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Here at eSpatial, we pride ourselves in creating easy-to-use mapping software that provides complex solutions to mapping and data visualization problems. That said, if you’re coming to the subject for the first time, you may still be a bit confused.

That’s why we’ve decided to create an A-Z of Mapping Software ebook. It’s a quick introduction to the subject, aimed at explaining what mapping software does and how it may be used to help your business or organization.

We’ve kept it as simple as possible, so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to read. You can download the ebook here or by clicking on the image below.


Find out more about eSpatial and sign up for a free account by visiting https://www.eSpatial.com

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A- Z of Mapping Software Guide

  1. 1. A is for Access –made easy!Imagine you have 5,000 retailoutlets. Mapping software willhighlight each retail outlet on amap. Click on a map-point andassociated information is presented,giving you immediate access todata otherwise buried deep inspreadsheets.
  2. 2. BB is for BigDataMapping software lets youtake geographic informationrelevant to your activities,analyze it and use it moreeffectively. It optimizes yourdata, helping you toincrease sales, run abusiness or organizationmore efficiently and/or planfor future expansion.
  3. 3. C is forCustomerServiceMapping software is designed tobe easy to use, but that doesn’tmean you won’t need a littleassistance at some stage. eSpatialexcels in customer support,providing live online chat,demonstrations and video tutorials.
  4. 4. D is for DataVisualizationIf a picture can paint athousand words, think of theendless possibilities of a map.As human beings, we arestimulated and inspired bycolours. The impact ofcolorized, insight-immediatemaps cannot beunderestimated. They canreveal, inspire, motivate, recruitand sell.
  5. 5. EE is forEasy-to-useGiven the power of mappingsoftware, you may see a mapvisualization and think ‘I couldnever do that’. You’re wrong:despite its impressive functionality,eSpatial has been designed to belearned and used - quickly.
  6. 6. F F is for FilteringEach field of data in eSpatial canbe singled out and plotted on amap. Data can be scaled andfiltered, so you can visualize, forinstance, any business location thatgenerates revenue of less than$100,000. Other data will behidden. Clearer corporateinformation makes for clearerdecisions.
  7. 7. G is GoogleMapsGoogle Maps has become themost trusted mapping tool in theworld. While others have tried tocopy its accuracy, it remains theindustry leader, which is why it isthe backbone of eSpatial’ssoftware.
  8. 8. H is forHigher ROIMapping software providesclearer insights into real worldeconomics. It can revealduplication and wastage, aswell as preventing you frommaking poor investmentdecisions in the future.
  9. 9. I is forInteractiveMapsMovement is part of life andbusiness. Zoom in, zoom out, clickon a map point, go down to streetlevel, experiment with changingbusiness locations or salesterritories... manipulate your world.Isn’t that a lot more engaging thana spreadsheet?
  10. 10. J is forJudgment andJustificationYou can never make the rightjudgment without proper data andinsight. Mapping software givesyou both. In addition, yourdecisions can be justified –because anyone can see the basisfor them clearly and coherently ona shared interactive map.
  11. 11. KK is forKeeping TrackYou can’t follow all your salesteams or reps into the field, but youcan view their selling territories andtheir results online, via yourmapping software. Allow teamsshared access and your data mapscan be updated and accessed, byall your key players.
  12. 12. L is for LayeringdatasetsMore data equals more insight.It can be your own data, it can befreely available (eSpatial suppliesfree UK census data, US censusdata and Senate and HouseBoundary data) or it can be boughtfrom a third party. Layer datasetsto build a multi-layereddemographic map.
  13. 13. . .
  14. 14. M is for MobilityBecause eSpatial is an onlinemapping application, it can beaccessed from your computer nomatter where you are. There’s noneed for in-house servers – or thecosts associated with them.
  15. 15. NN is forNon-profitsMapping software is not justfor business users. Many non-profit organisations arecurrently importing their datainto eSpatial. Their maps helpin fund-raising initiatives. Theyare also crucial in making thedistribution of preciousresources more effective andeconomical.
  16. 16. O is for OnlineeSpatial is an online application. Itcan therefore be accessed fromanywhere with a internetconnection. In addition, eSpatialUpdates (which build in newfeatures) are automatic – you’ll getthem when next you log on. Onlinealso means you free up any spacethat your data and maps eat up:we keep them all in our securecloud-based service.
  17. 17. PP is for PassionMany mapping softwarecompanies are relatively new to themarket. eSpatial has been aroundsince 1997, providing GeographicInformation Systems and solutionsworldwide, winning awards alongthe way. We’ve built our companyon our passion for mapping andour commitment to customers.
  18. 18. Q is for QuoteWhat are those who use mappingsoftware saying about it? When itcomes to eSpatial, here are twobrief testimonials from ourcustomers:
  19. 19. “We received outstanding personal customer support in our earlycontact with eSpatial – support that has followed through to us as acustomer, and is nothing short of exceptional”John SlifkoFounder and Co-Director, Roosevelt Centre
  20. 20. “I looked at several alternative software packages and am very happywe chose this one because it does everything we need and more.Highly recommended”.Graham DykesManaging Director, K E Fibertec
  21. 21. R is forReportingYes, with modern technology,you can create eye-catchingmaps packed with data. Butthat’s not enough when youneed reports that can be read,shared and analyzed. eSpatialgenerates reports, providingdetailed graphics, in just a fewclicks.
  22. 22. S is for SharingYou’ve done the work, producingmaps and reports, using yourmapping software. Now you wantto let the world know what you’vediscovered. Use eSpatial to addyour maps or reports to yourwebsite, email them to colleagues,or simply print hard copies fordistribution.
  23. 23. TT is for TerritoryMappingTerritory Mapping means you candefine your own sales regions, notbe limited to pre-existingboundaries. eSpatial uses polygonsfor easy selection andmanipulation. Use with our unique‘balancing tool’ to instantly gaugethe impact of any changes youmake to territories. Add context toyour own territorial data byincorporating census data suppliedby eSpatial.
  24. 24. U is forUpdatingYou’ve uploaded data to be usedby your mapping software.Problem: new information hasbecome available, so spreadsheetsneed to be updated. But you don’thave to re-upload spreadsheetswith eSpatial – data can be editeddirectly from within the application.
  25. 25. VV is forVisual ImpactUseful data is trapped withinyour spreadsheets, just waitingto get out. The problem is,nobody wants to go looking forit. In black and white, it seemsdull and uninviting. Put it on amap, colour code it, make itinteractive, and Wham! it’s awhole new ball game.
  26. 26. WW is for theimportance ofWhere?Surely, at this stage, you don’tneed to be convinced of this?
  27. 27. XX is the ‘x’ inExcelspreadsheets(Okay, so we’re cheating withthe ‘x’ definition, but we justcouldn’t fail to highlight theadvantage of having mappingsoftware that speaks the samelanguage as your data. Justsave your excel doc as a csvfile, then upload it to eSpatial.It’s that simple!)
  28. 28. YY is for YourBusinessHave you taken the time toconsider the impact mappingsoftware can have on yourbusiness? Do you want to discuss itfurther? Then just email usinfo@espatial.com or call ourcustomer support team atUS: +1 877 365 1456UK: +44 (0)800 169 0451IE: +353 1 870 8800You tell us what you want to dowith a map and together we’ll finda solution.
  29. 29. ZZ is forZero CostSign up for eSpatial and get accessto our full-featured Pro edition for 7days, FREE. When the 7 days areup, you’ll be switched to a Freeaccount. Though this comes withreduced functionality, you can stillcreate maps and add them to yourwebsite.
  30. 30. About eSpatialeSpatial delivers powerfulinteractive data maps inminutes.At eSpatial we believe mapping should be fasteasy and powerful. With our mappingsoftware you can easily upload and visualizemultiple layers of data. Quickly createdynamic reports. Analyze key areas and shareresults. It’s rapid visual insight that takes theguesswork out of decision making.www.eSpatial.com