QR Codes 101: Examples & Case Studies


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26 QR Code Examples and Case Studies topped off with plenty of statistics and demographics of QR Code use.

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  • QR Codes 101: Case Studies & Examples A presentation by David Erickson of e-Strategy David Erickson is a strategic communications professional with more than 15 years experience in advertising, public relations and online communications. David publishes the eStrategy network of marketing resources: e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog e-Strategy Trends eSstrategy TV SOCIAL : e-Strategy at Facebook e-Strategy at Twitter e-Strategy at YouTube e-Strategy at Google+ e-Strategy at Pinterest e-Strategy at Slideshare
  • Created in 1994 by Denso Wave A Subsidiary of Toyota Track Vehicle Parts Denso Wave does not enforce patent QR Codes license-free Proprietary 2D Code Microsoft Tag Snap Tags
  • QR Code Scanning Apps Consider the steps need to execute a scan ScanLife ShopSavvy Google Goggles A scanner that wants to be an augmented reality app
  • Google's Project Glass Augmented reality Trends: Ubiquitous mobile broadband Effortless input Natural computing Motion capture Image recognition Audio recognition Gestures
  • Visit URL Contact Info Phone Call Text Message Email Calendar Event Wifi
  • Scanner Demographics, Q2 2012 69% male 16% - 18-24 26% - 25-34 24% - 35-44 15% - 45-54 11% - 55+ 53% Android 43% iPhone
  • Where People See QR Codes 56% - On a product 46% - In a magazine 45% - On a coupon 27% - In a newspaper ad 21% - In a catalog 17% - On TV 16% - On Outdoor ad Typically at home Controlled environment Scan Dayparting 60% of people scanned from home, according to an April 2012 comScore MobileLens survey.
  • Why People Scan QR Codes 53% - Get a coupon, discount or deal 52% - Get more information 33% - Enter sweepstakes 26% - Sign up for more information 24% - Watch video 23% - Make a purchase 23% - Interact with social media
  • QR Code Scans By Quarter, 2009-2012 Scans have risen to more than 15 million a quarter in Q2 2012 from zero in Q1 2009, according to ScanLife QR Code Scans Per Minute, 2011 vs 2012 In Q2 2011, ScanLife app users scanned QR codes at the rate of 24 scans per minute; by Q2 2012, that rate had increased to 120 scans per minute. Share Of Barcode Formats 2D barcodes now make up 76% of all codes processed by ScanLife 30% Don't Know What QR Codes Are 72% of consumers say they have seen a QR code But nearly 30% do not know what it is Majority Of QR Code Scanners Did Nothing With Information 57% did nothing with information obtained from the QR Code Just 41% said that they found the information they received useful 42% had mixed feelings The stage is set for QR codes to take off If we marketers don't screw it up The great thing about QR codes is that anyone can do them But the horrible thing about QR codes is that anyone can do them
  • Tesco Home Plus Virtual Stores Korean Supermarket chain How do you become the number one grocery chain without increasing number of stores? Virtual grocery store in subways Scan QR code to add to shopping list Buy Groceries delivered when you get home
  • Famous Dave’s Hawaii Contest [VIDEO] Scan QR Code on flyer Offers real value Mobile optimized form page
  • Denver International Airport Series of display boards Download free eBooks 1 st Bank’s Brand Promise: “We’re Here To Help You Save” Saves money, saves time
  • American Burger restaurant Hennepin Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis Capture foot traffic Free appetizers Discounted drinks Exclusive happy hour
  • QR Codes Generate 50,000 Likes From Glamor Magazine Sept 2011 issue Proprietary SnapTags Designed for use with Facebook and Twitter Readers had to download app, install, scan, and then like Generated 50,814 Facebook likes for advertisers Codes activated by 100,000 readers 4.2% of paid circ
  • QR Codes on product displays Smart Phones More info For sales associates as much as customers Match scan data to sales data
  • QR Codes for Employee Satisfaction Table tents in employee lunchroom
  • QR Codes for Employee Satisfaction Mobile Landing Page Simple yes or no vote
  • Scan For Plant Help At Home Depot Home Depot & Lowe's offer helpful information on how best to care for a given plant
  • STARBUCKS Print ad Loyal customers Spend a lot Download a mobile payment app to spend easier
  • Neustar Banner ad in Marketing Vox email newsletter QR Code in ad captures attention Offer is a free white paper download
  • Scan takes you to mobile landing page White Paper is one of several options
  • Scan takes you to mobile landing page White Paper is one of several options
  • Graphic Designer Alternative Movie/TV posters Scan sends you to his blog Sells the posters Contact info for graphic design services
  • Billboard on Lake Street in Uptown Introducing new chef Heavy foot traffic Indoor signage QR codes on drinks
  • QR Codes on Trading Cards Reconnect with alumni Girls hand out to anyone who says they were a girl scout Includes URL in case people don’t know what QR Code is How The Girl Scouts Of Minnesota Use QR Codes
  • NATIONAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Labeled exhibit items with QR Codes Allowed people to comment on those items
  • Curved coffee sleeve makes it difficult to scan
  • Signup form is not mobile friendly Need to scroll horizontally to match labels with text boxes
  • Saint Paul Saints Ballpark Concourse Scan obstructed by fans
  • Calhoun Apartments Scan directed to management company website Tell me what I want to know as a prospective RENTER
  • UNITED WAY FUNDRAISING Says "Learn How To LIVE UNITED at unitedwaytwincities.org" So it sets expectations about where you are going BUT why not link directly to a fundraising form?
  • QR Code on Presentation about mobile marketing Small QR Code Poorly lit room No alternative URL
  • Why?? QR Code Scanning Context Cherries cost $3-5 a bag All I need to know about my cherries is if they taste good Is this really needed Video demonstration
  • Above a Urinal Poorly light bathroom A trough urinal Do I want to look like a dork? Do I want to risk dropping my smart phone into a urinal?
  • QR Code on 30 Second TV Ad Uncertain lighting conditions QR code appears halfway through 15 seconds to wait for my app to load, then scan
  • Medtronic Sidewalk QR Code Downtown Minneapolis Sidewalk Light rail station Couldn’t get it to work
  • Edina Realty Title [VIDEO] QR Code for Recruiting Transparent background makes it impossible to scan
  • New York Times Style Magazine Supplement Bell Harbors Shops 2 page, full-color ad Download our app! Malformed URL Missing W in URL: ww.bellsharbor.com Causes Page Not Found Error
  • Moving Target Cause accidents?
  • Measurement Analytics Number of scans Number of users When - Time/date Where - what city Tech - Handset Who - Demographics If you ask View usage data Make decisions based on geography, time of day, demographics, tech
  • Bit.ly Analytics for The Daily Numbers link QR Code Generation Clicks Date range Social sharing Referrers Direct Email Twitter Country location MEASURE: FROM CLICK TO SITE Track Traffic From Click to Conversion Google Analytics Tracks traffic on website Path through website Type of technology Page views/Time on site Form completion Google URL Builder Adds parameters that Google Analytics can track Shorten URL in Bit.ly to generate QR Code
  • What do you want to accomplish? Context matters Consider user calculations Content matters The path of least resistance Test in the real world Measure and learn
  • QR Codes 101: Examples & Case Studies

    1. 1. QR Codes 101:Case Studies & Examples
    2. 2. A Quick History Of Quick Response Codes Image courtesy Dave Sanford on Flickr
    3. 3. QR Code Scanners
    4. 4. QR Codes Are A Transitional Technology Image courtesy Google
    5. 5. What Are QR Codes Good For? Image courtesy EEPaul on Flickr.
    6. 6. Who Scans QR Codes? Image courtesy Triskele Technologies on Flickr
    7. 7. Where Are People Scanning QR Codes?
    8. 8. Why Do People Scan QR Codes?
    9. 9. How Popular Are QR Codes? Image courtesy interlinkONE
    10. 10. THE GOOD
    11. 11. Tesco: Virtual Grocery Store Image courtesy Computer How To Guide
    12. 12. Famous Daves Hawaii Contest Mobile Optimized
    13. 13. 1st Bank eBooks – Delivering Brand Promise Image Travelin Librarian on Flickr
    14. 14. American Burger Foot Traffic Specials Image courtesy X
    15. 15. Glamour Print Advertising Extensions Image courtesy Glamour Magazine
    16. 16. Best Buy Product DisplaysFor Customers & Employees Alike
    17. 17. Best Buy Employee Satisfaction Survey Image courtesy Wordofmaus on Flickr
    18. 18. Best Buy Lunchroom Table Tent Scan
    19. 19. Plant-Saving Information For Brown Thumbs Image courtesy Print Media Center
    20. 20. Buy More, Quicker:Starbucks & mCommerce Image courtesy Starbucks
    21. 21. neustar Banner Ads Target Audience Image courtesy X
    22. 22. neustar Banner Ad Scan
    23. 23. neustar Banner Ad Mobile Form
    24. 24. Demonstrate Graphic Design Expertise Image courtesy Matt Needle
    25. 25. Lure Them In Images courtesy The Mobilists & City Pages
    26. 26. Reconnect Former Girl Scouts
    27. 27. Museum Audio Tours: Learn More Image courtesy Tourchlight Digital
    28. 28. THE BAD
    29. 29. Scans & Curves Do Not Mix
    30. 30. Mobile-Unfriendly Forms =Famous Daves Frustration Club
    31. 31. Foot Traffic Obstructions
    32. 32. Show Me The APARTMENTS!
    33. 33. If You Wanna Raise Funds, RAISE THEM
    34. 34. The QR Code On Your Mobile Presentation Damn Well Better Work
    35. 35. THE UGLY
    36. 36. Cherries.Theyre Cherries.
    37. 37. Bathrooms Dumb Places For Smart Phones
    38. 38. Quick:Can You Scan A 30 Second Spot?
    39. 39. People Walk On Sidewalks
    40. 40. Windows Are Transparent
    41. 41. Broken Links:Scan Before Placing Ad
    42. 42. Need I Say It?Trucks Are Moving Targets
    44. 44. QR Code Generators• Bit.ly • http:/bit.ly / • Basic analytics • Social sharing• Google URL Shortener • http:/goo.gl / • Basic analytics• QReateBuzz • http:/QReateBuzz.com / • QR Code management • Better analytics • Redirect URLs on the fly
    45. 45. QR Code Analytics
    46. 46. TAKEAWAYS
    47. 47. David Erickson - e-StrategyDavid Erickson - e-Strategiste-Strategydavid@e-strategy.com@derickson651-400-0066Twitter.com/e_StrategyFacebook.com/eStrategyComYoutube.com/estrategye-StrategyBlog.comTrends.e-StrategyBlog.comTrends.e-StrategyBlog.com/Trends/QR-Codes