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Brilliant on the basics

  1. 1. BRILLIANT ON THE BASICS2. Ombudsman Program (OPNAVINST 1750.1 (Series) and Navy FamilyOmbudsman Program Manual)a. Describe the role of an Ombudsman.Ombudsmen disseminate information including official DON andcommand information, command climate issues and local quality oflife improvement opportunities around the community. They alsoprovide resource referrals when needed and can be instrumentalin resolving family issues before they require extensive commandattention.b. How can an Ombudsman assist in the disasterpreparedness plan?1) Reminding families to ensure their Sailor’s emergency data(page two) and SGLI information is routinely updated.2) Publishing short articles in the ombudsman newsletter aboutthe need for disaster preparation.3) Providing print materials about disaster preparedness at FRGmeetings and command functions.4) Helping families who are new to the area become familiar withthe types of disasters most likely to occur in their locale suchas hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, andfloods.5) Suggesting families develop an emergency communication plan.6) Providing lists of items to include in a disaster supply kit.7) Publicizing evacuation routes, emergency public shelters,procedures for pets during a disaster, and information specificto people with disabilities. This information should bedisseminated before disasters occur and when a disaster isimminent.8) Informing families of free services available through NavyLegal Services Office such as will preparation.
  2. 2. c. What is the relationship of the Ombudsman withspouses?CO, XO, and CMC/COB spouse roles may include being a soundingboard for the ombudsman, attending local Ombudsman Assemblymeetings, meeting regularly (especially when the command isdeployed) to maintain good communication, being an advocate forthe command ombudsman, editing or contributing to the ombudsmannewsletter, and representing her/his spouse’s views, if known.d. What is the purpose of the Ombudsman registry andwhat does it track?The Ombudsman Registry Forum is a venue for ombudsmen to networkwith other ombudsmen via message board. It is located on theOmbudsman Registry at What situations must the Ombudsman report to thecommand?Situations dealing with suspected child abuse/neglect, allegeddomestic abuse, suspected potential homicide, violence or lifeendangering situations, suspected/potential suicidal risksf. Discuss the forms and reports used by the Ombudsman.In order to gather data needed to complete required reports,most ombudsmen document calls on a telephone log. A telephonelog is useful as it enables an ombudsman to:1) See trends in types of calls such as a number of requests foremergency financial assistance, childcare resources, or spouseemployment.2) Follow-up with people who have contacted the ombudsman forinformation or about a problem.3) Note if the ombudsman repeatedly provides the same types ofinformation to the same individual.4) Demonstrate workloadThe Official Command Roster is a list of all personnel at acommand. It is a document that contains protected information.
  3. 3. The confidentiality of information contained in an officialcommand roster must be maintained as described in The PrivacyAct.The information an ombudsman may need on a roster includes:1) Service member’s name.2) Last four digits of the Social Security number (in case thereare multiple individuals with the same name which can be commonat a large command).3) Rate/rank.4) Date of birth.5) Primary next of kin names, telephone numbers, addresses, andemail address (Spouse and children, if married. Parents orothers the service member lists if, single).6) Phone number where family members would evacuate to in theevent of an emergency or natural disaster.7) Present Rotation Date (PRD) may be helpful.g. Discuss the process for selecting and accepting anOmbudsman.The Command needs to determine the number of ombudsman needed.IF the command has 250 personnel or less they should have 1ombudsman. 251 – 1000 personnel should have two to threeombudsman. 1000+ should have 4+ ombudsman. Once the commandhas determined the number ombudsman they will implementrecruitment strategies to include:Command ombudsman recruitment strategies include:1) Word of mouth.2) Announcements at quarters and over the 1MC.3) Plan of the day/week/month announcements.4) Announcements at family readiness group meetings.5) Announcements at command functions.6) Direct mail from the CO to all command spouses.7) Announcements on the command web site.8) Ask other command ombudsmen or leadership spouses forrecommendations.9) Ask an individual directly.
  4. 4. The interview should normally the interview is a one-on-onemeeting between the selecting official and the candidate. Thepurpose of the interview is to obtain position-relatedinformation from the candidate to make a selection decision. Themeeting should include a description of the duties of theposition and performance expectationsInitially appointing an ombudsman for a probationary period isrecommended. If the new appointee has previous experience as anombudsman, the recommended probationary period is three (3)months. If there is no previous experience, the recommendedperiod is six (6) months. Whatever the length of the probation,it should be indicated in the appointment letter.h. Discuss the purpose of Family Line.FamilyLine is an organization of Navy Family volunteers. Theyassist in providing education and assisting in the challenges ofa military lifestyle.i. What is the relationship between the Ombudsman andFamily Readiness Group?Ombudsman can support the command FRG by:1) Helping to start a command sponsored FRG if none exists, orassisting in recharging a flailing group.2) Advertising meetings and events in the ombudsman newsletter.3) Introducing themselves and providing information at eachmeeting.4) Assisting with locating speakers and activities for groupmeetings.5) Being available before and after meetings to provideindividual information and referral to participants.4. Mentoring Program (P4 110121Z Mar 03 and CNOGuidance 2003)a. What is the purpose of the mentoring program?Mentoring is a leadership issue that affects the career healthand longevity of every Sailor, and in turn affects the
  5. 5. operational readiness of the Navy. It is a relationship betweentwo people were a trusted person (mentor) helps another person(protégé) learning something the latter would otherwise havelearned less proficiently, more slowly or not at all.b. What are the key elements of an effective program?A mentoring relationship is expected to: 1. Provide a means forSailors to plan and execute a fulfilling career in the Navy. 2.Allow senior personnel the opportunity to share experiences andinsights with those junior to them. 3. Provide access to seniorleadership offering junior personnel an opportunity to seethemselves in those who have successful careers. 4. Encouragethose with similar interests and backgrounds to share theirsuccesses/lessons learned. 5. Ensure our people are makinginformed career decisions.c. What tools are available to help manage an effectiveprogram?OPNAVINST 1040.11B (Navy Retention and Career DevelopmentProgram)COMNAVSPECWARGRUELEVENINST 1540.1Effective Mentoring Course. Navy E-Learning http://www.mentoringgroup.comNavy Personnel Command Mentoring Program What is your role in ensuring an effective program?Ensure and recognize the value of mentoring at all levels. Helpthose individuals who desire mentoring and those who want desirementor establish their mentoring relationship both formal andinformal. Ensuring that a mentorship is a learning relationshipbetween individuals who work collaboratively toward a mutuallydefined goal of developing the protégé skills, abilities,knowledge to attain established professional and personalgoals.
  6. 6. 5. Recognition Programs (SECNAVINST 1650.1 (Series))a. What options do you have to recognize Sailors/civilians?Recognition can also include mid- term awards, FLOC’s, lettersof appreciation, highlighting accomplishments in the POD andother public venues, or nominations for special programs. Becreative, praise in public, and make sure your sailors know theyare appreciated and valued.Recognizing those who support us: Recognition should alsoextend to the civilians in our Navy family. An award will helpdocument the performance justification during NSPS performancereview for Navy civilian employees. This will help ensure ourbest civilians are properly rewarded.b. Name ten awards a Sailor may receive points forduring an advancement cycle and what are the values?Purple Heart, Meritorious Service Medal 3Joint or Navy/USMC Commendation Medal 3Executive Letter of Commendation 2Joint Service Achievement Medal 2Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal 2Combat Action Ribbon 2Gold Life Saving Medal 2Good Conduct Medal (Navy or Marine Corps) 2Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal 2Individual Augmentee (IA) Tour 2Air Medal (Strike/Flight) 1 Letter of Commendation (Flag/SeniorExecutive Service) 1c. Who can approve a Navy and Marine Corps AchievementMedal, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal andMeritorious Service Medal?See attachedd. What other key personnel could be recognized fortheir support of the command?Ombudsman