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                       Company Intr...
Company Introduction

             ESPL, started in 2005, is a custom Software Development firm and IT outsourcing
Area of Expertise

      SN       Technical Expertise         Particulars
      1        Platforms/Servers           Windo...
Dot Net Projects

   SN      Clients - Web address                          Industries
PHP Projects
SN Client - web address                                   Technology             Industries
   1   https://ww...
32                                     OsCommerce             E-commerce, salon
 33   http://www...
Desktop Applications

   SN      Name of the Application                   Particulars
   1       Industrial testing      ...

   11      Forexsocial-Risk                    •   The key advantage of this tool is that it will indicate the...

                       Sn   Client Name                               Country
                       1    Birla V...
37   Jorma                      Netherland
                       38   Aurosys solutions          India
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Espl company profile


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Company Profile

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Espl company profile

  1. 1. Company Profile – Contents Particulars Page # Company Introduction 02 Mission 02 ESPL – Core Competency 02 Area of Expertise 03 Projects List - Dot Net Projects 04 - PHP Projects 05 - Desktop Applications 07 Client List 08 Espirit Softwares Pvt. Ltd. ESPL Company Profile Page 1 of 10
  2. 2. Company Introduction  ESPL, started in 2005, is a custom Software Development firm and IT outsourcing company with offshore software development center in India  Our main activity is developing customized application software and web applications covering the entire development life cycle.  ESPL delivers range of outsourcing services like Offshore Software development, web development, client server applications to clients at affordable cost and on time.  We develop software solutions for clients as well as for internal use. Mission ESPL is founded on the belief that relationships are the key to success. We will succeed only if our customers accomplish their growth. Accordingly, our mission is to provide superior and low cost products to our customers through quality design and development. ESPL – Core Competency With ESPL-Offshore software development company you reduce outsourcing software development cost and enhance revenue growth due to our:  Skilled and organized personnel  Cost-competitive custom software programming services  Quality of our solutions turns short-term pilot engagements into long-term Relationships.  Commitment to your growth and success differentiates us from our competition.  Accountability ensured by employing local experts adds tremendous value to your cost & our efficiency.  Time-To-Market is our norm to ensure success in the competitive economy.  Flexibility to adapt to your changing priorities and business focus-is the key to our success in any assignment. ESPL Company Profile Page 2 of 10
  3. 3. Area of Expertise SN Technical Expertise Particulars 1 Platforms/Servers Windows Vista/2k3/XP/2K/NT/9x Windows Mobile/CE 2 Technologies .Net Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.5 .Net Compact Framework ASP.Net (Ajax, Web 2.0, Silverlight, Adobe Flex) COM/DCOM/ActiveX 3 Languages C#, VB.Net,Visual Basic, VC++ Java script, VBScript 4 Databases MS SQL (2000, 2005) Oracle 8.0/9i My SQL 4.22/5.0 MS Access 5 Scripting Languages ASP 3.0 6 Open Sources PHP Joomla, OSCommerce, Drupal, Wordpress, PHPBB forum, phpfreechat, utchat, CREloaded 7 Benchmarking Applications FaceBook 8 Third Party Controls RAD Controls Nevron UI/Charts Obout Controls UserPlane Audio/Video Recorder, UserPlane Chat Application Lanap Captcha Control 9 Third Party Integrations Rate and News Feed provider IQFeed, Tenfore, Payment Gateway Paypal, LinkPoint,, SMS API MessageBuzz, Email2SMS (SMS Country) 10 Services - Website design and development - Application Development - Component based Development - Client / Server Development - Database Development - Support and Maintenance - Human resource consultancy - Support and maintenance - Technologies and expertise - Hosting ESPL Company Profile Page 3 of 10
  4. 4. Dot Net Projects SN Clients - Web address Industries 1 Educational Portal, Online Exam 2 Forex trading 3 Web Store 5 Project Management 6 Web Store 7 Community website 8 Real-estate Website on mobile technology 9 PPC program 10 Online FM 11 Online store 12 Freight Management 13 Web Directory 14 Online Store 15 Fund raiser Community of Doctors with 16 matrimony/dating Induction and Compliance Management 17 System 18 Better work place community site 19 Smoke free community site 20 Sleep well community site 21 Real Estate Advocates community site 22 Social Community 23 Addiction based community 24 Directory site for churches, Fund raiser 25 Fund raiser site ESPL Company Profile Page 4 of 10
  5. 5. PHP Projects SN Client - web address Technology Industries 1 CRE Loaded E-Commerce 2 CRE Loaded E-Commerce 3 CRE Loaded E-commerce, social network 4 CRE Loaded Story book customization 5 Custom Based Social Networking 6 Custom Based Project Management 7 Custom Based Dashboard 8 Custom Based inventory, reports 9 Custom Based CMS, hypnotherapist 10 Custom Based CMS 11 Custom Based CMS, Immigration 12 Custom Based CMS 13 Custom Based CMS 14 Custom Based CMS 15 Wordpress, Custom Real estate Based 16 Wordpress, Custom online Survey Based 17 Wordpress, Custom CMS Based 18 FaceBook Application Facebook application 19 ikiClassifieds classified 20 Joomla Business directory 21 Joomla CMS 22 Joomla CMS 23 Joomla, Moodle Social Networking 24 Joomla, Wordpress CMS 25 Open Realty Real estate 26 Open Realty Real estate 27 OsCommerce E-Commerce/Home products 28 OsCommerce E-commerce 29 OsCommerce E-commerce, social network 30 OsCommerce E-commerce 31 OsCommerce E-commerce ESPL Company Profile Page 5 of 10
  6. 6. 32 OsCommerce E-commerce, salon 33 OsCommerce E-commerce, book store 34 OsCommerce, Vertical E-commerce, Events Response 35 OsCommerce, E-commerce, Events Wordpress 36 OsCommerce, E-commerce, Events Wordpress 37 Wordpress CMS, Education 38 Wordpress MU Social Networking, community 39 Wordpress, Custom CMS, Diamond search Based tool 40 Zencart E-commerce, Affiliate 41 Zencart Business and community marketplace 42 Zencart E-commerce 43 Zencart E-commerce 44 Zencart E-commerce 45 Custom Based CMS Based company site 46 Custom Based Online Food ordering system ESPL Company Profile Page 6 of 10
  7. 7. Desktop Applications SN Name of the Application Particulars 1 Industrial testing • This Software is developed as Extension for existing ERP.This imports data from Excel and use that for Test the Product. This Software also Read Data from SerialPort. ItGenerates formated reports in Excel and Crystal report. 2 E-Testing - Product screen • This Screen is used to Import data from Excel, for each Item in Quotation and Display that data in formated String. 3 Trading Platform (NCFX) • Ncfx is developed to provide online trading of foreign exchange, gold and oil. Site also provides a demo free account for 30 days to understand all about trading. Site provides real time rates of all the currencies within few seconds. User can get facilities like trading related articles, news, currency charges of last few months on graph, internal messaging system and online fund transfer etc. 4 NCFX - Charts • This form shows different periodical charts. User has a option to choose a period in terms of Days, Months & Years. They can also add different types of indicators to the chart. 5 NCFX - Dealing Rates - Advance View • This form shows the real time rates of all currencies in Advance view. 6 NCFX - Market Order • User can Make a Market Order using this form. 7 NCFX - Open Pos • This form shows all the open positions. 8 NCFX - RequestQuote • User can make a Request Quote using this form. 9 Forexsocial-Main • It contains different types of calculators related to FX trading. 10 Forex Trading (Calculation tools pack ) • FibCalc II allows the Trader to set Bounce and Profit Targets. The beauty of Fibonacci is best expressed through setting Targets. Rather than react at the moment Price changes behavior, setting Bounce and Profit Targets helps the Trader to plan ahead, allowing Price to come to the Trader, instead of the Trader chasing Price. Simply type in the Low and the High of the Trend you are ESPL Company Profile Page 7 of 10
  8. 8. examining. 11 Forexsocial-Risk • The key advantage of this tool is that it will indicate the percentage of your base account balance that is at risk for every trade you enter, regardless of which currency your account is held in or which pair you are trading. Another nice advantage is that it can be tailored for any degree of leverage. 12 Forexsocial-Pivot • The pivot calculator is a technical indicator that is derived by calculating the numerical average of a particular currency pairs high, low and closing prices. 13 Web Crawler & Data Extrator (SEO) • It is an application to extract URL, meta Tag, Page body text, Email, Phone, Fax from :Website, Search Engine results, Web Group or Dir, List of URLs,Google PR, ALexa Page rank, Inbound Links, OutBound Links, submit URLs, who is info about any site. ESPL Company Profile Page 8 of 10
  9. 9. Clients Sn Client Name Country 1 Birla Vikas Hospital- M. P. Birla Group India 2 American Diamonds Forever USA 3 UK 4 Emerson India Ltd. India 5 Rapid Host UK 6 Esteban Media Holland 7 Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals Ltd. India 8 Zhang International USA 9 Kaps Engineers India 10 CommonDesk LLC USA 11 RenderSoft Ltd. UK 12 Appdevel LLC USA 13 Claris Law Inc. USA 14 Data control LLC USA 15 Rational Foreign Exchange Ltd. UK 16 Millimart UK 17 Enovate Design UK 18 X-A-U LLC Switzerland 19 Data Genesis Inc. USA 20 Eureka Systems India India 21 Wide International Switzerland 22 Lansoft Technologies UK 23 Radiant publishing group USA 24 E Planet Systems Inc USA 25 Forex Social USA 26 BizWebSuite USA 27 Epoxy Group India 28 FreightNow Australia 29 iLLusive Design, Inc. Canada 30 EplanetSystems US 31 Vidhi Consultant India 32 Tom Smith US 33 Joseph Lacasse US 34 Philip Austria 35 Vivek Hans USA 36 Larenon Healthcare India ESPL Company Profile Page 9 of 10
  10. 10. 37 Jorma Netherland 38 Aurosys solutions India 39 Larosa Canada 40 Peter B USA 41 Metroinfo USA 42 Nuggetsolutions USA 43 Damon Parker USA 44 KARGIL REALTORS (P) LTD. India 45 Ira weisman Israel 46 Websolution India ESPL Company Profile Page 10 of 10