Accelerating the Journey to Your Cloud


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VMware presentation from the 5/17 VCE Lunch & Learn

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  • Even in the face of ongoing change in our industry, some things remain the same…
  • That new era is characterized by the promise of cloud computing. The “Web” completely changed the way we think about consuming services over the internet. But that was only half of the picture. The other half is how those services are delivered. That’s the focus of cloud computing, which completes the transformation of service delivery. VMware, the customer-proven leader in virtualization, is aggressively helping businesses pave the path to “Cloud Computing”, which promises to be the new era in IT that tackles both cost and complexity issues, while also enabling new levels of agility.
  • A lot of dialog on cloud, and many vendors purport a self-serving definition. <click> There are public cloud infrastructure services, as represented by some of these companies.<click>There are public cloud platform services for the development of rich, cloud enabled applications, as represented by some of these companies including our partnerships with Salesforce and Google.<click>There are also SaaS offerings, which have suddenly become “cloud”.And of course there is a growing number of private clouds, that are being constructed and operated within the datacenters of businesses, because after all…<click>Cloud is not a destination, it’s an approach. In fact, our belief is that the new era in IT will combine all of these into a secure, cohesive whole which will enable IT as a Service. That, is how VMware defines and is executing on its cloud computing strategy.<add this click>Not just any cloud, but “Your Cloud”. The only cloud that really matters.
  • Simply put, Your Cloud enables the transformation of focus from how IT is produced, to how businesses consume it. It’s a way of repurposing IT investment within the organization, to ensure more direct alignment of IT investment with business value.
  • Based on our experience with over 250K customers worldwide, the journey starts with the virtualization of IT owned and controlled assets. E.g. file and print servers, even email and collaboration. The focus of this early phase is cost reduction through server consolidation.
  • The IT Production phase proves out the value proposition for the next phase – Business Production. Business Production is all about virtualizing Tier 1 application workloads, including Oracle databases and applications, SAP, etc. The driver for this phase is all about increased quality of Service. What IT organizations find during the IT Production phase is that applications that are virtualized are more secure, and more reliable, than those that aren’t. In fact, many customers have replaced expensive hardware/software solutions for ensuring robust SLA’s with the high-availability support available in VMware’s core virtualization platform – vSphere.
  • Phase 3 – ITaaS – is all about improving agility, and thus optimizing the environment for business consumption.Customers that are focused on Phase 3 are typically transitioning to a full Private Cloud environment within their datacenter, which is capable of federating to public cloud services, delivering on the full promise of open cloud computing.
  • Phase 1 is all about cutting costs. Phase 2 is all about improving the quality of service delivery. In combination, Phases 1 and 2 are about Optimizing the Production of IT Services, and the results are impressive…
  • Enables private and hybrid cloudsGives customers the ability to build secure private clouds that dramatically increase datacenter efficiency and business agility. Coupled with VMware vSphere, the foundation for cloud computing architectures, VMware vCloud Director the way IT delivers and manages infrastructure services and the way users access and consume these services by pooling virtual infrastructure resources and delivering them to users as a catalog-based service
  • Login screen; looks the same for both admins and users, but has a different URL and login name/passwordCool animations 
  • This is a view of all the VMs
  • All icons separated out.
  • Integrated vShield technologies such as perimeter protection, port-level firewall, and NAT and DHCP services, offer virtualization-aware security, simplify application deployment, and enforce boundaries required by compliance standards. Upgrading to the full vShield Edge suite adds advanced services such as site-to-site VPN, network isolation, and web load balancing.
  • So let’s have a look at the vCloud Request Manager Architecture:You can see in this diagram that vCloud Request Manager layers over the top of vCloud Director, and communicates with it primarily through the vCloud API. In this way, a single instance of vCloud Request Manager can support multiple private clouds and even public cloud providers, delivering a unified end user portal and request management across a hybrid cloud.
  • Behind the scenes, the request is governed by a pre-defined workflow. Only a cloud administrator would ever see this workflow view, but its important to understand what is happening. <click> The first part of the workflow is the approval stage. Here we dynamically look up who the approval needs to go to – in this case the line manager of the requestor. The manager will receive the approval request via email – and they can directly respond to it from their email client. Of course the cloud administrator can change this approval logic if/as needed. <click> The workflow then allocates any software licenses that have been associated with the template.<click> The next step is to call out to vCloud Director to perform the actual provisioning. This will instantiate the vApp, deploy it with an appropriate lease, and power it on. <click> Finally, the workflow sends an email back to the requestor indicating success. This email will have a link in it so the requestor can directly interact with vCloud Director as needed.
  • The impact to IT can be characterized in 3 categories of resource savings – financial, human, and the earth’s. The first category, Financial Resources, is what attracts most people to virtualization in the beginning – server consolidation. For example, VMware customers have seen on average a 50 to 60 percent cost reduction in server hardware when leveraging VMware technology. Of even bigger impact for some is the ability to delay costly datacenter expansion, because of the reclaimed floor space, power and cooling as a result of these consolidation efforts. The second category is Human Resources, or staff labor. This is all about shifting their focus away from managing hardware, to spending time on business needs. A study of our highly virtualized customer base showed that on average these customers were spending one-third less time on routine administrative tasks in IT operations due to virtualization and the automation achieved with it. That’s a third of your day, everyday, in return capacity. And finally, the Earth’s Resources, which contributes literally to green initiatives. Virtualization in the datacenter has shown the ability to save up to 80% in energy costs. The result of all of these savings can now be applied to the business. And with advances in automation and self-service enablement, IT can dramatically increase its responsiveness to the business.
  • And this is why Phase 3 is all about Optimizing Business Consumption. The achievement of IT as a Service, and the perfect alignment of IT to Business Value.
  • What this all adds up to is simply put, Only VMware delivers Your Cloud.
  • Accelerating the Journey to Your Cloud

    1. 1. Accelerating the Journey to Your Cloud<br />May, 2011<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li>VMware Focus Accelerate IT. Accelerate Your Business.
    3. 3. The Journey to Your Cloud
    4. 4. Operating your Cloud
    5. 5. VMware vCloud Director
    6. 6. Securing Your Cloud
    7. 7. VMware vShield Security Products</li></li></ul><li>VMware Focus<br />Accelerate IT. Accelerate Your Business.<br />
    8. 8. IT Mandate <br />IT will always be pressured to …<br />enable greater business agility,<br />while becoming more efficient.<br />
    9. 9. Virtualization Paves the Way to a New Era in IT<br />Virtualization<br />Cloud<br />Web<br />PC / Client-Server<br />Mainframe<br />Cloud Computing will transform the delivery and consumption of IT services<br />
    10. 10. What is this Cloud Thing? <br />Public Cloud<br />IaaS PaaS<br />IT as a Service<br /> Your Cloud<br /> Private Cloud<br /> SaaS <br />Cloud Computing is an approach to computing that leverages the efficient pooling of on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure, consumed as a service. <br />
    11. 11. Optimized IT production<br />for business consumption<br />=<br />Your Cloud<br />Reliable, Scalable, Secure<br />
    12. 12. The Journey to Your Cloud<br />Evolutionary Approach to Accelerate Business Value<br />
    13. 13. COST EFFICIENCY<br />IT Production<br />Get the Most Out of Your Infrastructure<br />The Journey to Your Cloud<br />
    14. 14. COST EFFICIENCY<br />QUALITY OF SERVICE<br />The Journey to Your Cloud<br />IT Production<br />Business Production<br />Get the Most Out of Your Infrastructure<br />Achieve Unprecedented Reliability<br />
    15. 15. COST EFFICIENCY<br />QUALITY OF SERVICE<br />BUSINESS AGILITY<br />The Journey to Your Cloud<br />IT Production<br />IT as a Service<br />Business Production<br />Get the Most Out of Your Infrastructure<br />Achieve Unprecedented Reliability<br />Enable Agilityvia Cloud Computing Architecture<br />
    16. 16. COST EFFICIENCY<br />QUALITY OF SERVICE<br />BUSINESS AGILITY<br />The Journey to Your Cloud<br />IT Production<br />IT as a Service<br />Business Production<br />Optimizing Production of IT Services<br />Get the Most Out of Your Infrastructure<br />Enable Agilityvia Cloud Computing Architecture<br />Achieve Unprecedented Reliability<br /><ul><li>Efficient Pooling
    17. 17. Elastic Resource Scheduling
    18. 18. Automation Through Policy
    19. 19. Open & Interoperable</li></li></ul><li>Operating Your Cloud with vCloud Director<br />
    20. 20. vCloud Director builds on vSphere to transform IT<br />Builds on vSphere and scales up to 10,000 VMs and 25 vCenter Servers<br />Organization 1<br />Organization m<br />Users<br />Creates virtual datacenters, by pooling resources into new units of consumption<br />VMware vCloud Director<br />User Portals<br />Security<br />Catalogs<br />Securely enables the cloud with vShield, LDAP authentication, and RBAC<br />Virtual Datacenter n (Silver)<br />Virtual Datacenter 1 (Gold)<br />VMwarevShield<br />Provides self-service portals and standardized infrastructure catalogs<br />VMware<br />vCenter Server<br />VMware<br />vCenter Server<br />VMware<br />vCenter Server<br />Isolates users into organizations with unique catalogs, policies, and LDAP<br />VMware vSphere<br />VMware vSphere<br />VMware vSphere<br />vCloud API<br />Public Clouds<br />Secure Private Cloud<br />IT<br />vCloud API enables inter-cloud portability, programmatic control, and integrations<br />Programmatic<br />Control and<br />Integrations<br />
    21. 21. user<br />******<br />Connecting…<br />
    22. 22. VM created in under 3 minutes.<br />
    23. 23. To make this possible, cloud requires new resource abstractions<br />VMware vCloud Director<br />Organization: Marketing<br />Organization: Finance<br />Organization VDCs<br />Catalogs<br />Organization VDCs<br />Catalogs<br />Resource Pools<br />Datastores<br />Port Groups<br />Users & Policies<br />Users & Policies<br />Provider Virtual Datacenters<br />(Gold)<br />(Bronze)<br />(Silver)<br />VMware vCenter Server<br />VMware vSphere<br />Secure Private Cloud<br />
    24. 24. What about Security in the Cloud?<br />
    25. 25. VMware vShield offers defense in depth<br />Securing the Private Cloud End to End: from the Edge to the Endpoint<br />vShield App 1.0 and Zones<br />Security Zone<br />Edge<br />vShield Edge 1.0<br />vShield Endpoint 1.0<br />Endpoint = VM <br />Application protection from network based threats<br />Secure the edge of the virtual datacenter<br />Enables offloaded anti-virus<br />Virtual Datacenter 2<br />Virtual Datacenter 1<br />VMware<br />vShield <br />VMware<br />vShield <br />DMZ<br />PCI compliant<br />Web<br />View<br />HIPAA compliant<br />VMware vShield Manager<br />VMware vSphere + vCenter<br />
    26. 26. Integrated vShield features simplify security and compliance<br />vShield for vCloud Director is a virtual appliance providing essential perimeter network and security services including:<br />Port-level stateful firewall<br />Network Address Translation<br />DHCP services<br />Enables fast, secure and automated provisioning of multitenant Org VDCs in private clouds <br />Simpler, easer to operate <br />Improved visibility, control and compliance <br />vShield<br />VMware vSphere<br />DHCP Services<br />firewall<br />
    27. 27. Leases, quotas, and a PAYG model ensures responsibility<br />vCloud Director controls<br />Leases: Set maximum time period VMs can exist; IT can select renewal policies<br />Quotas: Maximum number of VMs per user within in organization<br />vCenter Chargeback works with VMware vCloud Director to provide cost visibility<br />Costing hierarchies are automatically created based on vCloud Director<br />vCloud Director resources like broadband network traffic, public IP addresses, DHCP, NAT can be metered and billed<br />VMware vSphere<br />
    28. 28. vCRM leverages the vCloud API and spans vCD instances<br />Cloud Consumer<br />Approver(s)<br />Cloud Administrator<br />Element Management<br />
    29. 29. A rich array of workflows can be scripted using the GUI<br />
    30. 30. Capital costs reduced by 50% - 60%<br />Delayed datacenter expansion<br />Operational costs reduced by 25%+ <br />The Results are Transformational<br />Financial Resources <br />Human Resources<br />Earth’s Resources<br />“Strategically, virtualization leads inexorably down a path toward agility, flexible sourcing and cloud computing.”Tom Bittman, Gartner<br />Average of 33% reduction in routine admin time<br />E.g. provision a server in minutes<br />Up to 80% reduction in datacenter energy costs<br />Source: Gartner; 29 July 2010 Q&A: Six Misconceptions About Server Virtualization, Tom Bittman.<br />
    31. 31. COST EFFICIENCY<br />QUALITY OF SERVICE<br />BUSINESS AGILITY<br />IT Production<br />IT as a Service<br />Business Production<br />Optimizing Production of IT Services<br />OptimizingBusiness Consumption<br />The Journey to Your Cloud<br />Get the Most Out of Your Infrastructure<br />Enable Agilityvia Cloud Computing Architecture<br />Achieve Unprecedented Reliability<br /><ul><li>Efficient Pooling
    32. 32. Elastic Resource Scheduling
    33. 33. Automation Thru Policy
    34. 34. Open & Interoperable
    35. 35. Secure Self-Service
    36. 36. Business Driven SLAs
    37. 37. Pay for Use</li></li></ul><li>In Summary, Only VMware …<br />is the world’s most trusted virtualization platform to build your cloud. <br />virtualizes the entire fabric of the datacenter, while securely extending to public cloud infrastructure.<br />delivers an evolutionary path to your cloud, while preserving freedom of choice.<br />brings the broadest set of ecosystem partners, extending the value of existing investments.<br />