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Causes and effects_of_deforestation_blog


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Causes and effects_of_deforestation_blog

  1. 1. Commercial Shifting Mining MNC Government loggers cultivators companyPurpose of clearanceShort term benefitsLong term benefits
  2. 2. m Questions and answers, PowerPoint slides
  3. 3. DeforestationThe Amazon rainforest in Brazil
  4. 4. ObjectivesDescribe and explainthe causes ofdeforestationDescribe and explainthe effects ofdeforestation
  5. 5. Look for the causes of deforestation Amazon rainforest deforestation
  6. 6. Extent of deforestation World Bank estimated 15% of the Amazon rainforest has been cut down
  7. 7. Causes of large scale deforestation1. Population increase, building of settlements, rapid urbanisation and land transport system2. Agriculture: shifting cultivation, subsistence farming, commercial farming3. Economic development : commercial logging, mining, hydroelectricity
  8. 8. Amazon rainforest conference In your groups, prepare an argument to convince the jury that the forest should be cleared for your interest. Presentation:Appoint a spokesperson to speak for 2 minutes
  9. 9. Group members We represent the ____________________________ Purpose of clearance Short term benefits Long term benefits
  10. 10. Rapid Population urbanisatio increase nHigh population growth • Build new housingrate: standard of living estates, townand provide jobs centres, hospitals, schools,Brazil: 184 million in 2005 transportation andWorld: 7 billion in 2011 other facilities
  11. 11. LandSettlements transport systemsOvercrowded citiesin Rio De Janeiro • Transamazonian highwayand Sao Paulo in Brazil cuts across Anazon forestLand for housingand farmland • Fragmentations of forest
  12. 12. Agriculture: shifting cultivation Yanomamo(tribal farmers) cut down sections of the forest and burn the trees When the soil has no more nutrients, the farmers shift to another location and repeats the process
  13. 13. Agriculture:subsistence farmingFarmers that growcrops for their ownconsumptionPoor with no $ to buyfertilisers andpesticidesSlash and burn: movedeeper into forest
  14. 14. Agriculture: CommercialExtensive cattle farmingranching by MNCClear and burn forest toreplace with grass forcattle grazingCommercial crops egsugar cane, coffee, soybeans
  15. 15. Eco dvpt: Commercial loggingDemand for tropical hardwoodseg timberStrict licensing by BraziliangovernmentIllegal logging
  16. 16. Eco development: MiningAmazon forest rich in minerals like iron,ore, gold and fossil fuelsMNC extracts minerals eg tin miningDemand of oil in the world
  17. 17. Eco dvpt:Hydroelectricity large Construction of dams and reservoirs causes huge areas of the Amazon rainforest to be flooded and destroyed Eg Itaipu Dam on Parana river destroyed 700 sq km of rainforest
  18. 18. The final verdict Break time
  19. 19. Spot the causes andeffects of deforestation Amazon rainforest deforestation
  20. 20. After the conference, all of you have a suddenrealisation of the importance of the Amazon rainforest.In your groups, you will now representing newidentities to save the rainforest!!!Right of speechPrepare a 1 minute speech to convince the class that weshould stop deforestation. In your speech, you are tomention:- Who do you represent?- How would you benefit if we conserve the rainforest?
  21. 21. Effects of deforestationGlobal warmingDeforestation causes increase in carbondioxide as less is absorbed by plantsResults in more trapped heat in atmosphereLeads to global warming
  22. 22. Effects of deforestation Changes to nutrient cycle and soil deterioration Trees help to absorb nutrients in the soil before it is washed away When trees decomposed they release nutrients back into the soil= nutrient cycle Deforestation : reduces soil fertility Deforestation increases soil erosion because no topsoil
  23. 23. Effects of deforestation Floods and water quality Floods are more frequent due to increased surface run off Prone to low lying areas and rivers that has exceeded its capacity Topsoil washed into the river raises height of river bed: more flooding Deposition of organic debris into river affects pH level : increase acidity
  24. 24. Effects of deforestationAir pollutionSmoke from forest firesCreates haze: airport closure, affects health of thepeopleCaused by natural or human factors eg dryweather/ agriculture
  25. 25. Effects of deforestation Loss of biodiversity Extinction of flora and fauna(plants) Reduction in biodiversity Eg medicinal drugs like quinine Eg mico leao dourado in brazil
  26. 26. Effects of deforestation Impact on inhabitants of the rainforestNative brazilians or the amazonian Indians have beenreduced from one million to 700,000 presentlyKayapo ( tribal group) can no longer stay in the forestTribal members migrate to the citiesLoss of culture, knowledge and way of life
  27. 27. SummaryExtent of deforestationCauses of deforestationEffects of deforestation