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VCE Company presentation from the 5/17 VCE Lunch & Learn

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  • Agenda – no notes necessary
  • The VCE charter speaks to the high level mission of VCE.No changes with the launch of a Vblock 300
  • Integrated Sales, Services and Support - Vblock Unified Customer EngagementThe Vblock Unified Customer Engagement is an integrated portfolio of sales, service and support to help customers de-risk the journey to private cloud, understand business benefits and deploy Vblock-based infrastructure. VCE supports multiple go to market routes for customers of the Vblock Infrastructure Platforms. These routes include an extensive ecosystem of channel partners, system integrators as well as direct sales from Cisco, EMC and VMware. VCE, along with Cisco, EMC and VMware and partners have developed a set of VCE Services to enable private cloud. These services can help organizations transform their current IT infrastructure to accelerate strategic business impact.  Using the Vblock Infrastructure Package architecture, VCE Services will help define an organization’s cloud vision, a cloud strategy that aligns with business needs, an architecture and high-level design, with a plan to deploy the Vblock solution.VCE has developed a virtual support center with combined expertise for fast technical assistance and response. Customers can access this support through a single contact point directly connecting them with a virtual team of VCE solution technical experts.
  • Vblock Infrastructure Platforms enable you to start, for example, with a single Vblock 1, then scale up with additional capacity or power, or scale out with additional Vblock platforms. In this example, Vblock 2 has been deployed for mission critical applications, Vblock 1 for shared services – Email, File and Print, etc and a couple of Vblock platforms for management as well as development sandbox environments.Each Vblock is connected to aggregation layer switches that enable IP connectivity to application users and end points, as well as provide application services such as server-load balancing and firewall services for the applications that are hosted on the Vblock platforms. The aggregation layer and associated services enable VMs to be VMotioned within the Vblock while maintaining user sessions and policy control. Additionally, a storage aggregation layer enables storage resources to be scaled to support either pooled storage, or isolated storage using VSANs, and also enables advanced functionality such as CDP/SANTap, and storage media encryption, as well as replication between data centers over fibre optic or FCIP.500 VMsEnterprises that are migrating workloads to a virtualized model within a brown field environmentEnterprises that are building out new virtualized application environments – VDI1500 VMsGreen field build-outs for enterprise customers that want to migrate rapidly to virtualizationEnterprise brown field transformation3000 VMsService Providers offering managed services, cloud services, SaaS etc. (multiple blocks of 3000 VMs typical)Enterprise green Field build-outs (multiple blocks of 3000 VMs typical)
  • Based on VCE’s experience in building Vblocks and talking to customers, we estimate that customers will save approximately 60 to 90 days by buying a Vblock versus building it themselves. This expands on the previous slide. Is a three month time saving, one number to call for support in a pre-built, pre-tested and optimized platform valuable to your customer? While the enterprise may be capable of doing the integration, wouldn’t the enterprise rather optimize data and applications?
  • VCE is announcing the following-Vblock 2 is renamed Vblock 700 and the specifications remain the same. Vblock 300 is the new Vblocks with storage based on the EMC VNX
  • The Vblock platform currently consists of Vblock 0, Vblock 1, Vblock 1u, Vblock 2. With the launch of Vblock 300, we have also renamed Vblock 2 to Vblock 700. This new naming convention will give us the opportunity to add additional specificity, by having model numbers. VCE will focus on Promoting Vblock 300 and Vblock 700. While Vblock 0, Vblock 1, and Vblock 1u are still available they will not be actively marketed.
  • Vblock Infrastructure Platforms

    1. 1. VBLOCK™ Infrastructure Platforms<br />Next Generation Vblock Platforms <br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />VCE Introduction<br />Vblock Value Proposition<br />Vblock Platforms & Solutions<br />
    3. 3. Chairman and CEO Michael Capellas; VCE leadership team formed primarily by investor company executives<br />Frank Hauck is President of VCE<br />VCE was formed in 2009 by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel to accelerate the adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models that dramatically reduce the cost of IT while improving time to market for our customers<br />VCE has over 500 employees as of 12/2010, recruiting focused onsolutionsarchitects, integration engineering, global domain sales support <br />Currently ~850 global employees<br />VCE delivers Vblock, the industry's first completely integrated IT offering with end-to-end vendor accountability and a seamless support structure<br />Acadia branding is no longer, Sales and Services now under VCE<br />Vblock platforms and solutions available through an extensive partner network covering horizontal applications, vertical industry offerings, and application development environments <br />Supply chain capacity in the USA and Europe. Looking to have one in Latin America<br />
    4. 4. VCE Charter<br />Accelerate adoption of converged infrastructure and cloud-based computing models that dramatically reduce the cost of IT while improving time to market for our customers.<br />
    5. 5. Value Proposition<br />Complete System Integration<br />Integrated product roadmaps inclusive of all major components, upgrades, interoperability and patch management<br />Best of Breed Products<br />Market leading performance elements in every category<br />Seamless Support<br />Single point of configuration validation, ordering, delivery, support and warranty <br />Partner Enablement<br />Unprecedented global product/solutions resources, training, competitive intelligence, configuration and delivery support<br />Market Catalyst<br />Market evolution and partner support through VCE thought leadership, competency centers, best practice replication, mentored installs, and technical assistance<br />Optimized Solutions<br />Solutions for the Vblock converged infrastructure including application ports and targeted use cases<br />
    6. 6. Vblock Seamless Support Experience<br />Enabling Pervasive Virtualization and Private Cloud<br /><ul><li>Single experience for onsite and remote support
    7. 7. Unified inter-company collaboration tool
    8. 8. Joint problem re-creation labs
    9. 9. Cross-company, cross-product-trained support experts
    10. 10. Cooperative Engineering Groups</li></ul>Technology<br />People<br /><ul><li>Common metrics and alignment
    11. 11. Shared problem resolution and escalation processes
    12. 12. Documented processes via best practice Support Implementation Plan </li></ul>Processes<br />6<br />
    13. 13. Vblock Is A Platform<br />The Vblock platform eliminates:<br />Estimating <br />Trial and error<br />Pre-staging<br />The Vblock platform establishes:<br />Known operational parameters<br />Known I/O processing and efficiency<br />Known scalability <br />Vblock is an integrated hardware platform for pervasive virtualization<br />A proven platform to scale your applications<br />
    14. 14. Complexity versus simplicity<br />Vblock<br />V+C+E<br />For each component, customer owns<br /><ul><li>Roadmap planning,
    15. 15. Interoperability validation and testing,
    16. 16. Patching and change management,
    17. 17. Hardware & software upgrades</li></ul>VCE makes data center lifecycle management easy<br />Simplicity at Scale<br />Exponential Complexity<br />
    18. 18. Complexity versus simplicity<br />Vblock<br />V+C+E<br />Reference Architecture<br />Converged Infrastructure<br />Simplicity at Scale<br />Exponential Complexity<br />
    19. 19. Traditional Data Center Experience<br />90-120 Days From Order to Production<br />VCE Data Center Experience<br />~30 Days From Order to Production<br />Program & Provision<br />Receive Components<br />Rack & Cable<br />Staging<br />Simplifying the Data Center Experience<br />
    20. 20. Vblock Infrastructure Platforms <br />Vblock Series 700<br />Storage: EMC SymmetrixVmax<br />Compute: Cisco UCS <br />Virtualization: VMware<br />Orchestration: Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM)<br />Vblock Series 700 model MX<br />Vblock Series 300<br />Storage: EMC VNX<br />Compute: Cisco UCS <br />Virtualization: VMware<br />Orchestration: Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM)<br />Models <br />Vblock Series 300 model EX <br />Vblock Series 300 model FX <br />Vblock Series 300 model GX <br />Vblock Series 300 model HX<br />11<br />Pre-Engineered, Pre-Integrated and Validated<br />
    21. 21. Vblock platform Series<br />Vblock 700<br />LargeScale <br />Storage – Symmetrix VMAX<br />Vblock 2<br />Large-scale, Public,<br /> Private & Hybrid <br />Storage - Symmetrix<br />Vblock 300<br />ScalableCloud <br />Storage – VNX<br />Smaller Base Configurations<br />Chassis Activation Kits<br />RAID and DAE Packs<br />Vblock 1/1U<br />Scalable Storage 1 – CLARiiON<br />Storage 1u – Celerra<br />Capability<br />Vblock 0<br />Entry Level Storage - Celerra<br />10’s<br />100’s<br />1,000’s<br />10,000’s<br />Performance/ Scale<br />
    22. 22. Vblock Solution Architectures<br />
    23. 23. Customer Benefits<br />Lower sustainable TCO<br />Dramatically lower support costs<br />Improved service quality<br />Predictable cost and performance models<br />Faster application development & deployment<br />
    24. 24. Thank You<br />Q & A<br />