Agriculture_ICT lesson plan


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Agriculture_ICT lesson plan

  1. 1. Lesson objectives 1. State the conditions required for Plantation Agriculture and High Technology farming. 2. Describe and explain the process of Plantation Agriculture and High -Technology farming. 3. List the outputs for Plantation Agriculture and High – Technology farming.
  2. 2. Conditions for farming Plantation Agriculture eg Malaysia High-Technology farming eg Singapore Sunlight/ Rainfall High temperature , high rainfall, high humidity e.g. tropical countries like Thailand, Malaysia, India Relief Flat and large land area Flat and small land area Soil Fertile Soiless / Soil Fertiliser Chemical fertiliser Organic fertiliser Tools Intermediate High technology Capital High Higher Seeds High Yielding Variety High Yielding Variety Pesticides / Herbicides Yes Yes & No (Organic) Labour A lot of hired laborers to operate machineries Educated & skilled workers to operate computers
  3. 3. Definition The use of modern science and technology to obtain high quantity and high quality outputs. Characteristics  Usually take place around densely populated urban areas where land is limited and costly. High-technology - using machines, refrigerated vehicles, computers and Research & Development to raise production Uses Chemical fertilizers - adding essential nutrients for crops to grow well and fast Utilizes Irrigation - supplying water to the crops through automated sprinklers at regular intervals
  4. 4. Hydroponics – plants are grown in a trough filled with a nutrient solution instead of soil. The solution is added by using a computer with timings. Aeroponics – roots of the plants are suspended in the air and nutrient solution is sprayed onto the roots at preset intervals.
  5. 5. Aeroponics Automated sprinklers Greenhouse with netting Hydroponics Spraying pesticides using aircraft Spotlight to speed up growing process
  6. 6. Outputs of High-Technology farming 1. Organic & healthier vegetables 2. Orchids farm 3. Fish farm
  7. 7. Definition  Commercial cultivation of cash crops (normally monocrop) on large estates of more than 40ha under favourable climatic conditions  Requires high annual rainfall and high annual temperature  Found in the tropical regions in Asia, South America and Africa
  8. 8. 1) Germination (grow) ~ in small plastic bags in pre-nursery beds 2) Transplanting ~ after 8 weeks/ 2 months ~ seedlings transplanted to nursery ~ irrigation & weeding – done manually 3) Growing in main fields ~ after 9 months ~ seedlings arranged in rows ~ growing cover crops between rows of oil palm eg. Legumes to prevent soil erosion ~ weeding & adding fertilisers 4) Harvesting ~ after the 3rd or 4th year – bear 1st fruits ~ harvest once in 10 days (10-20 years – perennial crops) ~ use a chisel fitted to a wooden pole Processes - Growing oil palm
  9. 9. The oil palm fruit Using a long-handled chisel to remove the fruits Refinery of palm oil At the Processing Factory Oil Palm Plantation Tea Plantation
  10. 10. Outputs of oil palm plantation 1. oil palm fruit 2. crude palm oil (raw materials for soap, margarine, cooking oil) 3. palm kernal oil 4. palm kernal cake - made into animal feed