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PIC presentation


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This is the presentation on the Prison Industrial Complex for SOC-RHET 297

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PIC presentation

  1. 1. What are the societal purposes of prisons?
  2. 2. Physical space to deal with social and cultural issuesMaintaining the EconomicRacial, Social, C Growth forultural Hierarchy Prison Industry
  3. 3. “A set of bureaucratic, political and economic interests that encourages spending on incarceration regardless of actual need”- Eric Schlosser,”The Prison-Industrial Complex”, The Atlantic.[The Prison Industrial Complex] “contest[s] prevailing beliefs that increased levels of crime were the root cause of mounting prison populations. Instead, they argued, prison construction and the attendant drive to fill these new structures with human bodies have been driven by ideologies of racism and the pursuit of profit.”- Angela Davis. Are Prisons Obsolete?“...the Prison Industrial Complex is an interweaving of private business and government interests. It holds a twofold purpose, which can be described as profit and social control.” –Stormy Ogden, “Pomo Woman, Ex- Prisoner, Speaks Out”
  4. 4. I. There is not a relationship between crime and prisons Inverse relationship between the crime rate and the growth of prisons Prisons do not stop people from committing crimes. Not all crime is created equal
  5. 5. II. Prisons act as tools of social control• Relationship between racism and incarceration• “A geographical solution to socio-economic problems”• Tim Wise on the connections prison and social control.
  6. 6. III. Prisons serve an economic imperative• Private prisons make money from „housing prisoners‟• Prisoners= free* labor• Manages a restricted labor force• Example: Central California
  7. 7. Why do sociologists study the PIC? Prisons are a major part of our society The intersection of governments, business and ideology Culture of prison has an impact on communities on „the outside‟ How is power distributed and manipulated within the PIC?