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Learn why your restaurant business need to go mobile and stop losing mobile users.

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Restaurant owners guide_to_going_mobile

  1. 1. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 1
  2. 2. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 2 The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Mobilenicheapps +52 656 6832995 Expose Your Restaurant Business To Mobile Users and Increase Your Customers Data Base in no Time with RESTAMOVIL The First Directory of Restaurants Fully Optimized for Mobile Devices
  3. 3. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 3 Why Should Restaurants Go Mobile? Nowadays, the world of business is as competitive as it has ever been. And with mobile technology becoming more prominent, companies are changing the way they approach and convert customers. To be more specific, more and more consumers are using their mobile smartphones and tablets to search and shop online. In fact, it is estimated that every person on earth will own some form of a mobile device by 2015. With such a large number of mobile device users, it would only make sense to create mobile-based marketing campaigns. In the following sections, we’ll talk more about why businesses should consider going mobile and how they could benefit. What Are the Advantages of Mobile Websites? The majority of businesses own a standard website to promote their products and services. Unfortunately, not all of them have built mobile websites. While traditional websites are great and work quite well, they don’t work well on mobile devices. As a result, customers who are using their smartphones to browse through certain products may become frustrated. When this occurs, consumers will usually end up on a competitor’s site. In today’s day and age, mobile sites are essential for success. What Are Mobile Websites? A mobile website is basically a separate, mobile-friendly version of a regular website. The only difference is that it has been optimized to work on tablets and smartphones. Since screen sizes are generally much smaller than regular computers, mobile sites need to be extremely simple to navigate and pick out information from. More specifically, they need to be “thumb-friendly” meaning that consumers should be able to easily view information on a screen without having to zoom in or out. Mobile websites usually also have less text and larger fonts. This is also due to the reduction in screen sizes for mobile devices. These sites typically offer click-to-call buttons, GPS integration, and Google Map software. Once a visitor types in the URL in their smartphone address bar, they’ll automatically be sent to the “mobile version” of the website.
  4. 4. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 4 How Do You Make Websites Mobile Friendly? The first major component that all mobile websites share is that they are simple in design. Navigating a mobile site needs to be incredibly easy considering that visitors are going to be browsing via their smartphones or tablets. Mobile websites load much more quickly than regular ones and their text is simple to read. If you decide to build one, you can either hire a professional web designer or build one yourself. Here are a few more of the major elements that make up most mobile websites:  Click-to-Call: Instead of adding a phone number to your mobile site, click-to-call offers users with the option of pressing a single button that will automatically dial the number for them. This nifty mobile feature can result in far more call-ins from potential clients.  Google Maps: This comes in handy when prospects are searching for your establishment. Integrated GPS software can allow customers to easily find your location while they’re on the go.  Social Media: Social media icons should be included one each one of your mobile site’s web pages. “Share” or “Like” buttons are incredibly useful for spreading the word about your content and brand. In general, placing information “below the fold” (the area on a web page that requires users to scroll down in order to see) should be avoided. Why Should Restaurants Go Mobile? There are a variety of reasons why companies should consider building mobile websites to help promote their brand. The first reason is because customers these days are using their smartphones to make purchases while on the go. In order to cater to the increasing demand for mobile purchases, companies should consider hopping on board the mobile revolution. Here are a few more reasons why businesses should consider going mobile:  Growing Audience: Experts estimated that mobile technology and mobile users are going to grow about eight times faster than the initial wave of online users. With that in mind, it can be easy to see just how quickly mobile devices are going to take the world by storm. More and more people are going to use their smartphones to search for places to eat or purchase items.
  5. 5. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 5  Branding: Mobile marketing provides businesses with the ability to really make a name for their brand. These days, companies spend a lot of money to develop a brand that customers are going to love. The good thing about mobile sites is that they are a relatively budget-friendly way to do this.  Opportunity: Statistics consistently show that users these days prefer mobile websites over standard ones. Keep in mind that larger companies like Maxim, Ferrari, and Go Daddy have already jumped on board. There is a huge opportunity to increase profits and follower rate by building a mobile website for your business. Times are changing and if business don’t begin adapting, they’re going to lose out on a significant amount of profits and popularity. Once you own a “.Mobi” site, you’ll be able to launch a website that is friendly for all kinds of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Mobile websites are quicker, a lot smaller, and offer information in a very concise manner. For people on the “on-the-go”, a mobile website can be very convenient. Movie theaters, restaurants, and other establishments that are frequently visited by customers can now be searched on mobile devices. People can find their favorite businesses and contact them with a click of a button. Other Reasons to Use Mobile Marketing With a mobile website, customers can also partake in financial transactions with your company. For example, they can purchase tickets or order meals or beverages. Another huge reason to consider going mobile is because it is very cost efficient. Not only does running a mobile website cost significantly less than running a standard one, you’ll be able to save loads of funds on marketing costs. For smaller businesses that don’t have large budgets, mobile marketing can be extremely beneficial. Let’s look at a few other reasons why businesses could benefit from what mobile marketing has to offer:  Measure Results: Unlike other forms of marketing, mobile marketing provides business owners with the ability to measure their results. For instance, they can measure traffic count for their mobile site as well as measure the number of users that they are converting. Data like this is extremely useful for bettering your services and the way you present yourself to customers.
  6. 6. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 6  Connect Quickly: With email marketing, it can take days for a customer to open your message- and that’s if they open it at all. With mobile marketing, you’ll be able to connect with your customers right away. Whether it be through an SMS marketing campaign or a mobile website, you’ll be in the palm of your customer’s hands wherever they go.  It’s Different: In short, mobile marketing is different. Offering mobile coupons and contests can be a great way to increase customer engagement and keep your followers happy. QR codes can also be utilized as a way for making your mobile marketing campaigns more interesting and fun. As you can see, there are many reasons to partake in mobile marketing and build a site that is friendly for smartphones and tablets. Text Message Marketing Tips and Ideas for Local Restaurants In today’s day and age, restaurants are turning towards text message marketing is their primary way to increase profits. If you’re a restaurant owner who’s thinking of doing the same thing then these tips will should prove effective for you. Budget-Friendly and Effective Marketing Solution First off, it’s important to note that text message marketing campaigns are far cheaper than other forms of advertising (like radio and newspaper advertisements). Not to mention, they’re far more effective. When performed correctly, these tips should drastically increase the performance of your business. How to Receive Sign-Ups for Text Message Campaigns Since your text message database is going to be your most important asset during your marketing campaign, you’ll want to make sure that you accumulate as many of them as possible. In short, you need to learn how to properly ask for sign-ups. One tactic that you can’t do is to walk straight up to a customer while they are eating and ask them to join your SMS list. The best route that you can take is to use advertising cards. On them, you can provide certain advantages for signing up including exclusive deals to drinks, foods, and coupons. When Should You Send Text Messages?
  7. 7. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 7 Since alerts via text message are often opened immediately, you’ll want to make sure that you properly time your actions. For instance, if you want to attract a larger lunch crowd then you should send your messages about one hour before lunch time. The reason why is because this is most likely when people are going to be the hungriest. Here are a few more tips to consider when determining when to send your promotional text messages:  Make offers that last for specific hours of the day (and only for that day).  Choose hours wisely. Reaching out to customers before breakfast, lunch, or dinner will dramatically increase your chances of increasing business.  Most restaurants tend to be the most packed during early evenings or late afternoons. Use these times to your advantage. While tricky at first, learn how to experiment with your promotional text messages until you find a time of day that brings you the most amount of customers. Getting Feedback from Customers via Text Message One of the primary ways that local restaurant owners are using promotional text messages to provide better business is by asking for feedback from customers. In essence, place the power in their hands. Provide them with an incentive to give their honest opinion of your establishment. If you can make your customer’s opinion feel valued then they’ll be much more likely to give it to you via text message. How to Create Engaging Text Message Material If you’re a restaurant owner who is looking to engage your SMS customer then make sure that you send them information worth opening. Here are a few examples of what you could provide for your customers:  Discount offers on lunch or dinner specials.  “Buy One, Get One Free” coupons.  Upcoming events and promotions.
  8. 8. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 8 Customers like to feel involved, especially when it comes to their favorite restaurant. Make sure that you provide engaging text message content that will entice them to make another visit to your establishment. Common Mistakes to Avoid Here are a few of the more common mistakes that restaurant owners tend to make in regards to their text message marketing campaigns:  Don’t Send Too Many Messages- The last thing your customers want is to become annoyed by your text messages. If you do this then it’s very likely that they’ll unsubscribe from your messaging list. On the flipside, the best way to make them remember you is to reach out to them on an average of 4 to 5 times per month.  Don’t Make Messages Too Long- On the same token, make sure that you aren’t making your messages too long. By limiting the amount of characters you incorporate into each message, you allow your audience to remain more focused on your content. If you’re an independent restaurant owner then SMS marketing campaigns can be quite effective as long as you follow these tips. Not only do they pack a punch but they’re cost effective and don’t require a lot of time or energy to set-up and maintain. Today, more and more restaurants are using them as their primary way of advertising upcoming products, services, and foods. Other Ways to Promote to Restaurant Customers One of the biggest mistakes that restaurant owners make is being too “one-dimension” in their marketing efforts. They aren’t creative enough and as a result, they can’t truly benefit from this marketing method. Let’s look at some more ways that you can engage with customers via text message marketing:  Give Text Message Subscribers More- If someone makes a reservation and your restaurant and then later cancels it, try giving your text message subscribers rights to the table. Simply send them an alert that you’ll have a table ready between a pre-specified amounts of hours throughout the day. This will make them feel wanted and should drastically increase business.
  9. 9. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 9  Page Customers via Text Message- Back in the day, business owners would use traditional pagers to let customers know that their table was ready. The best way to remove a lot of clutter from this process is to page customers via text message. This can be exceptionally helpful during business nights and can be fun to use as well.  Alert Changes on the Menu- As a restaurant owner, you probably enjoy featuring new foods and beverages on a regular basis. Perhaps the only problem behind this is that customers may not even be aware of them. As a result, providing customers with alerts about menu changes can be a great way to show them what’s new on the menu. The best part about this is that it can be done in seconds (which compensates for last-minute changes to menus). It is often said the customers will eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouth. Knowing this, you should send subscribers images of featured meals via text message. Occasionally doing this could send their hunger into overdrive and leave them wanting more. For this tip, try to take photos of your meals and beverages using high-definition cameras. Important Statistics to Consider It is important to understand the statistics associated with text message marketing for restaurant owners. The first is that text messages have a nearly 99% open rate. Basically, this means that you’re customers are going to open anything send to them. Secondly, close to 85% of text messages are read within one hour after being sent. As a result, sending them before dinner or lunch to attract more customers can be quite effective. Other statistics have shown that teenagers will open their text messages roughly 65% of the time on a daily basis. Knowing this, it would be an incredibly good idea to market your restaurant via text message marketing. Optimization Tips for SMS Here are a few optimization tips that you can consider to help increase your chances of having customers engage with your content:  Keep your messages short and sweet. They’ll be more likely to capture the attention of your customer.
  10. 10. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 10  Develop a personality for your business. This will make it much easier for customers to relate and identify with you. Keep your vibe fun, playful, and make sure they don’t recognize you as “just a phone number”.  Don’t send messages more than a few times per week. That last thing you want to do is drive people away. Sending too many text messages within a short period of time may cause your followers to unsubscribe.  Make each message special and memorable. For instance, try offering consumers discount coupons or special offers for signing up.  Don’t send messages on weekend. Finally, don’t send messages on weekends. Several studies have concluded that overwhelming consumers with restaurant messages during the weekend can drive them away. This is just something to keep in mind during your own text message marketing campaign. While utilizing text messages to reach customers can be quite effective, you need to make sure that you are being versatile and flexible. More specifically, use trial and error to determine what works and what doesn’t. Experiment with different content to see what customers are responding to the most. Mobile coupons for your business can also be a good idea, considering that they are growing in popularity by about 115% each year. Other Considerations Text messaging rates have gone way down and this has allowed small restaurant owners the ability to send messages for practically no money at all. With such a cost-friendly and effective marketing method at your fingertips, it would only make sense to spend your time and energy on it. On a final token, make sure that you’re giving your marketing campaign a voice. Don’t let customers view you simply as a phone number. Develop a presence and make your text messages something to look forward to. 4 More Useful SMS Marketing Tips for Small Restaurants For a long time, restaurants have relied on printable coupons to attract more customers and increase profits. In today’s digital age, restaurant owners have turned towards mobile marketing to amplify these results.
  11. 11. The Restaurant Owner's Guide To Going Mobile Página 11 Tip #1: Use Customer Coupons According to dozens of case studies, mobile coupons have fared close to 10 times better than regular, printable ones. And the best part is that they’re offered for a fraction of the price. Here are a few different word arrangements that restaurant owners can use to attract consumers from their mobile marketing subscription list:  “Buy One, Get Another One for Free”  “Purchase an Entrée and Get the Side Item Free”  “Receive 10% Off Any Order”  “Receive $10 Off Any Purchase More Than $30” These are examples that you can use for your own small restaurant. Tip #2: Choosing the Right Phrases Basically, format your mobile coupons in a way that causes consumers to respond positively. After you’ve found what works, focus your efforts on providing those offers and discounts. Choosing the right keywords and phrases can result in a substantial profit increase and greater customer satisfaction. Tip #3: “After Hours” Marketing Even if your establishment is closed, you can still succeed in building up your text messaging marketing list. For instance, you can post a QR code or sign-up form on your window in the form of an attractive display. This can provide passerby’s with the option of signing up for free items and discounts. Tip #4: Apply Customer Surveys The best way to proceed with a mobile marketing campaign is to apply any feedback that you’ve been given. And the best way to make this happen is to ask customers for their opinion. This will provide them with a sense of belonging and help them feel listened to.