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Biwug presenation-spsbe33


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Biwug presenation-spsbe33

  1. 1. Farewell XSL,Welcome DisplayTemplates#spsbe33Elio Struyf
  2. 2. #SPSBE33Thanks to ourSponsorsPlatinumGoldSilver
  3. 3. #SPSBE33About meElio StruyfSharePoint Consultant @ XylosBrander / Developereliostruyf
  4. 4. #SPSBE33Agenda• The Past & Present• What are Display Templates?• Where are they used?• What to do before you can start• Creating Display Templates
  5. 5. The Past & Present
  6. 6. #SPSBE33The PastSP2007SP2010LibrariesCQWPShow the latest documents
  7. 7. #SPSBE33
  8. 8. #SPSBE33The PastSP2007SP2010CQWPShow the latest documents of various site collectionSite CollectionsSearch Core Results
  9. 9. The Present
  10. 10. #SPSBE33The PresentSP2013• CSWP / Search Results WP• No site collection limitation• HTML & JavaScript• Query Builder
  11. 11. #SPSBE33
  12. 12. #SPSBE33The PresentSP2013Show the latest documents of various site collectionSite CollectionsCrawlSearch CSWP
  13. 13. WelcomeDisplay Templates
  14. 14. #SPSBE33What areDisplayTemplates?• Defines the visual layout of yoursearch results• Written in HTML & JS• HTML File  JavaScript File• Client side rendering
  15. 15. #SPSBE33What it does• Retrieves managed metadata• Displays via HTML andJavaScriptFile extension Title + PathPathDocument summary
  16. 16. #SPSBE33Control TemplateProvides the overall layout howyou want to present the results.Ex: list, list with paging, slideshow.Item TemplateDefines how the item itselfneeds to be rendered.Web PartSpecifies which query andtemplates will be used.Logical Structure – Content Search WP
  17. 17. #SPSBE33Where are they used?
  18. 18. Can I Start?
  19. 19. #SPSBE33What to dobefore youcan start1. Create content2. Crawl content3. Define managed properties / oruse the auto-created ones4. Crawl content again
  20. 20. #SPSBE33SupportedFields• All fields that can be indexed• Includes: Lookup fields (manual)o Choice fieldso Managed Metadata
  21. 21. Let the creation begin
  22. 22. #SPSBE33Creating adisplaytemplate• Map the master page gallery• /_catalogs/masterpage/DisplayTemplates/• Use one of the existing templates• Use an editor of your choice4/29/2013 22
  23. 23. Control Display TemplateLet the fun begin
  24. 24. #SPSBE33ControlTemplate –RecapLoad custom JavaScript filesLoad custom CSS filesWrite your HTML markup inside the first <div>$includeScript(this.url, "/_layouts/15/images/Nivo/jquery.nivo.slid");$includeCSS(this.url, "/_layouts/15/images/Nivo/Themes/Default/ss");$includeCSS(this.url, "/_layouts/15/images/Nivo/nivo-slider.css");
  25. 25. Item Display templateDemo
  26. 26. #SPSBE33ItemTemplate –RecapProperty Mapping:Get property valueUse the variable<mso:ManagedPropertyMapping msdt:dt="string">‘Property Name JS {Property Display Name}:Managed PropertyPicture URL{Picture URL}:PublishingImage</mso:ManagedPropertyMapping>var pictureURL = $getItemValue(ctx, Picture URL);_#= pictureURL =#_
  27. 27. Event HandlingDemo
  28. 28. #SPSBE33EventHandling –RecapUse OnPostRender to ensure thatcontrol and item HTML content isloadedctx.OnPostRender = [];ctx.OnPostRender.push(function () {// Write here your JavaScript code});
  29. 29. #SPSBE33Debugging• Display templates showsproblems• Firefox Firebug / IE DeveloperTools4/29/2013 29
  30. 30. Q&AFeedback via Twitter: #SPSBE33
  31. 31. #SPSBE33THANK YOUElio StruyfElio.Struyf@Xylos.comeliostruyf