, March 2009. later achievement. Developmental Psychology, 43(6), 1428-1446.
  3. 3. But many often wonder… Where’s the Math in the preschool classroom?
  4. 4. Core PD ™ Where’s the Math?explores how children learn math and how teachingimpacts math learning.
  5. 5. Core PD ™ Where’s the Math?shows teachers why and how to integrate math learningthroughout the preschool day. Learning is more than just content; it’s learning how content is applied in everyday interactions.
  6. 6. Core PD™ Where’s the Math? Improve Teaching Understand Explore & Student Learning•• How PreK–K children • Early math content learn math • Reflect on teaching • Pedagogy• The reciprocal relationship and best practices • Practical strategies between child development • Implement new ideas and applications and teaching • Add value to PLCs • Hands-on learning• Alignment of practice to standards and guidelines
  7. 7. Where’s the Math? Course Tour MODULE 4 Classroom MODULE 1 MODULE 3 Environment and MODULE 5 MODULE 2 Getting Started: Math Content: Standards and the Practice: Instructional Child Development:Setting Goals and What Is Best Curriculum Routines, Strategies:Reflecting on Your Is Math Connection: Practice in Teaching Integrated Centers, Integrated Practice Developmentally Mathematics to How Do I Know Tub Activities, Mathematics and Appropriate? Young Children? What to Teach? Small-Group Lesson, Course Debriefing Circle Time, Math in Literature
  8. 8. Where’s the Math? Course Tour ObjectivesClear objectives for every module helpparticipants understand the learning outcomes.
  9. 9. Where’s the Math? Course Tour Getting StartedParticipants reflect on their own learning experiences and their teaching practices.
  10. 10. Where’s the Math? Course Tour VideosAuthentic examples of teaching and learning in actionprovide opportunities for reflection and analysis.
  11. 11. Where’s the Math? Course Tour e-Learnings Important course content iscarefully explained to ensuredeep understanding and retention.
  12. 12. Where’s the Math? Course Tour Guiding QuestionsThought-provoking questions for videos, e-Learnings, and hands-on activities guide meaningful reflection and analysis.
  13. 13. Where’s the Math? Course Tour Interactive ActivitiesVirtual manipulatives within the online course foster engagement and keep the course lively.
  14. 14. Where’s the Math? Course Tour Hands-On Activities Ready-to-uselessons support alearn-it-today and teach-it- tomorrow application.
  15. 15. Where’s the Math? Course Tour Journal & AssignmentsAssignments and journaling prepare teachers to put their new learning and strategies into practice.
  16. 16. We Believe… Early childhood education anddevelopment are the most critical predictorsof a child’s ultimate success as a citizen. Interactive, hands-on coaching and improve teacher development effectiveness.
  17. 17. Contact your Educational SalesConsultant to preview this course or to discuss our other professional development solutions. www.hand2mind.com/corepd/ecm 800-445-5985 ● corepd@hand2mind.com