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Act Prep - Incredible Tips


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Our ACT prep tips will help you with techniques on how to be better prepared for the test.

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Act Prep - Incredible Tips

  1. 1. ACT Prep: Incredible TipsSkills for cracking crucial college admission exams like the ACT can be taught to eventhe most test-phobic person. Nobody is a natural born test taker. ACT prep andtraining for success with other college tests requires preparation, planning andpatience. With the proper program, you should be able to gain the tools necessaryto ace the ACT and set yourself on the road to academic excellence.Individual vs. Group HelpThe first thing to ask yourself when considering a tutoring program is "what is theideal the test prep environment for me?" For most students, one on one tutoring isfar more effective than instruction in a crowded classroom full of studentscompeting for attention. Individual study plans that boost strengths and work on
  2. 2. weak areas is possible only in an environment where you are able to get themaximum amount of guidance, along with a personally designed study plan.A personal tutor can create an ACT prep program that works for your and thatdoesnt waste time on subjects that you have already mastered. Private tutors canalso skip areas where you are advanced, and leave out subject matter that is unlikelyto be useful to you on your upcoming tests. Most group classes dont have this kindof flexibility in the curriculum that they cover.Going over unnecessary subject areas, or waiting for slower students to catch up,can be a waste of time for you and is also a big waste of money. On the other hand,with subject matter where you need extra assistance, you might be left behind. Onlya personal teacher and test coach can make sure that a course of study iscompletely compatible with your needs.Test AnxietyOne of the most important things to know about prepping for the ACT, or any otherimportant college exam, is something that nobody ever talks about––fear of testtaking itself. How often have you made straight As on take-home assignments andthen did poorly on a pop quiz? You know that its not lack of intelligence. You mayjust be afflicted with test taking anxiety.
  3. 3. Understanding how to take tests is as important a skill as mastering the material.Group classes sometimes address test taking strategies, but they stop at givingpractical tips like scanning and discarding or intelligent elimination. These skills arevery valuable for ACT prep, but you may need something more to overcome intenseagitation around exams.Concentrated coaching from personal tutors can greatly help you out if you haveserious test trauma and test phobia. With the support and encouragement of atrusted tutor, you can tackle the ACT, and other important exams, with moreconfidence and less apprehension. Taking practice exams and understanding aheadof time the exact format of the test will increase speed and comprehension and helpprevent you from becoming paralyzed or confused at test time. Fluency and easewith the process will increase scores and lead to less suffering around exam time.Tutoring: An Investment That Will Pay OffThe skills of confidence and courage cannot be taught in a large classroom setting.Your investment in individual tutoring will not only help you when it comes tocollege tests, but it will also lay a foundation for future success in your collegecareer and in your life. Self-assurance and a belief in yourself cant be acquired in an
  4. 4. impersonal classroom. Individual achievement and self-esteem however, can befostered by positive experiences with personalized education. Only a private tutorwith the right training, and lots of patience, can give you this vital building block forsuccess in test-taking and beyond.