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My ancillary products q1

  1. 1. MY ANCILLARY PRODUCTSFILM POSTER:The font I have chosen for the actor’s names looks fairly modern and simple in order to notdistract the reader’s attention from the rest of the film poster. The white font reflects thecharacter’s innocence although it is clear that they are not entirely innocent, as they have alldone something bad. This is rather conventional for a horror poster as it is to advertise andnot give away the narrative. Therefore, I decided to not change the font or color for thedemon’s name as I did not want to make it too obvious for my audience who the antagonistis as it would make the narrative appear too simple and predictable. For my subheading, I wanted a more original and less conventional “catchphrase”. Theimage on the right is from the horror film poster Sinister and displays a very simplesubheading. I had asked my target audience whether they thought that a more originalsubheading with an original font and color would work better and based on my answers, Ifelt that I made the right decision to break such conventions. Therefore I used a font which Idownloaded from the website which looks like it has been carved or scratchedinto. This fits well with my film as my demon rises from her tombstone and scratches herway out of her coffin and out of the soil. I also thought that if my font was less conventionaland “boring” that it would make my poster stand out and create a stronger effect on myaudience. I also decided that having the word ‘revenge’ in red would also be more powerfulas it has connotations of danger and stands out from the rest of the sentence which leavesmy audience with the fear of the demon’s strong motive for revenge.
  2. 2. For the boarder of my film poster, I did not just want a plain background of a certain location such asthe one in the Woman in Black as it would be hard for me to find a strong powerful location in orderto take this picture within my area. Instead, I thought that the walls with scratches and dents wouldbe more powerful as it was said to be less conventional in my audience comments “the walls on theside are really effective and original.” This originality also fits with the idea that there is no time-frame visible right away which does not limit my audience’s appeal as I leave it to them to decidewhen the film/trailer is set in. This gives my audience the power and control which will hopefullymake them use their imagination to create “scenarios” that they would like to see in my trailer.Overall, I was hoping that this would taget my audience and make them less passive as they havecontrol of their own imagaination which I think is effective within the horror genre. In thebackground image of the Woman in Black I liked the trees in the background. Therefore, I tried toincorporate trees behind the demon in order to reflect the disruption of nature and it’s natural cycleof life as she is in front of the trees making her appear more dominant and henceforth more fearful. I used my demon for my film poster as I thought that it would be more conventional for ahorror poster as it has been done in a lot of other horror film poster and create a strongimpact on my audience. My demon is looking directly at the audience in order to targetthem personally as they engage in eye contact immediately which makes the audiencenotice the demon right away and feel fear as she appears very dominant and menacingwhich is conventional for a horror poster. Her hair however hides part of her face in order tonot reveal herself entirely to the audience before they have watched the actual film as Ithought that that the audience would find her more frightening if they used their
  3. 3. imagination to decide how she actually looks like. Similarly to the poster from the Uninvited,it is a shot from the front of the true antagonist which overall, makes the film poster morecaptivating and iconic which allows the audience to realize that it is a horror which will helptarget an audience that watches horror films.  &For the font and color of my film title, I wanted to remain quite conventional in order toestablish the genre of horror in my film yet still be original and target an audience and inorder for my film to stand out from all the clichéd horror films. Therefore, I first decided onthe color of my title for which I settled on white as I saw it was rather conventional for thefilm title. The white has false connotations of innocence and purity which links to my titleand narrative as there is a clear sense of irony. Unlike the title for The Uninvited, I did notwant something that would be hard to read and unlike ‘Drag me to hell’; I did not want atitle without a relation to my genre or film. Therefore, I settled on a ‘destroyed’ effect inorder to symbolize the character’s disrupted and damaged lives.For the border of my entire film poster, I added a black visual effect that looks like an eyewith inside, my demon and the entirety of the poster. I decided to do this as I thought that itwas an original and unconventional idea that links with the idea that my protagonist is beingwatched continuously and is targeted by the demon. However, as my demon is in thepicture, I also thought that they eye would reflect her previous life where she was beingsurveyed before her death. Overall, this looking eye effect allows the audience tounderstand the idea of people being followed and targeted which makes them feel empathytowards whoever the victim is which is conventional in the way that it targets my audience.
  4. 4. FILM MAGAZINE COVER: This is a conventional slogan for Empire magazines. This markets the magazine’s brand andthis particular issue at the same time. It allows the audience to feel a sense of loyalty andrespect towards the magazine which then leads them to good, high expectations of themagazine. I decided to use a conventional font that once again links to the horror theme ofmy magazine cover and will help target my audience. I used a ‘destroyed’ effect that reflectsthe damaged lives of my characters, which creates a link between the magazine and my filmwhich overall allows a more powerful effect on my audience. The image on the right is fromanother Empire magazine and for a science-fiction film. This influenced my idea of having alink between the genre of my film and the magazine cover as the electric blue for the filmCowboys and Aliens has connotations of space and supernatural which clearly fits with thefilm.  &For my magazine title I wanted to find a balance between remaining conventional in orderto make my magazine cover look realistic for Empire magazines yet still be original andcreative. I decided to keep the red color as it is one of Empire’s biggest conventions shown
  5. 5. with the image on the right. The red also has connotations of danger and is conventionalcolors the horror genre, which I think, helps fit my film and genre and targets my audienceand inform them about my film. However, I decided to add a glowing effect on the top ofmy character’s head, which allows the letters in the middle to have a different, lightershade. This suggests that my character on the magazine cover isn’t entirely bad as she is thevictim in the film and that she is strong and dominant as she appears over the magazine titleand creates a change to the color. In order to break away from all the conventions of anEmpire magazine, I decided to change the font and have a ‘special feature’ issue similarly tothe issue for the film Hellboy 2. Therefore, this allows the theme of my magazine issue to beclearly a horror one and fit with my film and the other productions I have included withinmy magazine. Similarly to the other (real) magazine covers, the price is added above the ‘M’,which is once again a convention for Empire magazines where the price in pounds is in abigger font than the next two lines that also give the price in US dollars. Therefore, thisallows a sense of familiarity for my magazine cover and fits the conventions for Empire. Bybreaking some of the conventions I did, I hope that my magazine cover will stand out fromthe others on the shelf and make my audience see this different/original cover as a newerand more interesting purchase. This is my background image for my magazine cover. I took this picture in America and itconsists of white mud that smokes which is rather conventional in the way that it doesn’tlook too busy. I thought that this would work well for my background as the smoke hasconnotations of danger and fire which links to the theme of hell in my film. I blurred out acorner that shows the forest in background in order to keep a simple background, which isconventional for magazines as they try and focus on the character on the top layer. Incomparison to this other magazine cover which mostly has a wooden background, I likedhow it fit with the genre of the film Sherlock Holmes and the fact that it is set in the pastwhere wood was used a lot in construction… Therefore, this creates a link between themagazine’s background image and the film. I like how the Sherlock Holmes cover is able totarget a wide age range through the use of an ‘ancient-looking’ background and a popularactor famous among all ages. Therefore, within my magazine cover, in order to produce
  6. 6. something with the same results, I used a background image that fits with the genrehowever does not give any idea of the time my trailer/film is set in. This special feature box at the bottom of my magazine cover fits some of the conventions ofan Empire magazine. I decided to use a black box as it fits with my horror genre as black hasconnotations of evil. The white text allows a contrast with the black and makes the textstand out and represent the theme of good versus evil within my film. I also decided to addmy barcode in the corner right of the page as it fits with the rule of thirds where thebarcode will be the last thing to notice as it is not very important as it does not market themagazine in any way. I decided to add other still images from other horror films at thebottom in order to have a certain section that advertises the rest of the magazine issue. I decided to have mid shot of my key character for my magazine character as it advertisesthe film the best as she is seen the most in my film and trailer. She appears vulnerable inthis picture and is looking directly at the audience in order to target the audience specificallyand make them feel sympathy for her. This powerful effect allows the audience to also feelthe need to protect her as she is young and bruised which grabs their attention overall andmakes them intrigued. Within the Sherlock Holmes magazine cover, we can see that helooking at us directly as well which depicts his confidence and control which makes himappear dominant, grabbing the audience’s attention. I think that in both cases, the use ofdirect eye contact with the audience and an emotion being passed through from thecharacter helps target the audience at the store and will capture their attention.