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Saint Antontxu


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Saint Antontxu

  1. 1. SAINT ANTONTXUEneritz ZaballaLucía RedondoMiren Jodra
  2. 2. Description• We celebrate this day on January 18th.It´s a day in which farmers make a fair to showtheir products, livestock... And they also makesausages contests.At the weekend there are concerts, culturalactivities, popular cross-country races,sports... Saint Antontxu has been held for thelast years.
  3. 3. A fair• Farmers come to Mungia every year toMungia to exhibit their products, animals,plants... People buy things or just look for this.
  4. 4. Sausages contest• People from different places of Bizkaia cometo test the sausages and exhibit their sausagesfor the contest.Last year the winner was a man from Gernika.
  5. 5. Popular cross-country race• This is more important than the sausagescontests but not more important than the fair.People from Mungia run through the village.
  6. 6. Saint Antontxu 2012• Last year San Antontxu´s fair was better thanthis year’s fair, because it was raining and thepeople didn´t come to Mungia because theydidn´t want to get wet.