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I pad 101 2013a


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I pad 101 2013a

  1. 1. iPad 101
  2. 2. Sleep Mode1. Press and release thepower button once.
  3. 3. Power off1. Press and hold the powerbutton for approximately4 seconds.2. Slide the red arrow over topower off.
  4. 4. Volume Controls1. On the side of the iPad, press the volumebutton on the top to turn up the volume.
  5. 5. Search iPad1. Press the home button to get to thehome screen2. Press the home button again3. Tap the white search bar4. Using the keyboard, typethe name of the app youare looking for (tryeSpark to practice)
  6. 6. Zoom1. Put two fingers on the screen; drag themapart and pinch them together to zoomin and zoom out
  7. 7. Exit an app1. Open eSpark2. To leave the app, you can either1. Tap the home button once.2. Use 5 fingers to pinch the screen (if multi-tasking gestures are enabled).
  8. 8. Screenshot1. Press and hold the powerbutton and the home buttonat the same time.2. Find and open photos.3. Find your screen shot.
  9. 9. Symbols keyboard1. Find and open the “Notes” app.2. Touch the note paper on the screen.3. While the keyboard is active, tapto access numbers.4. Tap to access symbols.5. Write two sentences to test out yourtyping capabilities on the iPad.
  10. 10. Copy/Paste1. Find and open the “Notes” app.2. Type five words of text.3. Double tap one word. The Copy andPaste menu will pop up.4. Hold a blue circle and drag it to highlightthe text you want to copy. Tap “copy.”5. Press and hold another place in thesentence until a bubble appears.Tap “paste.”
  11. 11. Wi-fi Settings1. Tap Settings.2. Tap “Wi-Fi” on the menu.3. Identify the name of thewireless network you areusing.
  12. 12. Create a folder1. Hold your finger down on eSparkuntil it wiggles.2. Drag the eSpark app icon on top ofanother app. Hold until the folder (blackrectangle) appears.3. Drag the app into the folder.4. Touch the in the white bar. Renamethe folder “Sight Words”. Tap “Done.”5. Tap the home button.
  13. 13. Dock an app1. Find eSpark.2. Hold your finger down on the eSpark appicon until it wiggles.3. Drag the icon to the bottomof the page into the dock.4. Press the home button.
  14. 14. Force Close1. Open eSpark.2. Press the home button.3. Double click the home button.4. Find eSpark inthe fast app switcherdock.5. Press and hold the app icon until itwiggles.6. Tap the red circle to force close.7. Press the home button again.
  15. 15. Four-finger swipe1. Tap Settings.2. Tap “General” on the sidemenu and scroll to multi-tasking gestures.3. Turn multi-tasking gestureson.4. Swipe the screen right toleft with four fingers. Now you canswitch between apps easily.
  16. 16. Speak Selection1. Tap Settings.2. Tap “General” on the side menu.Tap “Accessibility”3. Tap “Speak Selection.”4. Turn “Speak Selection” on andslide the circle to the turtle.5. Try it! Go to a webpage, highlight text,and touch “speak.”
  17. 17. Side Switch Use1. Change the side-switch functionality bytapping Settings>General>Use Side Switch to:2. Choose whether you want the Side Switch towork as a Mute button or a Rotation Lock.
  18. 18. Save an Image1. Search Safari and find a picture of a cat.2. Tap the image and hold.3. Touch “Save Image,”4. Go to the Photos App and find the imageyou saved.