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Some key elements for Open Government Accountability and Interoperability


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Presentation of Carlos E. Jiménez, from IEEE, in the International Open Government Data Conference 2012, Co-sponsored by the U.S. General Services Administration,, the World Bank Open Data Initiative and the Open Development Technology Alliance.

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Some key elements for Open Government Accountability and Interoperability

  1. 1. Some key elements for Open Government Accountability and Interoperability Carlos E. Jimenez (@estratic) Head of Strategy & New Programs. IEEE Spain 2012 International Open Government Data Conference July, 2012. Washington, DC. United States of America •1
  2. 2. 1. What is Open Government?2. Why is Open Government Metadata Strategic?3. The Spanish Open Data Decalogue4. The Spanish Open Data Community5. Workgroups on Open Data6. StratML
  3. 3. What Is Open Government? The Strategic Perspective Source: based on Gascó, 2007 Organization Modernization Phase ICT Role Automatization of workflows and organization of procedures: Initial. Target: increase 1.- Bureaucratic efficiency & effectiveness #eAdmin Previous and, in addition, ICT Advanced. Adopting the public facilitates interaction with management perspective citizens via websites and 2.- Professional (efficiency but also serving the portals: citizen). #eGov Finishing the process. Adopting Key for transparency and the governance paradigm (the accountability, interinstitutional citizen is not only a client; collaboration: 3.- Relational Citizen participates in the gobernability processes). #OpenGovTools (maturity) Gov rnment
  4. 4. Why is Open Government Metadata strategic?• Efficiency, transparency, citizen-centric, “public value”, collaboration, participation…• Related elements: Openness, Re-use and Government Metadata… • Metadata is information about the data • Metadata is key in order to structure information • Structured information is key for efficiency • Openness means collaboration and participation • Collaboration and openness mean re-use and interoperability • Interoperability means efficiency • Efficiency is key for accountability • Accountability is key for transparency• Open Government Metadata is an strategic value for Open Government Policies
  5. 5. The Spanish Open Data DecalogueFor every issue, transversal perspectives: Interoperability, re-use and usability 1. Publish data in open and standard formats. 2. Use agreed taxonomies and vocabularies, and open metadata. 3. List all data sets in a structured catalog. 4. Data accessible through persistent and friendly URLs. 5. Expose a minimum number of data sets and the publication roadmap, according to the organizations competences. 6. Service level agreements with the definition of commitments related to the data quality and update, based on an efficient dialogue between governments and re- users. 7. Monitor and analyze service and its usage through specific metrics. 8. Non-restrictive and common licenses for PSI re-use. 9. Spread and educate on usage of data. 10. Collect and spread applications, tools and reference guides to encourage and make easier PSI re-use.
  6. 6. The Spanish Open Data Community
  7. 7. Workgroups on Open Data Business & EnterpreneurshipEducation Tech R&D STRATEGIC VIEW
  8. 8. The strategy in a XML-based machine-readable domain language: StratML• Some Questions: • How can you increase accountability? • How can you identify common objectives and stakeholders? • How would you know if the political program of a candidate is being met after elections? • Do you imagine that a political program is in a machine readable format… and you can automatically identify if plans and actions are really aligned with a public policy?• We need • Representation of our policies and strategic plans, in a machine-readable format… • Develop the key elements of our strategic plans, in machine-readable formats too…• Because it means optimizing resources, increasing efficiency, transparency, collaboration and accountability.
  9. 9. Thank you very much!! carlosjimenez at