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Production Log


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Production Log

  1. 1.     St.  Paul’s  Catholic  College   Center  Number:  64770     Candidate  Number:  6259       Candidate  Name:  Eleanor  Stapleton                                  A2  Media  Studies           Unit  G324:  Advanced  Portfolio  in  Media  –       Production  Log     Evidence  of  Planning  &  Research     1  
  2. 2. Aims  and  Objectives     • AO2  –  Assess  candidates’  application  of  knowledge  and   understanding  in  evaluating  their  own  work,  showing   how  meanings  and  responses  are  created.     • AO3  –  Assess  candidates’  ability  to  plan  and  construct   media  products  using  appropriate  technical  and  creative   skills.     • AO4  –  Assess  candidates’  ability  to  undertake,  apply  and   present  appropriate  research.       Brief  Chosen               A  45  second  –  1  minute  30  second  trailer  for  a  NEW  Soap  Opera   that  will  be  exhibited  on  BBC  3  at  8:30pm  (after  Eastenders)   that  will  appeal  to  a  Male  and  Female  audience.                 2  
  3. 3. Contents     Textual  Analysis     • Eastenders     -­‐ Soap  Opera  Codes  &  Conventions   -­‐ Multi  Strand  Narrative   • Coronation  Street     “..the  home,  the  family,  domestic  tribulations  and  the  strong  woman,  and  as   such,  it  has  long  been  said  to  appeal  to  the  female  viewer”       ‘Masculinity  and  Popular  television’  –  Rebecca  Feasey  (2007)     -­‐ Is  this  evident  and  how  is  this  presented  to  the  audience?     Research         • • • Purpose  of  a  Trailer   Multi-­‐Platform  promotion   Textual  Analysis  –  Coronation  Street  and  Hollyoaks   Deadlines  –  Production  Work     Filming  Dates:  22nd  –  23rd       Edited  Trailer  –  Complete:     Promotional  Poster  –  Complete:       Promotional  Magazine  Cover  –  Complete:  7th  October  2013     Evaluation  –  Complete:         Production  Work     • • •       Director   Producer   Institution  research  –  BBC  Three     3  
  4. 4. Soap  Opera  Codes  &  Conventions  –  Lesson  2     1)  What  are  some  of  the  Codes  &  Conventions  of  this  genre?     You  MUST  demonstrate  what  you  already  know  by  completing  a  “Spider   Diagram”  of  what  you  know  about  OR  expect  from  this  genre:         Multi-­‐stranded       narrative     Romance           Everyday     Situation       No  relation  to  the     outside  world         Codes  and     Conventions       Sponsors           Creates     Focuses  on     Realism     working  class     Family   communities         relationships/and     Not  unlikely   or  conflict     narratives                                       4  
  5. 5. 2)  Codes  &  Conventions  of  the  Soap  Opera  Genre     The  Soap  Opera  genre  can  be  categorized  by  the  ‘repeated’     (S  t  e  v  e    N  e  a  l  e  )  elements  of:     1. Romance     2. Family  relationships/  and  or  conflict     3. Focus  on  working  class  communities     4. Antagonism  and  conflict  within  the  community     5. Creates  realism       Eastenders  (1985  –  Present)                   Key  information  regarding  this  text:       • Exhibited  on  BBC  1  and  represented  on  BBC  3     • One  of  the  UK’s  highest  rated  programmes  (Averages  around  8   million  viewers  a  week)     • Set  in  the  ‘Kitchen  Sink’  setting  of  a  fictional  Walford  East  London       Textual  Analysis  Task  -­‐                 5  
  6. 6. You  MUST  complete  the  Table  below  whilst  watching  the  TWO  promotional   trailers  for  the  BBC  Soap  Opera  Eastenders.     You  SHOULD  aim  to  identify  key  examples  (Verbal,  Non-­‐Verbal,  Technical)   from  each  trailer  that  demonstrates  your  understanding.     You  COULD  apply  relevant  audience  theory  to  explain  what  impact  these  key   examples  would  have  on  the  target  demographic.     In  your  opinion,  according  to  Hartley’s  Seven  Subjectivities,  what  is  the  target   audience  for  Eastenders?     Age     Gender     Nationality     15-­‐30     Mainly  females   British       Trailer  1)     What  is  the  Focus  of  this  trailer?     The  dilemma  between  Stacey’s  two  relationships  –  Romance,  Family,  Betrayal,   Adultery       Code     &   Convention     Romance         Family   relationships   and/or  conflict         Focus  on   working  class   communities           “Multi-­‐Stranded     Evidence     (Verbal,  Non-­‐Verbal,   Technical)     Impact  on  the  Audience     (Katz,  Maslow,  Hartley)   “I  Love  you”   Diversion  –  Can  immerse  within  this   relationship  and  also  personally  identify.     “Does  she  know   something?!”   The  audience  members  want  to  be  informed   and  educated  about  this  forthcoming   disequilibrium  and  wants  going  to  happen.   This  will  keep  the  audience  entertained  and   maybe  allow  them  to  build  a  personal   relationship  with  different  characters.     “I  know  your  dirty,   filthy  little  secret!”     Stacey  working  on  the   market  stall.   Audience  can  immerse  themselves  into  this   situation  between  two  other  people  and  escape   from  their  own  reality.       Audience  members  can  personally  identify  with   this  situation  and  location  as  it  might  be  familiar   with  some  members  of  the  audience.     Verbal  code  of  text:   Likes  father,  likes  son   Hartley:  Gender     People  can  personally  identify  with  this   6  
  7. 7. Narrative”   event  and  members  may  have  gone  through     something  similar.       Zoom  in  on  Stacey’s   Personal  identification:  Audience  can     facial  expression   personally  identify  with  Stacey’s  feelings   ‘Disequilibrium’   and  emotions  and  can  maybe  build  a   (Todorov)   personal  relationship  or  sympathise  with     her  (Caregivers  –  Maslow)         Trailer  2)     What  is  the  Focus  of  this  trailer?     Max  ‘making  his  bed’  and  also  ‘judgment  day  for  Max  ‘       Code     &     Convention   Evidence     (Verbal,  Non-­‐Verbal,   Technical)       Romance         Family   relationships   and/or  conflict       Body  language  Stacey   walking  towards  Max   and  also  the  facial   expression.     Tanya’s  facial   expression       Focus  on   working  class   communities           “Multi-­‐Stranded   Narrative”         ‘Disequilibrium’   (Todorov)             Stacey’s  outfit  as  the   maid  >  not  a  well-­‐paid   job,  working  class  job.     Impact  on  the  Audience     (Katz,  Maslow,  Hartley)   Immerse  themselves  into  Stacey  and  Max’s   situation  of  them  having  an  affair.     Audience  can  escape  from  own  reality  and   maybe  build  a  personal  relationship  with   Tanya  as  some  members  may  be  able  to   sympathise  with  her  (Caregivers  –  Maslow).   Members  might  also  want  to  be  informed   and  educated  about  why  she’s  feeling  like   this.       Some  members  may  be  able  to  personally   identify  with  Stacey’s  outfit  as  they  may  have   similar  or  the  same  job  as  a  maid/cleaner.   From  this  they  may  be  able  to  build  a   personal  relationship  with  Stacey.   The  shot  of  Stacey  as   the  maid  then  cuts  to   his  wife.     Members  may  be  able  to  personally  identify   with  the  amount  of  situations  going  carried   out.  Can  relate  to  the  busy  lifestyle.     Low  key  lighting     “You  can  run  home”   “Judgment  day”   Audience  members  want  to  be  informed  and   educated  about  the  situation  going  on   between  these  multiple  characters.   7  
  8. 8. Multi-­‐stranded  narrative     A  Multi-­‐stranded  narrative  can  be  defined  as…..     -­‐Telling  a  story  from  more  than  one  persons  (characters)  point  of  view     -­‐Telling  multiple  stories  about  multiple  characters  in  an  open  narrative  episode  for   example.       You  MUST  deconstruct  the  10-­‐minute  extract  from  Eastenders  and  identify  where   the  following  elements  are  presented  to  the  audience:     • Multi-­‐stranded  narrative   • Family  relationships  and/or  conflict   • Focus  on  working  class  communities   • ‘Disequilibrium’  (Todorov)   • Romance     You  SHOULD  write  down  x1-­‐2  examples  for  EACH  of  the  elements  above  that  are   presented.       Code  &  Convention   Evidence   Impact  on  the  audience   Story  with  Lauren  and   Diversion  –  Can  immerse   • Multi-­‐stranded   then  cuts  to  Alice’s  story     in  different  situations.   narrative     Tanya  on  Abi:  “You’re  my   Younger  members  may  be   • Family   special  little  girl”     able  to  personally  identify   relationships   “Oh,  I’m  sorry,  are  you   with  Abi  and  older  with   and/or  conflict   apart  of  this   Tanya.  Or  families  all     conversation?”   together.     Working  on  market  stalls   Audience  members  can   • Focus  on  working   personally  identify  with   class  communities   and  the  cockney  east   London  accent.     the  location  and  or  the     accent  presented  in  the   show.     Disequilibrium’  (Todorov)   Max  storming  into  Tanya’s   Members  can  personally     house.     identify  with  this  as  the   audience  is  from  a   working  class  background   and  are  not  socially   aware.   “Are  you  okay?”  –  Peter   Younger  members  can   • Romance   texts  Lauren  (Teenagers)   immerse  themselves  into     this  relationship  and  build   a  personal  relationship   with  these  two  characters.         Soap  Opera  Codes  &  Conventions  continued  –  Lesson  3   Textual  Analysis     8  
  9. 9.   According  to  Rebecca  Feasey  in  ‘Masculinity  and  Popular  television’  (2007),  the  Soap   Opera  genre  tends  to  focus  on:           The  name,  he  family  domestic  tribulations  and  the  strong  women,  and  as  such  it  has   long  been  said  to  appeal  to  the  female  viewer.     1) –  Do  you  agree?  (First  5  minutes)         You  MUST  deconstruct  the  opening  5  minutes  of  a  sequence  from  the  popular  ITV   Soap  Opera  Coronation  Street  (1960  –  Present)  to  identify  examples  of  where  this   ideology  is  presented  to  the  target  audience.     You  SHOULD  also  try  and  identify,  to  demonstrate  your  knowledge  and   understanding  of  the  genre,  any  Codes  &  Conventions  associated  to  the  Soap  Opera   genre.     Code  &  Convention   Evidence   Impact  on  the  audience     Rebecca  Feasey  (2007)  Ideology:     1.    Home:  Opening  scenes  focus  on  houses       2. Family:  Mum,  father,  son  –  Dropping  him  at  school  and  also  giving  lunch.         3. Domestic  Tribulations:  Issue  on  going  to  work  when  a  loved  one  is  ill.       4. Strong  Women:  Red  Coat  –  Resilient,  Mum:  being  the  provider  and  standing   up  from  nudges  from  kid.         “What’s  the  local  gossip”   Diversion  –  Can  immerse   • Multi-­‐stranded   Wedding  and  relationship   in  different  situations.     narrative     9  
  10. 10.   Some  members  may  be   able  to  sympathise  with   the  character  being   targeted.  Members  may  be     able  to  build  a  personal   relationship  with  these   two  characters.     “What  you  need  is  a  drink”   ‘Personally  identify’   • Focus  on  working   (Katz)  with  the  accent  and   class  communities   Language  used:  Dosh   (local  talk).   slang  being  used  in  the     show.     Disequilibrium’  (Todorov)   “She’s  defiantly  up  to   ‘Diversion’,  can  immerse     something”   themselves  in  the  up-­‐and-­‐ coming  problem.   Audience  wants  to  be   informed  and  educated.     Flowers  in  hand.     Personal  identification   • Romance   and  or  sympathise  with     the  character.             • Family   relationships   and/or  conflict   “I  could  wedge  it  down   your  throat”   “What  would  I  do  without   you?”   Soap  Opera  Codes  &  Conventions  continued  –  Lesson  4   Textual  Analysis         1) What  is  the  purpose  of  a  trailer?     To  promote  and  advertise  either  a  film  or  a  television  programme.  Soap  Opera:  To   advertise  a  certain  episode  or  series  of  episodes  and  to  hopefully  sell  to  a  mass   audience         2) What  are  the  benefits  of  Multi-­‐Platform  promotion  of  a  media  text?       • To  promote  the  film  or  television  programme  series  to  a  wider  audience.     • A  cheap  effective  way  to  promote  to  a  mass  audience.     Ultimately,  some  form  of  Convergence  is  important  when  promoting  a  text  to  the   target  audience.                   10  
  11. 11. 3)     Textual  Analysis  –           You  MUST  make  notes  on  the  following  areas  when  deconstructing  this  sequence   from  Coronation  Street:     • Multi-­‐stranded  narrative   • Character  dilemmas   • ‘Personal  Identification’  (Katz)       Hayley  and  Roy  –  Facial  expression     Tension  -­‐    Liz  and  Jason  –  Multi  stranded  Narrative       Romance  –  With  Becky  but  binary  opposite  with  Steve       Sign  –  Hayley       Eileen  crossing  the  fingers  –  to  say  this  could  go  either  way.     The  above  link  will  take  you  to  some  of  the  latest  episodes  of  Hollyoaks.     1. What  are  the  connotations  of  the  Ident  for  the  popular  Channel  Four  Teen   Soap  Opera  Hollyoaks  (1995  –  Present)?       11  
  12. 12. It  could  represent  the  battle  of  the  sexes  in  the  soap  and  could  connote  the  female   gender  is  more  dominant       Hollyoaks  –  “White  Wedding  Trailer”  -­‐­‐ r9Vb4       2. You  MUST  make  notes  on  the  following  areas  when  deconstructing  this   sequence  from  Hollyoaks:     • Binary  opposition  of  the  non-­‐diegetic  music   • Symbolism  of  the  non-­‐verbal  code  of  the  tear   • Representation  of  Pregnancy   • Any  other  examples  that  would  impact  the  audience     Symbolism  of  the  tear  –  Black  connotes  fear  she  could  be  crying  because  of  guilt  >   “What  have  you  done”     The  lyrics  are  a  complete  binary  opposition  to  what  the  situation  is.  >  “It’s  a  nice  day   for  a  white  wedding”     Baby  bump  is  oversized  >  Fake.       Production  Work       1) What  is  the  role  of  a  Producer?     Oversee  all  aspects  of  the  production  across  the  3  stages  the  pre-­‐production,   production,  post  production.  Manage  everyone  and  ensure  everyone  is  in  place  in   order  for  the  text  to  look  fit  for  purpose.       2) What  is  the  role  of  a  Director?       Oversee  the  creative  aspects  of  the  production  direct  people  in  front  and  behind  the   camera.     3)  Institution  research  –       You  MUST  research  the  institution  that  your  trailer  will  be  exhibited  on.     Tips:  Programming,  Target  audience,  Audience  figures,  History  of  the  channel.     • Launched  9th  February  2003.     • Audience  1.4%     • It  replaced  BBC  Choice       12  
  13. 13. • •   The  live  Eastenders  episode  in  2010  gained  4,537,000  viewers.     The  channels  target  audience  is  16  –  34.   13