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How to start a plr mobile app business


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How To Start A PLR Mobile App Business

Published in: Technology
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How to start a plr mobile app business

  1. 1. How To Start A PLR Mobile App BusinessIf you like this report, you should look at, Android App Invasion
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  3. 3. Table of ContentsStep #1: Introduction to App Development and How You Page 5 Can Get InvolvedStep #2: The Need for Content Page 6Step #3: Establishing Your Name The Easy Way Page 7Step #4: Niche Related Apps and How To Uncover the Page 8 TrendsStep #5: Creating PLR Content Apps Page 9Step #6: Free Apps – How This Easy Method Will Make $$$ Page 11Conclusion: This is the Time When the Underdogs Can Prepare Page 14 to Be the Alpha DogsMake Money You Can Make Easy Money With This Report Page 15
  4. 4. Step #1 Introduction to App Development and How You Can Get Involved It seems that everywhere we go lately someone is releasing their newmobile application. Analysts believe that the number of apps available willincrease or even surpass 33 billion within the next two years. Spendingthrough these apps in 2012 should top $13 billion. That is more than 5 timesthe amount since 2009 but the trends doesnt show of slowing down butactually exploding!Businesses are starting to understand that to build their brands in this era theymust develop the app store mindset. This has been widely driven by the factthat there are 236 million cell phones in the United States alone and thatnumber is expected to increase by an additional 20 million within the next twoand a half years. This is not including the rise in vast popularity of tabletdevices which is expected to grow to 82 million devices in the U.S. within thenext two years.Although in this report I will cover the topics as listed I will refer to a coursethat can get you going in the app business over night with highly in-depthtraining as to leave no rock unturned throughout this report.With thousands of app developers in both the iOS market (Apple iTunes) andAndroid Markets, it is been widely thought of as a market for the elite andtech savvy developers. This has been a fact of the past but not the case inmore recent days. It is easier to get started now than ever before especially inthe Android markets and with the development of app building software.Now people that have been seeking a way to earn extra money or create theirown future can now take advantage of this lucrative market by developingapps the “people” want. In the next few pages, I will uncover the trends andhow you can get started immediately.
  5. 5. Step #2 The Need for Content With so many mobile devices coming online every day the need to fill thevoids in the lucrative app market places is ever increasing. This can be seen bythousands from the “Make money online” era for PC’s.In the mid 90’s the internet was a new tool that people were just starting towake up too. They would search for answers to their questions they wantedanswered and in most cases came up empty handed. This created a new waveof entrepreneurs that saw this need from the general public and opened upopportunity to create and thus collect and get paid.As the trend grew, it became more and more difficult to make a living via theweb. Even currently there are thousands, if not millions of people trying theirhands at making it online but most end up spending a fortune to learn andnever making even a penny. It’s all about gaining buyers traffic and that is oneof the most difficult things to accomplish.The biggest learning curve you have to understand is that people are seekingone of two things; 1. They want to be entertained. 2. Or they need a question answered.They are willing to search everywhere and even spend money in order to fulfillone of those two desires. So knowing this the app markets are filled withinformational apps, business app, games and utility tool apps but it hasn’t hitthe mecca stage like the web has done. This means that there is a void in themarket places to offer people what they want in order to make a living.Now creating apps and filling that void is easier than previously thought andthus this report.
  6. 6. Step #3 Establishing Your Name The Easy Way The biggest trends we have recognized going forward is local businessapp marketing and niche apps. In this report we will focus on Niche relatedcontent apps because it is easier and faster.Niche AppsThis second trend is filling the void of information people are seeking. If youare new to the whole “make money online” thing than the term “niche” maybe a new one to you but for experienced marketers its common. A niche is justa segregated market of interest. Meaning for example a small market interestsuch as “Anxiety Attack Remedies” or “Holistic Nutrition”.Every person has their own interests and desires and everyone also is attractedto those interests through inspiration or desperation says Tony Robbins.Just as the internet once had a void of niche content, so too does the appmarket places. Recognizing these voids and filling you developer accounts withapps that offer this information will organically get you downloads and gainpopularity as an app developer.
  7. 7. Step #4 Niche Related Apps and How To Uncover the TrendsThis is the path of least resistance but may be a tad more difficult inestablishing your name starting off. People are always seeking to havequestions answered. I seem to refer to it as the meaning of life, “learningeverything there is to learn” and thus a business is created.Keeping this knowledge in mind you can search app stores such as iTunes andGoogle Play for “niches” that have yet to be developed or on the flip side,build the better mouse trap. To do this I would suggest you start with your ownpersonal interests and create questions and then high quality answers to thosevery questions and compiling them all together.This can be done easier than generating them all by yourself. Websites likeeHow and others offer a wealth of information that covers everything peoplewant to know. In order to be successful in a given niche you will want tocreate several related niche applications so that you become a one stop shopfor people seeking knowledge.Another easy way to uncover popular niche trends is by using Google Trendsand Yahoo to see what people are talking about the most and targeting thatentire niche market. By offer knowledge within the app markets under aparticular niche will help to start creating a momentum of interested usersand thus creating increased downloads.Once you have saturated one entire niche, then you can move into anotherniche and start another increasing trend.Uncovering the secrets of popularity within a niche will be your largest hurdlebut once accomplished, this technique will be your way to create your ownmonthly pay checks.
  8. 8. Step #4 Creating PLR Content AppsThe easiest and fastest way to create a niche related app is to purchasealready made valuable content from a private label rights company. There ispretty much PLR content available for every niche known to man.Once you have uncovered the niche you wish to target then you have to locatethe PLR content. The best way is to type in the name or keyword related tothe niche and then PLR into a search engine and click GO!If you are using search engines like Google you should get several results.There are sites like that cover hundreds oftopics and you will usually spend between $5 and $50 for good PLR content.Before buying the item, make sure that you have the right to republish thecontent.Once you have downloaded the package you will use the graphics theyprovided to create the graphics within the app and the printed materials willbe the content within your app.That’s it really. It’s not rocket science. If you purchased a quality PLR productthen users will write good reviews and thus you will receive more downloadsas days go by.Use this knowledge along with the next step to make a lot of money fromuploading these apps away on the app markets.
  9. 9. Step #6 Free Apps – How This Easy Method Will Make $$$ Now the biggest myth to app development is “how much do I charge formy app?”The simple answer to that is… you don’t! People will always download a freeapp before they will take out their credit cards to purchase an app.So the next question that comes to most people’s minds is “How do I makemoney in the app business then?”This too can be easily answered. With the popularity growing within the appmarkets the trend of in app advertising has too developed and is growingrapidly. Companies like Google are more than willing to offer you money on inapp advertising which is relatively easy to implement.There are over 100 companies that pay developers to have their serviceintegrated into the mobile applications and you can get paid in severaldifferent ways. Those being CPM, this is when a mobile banner ad within yourapp is shown during app use and you get paid on 1000 impressions.The next is CPC which is a small payment, typically under $1 per each time anad is clicked within your mobile app and finally CPA, which is cost per actionwhich means the user of the app downloads something, fills out a form ofsome type, etc.Typically you can get paid up to $250 for certain campaigns on this type ofoffer but it is usually difficult to get accepted to these types of offers untilyour established.Knowing this knowledge you can move ahead to become successful in the appbusiness model.
  10. 10. Conclusion This is the Time When the Underdogs Can Prepare to Be the Alpha DogsSo how do you do it fast and inexpensively? Well in late September 2012 anew course created by a well-known marketer takes the nonchalant approachto delivering a heavy blow at the big "app" companies by showing how theaverage person with little money to spare can rip out of an average or belowaverage lifestyle and create a terrific future for themselves and their families.It exposes the truths into how easy creating mobile apps really is and how toprofit to the extreme from this explosive trend literally overnight.Judging by the leaked video from the course on the sales page, this man is notafraid of exposing any of the industrys dirty little secrets and what wasthought to be only a market for the elite.Although the package is dressed a bit, it was made for the average Joe whohappened to be lucky enough to stumble upon it.It is well worth the visit;Android App Invasion
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