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Cincom Smalltalk Protocols - new features and tools


Abstract: Jerry Kott, a Senior Software Engineer with Cincom Systems,
Inc., will present a ‘Look what we have done since last year’ summary
of new additions to the Protocols frameworks and components. In this
talk, Jerry will introduce several new features of the AppeX web
development framework: Javascript code minification, shared session
support that makes it easier to write multi-page web applications with
AppeX, access to third party Javascript libraries, and UserMessages
framework for localization of AppeX applications. A new JSFile
framework which permits a round-trip Rapid Application Development
with Chrome Developer Tools will be mentioned, with a demo of the
framework presented in a separate session. Jerry will revisit the
AppeX-Scaffolding framework that was in preview in VisualWorks 8.1,
and is now ready for a full release in the upcoming version 8.2 of
VisualWorks, including a new GUI tool for automatic generation of
AppeX applications from existing databases. In the realm of Security,
Jerry will talk about OpenSsl support for AES+GCM encryption and
related AEAD cipher suites for TLS v 1.2, the addition of Application
Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN), the introduction of the HTTP/2
protocol implementation, and the support for LDAPS. Finally, Jerry
will mention some Security protocols that have been deprecated because
they are no longer considered secure.

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Cincom Smalltalk Protocols - new features and tools

  1. 1. Protocols: Past, Present & Future
 By Jerry Kott
 @cincomsmalltalk (Twitter)
  2. 2. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 Protocols - the team Develops networking, security, and web application development tools Has a continuous history of about 20 years at Cincom Smalltalk Exciting Constantly evolving Challenging Innovative 2
  3. 3. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 Examples: In ~ 20 years, we’ve had: • SSLv1, SSLv2, SSLv3 • TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2 • TLSv1.3 is a working draft On the other hand: • HTTP/1.1 since 1997, but 8 different RFCs, some obsoleting others • HTTP/2 spec finalized in May 2015 Evolution at different speeds 3
  4. 4. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 What’s special about Protocols? Mostly well defined - in contrast with many end-user application requirements Very large audience (e.g.: IP, TCP, HTTP, TLS - practically every computer and every user in the world) Small bugs can have potentially disastrous consequences (e.g., SSL buffer overruns and other security vulnerabilities) Fast reaction is required (e.g., a server upgrades cipher suites, and suddenly Smalltalk client code breaks) 4
  5. 5. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 AppeX A Web Development Framework and Toolset HTML5 and ECMAScript 5.0 (a.k.a. JavaScript) Introduced in 2014 as part of Cincom® VisualWorks® 8.0 Added support for back-end database (Glorp & ActiveRecord) in VisualWorks 8.1 in 2015 Is there anything else we could do? YES! 5
  6. 6. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 AppeX - improvements AppeX-Scaffolding • Included as a ‘preview’ component in VW 8.1 • Fully integrated in the upcoming release of VW 8.2 • Added a new GUI tool to generate a web application from an existing database. 6
  7. 7. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 Scaffolding Screen Cast 7
  8. 8. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 8
  9. 9. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 JavaScript Minification Some of Single Page Application goals: • Low Bandwidth Demands • Obfuscate code for deployment JS code gets stripped of comments and white space Variable names get shortened and scrambled Code size reduction dependent on style and naming conventions, range between 40% to 70% AppeX-Minification in the AppeX-Tools parcel. 9
  10. 10. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 Minification Example ApplicationClient class (AppeX-Core.js) ApplicationClient javascript inspect To turn minification on or off, use ‘Web Development’ submenu of ‘Tools’: • Cache Minified Code • Reset Minified Code Cache Code size • before: ~30 kB • after: ~10 kB • reduction of ~65 % 10
  11. 11. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 Shared Session Support Allows to share session information among different AppeX application responders. Example: http://localhost:8889/shared-session Different ‘pages’ of the /shared-session site have the same AppeX sessionId in ‘sessionStorage’. On the server, the responders for each of the application classes share a single instance of SessionCache 11
  12. 12. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 3rd party JavaScript code Not Cincom, not yours For example: jQuery <script src="//" … No need to remember, just use a shared variable:
 Application.JQueryLib Easy to update as jQuery versions change (no hard- coded values) Predefined values for jQuery and D3 More can be added (e.g., angular.js, bootstrap.js, etc…) 12
  13. 13. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 AppeX Internationalization Use existing UserMessage framework within VisualWorks Load AppeX-Internationalization parcel to add the required extensions. A localized ‘Hello World’ example is included in the AppeX-Examples parcel http://localhost:8889/hello-localized UserMessage catalogs can be generated from a context menu of an Application class e.g.: HelloLocalized popup menu -> ‘Generate Catalog’ 13
  14. 14. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 JSFile Round-trip JavaScript Development Synchronizes AppeX source code with a cached copy in the local file system Currently working with Chrome Developer Tools Maps a network resource to a local file e.g.: http://localhost:8889/AppeX.CoreCode.js maps to file:///…/ AppeX.CoreCode.js Debug in web browser Developer Tools, save the changes The modified code is automatically synchronized in VisualWorks IDE A full demo included in my presentation on Friday at 10:00am. 14
  15. 15. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 HTTP/2 Faster, more efficient than HTTP/1.1 Multiplexing concurrent requests on a single TCP connection Included as a ‘preview’ component in VisualWorks 8.2 Significant refactoring of SiouX server Prerequisites: • Application Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) • New TLS Cipher Suites (AEAD) 15
  16. 16. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 HTTP/2 cont’d ALPN • Initial request comes over HTTP/1.1 • ALPN allows protocol upgrade to HTTP/2 HTTP/2 will work over plaintext connection, BUT: All web browser vendors have stated their intention to support HTTP/2 only over TLSv1.2 or higher Requires TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256 cipher suite The AES_128_GCM part is a challenge… 16
  17. 17. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 Security AES_128_GCM encryption is a different type than used in TLSv1.1 or earlier Authenticated Encryption with Additional Data (AEAD) Encrypt/decrypt operation occur in-place Plaintext (input) buffer and cipher text (output) buffer MUST be identical Significant difference compared to other encryption algorithms Currently works with OpenSSL 1.0.x, in VW 8.2 17
  18. 18. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 Security cont’d Older security protocols and algorithms are constantly under scrutiny The RC4 cipher has been found insecure in both theory and practice, i.e.: it is broken. Leading vendors (Microsoft, Apple, etc…) have removed RC4 support from their products RC4 no longer available in VisualWorks 8.2 If your software requires RC4, you should make changes before upgrading to VW8.2 18
  19. 19. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 LDAP(S) Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAPv3 specification allows using a TLS extension to the protocol, using a StartTLS request to the server -> LDAPS. LDAP in Open Repository since 2001. Some LDAP refactoring was necessary in order to make LDAPS work. Cincom will maintain LDAP in the Open Repository LDAPS is only available as part of VisualWorks distribution. 19
  20. 20. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. @cincomsmalltalk #esug16 Future work First priority: Continue to respond to our Customers’ needs. (past examples: MASSL, LDAPS) Keep improving tools & integration (e.g., JavaScript auto-complete) Expand external library security support (e.g., bcrypt.dll, OpenSSL 1.1.x when final) Make Smalltalk the best environment to develop complex, interconnected software ecosystems 20
  21. 21. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved. Questions? 21@cincomsmalltalk #esug16
  22. 22. ©2016 Cincom Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved.22 Thank You! Suzanne Fortman 
 Program Director / Engineering Manager
 @SuzCST (Twitter) Arden Thomas 
 Product Manager
 @ArdenTCST (Twitter) Jerry Kott 
 @cincomsmalltalk (Twitter)
 @cincomsmalltalk #esug16