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Openness & innovation jimenez Chicago


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Public-Private-People Partnership (PPPP), technology and data are pillars of the so-called Smart City revolution. Collaboration and participation, jointly with transparency are principles of Open Government. But both Open Government and Smart City need a joint and strategic view, aligned with cities' public policies. Open data, as a tool of Open Government portals, and the presence of Chief Data Officers have become notable installments of recent municipal administrations.

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Openness & innovation jimenez Chicago

  1. 1. Carlos E. Jiménez (@estratic) Chair, IEEE Computer Society e-Government STC Openness & Innovation for Smart Cities: A Governmental Strategic Perspective 2014 IEEE International Technology Management Conference Chicago, IL, USA. June, 2014
  2. 2. 1. Index & Introduction to Workshop 2. Big picture: Strategy, PPPP & Innovation for Smart Cities • Public organizations and management • The city as system of systems • ICT & Transformation of Public Organizations • Open Innovation & Open Government • Platforms & projects: the technological tools 3. Participation 4. Open Data: Chicago City Council Index & Introduction to Workshop
  3. 3. Big Picture: Strategy, PPPP & Innovation for Smart Cities
  4. 4. 1. Principles and Strategic targets (… public organizations) 2. Strategic planning (public policy) 3. Strategies: 1..n 4. Information Systems alignment: the systems planning (IT alignment) 5. What we can/should to do?: we are speaking about “Management” 6. ... And “Public Management” Public Organizations and Management From policy… … until operative level
  5. 5. The city as system of systems
  6. 6. The city as system of systems Environment Services Spatial dimension Data management Public policy (Open Government) ICT Water Energy Matter Cycle Mobility Nature
  7. 7. Front O. / Citizenship Open Innovation #SmartGov Bidirectional Permeability Level Back Office ICT & Transformation of Public Organization (from “e” to “smart”) Bureaucratic Professional Source: Jiménez, C.E. (2014). Adapted from Gascó, M. Organization Modernization Level ICT Role Relational Initial: Efficiency Effectiveness Medium: Public Management & Citizen (service) Advanced: Governance Paradigm
  8. 8. Open Innovation & Open Government Source: Chesbrough, 2003 Outside there is important knowledge We can to take advantage of external research We can profit from others’ use of our Intellectual Property Some Principles…
  9. 9.  Open Government Key principles: transparency, participation, collaboration (and do not forget the inclusion, efficiency…) • We will speak about co-production of services • We will speak about citizenship's participation • We will speak about accountability • We will speak about innovation…  Specific tools : From the Front Office and the citizen view... a) Public-Private-People Partnership b) Social Media or “2.0” (Applications) c) Open Government Data (Data) d) Architectures… (Platforms) Cloud … until the Back Office Platforms and projects: the technological tools
  10. 10. Source: Barcelona City Council Platforms and projects: the technological tools
  11. 11. • Created in Fab Lab 22@ Barcelona • Contamination measurement • Crowdfunded • Data in real time can be shared in the network • Based in Arduino … ¿“Fab City”? Platforms and projects: the technological tools • Platform for participatory processes of the people in the cities • Connecting data, people and knowledge • Node for building productive open indicators & distributed tools • Collective construction of the city for its own inhabitants • Based on geolocation, Internet and free hardware and software for data collection and sharing (Smart Citizen Kit - SCK, RESTful api, Mobile App & the web community) SMART CITIZEN KIT
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