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Ufpe 2011 ingles


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Ufpe 2011 ingles

  1. 1. INGLÊS Resposta: VFVVFText 1 Justificativa Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social 0-0) VERDADEIRA: Segundo o Texto 1, as rede Networking Sites sociais podem representar um risco àquelas pessoas que as utilizam na medida em que se expõem emWhen you combine the immediacy demasia.and tell-all atmosphere of socialnetworking with the not-fully- 1-1) FALSA: O texto diz que os sites encorajam asdeveloped impulse control of teens pessoas a compartilhar informações pessoais.and pre-teens, kids are bound toover-share, resulting in someawkward moments at best and 2-2) VERDADEIRA: É dito no texto que as criançaspredation at worst. Social mais provavelmente compartilham informaçõesnetworking sites encourage and pessoais sem o devido cuidado.enable people to exchange information about themselves,share pictures and videos, and use blogs and private 3-3) VERDADEIRA: De acordo com o texto, osmessaging to communicate with friends, others who share jovens tem dificuldade de controlar o impulso e,interests, and sometimes even the world-at-large. And portanto, são mais vulneráveis.thats why its important to be aware of the possible pitfallsthat come with networking online. 4-4) FALSA: Blogs e ferramentas de mensagem instantanea não proíbem o uso de vídeos e fotosSome social networking sites attract pre-teens – even kids entre seus usuá young as 5 or 6. These younger-focused sites dontallow the same kinds of communication that teens andadults have, but there are still things that parents can do to Answer the following 3 questions according to Text 1help young kids socialize safely online. In fact, when itcomes to young kids, the law provides some protections – 02. Information disclosed online by young children fromand gives parents some control over the type of children-oriented sitesinformation that children can disclose online. 0-0) is both differentiated and may be controlled byFor sites directed to children under age 13, and for their parents.general audience sites that know theyre dealing with kids 1-1) can be monitored by parents and control isyounger than 13, theres the Childrens Online Privacy facilitated by law.Protection Act (COPPA). It requires these sites to get 2-2) is not the same as that made available to adultsparental consent before they collect, maintain, or use kids and teenagers.information. COPPA also allows parents to review their 3-3) is never screened by these very sites due to lawchilds online profiles and blog pages. constraints.Parents sometimes can feel outpaced by their tech-savvy 4-4) is free from any interference whatsoever fromkids. However social networking isnt really about whichever, its just another platform forcommunication. And parents have a lot they can teachkids in that arena to help them stay safer as they socializeonline.Disponível em: your-kids-safe-on-social-networking-sites/ Acessdao em 8 de novembro de 2010.01. According to the text 1 0-0) online social networking may pose risks to those who engage in this activity. 1-1) users of social networking sites are advised to keep all personal information private. 2-2) children are likely to share lots of information about themselves with anyone online. 3-3) the lack of control of the impulses by youngsters make them especially vulnerable. 4-4) blogs and private messaging sites forbid the use of videos and pictures among users.
  2. 2. 1-1) advising them on communication requires no Resposta: VVVFF technical knowledge. 2-2) their experience can help kids stay safe as Justificativa regards web social networking. 3-3) they are much better communicators than 0-0) VERDADEIRA: Sites feitos para crianças têm children could possibly be. um conteúdo apropriado para esse público e as 4-4) they surely know much more about the dangers informações podem ser monitoradas pelos pais. of social networking. 1-1) VERDADEIRA: Além do controle dos pais há Resposta: FVVFV também leis que regulam o conteúdo de tais sites. Justificativa 2-2) VERDADEIRA: As informações disponibilizadas para o público entre 4 e 9 anos não são as mesmas das disponibilizadas para adultos e adolescentes. 0-0) FALSA: Não é demonstrado um equilíbrio entre a falta de conhecimento técnico por partes dos pais e da consciência dos perigos por parte das crianças. 3-3) FALSA: As informações são monitoradas pelos próprios sites de público infantil e é a lei que, em grande medida, os obriga a fazer isso. 1-1) VERDADEIRA: Não há correlação entre conhecimento técnico e sabedoria de aconselhamento por parte dos pais. 4-4) FALSA: Não é verdade que não há interferência seja de que ordem for. Na verdade, esses sites são alvo de constante monitoramento. 2-2) VERDADEIRA: Os pais podem usar sua experiencia para ajudar os filhos a se protegerem na internet.03. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a mechanism 3-3) FALSA: O texto não afirma que os pais são melhores comunicadores, mas sim que eles podem 0-0) that allows parents to check their kids ajudar na proteção dos filhos nessa plataforma de information displayed over the net. comunicação. 1-1) used by sites meant for the audience of users who have come of age. 4-4) VERDADEIRA: Os pais são mais concientes do 2-2) which forces sites to get the permission of que os filhos dos perigos que as redes sociais parents to retrieve kids’ information. apresentam. 3-3) aimed at turning children’s profile information totally violation free. 4-4) intended to protect young children’s mothers Text 2 and fathers from their kids. Death of Film: Last Roll of Kodachrome Resposta: VFVFF Processed What do you know about Dwayne’s Photo Service of Justificativa Parsons, Kansas? It is the place where the very last roll of the Kodachrome was processed. 0-0) VERDADEIRA: O mecanismo permite o Kodachrome, the slide-film that inspired songs, was monitoramento pelos pais das crianças das discontinued by Kodak last year at 74 years of age. The informações veinculadas na internet. color emulsion was a victim of its own weird processing requirements, which didn’t use the usual E6 chemistry 1-1) FALSA: Não é verdade que o monitoramento designed for transparency film, and therefore wasn’t worth seja para o público maior de idade. supporting in the age of digital. 2-2) VERDADEIRA: Os pais precisam autorizar os sites a manipularem as informações dos seus filhos. 3-3) FALSA: O mecanismo não tem como objetivo tornar as informações livres de ataques. 4-4) FALSA: O mecanismo não tem intenção de proteger os pais dos seus próprios filhos04. Although parents may fall behind kids when it comes to technology 0-0) their technical expertise is balanced by the kids’ awereness of the dangers.
  3. 3. The last roll was shot by National Geographic Resposta: FFVVVphotographer Steve McCurry, who shot the 36 exposuresin New York (actually, the last three shots were exposed inParsons before dropping off the film at Dwayne’s). The Justificativapictures will be part of a National Geographic piece in thenear future. 0-0) FALSA: Usava produtos químicos diferentes de outros filmes.McCurry’s film may have been the official last roll off theproduction line, but Dwayne’s will still process any 1-1) FALSA: Não está tendo um final exatamente dosKodachrome that you might have until December 10th this mais brilhantes.year. And then it will shut down, forever. People may stillshoot analog, but with the death of Kodachrome comes 2-2) VERDADEIRA: Sua própria complicação o fezthe spiritual death of film. de vítima. Disponivel em: < of-film-last-roll-of-kodachrome-processed/> Acessado em 10 de 3-3) VERDADEIRA: O mundo digital oferece novembro de 2010. facilidades com as quais é difícil competir.Answer the following 4 questions according to Text 2. 4-4) VERDADEIRA: Mesmo argumento anterior relativo ao mundo digital.05. Kodachrome films are no longer 0-0) used 1-1) made 07. It is correct to say that 2-2) manufactured 0-0) Steve McCurry took pictures using the last 3-3) found Kodachrome roll produced. 4-4) sold 1-1) the last roll of Kodachrome was shot by an amateur photographer. Resposta: FVVFF 2-2) the last roll was totally shot in New York by Parson and Steve McCurry. 3-3) the last roll of Kodachrome will be part of a Justificativa research by National Geographic. 4-4) National Geographic will use the New York 0-0) FALSA: Eles ainda são usados. pictures in a piece sometime soon. 1-1) VERDADEIRA: Não são mais feitos. Resposta: VFFFV 2-2) VERDADEIRA: Não são mais manufaturados. Justificativa 3-3) FALSA: Ainda são encontrados. 0-0) VERDADEIRA: O último rolo de filme produzido 4-4) FALSA: Ainda são vendidos. foi, de fato, usado por Steve mcCurry. 1-1) FALSA: Steve é um fotografo profissional.06. Kodachrome complicated process 2-2) FALSA: O último rolo foi usado quase todo em 0-0) used the same chemistry used for other NY. Apenas 3 fotos foram feitas em Parson. transparency films. 1-1) ended its century old path of image work in a 3-3) FALSA: As fotos do último rolo de Kodachrome glorious way. serão usadas pela National Geographic, mas não 2-2) turned it into its own victim and caused its numa pesquisa. discontinuation. 3-3) was no longer a match for the digital world it competed with. 4-4)VERDADEIRA: As fotos serão usadas numa 4-4) made it unfit to compete with modern day digital reportagem. processing. 08. It is implied in the text that 0-0) McCurry’s roll of film was the last Kodachrome to be processed in history. 1-1) the dispute between analog and digital is both unfair and purposeless. 2-2) people may still have their roll films processed for some more time ahead. 3-3) with the death of Kodachrome, the page of film photography is turned in history. 4-4) Dwayne’s will have to shut down on December 10th despite its many customers.
  4. 4. Resposta: FVVVF Brazils electoral laws Send in the clown Justificativa Nice voting machines; shame about the candidates 0-0) FALSA: O rolo de filme usado por McCurry foi o THE whizzy electronic ballot boxes that Brazil uses for último produzido, mas não o revelado. elections meant that most results were announced before bedtime on polling day. But no technology can speed up 1-1) VERDADEIRA: A disputa entre o mundo the country’s courts. Just one day before the election they analógico e o digital não é justa e é sem propósito. O ruled that votes for candidates who had been barred from mundo digital oferece vantagens que em quase standing, mostly under a new anti-corruption law passed todos os aspectos superam o analógico. this year, should be set aside. Because of the delay, the results of this precisely tallied election are still uncertain. 2-2) VERDADEIRA: Ainda será possível revelar os In the races for state governor and federal and state rolos de Kodachrome por mais algum tempo. legislatures, a total of 11m votes went to ineligible candidates. In the northern state of Pará, for example, two 3-3) VERDADEIRA: A morte do Kodachrome tem of the three front-runners for the national Senate were uma forte simbologia para o fim do filme de rolo na blacklisted. However, politicians can appeal against their fotografia. inclusion on the list. Those who win their challenges by December 31st will probably displace their rivals who have 4-4) FALSA: Dwayne’s apenas parará de revelar been declared victors by default. fotos em rolo de Kodachrome nessa data. Contests for the lower house of Congress are even more chaotic. When candidates get more votes than they needText 3 to win, they pass the surplus on to their allies. The courts have yet to decide whether politicians can be elected on disqualified candidates’ coat-tails. If they cannot, the results of appeals could affect the legislative balances of power. Some candidates without legal troubles had otherwise dubious qualifications. For instance, Tiririca (Grumpy), a clown best known for a hit single, won more votes (1.35m) than any other candidate for the lower house of Congress. “What does a federal deputy do? To be honest, I don’t know,” ran his ads. “But vote for me and I’ll let you know.” He will have to take a literacy test before he can take office. But even if he fails, three of his allies will tumble into Congress in his parti-coloured wake. Adaptado de: <> Acessado em 10 de novembro de 2010. Answer the following 4 questions according to Text 3 09. The use of electronic voting machines 0-0) made it possible for most results to be released on the very same day of the election. 1-1) did not result in a faster pace of the Judicial System as for decisions regarding eligibility. 2-2) made all the results be given despite the court’s ruling concerning barred candidates. 3-3) is a clear sign of how technology influences court decisions and allows quicker results. 4-4) has made the results of the elections unquestionable and free from any corruption.
  5. 5. Resposta: VVFFF Resposta: VVFFV Justificativa Justificativa 0-0) VERDADEIRA: As urnas eletrônicas possibilitam a divulgação dos resultados no mesmo dia da 0-0) VERDADEIRA: O excedente de votos de um eleição. candidato é redistribuido entre outros da mesma leganda ou aliança através do coeficiente eleitoral. 1-1) VERDADEIRA: As urnas eletrônicas não têm influência sobre o rítimo das decisões do judiciário. 1-1) VERDADEIRA: Essa redistribuição de votos e o mexe-mexe dos candidatos podem resultar em 2-2) FALSA: Mesmo com os resultados computados, mudanças no equilíbrio de forças no congresso. não foi possível divulgá-los oficialmente devido à decisão judicial. 2-2) FALSA: Essa condição também é aplicada à camara de deputados no congresso. 3-3) FALSA: A urna eletrônica e sua eficiência não é capaz de influenciar as decisões judiciais. 3-3) FALSA: Os votos só podem ser repassados para correligionários da mesma legenda ou 4-4) FALSA: As urnas não isentam o processo coligação. eleitoral de corrupção. 4-4) VERDADEIRA: Candidatos com votação insuficiente são ajudados pelo coeficiente eleitoral e10. It is true to say that ineligible candidates recebem votos excedentes de outros candidatos. 0-0) added up to a meek amount of 1.1 million votes only. 12. Tiririca’s election 1-1) who are declared victors by default cannot lose their seats. 0-0) is a guarantee of his unquestionable credentials 2-2) can still have their names cleared from the for office. blacklist. 1-1) resulted in the consequent election of other 3-3) will necessarily be substituted for rival party coalition members. candidates. 2-2) was grounded on his full awareness of reality in 4-4) were also running for the upper house of congress. Congress. 3-3) depends on his proving he is able to both read and write. Resposta: FFVFV 4-4) if disapproved will get two other fellow candidates in office. Justificativa Resposta: FVFVF 0-0) FALSA: Eles juntos somaram não 1.1 milhão de votos, mas sim 11 milhões de votos. Justificativa 1-1) FALSA: Os candidatos declarados eleitos em 0-0) FALSA: A eleição de Tiririca não avalisa suas lugar dos que ainda serão julgados podem perder credenciais para o cargo. seus mandatos. 1-1) VERDADEIRA: Permitiu a eleição de outros 2-2) VERDADEIRA: Alguns candidatos ainda podem candidatos através de coeficiente eleitoral. ter seus nomes retirados da lista de inelegíveis. 2-2) FALSA: Sua própria propaganda denuncia seu 3-3) FALSA: Não serão necessariamente completo desconhecimento do fazer parlamentar. substituídos por seus rivais. 3-3) VERDADEIRA: Ele terá de provar que é 4-4) VERDADEIRA: Também havia candidatos alfabetizado para poder ter sua candidatura concorrendo ao senado entre os que foram barrados efetivada. pela justiça. 4-4) FALSA: Mesmo se Tiririca for considerado inelegível, os outros candidatos eleitos a reboque manterão suas eleições garantidas.11. The surplus of votes a candidate has 0-0) is automatically used in favor of other allies. Text 4 1-1) may influence power balance in congress. 2-2) is not used when it comes to the lower house. 3-3) can be used for rival candidates as well. 4-4) helps candidates who may not otherwise be elected.
  6. 6. Everyone out of the mine in Chile Resposta: VFVFVThe painstaking process of hoisting 33 miners Justificativatrapped nearly a half-mile below ground for morethan two months in northern Chile was completed 0-0) VERDADEIRA: Foi um alívio para toda aWednesday night, less than a day after it began, população chilena.ending a saga that gripped a nation that never gaveup hope. 1-1) FALSA: Teve uma duração de menos de um dia."I hope this will never happen again," said the lastman out of the gold and copper mine, shift foreman 2-2) VERDADEIRA: Encerrou o que foi consideradoLuis Urzua, upon reaching the surface, as he was uma jornada heroica.embraced by Chilean President Sebastian Pinera."Im proud of being Chilean." 3-3) FALSA: embora sofridos, ambos mineiros e pessoas que assistiram ao resgate sentiram muitaIt was Urzua, 54, who first established contact with alegria, e não tristeza.the outside world on August 22, 17 days after themine collapsed on August 5, trapping him and his 4-4) VERDADEIRA: Foi feito com muito was Urzua who divided the cans of tuna that 14. Luis Urzuahelped keep the men alive until they were 0-0) is ashamed of being a Chilean.discovered, and it was he who organized the 32 1-1) was the first rescuer to reach the mine.others into three work shifts. 2-2) thinks faith has little importance. 3-3) bravely led the rescue to success.It was he who pored over diagrams that helped 4-4) only left the mine after the other miners.rescuers plan the mens escape, and it was he whoinsisted on being the last of the trapped men to befreed. Resposta: FFFVV"He was a shift boss who made us proud," Pinera Justificativatold Chileans in a televised address afterward. "Iwant to thank the families of the miners who 0-0) FALSA: Ele tem orgulho de ser chileno.maintained faith -- this faith that ended up movingmountains." 1-1) FALSA: Ele próprio era um dos mineiros presos."Mission accomplished, Chile," read a sign held by 2-2) FALSA: Para ele a fé foi de suma importânciaone of the six rescuers who had descended more nesse processo.than 2,000 feet to organize the mens exodus fromthe mine that collapsed August 5. 3-3) VERDADEIRA: Ele liderou o grupo de mineirosAfter 69 harrowing days, the miners ascended to e foi exemplar em sua conduta.freedom one by one in a rescue mission that beganin the numbing chill of a desert night, continued 4-4) VERDADEIRA: Ele foi o ultimo mineiro a sair daunder the searing sun of a cloudless day and mina.stretched back into the night. <Adaptado de: 15. The miners’ saga 13/world/chile.miners.rescue_1_gold-and-copper-mine-miners- rescuers?_s=PM:WORLD> Acessado em 10 de novembro de 0-0) evolved for more than three cheerful months. 2010. 1-1) ended up with everyone of them being saved. 2-2) resulted in a grieving loss of some of the Answer the following 4 questions according to Text 4. miners. 3-3) ended with a sign praising the successful deed. 4-4) involved half a dozen rescuers to help them up.13. The rescue of the 33 trapped miners 0-0) made the Chileans sigh joyfully. 1-1) lasted for two long days. 2-2) put an end to a heroic journey. 3-3) was marked by a lot of sadness. 4-4) was carried out diligently.
  7. 7. Resposta: FVFVV Justificativa 0-0) FALSA: A duração total do processo de resgate durou 69 dias. 1-1) VERDADEIRA: Todos foram resgatados. 2-2) FALSA: Nenhum mineiro ou membro da equipe de resgate perdeu a vida. 3-3) VERDADEIRA: uma faixa foi mostrada com a frase: “Missão cumprida, Chile”. 4-4) VERDADEIRA: foram seis os membros da equipe de resgate que desceram para ajudar os mineiros a subir para superfície.16. It is true to say that 0-0) the rescue procedures took place without the presence of any authority. 1-1) Mr. Urza didn’t have any cooperation from his co-workers to get things done. 2-2) the miners’ families kept their faith and that made a lot of difference. 3-3) the whole rescue process including the digging of the shaft took less than a day. 4-4) all the miners came up to freedom at once and rescuers celebrated that. Resposta: FFVVF Justificativa 0-0) FALSA: O próprio presidente chileno se fez presente durante todo o tempo no lugar do resgate. 1-1) FALSA: Todos os mineiros colaboraram no processo o tempo todo. 2-2) VERDADEIRA: a fé que as famílias dos mineiros tiveram, além da fé dos próprios mineiros, foi fundamental para o sucesso da empreitada. 3-3) VERDADEIRA: O processo de resgate desde seu planejamento, passando pela perfuração do fosso, etc, durou mais de dois meses. Apenas o resgate pontual, ou seja, a retirada dos mineiros durou menos de um dia. 4-4) FALSA: Os mineiros foram retirados um a um.