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Initial s


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Initial s

  1. 1. PRONUNCIATION OF THE INITIAL 'S' 1.The stars are shining in the sky. 2.He is strong, but skinny. 3.Spanish people tend to add an “e” at the beginning of words like speak, start or steam. 4.The stereo hasn't been stopped. 5.He sprayed the parfum and its odour spread all over the stage. 6.Sprinklers are used to springle water. 7.There were stones all along the staircase. 8.He was standing at the stairs. 9.He started to cry because of his horrible stomach-ache. 10.The stewardess brought the child a strawberry juice. 11.The crime scene was full of stains. 12.He's got a special sense of humour. 13.He screamed when the cat scratched him. 14.Behind the screen there are lots of sculptures. 15.All the slaves looked sleepy.