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Much many enough


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Much many enough

  1. 1. Much, many, a lot of, enoughEva María Suárez Guillén, EOI Santa María de Guía
  2. 2. MuchIt is used with uncountablenouns much money much time much bread
  3. 3. ManyIt is used with countablenouns many people many things many books
  4. 4. A lot of / much-manyHowever, in affirmative sentences “alot of “ is much more used than muchand many. He has a lot of money. I have a lot of things to do.
  5. 5. A lot of / much-manyMuch and many are more used innegative and interrogative sentences. I don’t have much time. Are there many books in the school library?
  6. 6. Too much/many• We use too much, too many, to say‘more than is good’. He speaks too much. at the end of sentence I have too many things to do. before a noun
  7. 7. EnoughUse enough before a noun tomean ‘all that is necessary’. We have enough money. There are enough people.
  8. 8. EnoughWe use enough after an adjective oradverb. The kitchen is big enough. This car is fast enough
  9. 9. Enough +adjective and noun comparison comparisonThere is enough water in theswimming pool. The water is not warm enough.
  10. 10. EnoughWe can use enough after a verbwith no object. She doesn’t sleep enough.