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In this presentation we cover how businesses are starting to embrace Facebook as a key role in their relationship with their customers. It provides case studies highlighting how business use it for support, sales, marketing, targeting and more...

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Using facebook pages for business from Esporis

  1. 1. Using Facebook pagesPresented by: Gurmit Singh Shakhon16.03.12
  2. 2. A bit about Facebook• Facebook has more than 500 million active global users• People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook• There are more than 60 million status updates on Facebook each day• 30 billion pieces of content (web links, blogs, etc) are shared each month• Mobile has exploded with 100 million users accessing Facebook via their mobile• More than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy Facebook mobile productsRef: Facebook pressroom, Econsultancy blog
  3. 3. A bit about fan pages• The average Facebook user is connected to 60 pages, groups, events• Purpose built Facebook pages have created more than 5.3 billion fansRef: Facebook pressroom, Econsultancy blog
  4. 4. SETTING GOALSEveryone’s on Facebook...why are YOU there?• Build and interact with communities • Learn more about your customer base• Increase sales • Instant feedback about services or products• Promote events • Improve engagement• Boost brand loyalty • Improve customer service• Increase brand awareness• Drive traffic Pick the ones your striving for!
  5. 5. SETTING GOALSAchieve goals through content Content strategy Content value • What topics interest your fans? • Is it fun and entertaining? • What tone of voice to use? • Is it useful? • The best time of day to comment? • Can you help people save? • Which messages will fans share? • Does it boost reputation? • Which messages invoke emotional appeal? • Does it encourage fans to get involved?
  6. 6. WHAT’S YOUR SOCIAL SHAPE How do you support your social engagement?Centralised Organic Hub & spoke Dandelion Holistic 28.8% 10.8% 41% 18% 1.4% One department No one department A cross-functional Similar to hub & Everyone in themanages all social manages or team sits in a spoke but applicable company uses social activities coordinates. Efforts centralised position to multi-national media safely and bubble up from the helps various nodes companies where consistently across all edges of the such as business companies within organisations company units companies act nearly autonomously from each other under a common brand
  7. 7. BEFORE YOU GET SOCIAL It’s important to determine the internal structure of anorganisation to support social media channel(s). The internal structure of the organisation and its support mechanisms should determine what your doing on social media!
  8. 8. STRUCTURE OF FACEBOOKWall Timeline Social apps Social commerce 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
  9. 9. WALL
  10. 10. 2012TIMELINE 2011
  11. 11. 2012TIMELINE 2011
  12. 12. 2012TIMELINE 2011
  13. 13. SOCIAL APPS
  15. 15. SOCIAL PRODUCTSThe evolution of fore be ard he ver neNew music consumption y’ve the sic mu n to liste ers Stale behaviour and drop off us of % 70 Desktop app Spotify becomes a social product Users
  16. 16. REALITY CHECK!We cant all be Spotify’s, Porsche and Red Bull’s overnight!
  17. 17. MAKING YOU SOCIAL Walk Jog Run Testing the waters of Ongoing relationship Content as a service, social media with a with audience. awarding your social few campaigns Engagement through audience through content and relevancy deeper relationships
  18. 18. JOG Loyalty Social games scheme Expert Exclusive support content Regional Regional campaigns content
  19. 19. JOG Gaming is one of the most engaging Starbucks created a loyalty scheme Social Loyalty games content types available online (even for scheme around their coffee product - can you do adults). Games usually provide access the same? to users Facebook walls ASOS has supported their customers Expert Exclusive Award fans with content that they cant openly on Facebook and Twitter. Theirsupport content find anywhere else! responses are open for everyone to see. Regional Campaigns targeted at specific Target content to the locations of your Regionalcampaigns demographics to invoke behavioural content audience to build local, deeper change. relationships
  20. 20. RUN Social search Events TV Many social Social ecosystems notifications Behavioural Location targeted based content content
  21. 21. RUN Moving your core data into a socially Host physical events to boost your local Social viable product to be used across reputation - be were people need you Events search multiple social networks and within the most many ecosystems Potential to provide content based on Video is the most interacted with Location the users location based upon them TV content type - could you use video based content being logged into Facebook from their content with Timeline to tell stories? phone or them checking in Be reactive to your social ecosystems Social Create messaging systems which Behavioural and tie your website to the behaviour ofnotification support social messaging targeting your audience e.g. when xx users retweet this tweet update my website with a new campaign Many Can you nurture multiple communities socialecosystems allowing different types of conversations to happen at the same time?
  22. 22. MAKING A FRIEND Walking ncy eva Rel Jogging n atio alis son Per Running al Loc
  23. 23. USING FACEBOOK PAGESThank youPresented by: Gurmit Singh Shakhon Partner at EsporisEmail me: gurmit@esporis.comTweet me: @gurmit_shakhon