CCHS Grad project presentation updated2


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CCHS Grad project presentation updated2

  1. 1. Lower Grad Project Stress—Find the Best Sources!
  2. 2. Print Sources Print Sources—Books and Magazines
  3. 3. Currituck Public Library Catalog Don’t forget the new library branch in Moyock
  4. 5. Google Books <ul><li>Google Book How to from YouTube </li></ul>
  5. 6. Finding a Book at CCHS with Destiny
  6. 7. To log in to Destiny, use your NCWISE number and network password.
  7. 8. If you click on Mozilla Firefox as your browser—you can use Destiny Quest!
  8. 9. Thanks to a LSTA Grant from the State Library of North Carolina, we have hundreds of new books on hundreds of Grad Project topics! Use Destiny to locate them, or ask the Library Staff for help!
  9. 10. Remember to copy the title page and copyright page for print resources! <ul><li>These pages help with your Works Cited Page! </li></ul>Title Page Copyright Page
  10. 11. NcWiseOwl : your source for magazines and books! <ul><li>High School Destiny YouTube </li></ul>
  11. 12. High School Zone
  12. 13. CCHS Library Destiny Catalog Check out the Professional Zone for Specialized Databases-try InfoTrac Gold and EBSCOHost too!
  13. 14. Click on Social Studies Check each of the databases listed on the left to link to even more databases using your Keywords! For example, check GreenFILE for content on any environmental topic. Working on a military issue—check Military and Government?
  14. 15. Are you ready to surf the web? If I see it on the web, it must be good…right?
  15. 18. anyone can make a website
  16. 19. A good website for research has..
  17. 20. an author (group or individual)
  18. 21. with credentials….background information…purpose…is an authority…no bias..a recent date of website publication..and great content…
  19. 22. It should have pictures…graphs…charts… videos…information you can confirm elsewhere…
  20. 23. and it should tell you information you didn’t already know about the subject.
  21. 24. <ul><li>Google Search Options </li></ul>
  22. 25. Google Search Strategies <ul><li>Web search strategies in plain English video </li></ul>
  23. 26. Open Web Learning
  24. 28. Use a trusted website! Ipl2
  25. 30. Evaluating websites
  26. 31. Good luck and happy searching!