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Smith Beach Cottage Powerpoint


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This is a slideshow of the cottage we are renting on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia.

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Smith Beach Cottage Powerpoint

  1. 1. Daddy’s Money 16255 Smith Beach Road, Eastville.Virginia
  2. 2. View of the Chesapeake Bay from the Upper Deck of Daddy’s Money
  3. 3. View of the private beach across the road from Daddy’s Money –cottage renters have access to their own private dock right across the street.
  4. 4. A fully equipped kitchen awaits our guests with an electric stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator.
  5. 5. View of the kitchen island with dishwasher and the downstairs family room.
  6. 6. View of the family room –some furniture configurations will change in the next months to make all rooms more comfortable and inviting-watch for updated photos!
  7. 7. Upstairs recreation room with amazing views of the Chesapeake Bay from almost every window—check out the full sized upstairs deck!
  8. 8. Upstairs recreation room with kitchenette, powder room, and soon to feature a pool table to be used for those rare rainy days!
  9. 9. Another view of the rec room with our large table and bench—both the upstairs and downstairs of this cottage have heat and AC!
  10. 10. Back view of the rec room with kitchenette with sink, coffee pot, and microwave!