Power of Communities


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Power of Communities, Stephane Ducasse, ESUG 2010, Barcelona.

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Power of Communities

  1. 1. Powerful communities Stéphane Ducasse
  2. 2. Expectations Patterns and anti patterns
  3. 3. What can we expect?
  4. 4. A lot!
  5. 5. Look at Seaside, wikipedia
  6. 6. Sharing is positive energy
  7. 7. Participating is rewarding and fun
  8. 8. When is the last time you freely learn something for free?
  9. 9. Some observations
  10. 10. Communication is key Be transparent No private emails
  11. 11. Really alone?
  12. 12. More
  13. 13. A lot more
  14. 14. Feature X does not work You turn around during weeks You ramble... But may be this is just that feature X is not the way you think it is
  15. 15. Solution: Communicate Ask/report nicely May be this is real problem? May be you were wrong? But ask/report and you will know
  16. 16. Mails
  17. 17. Mailing-lists auto saturate Too many mails kills communication
  18. 18. Write **short** mails
  19. 19. Don’t break a thread! One thread one topic
  20. 20. Is that mail any “useful”? fun is allowed :)
  21. 21. Try to answer to the point and not aside :)
  22. 22. There is no such a thing as “I want that”, “the maintainer of that package should do that”
  23. 23. Report a bug which system which version can we reproduce it get a unit test
  24. 24. Companies!? If you rely on a software system how do you expect it to magically get better?
  25. 25. Wishful thinking or acting Participate to bounty Participate by giving some of your time
  26. 26. Most of the fixes are trivial 85% of bugs are trivial Focus on them!
  27. 27. Don’t keep your fixes on your harddisc!
  28. 28. Join this is fun!