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Pronunciation mistakes


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Pronunciation mistakes

  1. 1. PronuncationmistakesHeard in your podcast: "childhood"
  2. 2. PRONUNCIATION OFCONSONANTS• -/g/ “goal”• -/w/ “window”• -/d/ vs. /ð/ “dog” vs. “mother”• -/b/ vs. /v/ “bag” vs. “van”• -/j/ vs. /dʒ/ “yes” vs. “joke”• -Dont add "e" when words start with "s"• -/θ/ vs. /s/ “think” vs. “sink”
  3. 3. MISPRONOUNCED WORDS• comfortable• favourite• grew •• apple • neighbours• clothes • cousins• castles • strange• special • great• fortunately injury• essential• move
  4. 4. SOME ENDINGS • "-ed" endings and final "-s" exist!!!!! • All final consonants exist.
  5. 5. INTONATION• Try to sound natural, casual. Dont make unnecessary pauses or add fillers like "I mean", "you know", "that is to say", etc., but not all the time.
  6. 6. What you should do• Listen to your podcast again and read the mistakes at the same time. Notice what you said, check the right pronunciation with a dictionary.• Listen to your classmates podcasts and learn from their mistakes and from what theyve done well.