Estel Conference, an overview. The Estel Community - Paolo Dalla Chiara


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Press Conference, Rome 21 Dec 2012.
Paolo Dalla Chiara, SAT Expo President, gives an overview of the conference, the location, the Web Estel Community Project

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Estel Conference, an overview. The Estel Community - Paolo Dalla Chiara

  1. 1. First Edition 2-5 October 2012 Fontana di Trevi Conference Center
  2. 2. 1. Una conferenza scientifica Estel Conference key points innovativa: The First International Conference about Space and Satellite Telecommunications in Europe promoted by IEEE – AESS IEEE - the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation Important Partnerships: ESOA (European Satellite Operators Association) ESA (European Space Agency) CTIF (Center for Teleinfrastruktur – Aalborg University) SAT Expo (The international Expo-Forum on Advanced Space and Telecommunications)
  3. 3. Estel Conference key points• A unique venue in the heart of Rome, different hotel accommodations at walking distance and social activities for many unforgettable tours• Cutting-edge topics and a multidisciplinary focus• Meeting of leading players in the field of Satellite Communications and Technologies from Governments, Industry and Academia• International speakers and participants coming from 21 countries (America, Europe, Africa and Asia)
  4. 4. A strong team• International Steering Committee with 50 members (and I am one of them)• International Technical Committee with 62 members chaired by the Tor Vergata University• Organizing Committee chaired by ESOA together with the SAT Expo team• Publicity Committee• Financial Committee• A permanent working team of more than 120 people in the world!
  5. 5. A strategic and well-equipped Conference Centre B A C
  6. 6. A strategic and well-equipped Conference Centre• 1 Auditorium with seating capacity of 300 (A)• 6 Meeting rooms, with seating capacity ranging from 100 to 60 (B)• 4 Expo Areas equipped with coffee and buffet corners and 2 Areas with desks (C)
  7. 7. How to participate• Individual participation through paper submission to an international Technical Program Committee• Company participation through:a) Sponsorship (platinum, gold, silver packages)b) Exhibition with pre-furnished boothsc) Exhibition with a desk• All participants can have B2B and R2I (Research to Industry) meetings upon request and included in the participation costs• All details are in the press kit
  8. 8. Not justObiettivi: 3. a conference Wa want to launch the ESTEL Community to extend the benefits of the conference over time A Social Community that paves the way for direct dialogue before and after the main event A directory of profiles of the participants and sponsor companies (Web 3.0 Campaign) From now until October 2012: a network to exchange ideas and expertise, develop contacts between key players and have constant knowledge of conference topics and participants
  9. 9. WEP - Web Estel ProjectObjectives Raise awareness on conference themes Community building, contacts sharing Encourage people to exchange ideas Let contributors familiarize with each other Warm-up phase before the conference Extend the benefits of the conference over time Our Web Manager Pierfrancesco Marsiaj will briefly explain this project to you. After that you are all invited to the ESTEL Conference Christmas Cocktail