Getting your foot in the door: Strategic networking


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This presentation was facilitated at the 2013 Kappa Delta Chi National Leadership Conference in the Alumnae Track.

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  • -Get endorsements, update your expertise, engage actively.-Display as much info as you’re confortable with using apps—like your blog, portfolio. Presents a fuller picture of you!-It’s hard, but be confident. If there’s a second-degree connection, approach the connection you have in common. And maintain those relationships.-Recommendations are instant character references.-
  • Getting your foot in the door: Strategic networking

    1. 1. Getting your foot in the door:Strategic networkingEstee Hernández2013 Kappa Delta Chi National Leadership Conference
    2. 2. Why network?•  The world is growing smaller and smaller.•  You never know when the next opportunity willpresent itself.•  Networking is an ongoing and constant effort.
    3. 3. People act like people.•  Be authentic.•  Develop relationships.•  Do not dismiss anyone as irrelevant.•  Listen and serve—networking is not self-seeking.•  Know the right people, not the most people.
    4. 4. Tackling structured networking•  Set goals prior to attending.•  Gather your business cards.•  And have a place for those you receive.•  Practice introducing yourself.•  Act like a host, not a guest.•  Connect others as you’re able.•  Post-event: FOLLOW UP.
    5. 5. Developing an introduction•  Start by asking yourself three questions:1.  Who am I?2.  With whom do I work or want to work?3.  What do I help these orgs/people do?•  Use this information to develop a one-sentence introduction.
    6. 6. Pursuing requests•  Sending emails is easy…but so is ignoringthem.•  Offer to pay on an outing as you are able.•  If you must ask for a favor, first ask forpermission to continue.•  Be specific with your request.•  Don’t take “no” personally.
    7. 7. Building relationships•  Provide value as much as you can.•  Nurture your current relationships.•  Hint: Friends are part of your network.•  Don’t expect anything in return.•  Try to contact one person a day.
    8. 8. Rate your networkGive yourself 1 point for each question you answer yes.•  Do you trust your network to give you the truth about the real you?•  Does your network challenge you as much as it supports you?•  Does your network feel vibrant and dynamic?•  Does your network represent your future goals as much as yourpast?•  Are the networks connected to your network strong?5 pts – Your network is in great shape!3-4 pts – You need to enhance your network.0-2 pts – Your network needs attention.
    9. 9. Are you on LinkedIn?•  Actively use and update your profile.•  Use applications and get creative.•  Develop connections (and relationships!).•  Get recommendations from supervisors/eesand colleagues.
    10. 10. Contact Information•  Estee Hernándezesteehernandez@gmail.com956-572-1279•  Permalink: