The Clem7 tunnel


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The Clem7 tunnel

  1. 1. Need They have to build this tunnel because the roads of Brisbane were started to get too crowded. People weren’t reaching to their destination on time. Affect the emergency services People get frustrated
  2. 2. What is Clem7 Tunnel Clem7 tunnel is the longest underground tunnel in whole Australia. Brisbane’s Clem Jones Tunnel (CLEM7) is a faster, safer, more reliable choice for significant time savings in cross-city travel. Clem 7 Tunnel is 6.8 km long. It links five major Brisbane roads including the Pacific motorway, Ipswich road, Lutwyche road, Inner city bypass and Shavston Avenue at Kangaroo point. The Clem 7 consists of two separate tunnels with one each dedicated for north-and-south bound traffic. The main tunnels were excavated by two massive tunnel boring machines that were more than 260m long and 12.4m in diameter.
  3. 3. Amazing Project Clem7 was the biggest & first under river project The cost to build the whole tunnel was 3.2 billion dollars. 11 000 workers involved Cost of hiring 2 boring machines from Germany was $50 mn each John llet was the architect of Clem 7. This tunnel connects Woolloongabba, Kangaroo point and to Bowen Hills. Started on September 2006 & finished 18th March 2010
  4. 4. Construction Facts & Figures Length of tollway - 6.8km Length of tunnel - 4.8km Lowest point - 60 metres under the Brisbane River Cross passages - 41 connecting the two tunnel tubes Rock to be excavated - 3.5 million tonnes Tunnel lining segments - 38,000 Concrete used - 280,000 CBM
  5. 5. The Exhaust Towers Constructed two exhaust towers One at the North side and the other one to the south. People in the tunnel need oxygen to breathe. Exhaust towers send oxygen in the tunnel.
  6. 6. Named Clem7 As Brisbane’s longest serving Lord Mayor, Clem Jones oversaw the city’s growth from a sleepy country town to a vibrant sub- tropical metropolis during his time in office from 1961 to 1975. A great advocate of progress, Clem Jones was responsible for Brisbane’s first town plan and established much-needed infrastructure such as sewerage, water and sealed road networks. He built new roads and developed city gardens, sporting fields and swimming pools. Clem Jones passed away in 2007, aged 89.That’s why it has a 7 at the end of Clem7. In recognition of his enormous contribution to making Brisbane the great place it is today,
  7. 7. ClemJones