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Storylines - Research


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Research and background for our class project called "Storylines," an audio tour system we designed for the High Line in New York City.

For a video of our user journey, check out:

Produced for the course "Design for Public Spaces," taught by Jill Nussbaum in SVA's MFA Interaction Design Program.

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Storylines - Research

  1. 1. Story lines By Derek Chan, Carmen Dukes, Kristin Gräfe, and Eric St. Onge
  2. 2. Challenge is to create a networked, mobile, or interactive installation that enhances the experience of the High Line park. Our mission is to preserve the High Line’s history, an essential piece for New York’s industrial past. Design Challenge
  3. 3. “I am on my way to a Chelsea gallery. I go this way often and would like to get additional information.” Interviews
  4. 4. “I know that the park was a railway, but I would be interested in hearing more about the history.” Interviews
  5. 5. “I would like to know more about the park, so that I can tell all my visiting friends” Interviews
  6. 6. ”I got the most questions about the history of the park. Around 70% of the visitors are tourists. In Winter, people spend around 20/30 min. in the park, in the summer the people are in the park for hours. The benches and chairs are very popular.“ Interviews
  7. 7. • Interest in history • Most of the visitors are tourists • High Line is used as a social place • Walking in a directed path • Time and season changes the experience Key Learnings
  8. 8. • Share history with visitors • Follow the path of the High Line • Sociable tour experience • Does not require a speci c device Goals
  9. 9. Storylines is an audio tour system built for small groups, allowing visitors to learn more about the High Line while engaged with the environment. The system uses wireless beacons placed throughout the park to transmit stories to a custom designed headset worn by visitors. As visitors walk through the park, the stories describe the history of the High Line, its ecology, and the surrounding neighborhoods Concept Statement
  10. 10. Storylines
  11. 11. Story Lines • Unique way to describe the park’s history • Non-obtrusive integration into the park • Entertaining and memorable visitor experience Summary