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Phoenix parent meeting_2020


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Phoenix Middle School 6th grade Parent Meeting

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Phoenix parent meeting_2020

  1. 1. Phoenix Middle School A place of innovation, creativity and mastery.
  2. 2. • Phoenix uses Mastery Assessment • The length of the school day is longer: 7:40am – 4:30pm. • Critical Thinking across curriculum. • Global Education across curriculum. What makes Phoenix Different?
  3. 3. • Additional Classes: Connections, Global Cultures, Foundations. • Discovery Days help students explore interest outside of school. • We value and encourage student voice and ideas. • Increased Teacher / Student contact time helps build positive relationships. What makes Phoenix Different?
  4. 4. Mastery Assessment Mastery Assessment • Requires students to demonstrate essential knowledge and skills of a specific assignment or course. • Revision vs Failure • Assessment vs Sorting
  5. 5. Lesson Framework Introduction Structured Practice Guided Practice Mastery No Enrichment Yes Mastery Assessment Workflow
  6. 6. THE SCHOOL DAY Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Creative Start Foundations Student Forum Foundations Academic Block I Academic Block 2 PE | Lunch | Academic Option Academic Block 3 Staff Meeting Learning Extensions
  7. 7. Foundations THE SCHOOL DAY • Development of literacy skills and strategies that are the foundation for other disciplines. • Both 7th and 8th grade Phoenix students take Foundations four days / week for the entire school year.
  8. 8. Foundations THE SCHOOL DAY Instruction and practice of any of the following may take place during this class period: Reading Strategies Technology Skills Test Taking Strategies Vocabulary Development Media Literacy Study Skills Writing Skills Research Skills Communication Skills Mathematical Skills Learning Styles Organizational Skills
  9. 9. Creative Start THE SCHOOL DAY • Every child has the innate urge and capacity to be artistically expressive. • Creative Start allows students to draw upon and to deepen their creative abilities. • Early experience in creative thinking lasts for a lifetime and can be applied to all other academic endeavors.
  10. 10. Creative Start / Friday Creative Option THE SCHOOL DAY Class (2019-2020) 7th 8th Friday (2nd Semester) Electronic Media Band Choir Orchestra Bullet Journaling Embroidery Friendship Bracelets Shutterfly Photo Books Coloring / Rock Music Stop Motion Video Woodworking Design Challenge Broadway Bound Math / Art Robotics
  11. 11. THE SCHOOL DAY Core Academic Blocks The foundation for curriculum is: • The Ohio Department of Education content standards. • The Worthington Schools graded course of study. • Critical / Creative Thinking.
  12. 12. Core Academic Blocks THE SCHOOL DAY 7th Grade 8th Grade Connections Connections Social Studies Social Studies Science Science Language Arts Language Arts Math Math Global Cultures Spanish I
  13. 13. Math Progression COMMON CORE MATH PROGRESSSION CHART Current Class 7th Grade 8th Grade 6th Math (CC1) Math 7 (CC2) Math 8 (CC3) Comp. 7/8 (CC2/3) HS Math 1 (Int. 1) 6th Math EPP (Gifted) CC2 Acc. Math 8 Comp. 7/8 (CC2/3) Math 1 Math 7 (CC2) Math 8 (CC3) Math 1 (Int. 1) Math 8 (CC3) Honors Math 1
  14. 14. Math Progression • Math Placement determined by: o Performance in current math course o 6th Teacher recommendation. o Data from district and state testing. • Acc 7 and Acc 8 o All content from the Math 7, 8, and HS Math 1 o Students cover 3 years of content in 2 years o These classes are demanding and have a more intense workload.
  15. 15. Math Progression COMMON CORE MATH PROGRESSSION CHART 7 8 9 10 11 12 Math 7 Math 8 Math 1 Math 2 or Block 2/3 Math 3 ? Math 7 Acc. Acc. Math 8 Honors Math 2 Honors Math 3 Honors Pre Calc ? Math 7 Acc. Acc. Math 8 Honors Math 2 Honors Math 3 Honors Math 4 ? Math 8 Math 1 Honors Math 2 Honors Math 3 Honors Math 4 ? Math 8 Acc. Honors Math 2 Honors Math 3 Honors Pre Calc Calculus ? Math 8 Math 1 Math 2 Math 3 Math 4 ? Math 8 Honors Math 1 Honors Math 2 Honors Math 3 Honors Pre calc ?
  16. 16. Core Academic Blocks THE SCHOOL DAY Connections - 7th Grade • Critical/Creative Thinking Connections - 8th Grade • Critical/Creative Thinking • Explore the relationship of self and society • Explore the concept of wellness as it relates to complete health and well-being.
  17. 17. THE SCHOOL DAY Global Cultures – 7th Grade • All students take Global Cultures as 7th graders • Course works in concert with Social Studies, Language Arts, and Technology standards • Focuses on: perspective consciousness / multiple perspectives, global citizenship, global issues / systems, local / global cultural connections Core Academic Blocks
  18. 18. Core Academic Blocks THE SCHOOL DAY Spanish - 8th Grade • All students take Spanish I as 8th graders • The curriculum corresponds to the High School Spanish 1 curriculum. • Students can take Spanish II in High School.
  19. 19. Independent Reading Daily Writing Journal THE SCHOOL DAY • Phoenix provides time Monday through Thursday for independent reading and writing. • Students write for 10 minutes, then read silently for 30 minutes. • Students are given the choice of genre they want to read. Both writing prompts and free writing opportunities are available.
  20. 20. • Academic intervention • Student time to work on assignments • Time for teachers to answer questions. • Student Clubs and Activities Mastery Assessment Academic Options (2-3 days / week) Learning Extensions (4 days / week)
  21. 21. • Students can take Wellness 2-3 days/week depending on physical and academic need. • The emphasis of the course is life-long fitness, leisure time, and lifelong team sports. • Students can choose from multiple activities every four weeks. Physical Wellness Program THE SCHOOL DAY
  22. 22. Student Forum • An open forum or “town hall” where students and staff have a voice in what’s happening at Phoenix. • Includes discussion of school-wide topics (school expectations, course offerings, school-wide projects), discussion of concerns or problems, or sharing of talents of the Phoenix community. Forum
  23. 23. Parent Forum • How to help your child achieve • Information about how the school runs • PTSA information • Parent-to-parent support • Curriculum questions • Travel information • Current parent concerns Forum
  24. 24. • Travel is an extremely important component of the Phoenix experience. • We offer choices of travel locally, regionally and internationally. • Upcoming trips... Travel Student Travel
  25. 25. Common Concerns How will students get to and from Phoenix? • Students are transported to and from Phoenix using Worthington School buses. • Students are transported from Phoenix to sports / drama productions at 3:40 or from Phoenix to home at 4:30.
  26. 26. Successful students: • can work independently with some direction, • can handle change, • are curious, • have flexibility, • take positive risks, • would like to take their own interests to the next level, • enjoy trying new things, • have parents who are invested and supportive of the Phoenix philosophy. Common Concerns
  27. 27. • Late work and assignments that are not at mastery do not go away; students will still be responsible for current work while they are working to catch up on work that is tardy. • This can become problematic very, very quickly! Keeping up with work and honoring deadlines is crucial to academic success at Phoenix. A note about Mastery Assessment: Note: Unlike traditional assessment programs, assignments not at mastery at the end of the quarter will carry over to the next 9 weeks. Common Concerns
  28. 28. Middle School redesign Process and Timeline Worthington Schools Master Facilities Plan Common Concerns More Information available on the district page. Go to and click here:
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  30. 30. NOTES