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Proposta 13 ingles

  1. 1. NG5-Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação DR4 – Redes e tecnologias Câmara de Lobos
  2. 2. PARISHES
  3. 3. CÂMARA DE LOBOS The village Câmara de Lobos was created around 1430, being one of the oldest in Madeira. Since 4 October 1835 they installed the town hall in the centre of Câmara de Lobos. With just over 52 km2, Câmara de Lobos recorded a population density of 595.7 inhabitants per km2, characterized by a very young region. Nowadays the municipal holiday is on 16th October. Official Site:
  4. 4. Estreito Câmara de Lobos This parish is located north of and above Câmara de Lobos. The main industries are business and agriculture. The mountains surround Estreito de Câmara de Lobos and are to the north. Estreito de Câmara do Lobos is famous for its cultivation and production of Madeira wine. It has a few schools, a church and a civic centre. The Levada do Norte runs through the parish.
  5. 5. Quinta Grande Quinta Grande, is one of the five constituent districts of the county Câmara de Lobos. It was created on July 24, 1848, from the breakdown of some sites in the parish of Câmara de Lobos and the Bell Tower, the latter at the time still owned by Câmara de Lobos, centered in the Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies.
  6. 6. Jardim da Serra The village of Jardim da Serra is situated on the top of the mountains above Câmara de Lobos. It’s worth visiting Boca dos namorados and the cherries that grow on trees. According to some authors the name Jardim da Serra, is derived from Quinta do Jardim da Serra, built on the site in the Nineteenth Century, by Henry Weiteh in first place in the Sierra, then in the parish of Câmara de Lobos, which would separate in 1996.
  7. 7. Curral das Freiras Curral das Freiras ('Nuns Valley') is a small village nestling between almost perpendicular mountains in the heart of the island. The huge cauldron in which Curral das Freiras is set was either formed by erosion, which is the more recent theory, or as many still believe, by volcanic activity.
  8. 8. Weather Câmara de Lobos enjoys an extremely pleasant climate. It has one of the best microclimates of the island, with no major fluctuations in temperatures throughout the year.
  9. 9. Symbol In 1420, Zarco witnessed something that would quickly become just a distant memory in the natural history of the island of Madeira: a large bay covered with vegetation and inhabited by a colony of sea wolves.
  10. 10. Typical food Chestnut soup Beef Kebab Bolo do Caco Sword fish
  11. 11. Tourist Attractions Cabo Girão Boca da Corrida Boca dos Namorados Cais de Câmara de Lobos Curral da Freiras
  12. 12. Special Events Cherry Festival Chestnut Festival Wine Festival Sword Fish Festival Carnival
  13. 13. Accommodation Quinta do Estreito Quinta Jardim da Serra
  14. 14. WEBGRAFIA: • pt&source=imghp&q=camara+de+lobos&gbv=2&aq=0&aqi=g1 &aql=&oq=CAMARA+DE+LOBOS&gs_rfai • • Work done by: Cesaltina Jesus Ronaldo Gomes Date: 23-11-2010