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Can Professional Development = Student Success?


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Can Professional Development = Student Success?

  1. 1. Does ProfessionalDevelopment =Student Success?
  2. 2. Teacher effectiveness is a directpredictor of students’ learning andquality of life trajectory. Teachers who receive SUBSTANTIAL professional development—an average of 49 hours—can BOOST their students’ achievement by about 21 percentage points - 2011, US Department of Education
  3. 3. What is Core PD Coaching & Development? a flexible, relevant, standards-aligned coaching and development solutiongrounded in classroom-tested strategies to help students achieve success through learning by doing
  4. 4. How can Core PD help you?• Relevant to teachers • Learning by doing • Documents participant• Grounded in research • Strategies to use tomorrow learning• Supported by coaches • Quality of teaching rises • Evolves teacher behavior • Inspires students to drive performance
  5. 5. Understanding the Mathematical Practices Course DescriptionProvides a teacher-friendly, scalablesolution that prepares educators forCommon Core State Standards.
  6. 6. Available online, on-site or Dedicated Core PD coachesa blended implementation committed to on-goingmodel – so it fits you best progress and results What does Core PD look like?
  7. 7. Understanding the Mathematical Practices Course Tour
  8. 8. Understanding the Mathematical Practices Course Tour Module helps establish a baseline before starting with new ideas. View reading example
  9. 9. Understanding the Mathematical Practices Course Tour Grade-level activities, readings, video, and e-learnings offer hands-on experience with the course content. View e-learning example
  10. 10. Understanding the Mathematical Practices Course Tour Classroom video and guiding questions invite observation and self-evaluation with support from materials, such as the video coaching form, help organize your thoughts throughout the program. View classroom video and form examples
  11. 11. Understanding the Mathematical Practices Course Tour Revisit activities from the course to see what ways knowledge and understanding may have changed. View activity connections
  12. 12. But first, remember that lion problem from Module 1: Habits of Mind. Every morning, the zookeeper feeds each lion 3/8 of a pound of raw meat. He feeds 5 lions. How many pounds of meat does he need each morning?Revisit your journal notes from Module 1. After all you have learned inthis course, how would you phrase the question now?
  13. 13. Understanding the Mathematical Practices Course Tour Absorb, reflect, review and identify the best next steps to plan for change in your classroom.
  14. 14. Why Core PD? Why now? Why your teachers? Integrates with district and school based plans Program is scalable from district-wide to individual teachers or coachesDesigned to augment your plan with experience,flexibility, and capacity Your professional development goals are our goals.
  15. 15. Contact an Educational Consultant today to set-up a guided tour of a course or develop a plan specific to your needs.