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Presentation of libraries in Uganda


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First presented at "An evening in Uganda", an event by ISA at UBC for raising money for a deaf school in Uganda.

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Presentation of libraries in Uganda

  1. 1. Community Libraries in Uganda Espen Stranger-Johannessen
  2. 2. Have you ever thought about…• What are community libraries?• What do they look like?• What do they offer?• Who uses them?• How do people use them?• Who runs them?• Do they make a difference?
  3. 3. What are community libraries? What do they look like? Caezeria Complex Public Library
  4. 4. Kitengesa Community Library
  5. 5. Hands of Action Library
  6. 6. What do they offer?
  7. 7. Who uses them? How?
  8. 8. Who runs them?