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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. WHO’S OLENTZERO?• Olentzero is one of the most important characters in the Basque mithology.He’s an old man, who lives in a house in a mountain. During the year he watches the BasqueCountry kids behavior by a magic fire he has in a secret room in his house while he makes thepresents. Thanks to that, he knows which kids are good, and which ones are bad.Olentzero brings presents to all the kids in the country, but only to the good ones!He has a list to know which ones deserve presents and who don’t.
  2. 2. A LITTLE BIT ABOUTCHRISTMAS AND CHRISTMASEVE• This tradition is celebrated in the Basque Country, this festival or holiday starts the 24 ofDecember and finishes the 7 of January, the day school starts.• The 24 of December, most of the families meet and have dinner together, to celebrate theChristmas eve. We usually have shellfish,jam,lamb,chocolate... Before having dinner, people goto visit Olentzero, who comes to visit every town in the Basque Country and receives the childrenwith love and hope for this year more than the rest because of the bad economic situation of thefamilies in Spain.