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If you do not know how to write an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion for your essay, or need some help with formatting and structuring of your paper, we are happy to present our full guide on Essay Writing Tips developed by educational experts from

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Essay Writing Tips Guide

  1. 1. ESSAY WRITING TIPS For – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  2. 2. It’s good to share!This special guide is delivered for free to email subscribers.Feel free to share it with your friends. Check copyright details at the end of the guide.If you got this guide from your friend, make sure you subscribe via email to receive exclusive special guides and free ebooks in the future.Thanks for reading! Please feel free to email it, share it on Facebook, post it onyour blog, or tweet about it and your friends will appreciate – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  3. 3. The only idea of writng an essay makes you feel discouraged andembarrassed? You can hardly imagine how to get down to this work? You areconvinced that this actvity is only waste of t me and energy? If you areencumbered with such ideas, it means that anyway you ARE to write an essay andyou ARE NOT GOING to take a delight in doing it. And wrong you are, for writng anessay may become an easy and even entertaining actvity – on conditons that youare much aware of the peculiarites of this genre, its structure and sequence ofsteps to follow. So, let’s begin with a simple queston: what is actually an essay? “Literary essay” versus “academic essay” Traditonally an essay is considered to be a short piece of writng which isofen writen from an author’s personal point of view. That means, in an essay theauthor is supposed to present his ideas concerning some defnite topic in a quiteunrestricted form. A nice idea of an essay is presented by the famous essayistAldous Huxley:"Like the novel, the essay is a literary device for saying almost everything aboutalmost anything, usually on a certain topic. By tradition, almost by defnition, theessay is a short piece, and it is therefore impossible to give all things full play withinthe limits of a single essay"1. This is what we call “literary essay” aimed usually at presentng and ofen atcritcizing some social phenomena or politcal events. What you are going to writeis an “academic essay” which comes from the literary one but is characterized bysome strict requirements: 1. Defnite structure i. Logically organized way of presentng ideas.1 Aldous Huxley, Collected Essays, "Preface" – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  4. 4. ii. Introductory Paragraph Body Paragraphs Concluding Paragraph. iii. Atenton to formal details (like number of paragraphs, length of the paragraphs, appropriate transitons etc.). 2. Academic style i. Avoidance of personal pronoun “I” (though the author’s personal point of view is presented!). ii. Formal vocabulary (demonstrate instead of show, inform instead of tell, obtain instead of get etc.). iii. Formal stylistc (appropriate place of adverbs, negatons in the sentences). Algorithm of writing an essay So, you are going to write an academic essay, which means that you are tostructure your ideas on a given subject in a logical order and present them with thehelp of formal language. To make this task easier you can divide it into severalsteps so that you can control each stage and improve them according to therequirements. In general, the algorithm of writng an essay looks like that: 1. Evaluatng the topic. 2. Deciding on the type of writng. 3. Making an outline. 3.1 . Developing an introductory paragraph. 3.2. Developing body paragraphs. 3.3. Making a – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  5. 5. 4. Argumentatve essay. 5. Stylistc improvements. 6. Citaton or plagiarism? Evaluating the topic Evaluatng the topic means thinking it over in order to mark out a number ofvarious aspects which are covered by this topic and decide upon the angle fromwhich you are going to lighten it up. Actually, when getng down to the topic youshould keep in mind that essay is quite a SHORT paper which presents a limitednumber of aspects from ONE (that is author’s) point of view. Most topics are too general for an essay. For example, the topic whichsounds like “Ecological problems” is obviously a general one; your task is to split itup on several narrower topics and choose the accents you are going to put in youressay. One of the possible aspects may concern acid rains, so that your improvedtopic will be: “Forest degradaton is the gravest consequence of acid rains” or “Airpolluton results inevitably in acid rains”. The main idea which you are going to emphasize in your essay infuences theway of presentng informaton and structuring it. To make an example let’s returnto the above mentoned acid rains. When you decide to develop the frst topic, youare likely to enumerate the possible types of damage, classify them according tothe levels of “harmfulness” and prove that forest degradaton is the most harmfulone. The second topic may be developed by showing the efects of air pollutonand the process of its transformaton into acid rains. It goes without saying thatthese two topics need diferent ways of writng to present the – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  6. 6. Deciding on the type of writing There are six most popular types of writng. Depending on the angle youchose, one of them may be used to present your point of view in the most efectveway: Descriptive Describing  Atenton to appearance, characteristc color, form, taste etc; features  Spatal/chronological order;  Metaphors and periphrasis. Narrative Telling a story  Organizing a plot;  Using f ashbacks and fash- forwards;  Leading to the climax. Contrast/comparison Poin tng out  Two objects for comparison; similarites and  Considering basis and points diferences of comparison;  Arranging the comparison (decide on similari tes or diferences) Cause and effect Making cause-to-  Arranging logical relatons; efect chains  Atenton to transitons Classification Making subject  Choosing principles for groups classifcaton;  Dividing objects into groups; – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  7. 7. Definition Explanaton of the  Presentng the term; meaning  Choosing type of defniton (vocabulary, descriptve, stpulatve etc.) You should keep in mind that mentoned ways of writng may be helpful inpresentng informaton inside the essay but not in structuring it! That means, youressay may contain defniton of some phenomenon, demonstraton of its efectsand their classifcaton and your friend’s essay can be based on the descripton oftwo actvites and their comparison, but the structure of both essays should benearly the same. Making an outline An outline is a skeleton of your future essay which consists of the mostgeneral statements and needs to be flled with more detailed informaton,supportng material. To make an outline you should remember the structure of anaverage fve-paragraph academic essay. It consists of three parts: IntroductoryParagraph, Body Paragraphs (usually three) and Concluding Paragraph. THE ESSAY Introductory General Statements Paragraph THESIS – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  8. 8. TOPIC SENTENCE Supportng Sentences Body TOPIC SENTENCE Paragraphs Supportng Sentences TOPIC SENTENCE Supportng Sentences Concluding CONCLUDING SENTENCE(S) Paragraph Final ThoughtsIntroductory Paragraph is the frst paragraph of the essay which introduces thetopic you deal with and the angle from which you are going to develop it. Thisparagraph consists of two parts respectvely: 1. general statements which are to provide the reader with the generalinformaton concerning this very topic and catch reader’s atenton. To do this youshould remember about so-called “atenton geters”: rhetorical questons,anecdotes, quotatons, unusual statements or some shocking statstcs. Forexample, your introductory paragraph may begin with a queston: Have you ever thought about the variety of harmful consequences, caused by acid rains?Here shocking statstcs may also come to the point: Can you imagine 8.9 million tones of water? This is the quantity of acid rains fell in 2007 on the surface of our planet! 2. thesis statement which presents the main idea of the essay. It ischaracterized by several points:  It states the main topic of the essay.  It may list the subtopics of the main topic.  It may also menton the method of organizaton. For instance, your thesis statement may sound like – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  9. 9. Forest degradation is the gravest consequence of acid rains because of three reasons: reduction of oxygen production, destruction of animal habitat, ecosystem violation. In the frst part of this sentence you state the topic: Forest degradation is thegravest consequence of acid rains…and in the second enumerate the subtopics youare going to develop in your body paragraphs. Be atentve, the number ofsubtopics should correspond with the number of body paragraphs; more precisely,each subtopic is to be developed in one body paragraph. As far as an essaystructure requires three body paragraphs, the number of subtopics should also bethree.Body paragraphs also consist of two parts each: 1. Topic sentence which should correlate with the thesis statement (actually,it’s one of its subtopics). When developing the previous example with acid rainsand forest degradaton, topic sentence of each body paragraph should be based onone of the three reasons, enumerated in the thesis statement. It may look like this: First of all, forest degradation means elimination of a great number of trees which absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen instead. Secondly, clearance of forests causes housing problem for all the species of animals, birds, and insects which inhabit the area. Finally, it’s not to forget that all the elements in nature come in interrelations; therefore, violation of one causes damage for all the system. 2. Supportng sentences which provide the reader with more detailedinformaton. Here you can add some further descripton, include your personalexperience or explain unknown terms and notons. Also don’t forget to use factualmaterial: statstcs, tables, graphs as well as statements by authorites which makeyour essay sound more persuasively. One more important thing is to establishcredibility; that means, make the reader feel well aware of the topic you deal with.To do this you should demonstrate knowledge about the topic, establish commonground with readers and demonstrate fairness to opposing points of view. For example, when developing the topic which serves as an example, we canexplain unknown terms, add some examples of forests cleared because of – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  10. 10. rains, statstcs concerning forest degradaton in diferent years (and deduce thetendency), or cite one of the ecologists who deal with this very problem.Concluding Paragraph is a trailing paragraph of the essay which accomplishesthree tasks: 1. signals the end of the essay due to the conclusion transiton signal (in conclusion, in summary, to summarize); 2. summarizes the main points, enumerated in the thesis statement (actually, you should rewrite you thesis statement in diferent words); 3. leaves the reader with the author’s point of view upon the subject. To conclude the essay about acid rains and forest degradaton, we can writethe following: To summarize, reduction of oxygen production, exile of thousands of species, and violation of balance between ecosystems make forest degradation the gravest consequence of acid rains. Argumentative essay As far as argumentatve essays, they are rather popular among the teachers,and are worth the students atenton. To begin with, you should keep in mind thatargumentatve essays are aimed at convincing the reader in something orpersuading him/her to do something. That means you are to: 1. focus on a problem with no obvious soluton, 2. present your point of view (the way you think it may be solved the most efectvely), 3. prove that your way-out is really the most efectve, 4. persuade the readers to accept your point of view and to act according to it.To cope with this task, you – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  11. 11.  formulate an argumentatve thesis (here you state the real fact and what should/shouldn’t be done about it: Students should have the right to evaluate teachers),  establish credibility (that means, show the reader that you do know what you are talking about),  provide your thesis statement with supportng material (when dealing with this type of essay you should be especially atentve to cause-and-efect chains, citatons and numbers; personal experience may also come to the point),  work with the counterarguments to your thesis (this part is especially important for it shows that you are guided not by the naked faith, but by sensible arguments which you got afer having taken into consideraton diferent points of view). In this type of essay you should present not less than two counterarguments, then answer them (demonstrate their weak points or non-applicability in this very situaton), and fnally stress upon relevance of your arguments one more tme. Be atentve to the language you use: reasons like “It’s a stupid idea” or “It’s silly because I don’t like it” are intolerable!The simplest argumentatve essay has the follow structure:  Introductory paragraph (+ argumentatve thesis)  The frst body paragraph, containing counterargument (of course, it may seem that, people say that… etc.);  Two more body paragraphs, where you disarm the mentoned above counterargument and prove the relevance of your thesis (but it’s also obvious that, on the other hand, moreover , therefore, anyway… etc.)  Conclusion (here you should summarize the argument, point out the benefts which may be obtained by following your way, and make an appeal to the reader).Stylistic – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  12. 12. Actually, it’s the fnal idea you should keep in mind to succeed in writng anyacademic paper – essay, research paper, or a speech. As far as all these genresmake part of the academic writng, they have to be done with a glance of therequirements to this very style. 1. let’s make a list of language paterns to avoid in academic writng: Contractons (don’t do not, won’t will not, can’t can not); Informal negatve forms (not… much litle, not… many few); Phrasal verbs; “Run-on” expressions (etc., and so on, and so forth ); Weak words (really, you know, well, you see, very…); Direct questons (they should be transformed into indirect: What is the main problem about acid rains? In this paper the main problem about acid rains should be discovered.); Personal pronouns (I, we); Adverbs at the beginning and at the end of the sentence (Obviously it can be done by the research center. It can be obviously done by the research center.) Abbreviatons (TV television); Conversatonal vocabulary (slang, jargon). 2. you should keep in mind at least several formal words and phrases which are to be used instead of common ones in academic writng:  Verbs Common vocabulary Formal vocabulary Say no Reject Climb Ascend Help Assist Want Desire Get Obtain Seem – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  13. 13. Mend Repair Live Reside Begin Commence Need Require  Nouns Understanding Comprehension Chance Opportunity Lack Defciency  Adverbs At once Immediately Mainly Principally At frst Initally On and of Intermitently So Therefore Next Subsequently  Adjectives Cheap Inexpensive Wrong Incorrect Friendly Amiable Childish Immature Enough Sufficient Lucky Fortunate Mad Insane Dim Indistnct Laid back Relaxed Clear – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  14. 14. Citation or plagiarism? I hope there is no need to tell you that plagiarizing is BAD. Actually, it’s notthe word to characterize it; beter to make it this way: Plagiarizing is an unworthyacton with far-reaching consequences because of three reasons: it reveals yourdisrespect to yourself, disrespect to your professor, and your devil-may-careattude towards your future. Let’s make a short overlook of these points. The f rst one seems to be quite obvious for when plagiarizing youacknowledge your inability to present your point of view concerning a given topic.Roughly speaking, you are too fool to have your own opinion or not enoughknowledge to state it in your own words. Then you’d beter vacate a place for asmarter student who is eager to study and can cope with the tasks. There are someother possibilites: you are too lazy to use your brain or too busy to spend tme onthinking and writng, so you prefer to put your name above what was writen bysomebody else. Maybe, all the three situatons look diferent for you, but they arethe same for the university administraton. In this or that way, they show that thestudent has no possibility and desire to study. Then what for make him languish inthe university? The second idea, that is disrespect to the professor, is no less important thanthe previous one. It goes without saying that each one of us protects his owninterests, but stll try to imagine the feelings of your professor when heunderstands that this essay was totally or partly copied from the Internet sites. Itmeans, all his eforts spent on explanatons, examples, hints are down the drain.The student didn’t want even to try, he just copied and pasted pieces of diferentartcles together, sometmes rather awkwardly. “I had one piece of work soblatantly cut and pasted that it stll contained adverts from the web page,”complained one professor from Harvard Business School. What would you havedone on his place? – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  15. 15. Finally, if you don’t care about your reputaton and the feelings of yourprofessor, think at least about your future. It’s true that well-done cheatng is noteasy to recognize, and maybe some two or even three tmes you’ll be lucky tomake it through without being caught. But then you’ll become more and more lazyto do something yourself and sooner or later you professor will fnd proofs of yourdishonesty. At the best, you’ll be warned and asked to rewrite the paper on yourown; therefore, an appropriate reputaton of a plagiarist will atend you for quite aperiod of tme. If not, you’ll be just expelled from the university with all theensuing consequences. Isn’t it beter to make an efort and write what you thinkabout this or that problem, especially with such a great number of guides to makeyour work easier? So, you see that lack of respect to your mental abilites, disrespect to yourprofessor’s eforts, and indiference to your future are three inevitable features ofplagiarizing. Look through them one more tme to make sure you got the idea. Payatenton to the structure as well, for actually the informaton is presented in aform of an outline, which when developed may become a classical academic essay.There are some more important things to keep in mind concerning cheatng: 1. Plagiarizing is any kind of using others’ materials without a proper citaton. In other words, if you copy one-sentence citaton without a reference to its source, it’s the same thing as if you copy a three-page text: both are considered to be plagiarism. 2. To avoid plagiarizing, you should document the sources of the borrowed informaton. The way you do this is presented by the MLA, APA, AMA, Chicago, Turabian, or Harvard style requirements. In general, the procedure looks like this: in your paper afer the cited informaton you give the last name of the author and the page number of the book/artcle where the borrowed citaton is situated; at the end of your paper you make a list of sources you referred to in this – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  16. 16. Afterword When following these steps, you can make a nice, well-structured, and well-balanced academic essay. Try to pay proper atenton to each step for it infuencesthe general impression produced by your essay: good structure and poor languageis no beter than vice versa, it should be done in a proper way from all aspects.Grammar revision is always welcomed too. Good luck and creatve ideas!If you have any feedback or questions about this Guide or our website, pleasefeel free to contact us.We would really appreciate if you’d visit us on Facebook and Like us, so we canshare useful information with – essay samples & custom writing services for students!
  17. 17. Disclaimer and CopyrightHere is some legal stuf. Short version: please be nice and honest when sharing thiswork.© 2012 – Rights owns all publisher and ownership rights to this material. Thisdocument and any part of it may not be republished and/or distributed in any wayor for any purposes without express and prior writen consent may store, print this document for your own personal use.You may forward this document to your friends, personal contacts and colleagues.You may WITH ATRIBUTION, 100% UNCHANGED distribute this document or anycomplete, unaltered copy of the PDF fle to an email list, or via your own blog,website, or forum providing you do not pass on any charges for this FREEdocument. Atributon in this instance means atributng as theowner and creator of the document along with at least one actve hypertext link tohtp:// – essay samples & custom writing services for students!