Erp role in chemical industry


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Erp role in chemical industry

  1. 1. Enterprise Resource Planning <br />ERP<br />
  2. 2. How ERP Systems Works?<br />A typical ERP system would use multiple component of computer software and hardware to achieve integration<br />ERP delivers a single database that contains all data for the software module<br />
  3. 3. Example of Activity Process<br />Industrial Engineering Faculty wants to buy a new Printer.<br />For this reason Secretary gives a purchasing order by filling purchasing order forms.<br />Next slide shows how this purchasing request process flow was working before ERP systems.<br />
  4. 4. New Printer Purchasing Process<br />Purchase order form for a new printer<br />Head of Department Confirmation- Faculty Head<br />Purchase order document sent to E.M.U. Account Office<br />Account Office Secretary sents the purchase order to the Responsibles<br />Purchase order- Responsible personal Confirmation<br />Purchasing department- Manager Confirmation <br />Transfer to Finance Department Secretary for processing<br />Finance Department Responsible’s Confirmation<br />Transfer to Rector’s Office<br />Rector’s Secretary- Confirmation<br />Confirmation Transfer, to Purchase Department Secretary<br />Purchase Responsible personal commends with Purchase:<br />
  5. 5. Example: Before ERP Systems<br />Transfer to Accounting Office<br />Transfer to Finance Departmen<br />Transfer to Accounting Office<br />Transfer to Manager<br />Secretary’s New printer application<br />
  6. 6. After ERP Systems<br />
  7. 7. Example Faculty <br />Industrial Engineering Faculty wants to buy a new HP Printer.<br />For this reason Secretary gives a purchasing order with using E.M.U. Online ERP systems.<br />Next slide shows the purchasing order process flow with ERP Systems.<br />
  8. 8. In this real case there the benefits of the ERP systems<br />Online Data Flow decreases the process time<br />Fast & Online Confirmation<br />Less Paperwork<br />No need for folder storage<br />Database Security<br />Less Employee needed <br />Easy Financial Management<br />Better Inventory Management<br />
  9. 9. Chemical company before ERP Systems<br />
  10. 10. Chemical Industry Business Process GoalsEnabling Efficient Processes and Reducing Cost<br /> Improve visibility<br />Enable decision making with consolidated and relevant data<br />(sense, learn, and respond)<br />Provide consistent data across entities<br />Obtain broad visibility of production status<br />Ensure faster closing, get information to management daily<br /> Become more responsive<br />Ensure flexible response to demand changes in<br />manufacturing and supply chain<br />Distribute new plans to supply chain network<br /> Speed up cash-to-cash cycle<br /> Move toward real-time “sense and respond” capability<br /> Simplify change<br />Enable collaboration<br />Move toward standard business processes<br />Cooperate with external partners<br />Easily manage mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures<br />
  11. 11. Strategic Area For Improvement in Chemical Org.<br />
  12. 12. Innovation Management<br /> Business Issues:<br />Meet regulatory & compliance needs<br />Manage capital investments<br />Manage resources and stage gate projects<br />Visibility in development activities<br />Develop new markets<br />Meet customer formulation needs<br />View of all R&D portfolio<br />Cross functional communication & planning<br />Document product formulas<br />Minimize R&D costs<br />Knowledge retention<br /> ERP Solution:<br /> Specification Management<br /> Recipe Management and Trials<br />R&D Project Management<br />Knowledge & Document<br />Management<br /> Collaboration tools<br /> Benefits:<br />Faster time to market<br /> Streamlined Development Processes<br /> Minimize R&D spend<br /> Stronger program management<br /> Knowledge retention & sharing<br /> Easy regulatory compliance<br />
  13. 13. Supplier Collaboration<br />ERP Solution:<br />Contract management<br />Vendor evaluation & monitoring<br />Purchase order processing<br />Delivery schedule processing<br />Invoice processing<br />Managing catalog content<br />Purchasing statistics<br />Material & service procurement<br />Self service procurement<br /> Business Issues:<br />Obtain total view of purchases<br /> Evaluate vendor performance<br /> Manage strategic & tactical sourcing<br /> Minimize inventory<br /> Maintain standard catalog<br /> Minimize transaction costs<br /> Analyze all types of purchases<br /> Control spending<br /> Manage contract compliance<br /> Benefits:<br />Lower purchase prices<br />Better purchasing leverage<br />Stronger vendor commitment<br />Better inter-plant coordination<br />Less expedited shipments<br />Standard parts<br />Lower costs to procure<br />
  14. 14. Supply Chain Planning & Execution<br />ERP Solution:<br />Supply Chain Planning<br />Material Requirements Planning<br />Distribution Requirements Planning<br />Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)<br />Inventory & Warehouse Management<br />Shipping and transportation<br />Commodity Management and Bulk Logistics<br />Physical inventory process<br />Operations analytics<br />Business Issues:<br />Globalization and low cost country sourcing drives complicated & expensive supply chain<br />Minimizing costs & wastes<br /> Rising transportation costs due to tighter security and regulations<br />Rising natural gas, raw material and fuel Costs<br />Managing and optimizing supply chain<br />Global visibility of extended supply chain activities<br />Manage & evaluate vendors and carriers<br /> Benefits:<br />Lower inventory <br /> Lower logistics costs<br /> Higher service levels <br /> Faster order-to-cash cycle<br /> More accurate planning3<br /> Stronger S&OP process<br />
  15. 15. Manufacturing<br />ERP Solution:<br />Materials Requirements<br />Planning (MRP) process<br />Production planning, scheduling & execution<br />Batch management<br />Subcontracting<br />Shop floor integration<br />Enterprise asset management<br />Predictive maintenance<br />Preventive maintenance<br />Work order processing<br />Shutdown management<br />Failure mode analysis<br />Work clearance management<br />Mobile asset management<br /> Business Issues:<br />Pack and Make to order planning<br />Understand plant capability<br />Maintenance planning & control<br />Accurate asset records<br />Interface with plant control systems<br />Produce to plan<br />Visibility of data<br />Cost control and reporting<br /> Benefits:<br />Integrate production & planning<br />Less inventory<br />Longer production runs, increased uptime<br />Lower maintenance costs<br />Faster maintenance shutdowns<br />Integrated reporting<br />
  16. 16. Sales & Marketing<br />ERP Solution<br />Contract management<br />Inquiry & quotation management<br />Sales order management<br />Internet sales<br />Availability check<br />Billing & credit management<br />Rebate processing<br />Pricing, tax & text handling<br />Product listing, substitution and Exclusion<br />Sales analytics<br />Complaints processing<br />Returns management & credit memos<br />Quality assurance & control<br />Business Issues:<br /> Accurate customer data<br /> Efficient Order-to-Cash process<br /> Meet customer‘s service & delivery needs<br /> Immediate Available to Promise<br /> Efficient price management<br /> Contract compliance<br /> Appropriate credit & collections policies<br /> Product information<br /> Order status information<br /> Benefits:<br />Integration of orders to production and supply chain<br />Higher order fill rates<br />Lower cost to serve<br />Smooth customer facing business process<br />Lower day sales outstanding<br />Greater customer contract compliance<br />Analyze complaint sources effectively<br />
  17. 17. Quality Management & Compliance<br />ERP Solution:<br />Quality engineering<br />Quality assurance and control in<br />purchasing, production & sales<br />Quality improvement<br />Audit management<br />Product safety<br />Waste management<br />Dangerous goods movement<br />Industrial hygiene & safety<br />Substance Volume Tracking / REACH<br /> Business Issues:<br /> Product and process data accuracy and Transparency<br /> 6 Sigma analysis and ISO requirements<br /> Incoming quality tracing<br /> Process control tie-in<br /> Select to customer requests<br /> Plant capability vs. customer needs<br /> Regulatory compliance<br /> Protection of Worker<br /> Benefits:<br />Better analysis of quality root cause issues<br />Improved production and inventory quality profile, leading to lower inventory<br />Reduced risk of non-compliance and protection of brand value<br />Reduced compliance costs through increased productivity<br />
  18. 18. Enterprise Management & Support<br />ERP Solution:<br />General Ledger Accounting<br />Accounts Receivable<br />Accounts Payable<br />Bank Accounting<br />Cash Journal Accounting<br />Fixed Asset Accounting<br />Inventory Accounting<br />Tax Accounting<br />Strategic Enterprise Management & Analytics<br />Managerial Accounting<br />Cost & Profit Center Accounting<br />Internal Order & Project Accounting<br /> Product Costing<br />Investment Management<br />Profitability Analysis<br />Business Issues:<br /> Single source of financial truth<br /> Corporate Governance & Financial Reporting Standards<br /> Lack of internal control & visibility<br /> Minimize financial costs<br /> Inability to pinpoint most profitable products, customers, Business Units<br /> Benefits:<br />Faster close process<br />Better data visibility<br />Insightful analytics<br />Better cost and segmented profit data<br />Financial Compliance<br />
  19. 19. Chemical company after ERP Systems<br />
  20. 20. Finish <br />AnubhavBharadwaj<br /><br />
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