A streetcar named desire


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A streetcar named desire

  1. 1. A StreetcarNamed DesireMembers400117197 蔡馥榆400087127 陳佳霖401118129 張曼柔401118145 林可妘401118153 阮竣華499110947 吳軒丞499101110 紀 珊
  2. 2. ContentsAbout Tennessee Williams1Main Characters2Background, Plot Summary3Analysis4Reflection5PPT製作:紀 珊
  3. 3. About Tennessee Williams資料整理:張曼柔His first critical acclaim came in 1944 when“The Glass Menagerie” opened in Chicago andwent to Broadway. It won the New York DramaCritics’ Circle Award.In 1937, Williams moved to New Orleans, andwrote for the organization, Work ProgressAdministration. The creation of "A StreetcarNamed Desire" finished in 1947.Thomas Lanier Williams was born inColumbus, Mississippi in 1911,he was the son of a shoe companyexecutive and a Southern belle.He was one of the greatestplaywrights in American history.The 1960s were the most difficult years for Williams. His plays,which had long received criticism for openly addressing tabootopics, were finding more and more detractors.After his release from the hospital in the 1970s, Williamswrote plays, a memoir, poems, short stories and a novel.In 1975 he published “Memories”.On February 25, 1983, Williams was found dead in hissuite at the hotel in New York at age 71.
  4. 4. Main CharactersBlanche DuBoisStella KowalskiStanley KowalskiHarold “Mitch” MitchellEuniceSteveAllan Grey資料整理:蔡馥榆
  5. 5. Background, Plot SummaryBackgroundBased on the realism, this play presents thepsychological state of the masters as well as thesurrounding environment and interacts of the roles.Scene 1The play opens in a shabby district of New Orleanswhere Stanley Kowalski lives with his wife Stella.Scene 2On his return home, Stanley meets Blanche and theytalk amicably, but as the conversation develops and asdetails of Blanche‟s past come out.資料整理:陳佳霖
  6. 6. Plot SummaryScene 3The tension in the house continues in the next scenewhen the sisters return after an evening out to thehouse where Stanley is holding a poker party.Scene 4Despite this brutality and Blanche‟s attempts topersuade her to leave him, Stella insists that she lovesStanley and will not leave him.Scene 5When Stanley hints to Blanche about what he knows,she is clearly terrified that it will all come out and triesto present a glossed-over version to Stella.資料整理:陳佳霖
  7. 7. Scene 6Blanche and Mitch’s date in the next scene is not asuccess, but when they return home they speak moreopenly and Blanche tells Mitch of her dead husbandwho was homosexual, and shot himself when shediscovered him in bed with another man.Scene 7, 8Shortly afterwards there is a birthday dinner forBlanche, but Mitch does not show up. The meal isawkwardly silent and to make it worse, Stanleypresents Blanche with a bus ticket back home as abirthday gift.Plot Summary資料整理:林可妘
  8. 8. Scene 9Mitch then visits Blanche. In a drunken state he tellsher that he knows about her past and Mitch dismissesher explanation. In addition, he refused Blanche tomarry and tries to force her to have sex.Scene 10Stanley returns from the hospital to find Blanchedressed up in a ball gown and tiara, trying to pack hersuitcase. And Stanley allows his anger to rape her.Plot Summary資料整理:林可妘
  9. 9. Scene 11Stella returned from the hospital, unwilling to believeher sister’s story and in agreement with Stanley thatBlanche should be certified as insane. While Blanche istaking another bath and a doctor arrives with a nursefrom a mental hospital. Realizing what is about tohappen, Blanche tries to escape, but is calmed by thegentle doctor. She leaves on his arm, stating that shehas always placed her trust in the kindness of strangers.Plot Summary資料整理:林可妘
  10. 10. Analysis資料整理:吳軒丞First main point: DesireSecond main point: ViolenceConclusion: Desire makes vulnerable, Violencemakes destruction.
  11. 11. Reflection資料整理:阮竣華In this play, we can see many different contrasts, such asthe old South Mississippi and the industrialized world in NewOrleans. The falling nobles compare to the raising workingclass. Blanche, representing the noble, is adept in dealingwith men; however, she is no longer rich as well as young.The principal reason we think why she go crazy is that herbetrothed’s suicide leading her to a melancholic disease.Stanley represents the power, the law in this play. Then heexposes all Blanche’s frauds and drives her crazy. UnlikeBlanche, her sister Stella is a docile and obedient wife. Butshe has to live in a dilemmatic situation between herhusband and her sister. In the end of the play, Blanche hassent to the hospital. So Stanley wins the poker game.