Ecc 4 Implementing sustainability - Luisa Coll Hellyer


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Estoril Green Festival 2011 "Sustainable Events Seminar"

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Ecc 4 Implementing sustainability - Luisa Coll Hellyer

  1. 1. CASE STUDYIMPLEMENTING SUSTAINABILITYLuisa Coll Hellyer(Former) Event Manager, European Wind Energy Association
  2. 2. GOAL SUPPLIERSETTING ENGAGEMENT Vision Discuss Clause in contract from beginningSpecific goals Share goals (decide what actions to take to meet goals) MEASURING RESULTS
  3. 3. Goal settingExample of a vision statementEWEA aims to organise:“The most sustainable event in the global energy industry, leaving long term positive social and environmental legacies within the local communities we visit”
  4. 4. Goal settingExample of specific goals
  5. 5. GOAL SUPPLIER SETTING ENGAGEMENT Vision Discuss Clause in contract from beginningSpecific goals Share goals (decide what actions to take to meet goals) MEASURING RESULTS
  6. 6. Supplier engagementExample of clause (exhibition stand builder) “Xxxx is committed to being good stewards of our environment. Xxx will fully support EWEA by sharing the desire to inspire responsible action and take social & environmental considerations into account in all of our event related activities. For EWEA, this includes: During build up and break down of stands, reuse of materials to reduce total waste XXX will observe the requirements to recycle waste materials as outlined in the EWEA 2011 waste management plan XXX will place priority on the elimination of toxic chemicals, paints and adhesives by using eco-labelled products whenever possible. With the above, Melville agrees to support EWEA in its effort to reach a 30% waste diversion target.”
  7. 7. Supplier engagementShare your goals Make your life easier by breaking down the target!
  8. 8. Supplier engagement3 practical examples of what can be achievedthanks to supplier engagement 1. Accommodation 2. Waste management 3. Catering
  9. 9. ACCOMODATIONOnline booking form for delegates
  10. 10. WASTE MANAGEMENTExample of waste management instructions/guidelines EWEA’s waste diversion target is 30% of total event waste. We’ve come up with up a plan, we need you to implement it!
  11. 11. CATERINGExample of catering menu ustainability: 90% of all products have been locally produced, fair trade products have been selected where possible, condiments are served in bulk to reduce packaging waste, a vegetarian option is offered each day, and any leftover food will be donated to local charities
  12. 12. Environmentally friendly equipmentReusable equipmentSugar, milk served inbulk!
  13. 13. MEASURING Track data (during event) Collect data and analyse it Report (Communicate)
  14. 14. TIPS & LESSONS LEARNT Goal setting• Breakdown main goal into specific/tangible goals• Set realistic goals• Share them from day 1 (adjust if necessary) Supplier engagement• Discuss sustainability from day 1• Avoid verbal agreements• Collaboration vs obligation Measuring• Agree before event what data needed after event – data impossible to track once event is over• Share, report!
  15. 15. CHALLENGES• Often “change” is needed (big word!)• Commitment needs to come from management• (Nowadays it is still a) Bumpy road....with a Happy ending!!!
  16. 16. Thank you very much for your attention! Contact details Luisa Coll Hellyer Email: Mobile: +34 609290993