Top 5-reason-why-your-business-needs-a-mobile-website


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Top 5-reason-why-your-business-needs-a-mobile-website

  1. 1. By: Hector Jayat +52 656 130 3861 Página 1
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroduction.........................................................................................36 Billion Mobile Phone Subscribers: MAJOR Marketing Opportunity ..............4Most Mobile Users Are Likely To Return To A Mobile-Friendly Website ........5If Your Competitors Are Mobile…And Youre Not, They Win.........................6Mobile Internet Usage Will Soon Exceed Desktop Internet Usage ................7Going Mobile will Boost Your Brand and Reputation...................................8Conclusion ......................................................................................... Página 2
  3. 3. IntroductionIf you’re like most small business owners all over the world, your main goalsare all focused around increasing the number of leads, sales, and profitscoming into your business.Consumers today have many different options when it comes to choosinglocal companies that offer the type of products and services they need.Therefore, you must do everything in your power to get as much attentionon YOUR business as you can in order to out-do your competitors.In this rat race to constantly bring in new business, there several differentmarketing methods available to help your company flourish exponentially.However, if you’re not using these methods, you’re simply letting profits slipright through your fingertips.Many business owners continue to pump a hefty amount of their marketingdollars into methods that just don’t generate the type of response that theyused to. For instance, Yellow Page ads, newspaper ads, TV ads, and radioads alone simply can’t generate the type of results you need.The most effective marketing methods are those that put your business rightin front of your target audience; more specifically, any marketing methodgeared around the internet, as well as mobile phones.As you are probably aware, mobile phone usage has reached astonishingrates across the globe; everyone is literally tied to their mobile devices.Today’s mobile smartphones are capable of performing so many differenttasks that people feel handicapped without them.So why wouldn’t any business want to tap into this amazing marketing tool?If you are still unclear as to why you may want to take a serious, hard lookinto adding mobile marketing to your mix, this report will help clear thingsup for you… Página 3
  4. 4. Let’s take a closer look at why investing in a mobile-optimized website couldbe one of the most profitable marketing investments your company couldever make. Reason #1: 6 Billion Mobile Phone Subscribers: MAJOR Marketing OpportunityWe live in a modern world where mobile phones have become more of anecessity rather than a luxury. Mobile phone subscribers are in theneighborhood of 6 billion and counting.In a nutshell, almost everyone in the world has a mobile phone or hasaccess to one – or two, or maybe even three. This simply means that yourbusiness marketing strategy should be planned with the inclusion ofconnecting with consumers via their mobile devices.People have become so addicted to their mobile phones that a largepercentage of us go to bed with them within arm’s reach. Almost everymobile phone owner takes their mobile phones with them everywhere theygo.We are far away from the once popular landline phones, which were onlyused as a way to verbally communicate with others. Today, we are in awhole new age where the more dynamic mobile phones are in wide use.Mobile smartphones can do so much more than just voice calls; they havethe capability to access the internet as well as the ability to send textmessages. Therefore, the marketing possibilities are endless.The smartphone is probably the best thing to ever happen to the humanrace because it has all of the capabilities of a computer… except a phone canfit into the palm of your hands and your pocket.In fact, approximately half of ALL internet searches are performed via amobile device; this is huge. Therefore, any business looking to grow theircustomer-base should strongly consider a mobile-optimized Página 4
  5. 5. The number of people using mobile phones to visit different websites is onthe rise, which should be the motivation you need alone to get a mobile-friendly website.Imagine the number of customers you probably lose every day because theyhad problems pulling up your company website on their mobile devices…Apart from the fact that mobile phone usage is on the rise, these devicesprovide an economical way to share information with your mobile customersand prospects. This in itself allows you to establish a true, personalconnection with them that will eventually produce even more sales overtime. Reason #2: Most Mobile Users Are Likely To Return To A Mobile-Friendly WebsiteHave you ever visited a website using your mobile phone and the loadingprocess seemed like ages? If so, then you already understand howfrustrating it is; and this is exactly what your prospects and customersendure if you do not have a mobile-friendly website.A mobile-optimized website is extremely important now for a few reasons,the most important one being that people will come back when they are inneed of your product or service in the future.People who use mobile phones to access the internet are always in a hurryand want to get it over with as quickly as possible. And nothing is morerefreshing than accessing a site and getting the information you needwithout any hassles.In other words, most mobile users will not waste time with slow loadingwebsites. Mobile phone screens are small, unlike the PC monitors. Therefore,they are not capable to loading as much content as a PC can. In addition,mobile phones do not have the processing power of a PC, which is whattraditional websites were built to be viewed Página 5
  6. 6. Consumers who encounter a slow-loading website quickly move on toanother relevant website and never come back; they usually move on to oneof your competitors with a mobile-optimized website.Have you been losing a large portion of your customer-base to yourcompetition and didn’t even know it? It’s very possible… and likely.But it’s not too late to make the change. Consumers use their mobile phonesto shop, to find restaurants, to pay bills, and a wealth of other normal dailytasks.Therefore, your business must make sure that your mobile consumers willhave a positive experience when accessing your website; it must be fast andeasy if you want them to come back.If they encounter difficulties in the process they will become disappointedand move on.Preventing the loss of customers due to the lack of a mobile-friendly websiteis not that difficult to accomplish. It simply involves getting a mobile websiteto represent your company in the mobile internet world. Reason #3: If Your Competitors Are Mobile… And Youre Not… They WinRunning a local small business is tough because there are several othercompanies in the area fighting for the same customers. There are a numberof marketing strategies used by small businesses - some that work andsome that are just gimmicks that will waste your time and money.However, mobile websites will go a long way in assisting you reach moreconsumers and consequently increase your sales and profits.In business, if you are selling the same products and/or services as yourdirect competitors and they are getting more customers that you are,something is wrong.Is it the quality of your product or service that’s causing the problem? Página 6
  7. 7. Or is it the “marketing method” – or lack thereof - you’re using that’scausing the problem?Most of the time, the problem doesn’t have anything to do with the actualproduct or service you’re providing… and has more to do with the type of“marketing” you are doing or not doing.For instance, if your closest competitor has a mobile website and you don’t,you are bound to lose a lot of customers to them. Again, this is becauseconsumers today are searching for businesses online using their mobilephones. If you do not make it easy for them to view your website, then youwill not enjoy their purchases.Your business website could be extremely well-designed and all that, butremember… that’s only good for viewing from a PC. It means nothing on amobile device.Essentially, by not providing them with a mobile-optimized website, you’relocking them out of your business.Not optimizing your website for mobile viewing is like handing over yourpotential customers to your competitors.The internet is one of the most powerful tools around that can actually helpsmall businesses grow their customer base and increase sales. And since somuch internet usage is done via mobile devices, you have to establish astrong presence to cater to mobile users.Your competitors will be working as hard as you are to win their share of themarket; therefore, many of them are making giant strides to tap into thedominating mobile digital age. Reason #4: Mobile Internet Usage Will Soon Exceed Desktop Internet UsageIf you’ve been paying attention to your customers, you’ve probably noticedthat most of them are using their mobile phones while in Página 7
  8. 8. establishment. But they’re not just using them to make phone calls… mostof them are probably using their phones to access the internet.Internet usage studies show that mobile internet usage will soon surpassdesktop internet usage, which is amazing. As business owners, we have toadapt our marketing methods to match this new growing means of reachingour potential and existing customers.In addition, mobile phones are becoming ‘smarter’ by the day. This simplymeans that mobile phones manufactured today, unlike what we had just afew short years ago, are much more dynamic in terms of features andcapabilities.People today use their mobile phones to surf the web, engage in socialmedia, send and receive emails, watch videos, send and receive textmessages, and so much more.A short while ago, people could only access these functions using desktopsand laptops. Now that mobile phones are the new computers, it is only wisethat you optimize your website for mobile viewing.In the near future almost everyone will be using an internet-enabled mobilephone. When this happens, you will be on the winning side if you alreadyhave a mobile-optimized website in place.The shift from desktop internet usage to mobile phone internet usage isinevitable. For this reason, it is critical that you are adequately prepared bymaking it easy for the mobile phone community to connect with your localbusiness. Reason #5: Going Mobile will Boost Your Brand and ReputationOnline reputation refers to how people perceive your business on theinternet; in other words, it gauges how credible your business appears toyour customers and prospects based on the content they read about you.Not only that, but they also judge your business based on how “in-tune” youare with digital Página 8
  9. 9. It is extremely important to have a positive reputation online because thiswill contribute a great deal to your efforts to find new customers.There are a number of ways to improve your business’s online reputation,but in this case we will look at it from mobile websites perspective.If you would like to improve your reputation online, you should ensure thatanyone who is looking for you can easily get to you; this includes thoseusing mobile phones.When potential customers try to visit your business website and find out thatthey cannot access it, they become very frustrated – which leaves anegative image of your brand in their minds.Let’s say your website does load after a few minutes… what if the content isnot visible or they have to do a lot of excessive scrolling just to find theinformation they need?This is just as bad… and they will more than likely leave.When many people experience the same thing, they might write negativecomments about it on social media and blogs, which could hurt your onlinereputation and ultimately, your sales.To save the image of your business, you should make your customers andprospects feel at home when they are visiting your website from their mobiledevices. The experience should be quick, easy and to the point – putting youmiles ahead of some of your closest competitors.This could do wonders for your reputation as you will be viewed as acompany that is serious about making things convenient for your customers.Having a mobile-optimized website will reduce loading wait times and theother hassles associated with a non-mobile-optimized website; therefore,making your business website a top-choice for local mobile consumers.When people see that you have gone that extra mile to ensure they have asmooth time when visiting your website, they will definitely come back… aswell as recommend your brand to their friends, family, and colleagues.So as you can see, in order to win the hearts of the mobile phone internetusers, make sure that your website is completely mobile Página 9
  10. 10. ConclusionInstead of just concentrating on one or two marketing methods, it isimportant that you cover all the bases when it comes to filling potentialprofit leaks. There are many different potential holes that could cause you tolose customers; and a non-mobile-optimized website is one of them.Because consumers are increasingly shifting from using desktops to mobilephones for internet access, a mobile website is a must-have if you truly wantto have access to this vast audience.I help local business owners in the (your city) area increase their exposurethrough mobile-optimized websites. If you have any further questions abouthow a mobile website can help you increase your bottom line, I would loveto discuss it with you.Contact me at for a free, no-obligation consultation.Hector JayatMobile Consultant+52 656 130 3861Hector.jayat@mobilenicheapps.com Página 10